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  • writeaholic 3d

    Only when I drink...

    I will drink until I remember what it's like to be happy again
    Only when I drink do I become grateful for what little life is left in me
    Only when I drink do I remember the kid I stay alive for
    I am so proud of him
    Only when I drink can the built in tears be released
    Only when I drink can I feel nothing and everything at the same time
    Alcohol is the only person I never get tired of
    I can feel his warmth rushing through my body
    My head goes light
    Only when I drink do I feel love from an intimate object
    Only when I drink do I realize how lonely I really am
    Only when I drink do I not hear my body crack and ache
    Only when I drink I feel filled up inside instead of the hollow walking shell I am any other time

  • larubialoca 5d

    We are Writers

    Night life
    Constantly chasing the muse
    Fighting the blues
    Connecting dots
    Seeing the art behind
    Everything and everyone
    We see straight through
    Never taking breaks
    Almost always late
    To anything mundane
    And everything else,
    We always have caffiene,
    We bleed ink
    We don't stop,
    Cant sleep
    Won't give up
    Even when we do,
    Appreciating the old,
    Craving something new,
    We can't help it

  • instincts_se 1w


    ये आपका मैख़ाना ही तो है,
    जो हमे पिने पे मजबूर करदेता है
    वरना हम तो शराब को छूतेतक नही।

  • larubialoca 1w

    No, you misunderstood

    I am not ON a coffee date.
    Coffee IS my date.


  • candacedhenry 2w

    Best in Heaux

    Now available in small doses
    Though my love is massive
    Enough to go around
    Yet exclusive
    Never easily found

    The total package
    But that's not what they want
    Occasional cuddle
    Maybe someone to share a drink or a blunt
    Chicks with Holland glasses get a seat upfront

    They don't love you
    Just love having you in the collection
    Collect the whole set
    A nice stable behind their reflection

    Whether I leave or they leave I'm left
    Left with the spoils and sprains
    Tear stains
    Questionable thoughts
    Undefined worth
    Rejecting their girth

    I'm at my best in Heaux
    If I let myself loose
    I'd win the award for Best in Heaux

    No expectations but what I request
    Looking for consistency is asking for stress
    Rather be happy about little things you do
    Deep down I'm never expecting you to follow through

    Trust is a waste of time
    I don't care if you are lying
    Just meet me requirements

    Releasing my reigns
    Understand this is all about gains
    Rarely a cuddle

    The energy exchange
    Wouldn't even mind if it rose me to fame
    If I believed in tombstones it would have to say
    Best in Heaux


  • jlo_ng 2w

    How many times I've tried to escape the reality
    That you left months ago
    It always felt a dream,
    Being with you and when you left
    Drinks, smoke and any kind of intoxications
    Didn't helped
    But the ink did.

  • rjdiary 2w


    निर्भया - : अहह.... आज बहुत काम हो गया थक गई हूँ। कोई नहीं आज ऑफिस का पहला दिन था न इसलिए । घर जाकर अब आराम करूँगी ।
    घर पहुँचते ही ....इन कानों में जोर-जोर की चीखें सुनाई दे रही थी ।
    मैं बहुत घबरा गई, न जाने क्या हुआ किसके घर हुआ , आवाज़े तो बाहर तक आ रहीं ।
    भगवान... कही मेरे घर न कुछ हुआ हो।
    नहीं नही प्रभु आज नहीं ।

    कमरे में जाते ही पापा एक कोने में जमीन पर पड़े थे।
    ये देख निर्भया घबरा गई । जब वो पास गई तो पापा जोर जोर से फिर चिल्लाने लग गए...क्या हुआ पापा
    कुछ बताओ मुझे ।

    पापा- : दूर हो जाओ मेरी नजरो से तुम सब नालायक हो , एक जैसे हो। कोई मुझे नही समझता....एक दिन तुम लोग को छोड़ कर चला जाऊँगा...।
    मुझे बार बार ये बताना पड़ेगा। आज मैंने ये किया , वो किया .....पैसे मैं कमाता हूँ तो जो मर्जी आए मैं वो करूँगा ।

    निर्भया- : बस करिये पापा आज आप बहुत पी लिए हो...
    इसलिए जो मन मे आए बके जा रहे हों ।

    पापा- : बोलूँगा...औऱ बोलूँगा , बोलो क्या करोगी ?

