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  • anonymous_bystander 1h

    For those who dream to be with someone they love..
    till it became the pain and nightmares
    for they know they can only be together in a dream
    and not in reality.

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    As of now i have awoken from my beautiful nightmare,
    Splashed cold water to see if it's true.
    Now i know why depression is in all shades of blue,
    it let me realize that there will never be a "Me and you".

    The dream could only be as beautiful like day.
    Sadly reality is cold,
    frigid like the the coldest starless night of the uncaring moon
    affecting even this days hottest june.

    Now i learned that everything was fictitious
    oh how fate and destiny is quite vicious
    for me to love a girl i can't have.
    I wish i never termed meeting you as serendipity
    for truth, only slapped me harshly.

    So now, i wish for all of those dream like nightmares to be forgotten,
    but i know the stars won't for it beared witness
    on almost every night i lay in bed,
    you would be the one i wish to be with till the end.

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    N I G H T M A R E &
    D R E A M


  • xerxes 2h

    They will say a lot, they will criticize you

    Don't change one bit for them...cause one day, you will look back and ask what happened to me?
    Who was that and who is this?

    They will be gone and you will just miss your old self...



  • raisamrat 6h


    ❄️क्या है वो सपना ?❄️
    जो तुम्हे चैन से सोने नही देता
    जिसे सोचके सारे दर्द गायब से हो जाते है
    जिसके सामने हर बात हर छोटी लगती है
    ️जिसके लिए तुम सब दाव पे लगा सकते हो️
    जिसके लिए तुम बस जिंदा हो
    ♠️सपना ♠️
    जिसके लिए तुम लड़ रहे हो हर वक्त हर पल खुद से खुद के हालातों से
    उस खुदा से
    ❣️जो एक दिन तुम्हारी हक़ीक़त होगा❣️

  • sourav_ 6h

    The destiny

    Strange awakenings
    that invade my soul at dawn.

    You interrupt my dream,

    In my dream,
    You interrupt my silence,

    In wakefulness,
    You wither my ideas,

    I appreciate your existence
    that burned mine.

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  • ketankeni 6h

    I'll never feel for someone, the way I felt for you
    All the years spent together, it was time to bid adieu

    I convinced my broken heart to give up this painful chase
    It was just a matter of time until I become a stranger face

    Looking at you finally leave, in deep sorrow I wept
    Rushed to the bedroom door but you had already left

    I kept calling your name on top of my loud scream
    As the alarm went off I realised, it was all just a dream!


  • _unexpressed_feelings 7h


    She is afraid to trust anyone now because of what he did to her.He promised,he showed her dreams,he made her believe him.She was happy like never before to get a soulmate for the rest of her life.But he broke her in pieces.she cried for nights waiting for him to come back.She loved him like no one else but he left and he lost a precious gem.He couldn't realise how real and pure she was.And now she is broken and she won't let anyone to fix it.past relationship isnt letting her believe a honest guy .She won't let anyone to fix her broken heart ..She's over and maybe there's nothing the other guy could do..She trusted she believed but she wont do it again for anyone else...Its over for all.
    Can you relate??

  • jee 7h


    The bridge between
    You and your Dreams

  • superherokarthik 8h

    ವಿಶ್ವ ಸುಂದರಿ ಆದರೆ ನನ್ನ ಪಟ್ಟದ
    ಮೆಲ್ಲಮೆಲ್ಲನೆ ಬಂದಳು ನನ್ನನ್ನು
    ತನ್ನ ನೋಟದಲ್ಲೇ ಕೊಟ್ಟಳು ಹಾಲಿನ ಪ್ರೀತಿಯನ್ನು
    ಬಿಗಿಯಾಗಿ ಅಪ್ಪಿದ್ದಳು ನನ್ನ ಚೂರಾದ ಹೃದಯವನ್ನು ಜೋಡಿಸಿ.


  • 7th_manu 8h

    it's silly for her, though my noblest dream!
    and it is lost before, realized!
    #dream #noValue #lostLove #love

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    My Noble Dream!

