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    High skyscrapers,
    Lowkey gangstas.
    Mah team,
    One last time,
    We need to take,
    Our price on the driveway.
    Show these newbies,
    Our pride and moola.
    My money pandas,
    Wear your dolla signs,
    Get on with the ride,
    We are taking onto Tokyo.


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    wayward is the man
    who refused to fold
    Admist the rain, Born
    is the cold
    honor is absent
    when the sun is not home

  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 17w


    I'm a loser
    A drug abuser
    I'm a demon in disguise
    My heart rotten
    My mouth cotton
    With all this T.H.C inside
    I see Molly
    Not no Cyrus
    Tryna be up all fuckin night
    Salvador Dali
    Yea my clock is
    Melting and I'm just tryna figure out the time

    Lost in fuckin world yuh
    Ahh the fuckin horror
    Somebody call the coroner
    Won't be waking up tomorrow
    Living life losing life
    Don't know the fucking hour
    Through the night losing sight
    Drunk on all the fuckin power

    I don't know where I'm going
    All I know is
    Probably will never be free
    But I'm still gonna
    To fly before I die
    To fly before i die
    And if I die
    enjoy the dive
    Yuh if you die
    enjoy the dive


  • archmage16 17w


    It was a time when smiles were wider and louder.
    Days were longer, time being warped.
    Lights gloomy, sound under resonance.
    Senses in a limbo, while I laid there in solace.
    Lying there was I with drugs crippling through my veins.
    Now when flashes of abuse hit me, I couldn't help but smile and thank for it gave birth to the narc in me.
    There I laid waiting to arise from the ashes.
    Regret..? No... shame..? No...feeling strong?..yes..more than ever

  • beyondlove_iam 18w


    क्या तुम्हें भी नशा है,
    अधूरी कविताओं का?

    कवितायें जो
    डायरी के अंतिम पन्ने पर,
    किसी भरी हुई नोटबुक के,
    खाली पड़े हाशिए पर,
    या फ़िर अखबार की कतरन के
    पीले पड़ते कोने पर,
    घर बसा लेती हैं..

    कवितायें जो,
    रात भर स्वप्नों में
    घुसपैठ करती हैं,
    अस्तित्व तलाशती हैं
    और पौ फटते ही,
    यथार्थ द्वारा खोदी गयी कब्र में
    स्वयं को दफ़न कर लेती हैं..

    क्या तुम भी घूँट घूँट पीते हो
    इस नशे को,
    रात भर, दिन भर जीते हो
    इस नशे को,
    सुलगने और सो जाने के बीच,
    क्या तुम भी करते हो नशा,
    अधूरी कविताओं का??

  • ginnyweasley 19w

    #promise #concen #hope #feelings #dope #counts #incapabilities #mirakee #writersnetwork #feelings #feelingquoted
    Promise has a great value... Don't change it's meaning by breaking it.

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    Promise is not just a hope it's concern,
    Promise is not just a word it's the dope of feelings.
    Promises counts.
    So, never break anyone by saying "I promise you" with your incapabilities.

  • aishafirdose 21w

    "You are only 'dope',
    When your soul is 'dope'.."

  • astrorohit11 26w

    When life is burning,
    Poetry is just the Ash.

  • writingonthewall 27w

    Hold your head up, you're worth more than you know. They don't see it because they're not meant to. Love yourself first because no-one else will, not until you're ready.

  • astrorohit11 27w


    Life has many ups and downs but what make you a warrior when you fight every fight with bravery and smile.

    During breakups, when life hits you with a brick and you loose faith then remember every internal battle is worth to win first then any external.

    Live you life the way you wanna shape it and never feel sorry for being who you are!!!

  • astrorohit11 27w


    When you are surrounded by so many people, but still you feel you need that one person to fulfill all the gaps.

    When you are listening that particular song in a loop and each time it brings more & more tears in your eyes.

    Even when you have had a partner in crime but your dreams haven't fulfill yet & that bothers you.

  • twistedrealityent 28w

    Like, read it, repost .. #dope

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    Honor Amongst Thief's (part one)

    It's been two months since a case file with the title "John Finch" landed on my desk. I have no relations to this man but I've made it a personal endeavor to close this case, simply because of how peculiar the criteria of the investigation is. John Finch was a seemingly normal guy but not so, according to the national database there is no records to prove that this guy exist. John Finch was a dead end so I focused my attention on the two hit men and based my investigating around them.