    My world is our world
    And this world is your world
    And your world is my world
    And my world is your world is mine

    beeGees | My World

  • meera_patel6902 9h

    I love you mum and dad. And I know I don't say it enough. But words aren't good enough to respect you and appreciate you. So I keep quiet.
    An entry for: #first_school_day
    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #school #dream #stranger #let #go #mum #dad #color #eyes #blind #dream #courage #fear

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    First day of school

    When I entered the place I had never seen before, I was not ready to let go of my mum's hand,
    I clutched my mum's hands tighter in hopes that she wouldn't let go.

    She noticed my anxiety and smiled,
    As if she knew exactly what I was thinking,
    She said, a few words of comfort, and some words of wisdom.
    I gained some courage and went in.
    The moment I saw her shadow go away, I cried.
    I wanted my safe haven and not this world of strangers.
    I realized what my num meant, that my can't sit next to me all of my life,
    I had to make it on my own. ©meera_patel6902

    The bell rang and I went outside and saw them,
    In this sea of strangers I'll always find you.
    When my eyes go blind, you'll be my last colorful daydream.

  • anuragkasudhan 10h

    The Memory

    It had been almost 5 years; still he could not get that evening out of his head. He had waited almost two years for that single moment, and when he got the chance he yearned for his mind and courage failed him. Raman was at his favorite street cafe waiting for his order to be served. This memory from his past visited him frequently; almost daily.
    His mind drifted back to past while waiting for his order.
    It was a fine winter evening - not too cold. It was officially the last day of their school. The farewell was planned to start in evening and go through night.
    All students were arriving and gathering in the assembly hall, waiting to be escorted to the common room. Raman was with his friends, when he saw her. She was talking something animatedly to her friends. Raman was unable to take his eyes off her. She was wearing a black one piece dress. Her waist-length open hair swayed slowly in the blower’s air. She kept on tapping her foot lightly to the beat of song that was being played, and singing the lyrics almost in her mouth. She was like someone who has stepped from your dream into reality.
    He fell for her for the first time he saw her, it took him some days to convince himself, and he knew that her was in love. It had been two years since then. He had thought that he will reveal his feelings on the farewell day.
    The party started; slowly it gained its peak. Students were dancing, laughing, crying, taking lot of pictures with teachers, juniors, classmates and with their crushes, spending time looking at their crushes, and what not. She was sitting alone on a bench sipping her cold drink.
    He saw her from the dance floor. He stopped dancing for a minute and was staring lovingly at her. He wanted to take in as much of her as possible. It was time to call it off a day. The party was about to over. This was his best and last chance. He turned from the dance floor to find her looking at him. Her eyes were looking at him. For a brief moment there eyes locked. It seemed like an eternity, both of them looking deep in one another’s eyes. They were disturbed by the DJ’s announcement of party coming to an end.
    He ambled towards her. She was still looking intently at him. The way she looked made him feel uneasy and nervous. He sat beside her. They sat like that for some wile, neither of them spoke. The party was called off, students had started to leave. He sat there pulling together all his courage. He said, “You are beautiful”. She turned her head towards him, smiled a bit, as if waiting to hear something more, and said “And…”. And he wasn’t able to frame his next sentence. All he could do was to keep looking at her. Her friends came and insisted her to leave; his friends were waiting for him as well.
    They both did not said anything else. They just smiled and left the party. His nostalgia was disturbed by the waiter. He said third time, patiently “Sir, here’s your order”. He smiled and took his cappuccino. He was smiling at the memory of farewell day, when he heard a familiar voice “Can I sit here, all tables are already occupied”. His heart started beating faster. He could feel the adrenaline mixed blood gushing through his veins.
    He could not believe himself. There was she, standing just before him, straight from his memory. She looked even more beautiful than she looked five years ago. He looked up, and said yes. She placed her coffee on the table and sat. She said after a while, “Hii, Raman!!!”. His heart skipped a beat. She remembers him, his heart danced with joy.
    They talked a little bit, she was on her way back home from office and has stopped to have a coffee. Their drinks were over, and again no one of them spoke anything. She broke the silence “So…”. He said “You are more beautiful than ever, except this nothing has changed”. She again asked, smiling “And…”. The waiter nudged him asking for the bill, he paid his bill and turned to look at her. He was shocked to find no one on the front chair. He stood up and scoured for her. She was nowhere to be found.
    My mind must be playing tricks he thought. He was just about to leave, when he saw a note on the table. It read “You should have said it back then, or perhaps today!!”
    He was bewildered and confused, unable to decide if it was some reality or just a memory.