    I sent the information of the deceased suspects to interpol and waited for a response. Twenty four hours passed until I received a file that contained everything I needed to know about my two cadavers. I was aghast to figure out that both of these dirt bags were know assassins who are connected to a Bulgarian terrorist cell. From that major lead I began to investigate deeper paying attention to the smallest detail's. Eventually I tracked the serial number on the rifle he used back to the central intelligence agency; an other bewildering break through in this case.

    My team and I are a covert task force put together by the department of homeland security. Our purpose is off the record just know that we're well trained, well informed, and well equiped. Now, this is a complicated matter, we simply can't walk into Langley and ask why a rifle of there's was in the possession of John Finch and how they're connected to John Finch. We also don't want to alert them of this investigation but we need answers, that's our job, my team and I have a plan to get those answers without alerting Langley and figuring out how they're connected, and who is John Finch.

    Our plan is too kidnap/capture one of the shot callers for this terrorist organization. How are we going to do this you might ask? Well, this particular person, we'll call him Bill. Intelligence tells us that Bill will be in Peru to personally check on his product before it is delivered to its desired locations. The Facility that his product is being delivered from is large and to the north directly in front is a large parking lot. Bills convoy has to enter the property from a security check point on the north side of the parking lot, then follow a road with multiple lanes of parking on either side straight down to the south side of the lot.

    On the south side is an other check point and also the entrance to the facility. Now this facility is heavily guarded and Bill's convoy is an elite fighting force, call the guy paranoid, he has a reason to be. From the first checkpoint too the second is approximately a quarter mile. We need to intercept and stop the six vehicle convoy at two hundred twenty yards, then locate, identify, and subdue the package aka Bill. Once we stop the convoy we'll alert security and they will respond with allot of gun's. Too deal with this problem the Pentagon has authorized a drone strike, but we're clear for checkpoint number one only.

    I want to stop the convoy at the same time as the drone strike. Me "Vegas", Texas, Memphis, Ohio, and Guam make up the task force. The plan is, Memphis and Ohio will use rocket propelled grenades to take out the first and last vehicle. Texas will take out the driver in the second vehicle and drop a low grade smoke grenade compact with suxamethonioum chloride, this will render everyone in the vehicle unconscious then he will search the vehicle for Bill. Simultaneously Guam will do the same to the third vehicle, I'll do the same with the fourth, and Memphis and Ohio will hit the fifth. Everyone will regroup when the package is located.

    Afterwards we'll move west through the parking lot on the right side of the convoy. We'll continue west with the package for one hundred yards then meet up with the black hawk that will be waiting to give us a ride home. Our advisers predict that it will be a hot landing zone so; yeah, that sums up the battle plan. Lets do this.

    (Somewhere in Peru/inside the Black Hawk) 13:00:

    "We have allot of gear for a quick S&G!" Memphis looked at me and shouted over the boom of the blades.
    "It might not be so quick there is a chance everything might go to shit, we need to be prepared for that scenario." I shouted back at Memphis.
    "What!" Shouted Ohio after prying into our conversation.
    "He said everything is going to shit that's why we're fully loaded!" Shouted Memphis to Ohio.
    "I said it's a possibility!" I shouted at both of them.
    "The five of us will be fighting a small army!" Shouted Texas.

    "He's right, there will be allot of guns down there!" Guam entered the conversation.
    "One minute till drop off!" yelled the Black Hawk pilot.
    "Alright! Ready up!" I shouted too my team as the Black Hawk began to decent altitude. Instead of landing on the ground our chop hovered eight feet above the ground to reduce the amount of time it takes for our ride to leave the area. "Be careful and stick your landing, let's go!" I shouted right before I jumped out the Black Hawk.

    I looked straight down at the patch of dirt I'm aiming for. The moment I was free from the chop time stopped for a second as the blades sliced through the air above me. I knew it was time to punch our time card. What lies ahead is combat and combat isn't pretty, war is an atrocity against humanity and I know this all to well. Immediately the duration of time returned to normal as I hit the ground.

    Once I gained my footing I tucked my rifle and moved forward ten yards then begin searching the surrounding area. "A ok." I said into my radio while I scanned the horizon. I heard someone hit the ground behind me. Shortly after Guam walked up on my left wielding his rifle. "I'm good" Guam said as he focused his attention on my ten. One by one the rest of the team hit the ground and joined Guam and I as lose dirt swirled around and created a sand storm.

    "This is chop three out, I'll see you soon." The pilot said over the radio as he pulled the black hawk up and out of the area. "Alright lets move out!" I begin moving fifty yards east heading for the west side of the parking lot, my team followed. Quickly the five of us moved, it was silent all that could be heard is our foot steps and the sound of our gear jingling. Being the brightest time of day I felt like sitting ducks as we approached the fence that surrounds the perimeter of the property.

    We lined up against the fence five feet apart from one and other, Ohio is first up. He pulled out his wire cutters and Begin's cutting the chain links from the ground up one after an other. Once he made an opening big enough for us to get through one by one we entered the parking lot and huddled in a circle behind a large cargo truck. "So, does everyone know what they have to do?" I asked the huddle. "Yeah, we're going to blow shit up and if someone shoots at us we shoot back." Replied Memphis. "Fuck yeah." Said Ohio.

    "let's do this, the clock is ticking our game will be in the area soon." said Texas too the team. The five of us then broke our huddle and moved into position. "Everyone stay low use the cars for cover." Guam spoke over the radio as we moved through the parking lot.

    With my rifle snug against my shoulder I moved tediously through multiple isles of parking. Finally I made my way to the last isle before the dirt road that separates the west and east side parking. From my position I can clearly see the north checkpoint without compromising the mission. "I can see five guards at the north checkpoint, I got my eyes on them." I said into my radio. "I got eyes on the south side, there's five guards too." Guam said over the radio.

    "I see our buck, what are the orders?" Said Ohio on the radio. "It's open session stop the convoy and start this party." I said to Ohio. I can see six blacked out suburbans pull up to the north checkpoint. The five guards begin inspecting the convoy before they entered. One guard then stepped into the street and held a green paddle as high as he could signaling the south side to lift the gate.

    After the gate lifted the convoy started to drive down our way. "Here they come." I said into my radio as the convoy got closer. Once the first vehicle reached Memphis's mark I knew it was time. "CLEAR!" Shouted Memphis right before he stood up from cover. ... (To be continued)

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    At times all you need to do is
    UNFUCK yourself.

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    Overdose OverDope

    I have this pain that I feel inside of me
    So I stick this work inside of me
    Instead of helping it just blinded me
    All alone in this world & I can't see

    But I'm not the only 1 with vision cut off
    Out here in the streets lookin like a jerk off
    Can't even get a woman so all I do is jerk off

    But I don't think I can get that lucky
    Skin all messed up feeling bumpy
    Don't matter if I'm in the city or Country

    Cause I can't deal with all this stress
    Can't even smile feeling all depressed
    So I do what do like all the rest

    Go out and get a fuckin blue bag
    So I can be like meek Mill I'm in my bag.
    But you see this bag its not like most bags
    It be giving you sweetest love Best You Ever Had. Rob you of your mother, rob you of ya Dad. Think it makes you happy all it does is make you sad. Got you in a holy war call it Jihad.
    But mine is a crusade. Shits so Sharp,
    From up in Maine down to the Everglades.
    The shit is cutting up my whole country
    So what it does? It throws more money!
    In this war, winner is the pharmaceutical company.
    My people are dying or in the dumps see.

    So how you think we're going to pass this test.
    Make it out alive, get up out this mess? End up like Khalid, "We the Best"?

    I don't really know that's a good ass question
    All I have now is another question?
    Am I going to make it or am I destined
    To die or get arrested?

    Remember there's a war going on outside nobody's safe, went from living with your Mom now you up in Grannys place
    Mom dukes Tripping, fall from Grace.
    You all crying sprayed with mace.

    It's so friggin hard to my hope.
    That's the first thing it steals fuckin dope,
    Got me going down, I'm on a slope.
    Next thing I know, overdose OverDope.

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    He is dope,
    She's in hope.

  • madhu_sudan 31w


    I was a dope guy... And I'm happy with it...
    Cause, the beginning of my story is the end of an evil hangout...

  • abhinavshivon 32w


    I wanted to explore you whole
    not just your skin,
    even your soul.

  • karishmachhabra 33w

    Be such a Dope soul that people crave your Vibes.