  • juhis_jj 11h

    * SLÉÈ₱ *

    Don't Lay Smiling In The Dark..
    Shooting Stars Around Your Heart..!!
    Don't Weep In Your Sleep And Scream..
    I'm Right Here Laying Next To You In Your Dream..!!

  • xerxes 15h

    A Dream isn't what you see when you sleep but that which makes you lose sleep at night at night

    Those that rule the world don't sleep, you can always tell


  • arshiyagaiban 15h

    Even the Benzene ring was discovered in a dream when the snake got entangled,
    So dare to dream,
    You never know, even your dream might come true one day!!

  • the_jaded_diamond 18h

    Never fall in love with the stars.

    Under the dreamy sky,
    When you seek their refugee,
    They listen to all your stories,
    And take you to a new world of hopes,
    With melodious hymns of solace,
    They lure you to the deadly love.

    When the time comes,
    They fall off the skies,
    Get completely collapsed,
    Not to fulfill your wishes,
    But to burn everything on their paths,
    To invoke destruction.

    And when they're about to die,
    They eat up everything around,
    Annihilating friends and foes,
    Kiths and kins alike,
    After the aftermath, they
    Get re-born like deathless beasts.

    Never fall in love with stars,
    They control everything,
    The mortal and the immortal,
    The Sun and the shine,
    The beginnings and the ends,
    The creators and the destroyers,
    Life and death.

    ©Ram Chanduri

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  • poemluv0403 19h


    "Kicking the football with her little boy...",
    Dreamed the wheelchaired lady.


  • i_am_pradeep 1d


    And while Balancing all of them,
    somewhere the smile faded and
    Hell became a place of living


  • cylito 1d


    Don't dream of success.
    Nothin's ever gonna happen if you just dream.
    You need to work and dream.
    Success ain't gonna jump in your hands like a fish waiting to be caught.
    You gotta work for it.
    Success won't find you. You need to find success.
    And only if you work enough will you get what you deserve.
    Live in the moment
    Of success.

    -Cylito ♥

  • nik_singal 1d

    दूसरा दिन...
    भाग 3

    पर सांस में सांस जब आई जब मिस्री ट्राय लेकर वापिस आया और बोला कि इसमें कोई दिक्कत नही है केवल वज़न के कारण ये बार बार गर्म हो रही है, मिस्त्री ने कहा इसका वज़न काम करो फिर ये कोई दिक्कत नही देगी। हमारे बाकी साथी आगे निकल गए थे तो फ़ोन से सम्पर्क करके हम उनके साथ मिले जहाँ पर हमने हल्का फुल्का खाना और चाय ली और आगे की ओर बढ़े। 30-40 कि.मी चलने के बाद नारकंडा नामक बेहद ही खूबसूरत जगह आई । नारकंडा भी एक बेहद शानदार सैलानी जगह है जहाँ पर दूर दूर से सैलानी घूमने के लिए आते हैं ,यह एक ऊंची जगह पर स्तिथ है इसलिए गर्मियों में अच्छी खासी ठंड रहती है। हमारा प्रोग्राम पहले नारकंडा रुकने का ही था परंतु हम वहाँ 4-4:30 बजे पहुँच गए थे तो सभी ने यह निर्णय लिया कि आगे चला जाए। तो सभी आगे के लिए निकल गए ,रास्ते मे थोड़ी बारिश मिली उस समय मे हमने एक ढ़ाबे पर रुककर चाय पी और फिर आगे निकल लिए। शाम को तकरीबन 7 बजे हम रामपुर बुशहर पहुँच गए। रामपुर बुशहर सतलुज नदी के किनारे बसी एक बेहद सुंदर जगह है। क्योंकि हम तकरीबन 240 कि.मी का सफर तह कर चुके थे और थकावट अपने चरम पर थी तो हमने जल्दी से कमरे की व्यवस्था की और रात का खाना करके आराम करने के लिए सो गए। रामपुर बुशहर का तापमान दिन में थोड़ा गर्म और रात में ठंड बढ़ जाती है। इस तरह से हमारा दूसरा दिन खत्म हुआ।
    तीसरा दिन कल...