    निर्भया :- अब बस बहुत हुआ....अब अपने फिर से ऐसा वैसा कुछ किया तो मैं सब रिश्ते भूल जाऊँगी ।
    आप क्यों इतना नशा करते हो....आपको कुछ समझ नही होती मैं क्या बोल रहा हूं और किसे बोल राहा हूँ ।

    पापा:- आज मैं भी चुप नहीं रहूँगा, देखता हूँ कौन मेरा क्या कर लेगा।

    निर्भया:- गुस्से में लाल , औऱ उसे कुछ समझ नहीं आ रहा क्या करें । अचानक हम दोनों में हाथा बाई शुरू हुई और न जाने कब निर्भया ने पापा को थप्पड़ मार दिया।

    ये देखते ही....पापा सुन हो गए । औऱ बोले क्या इसी दिन के लिए मैंने तुम्हें पाल पोश कर बड़ा किया था।
    मेरे शराब पीने का ये शिला मिला मुझे ।
    दूर हो जाओ मेरी नजरों से .....। इतना कहकर पापा जमीन पर गिर गए ।

    निर्भया:- ये क्या हो गया मुझसे पापा, प्लीज मुझे माफ़ कर दो। माफ़ कर दो पापा ।
    अगर आप शराब न पीते तो ये सब नहीं होता ।
    माफ करो पापा गलती हो गई मुझसे । उठो पापा, मत पिया करो इतनी पापा ।

    कुछ देर बाद .....पापा कुछ बोलो पापा....
    2hr बाद.....पूरा घर उजड़ गया ।
    निर्भया के पापा का इन्तकाल हो गया।
    इस शराब ने सब कुछ छीन लिया मेरा

    -राज नन्दिनी✍



  • the_blue_feather_quotes 3w


    PART - 4
    (Last part)

    She went to ORPHANAGE.
    The drunken guy went to ADDICTION CENTER.

    Within a few months, she mingled with that surrounding. She understood that she was not the only one who was facing all the bad phases of life. She thanked God that at least she had a chance to see her parent's face unlike the other children in the orphanage who didn't even get to know who their parents were. Gradually, she started to concentrate on studies.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Here, the drunken guy somehow become inhabitual to drinks and strived hard to live a healthy life. He got married and few years later while his son was watching a short film, his son asked him,

    " Dad, it is written that the short film is based on true incident. Is it true?"

    His dad - Yeah, if it is mentioned in the short film, then it is true. Who is the director of the short film?

    Son - Riya.

    His dad - what did you learn from the short film?

    Son - Drink and drive - not even in dream.

    (Riya wanted to become a director and she took her real life incident as a story for her first short film as it contains important message to the soceity)

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    Drink and drive
    - only in dream


  • the_blue_feather_quotes 3w


    PART - 3

    Everything was fine until the car hit the side wall of the bridge. Her father made the car to hit the side wall of the bridge, in order to prevent the car from hitting the bike. Due to the over speed of the car, it jumped from the bridge and fell in the ground. The car was damaged heavily. Her father got injured in spinal cord and became paralyzed. Her mother went to coma as the hard metal struck her head. And Riya's left leg was removed as it was damaged severely.

    Riya was thinking about that tragic incident while the doctor came to check her mother who was in serious condition. Then the doctor came and apologized Riya that her mother was no more. Riya can't able to digest the fact that her has gone. It took several weeks for her to become normal. But it didn't last forever. After her mother walked into the sunset, her father worried more and become mentally stressed.

    After a few months, a storm hit Riya's life. Her father also died and now she is an orphan. She cried, cursed God, cursed her life, she can't able to bear the pain. She didn't eat properly, she didn't go to school, haven't chatted with anyone. Then the guard, and the servent who was working in her home since her childhood days planned to send her to an orphanage hoping she will recover from that dreadful incident and may live peacefully. Riya accepted their decision as she also needs a change in her life.

    She went to ORPHANAGE.
    The drunken guy went to ADDICTION CENTER.

    To be continued....

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    Drink and drive
    - only in dream


  • the_blue_feather_quotes 3w


    PART - 2

    And the FIRST prize goes to.......Riya! Riya!!

    Her teacher called her disrupting her thoughts. It took 2-3 seconds for her to realize where she was. She was not there in the stage. She was not there among the crowd. She was in the school but thinking about the past. She hated that moment. She wanted to stay there among the crowd eagerly waiting for the announcement of the winner. But she knew, she can't go. She has to accept the truth that can't go there at any cost.

    "Riya, are you alright? What were you thinking about? Your guard has came to pick you. It seems there is an emergency situation in your home. So you can go now" said her teacher.

    Her guard came and helped her to pack the bag and they left the school. She was worrying about the situation in home on the way to home.

    After reaching home, she sat beside her father who was bedridden. He saw her pathetically and took a look at her dance photo which is on the wall behind her.
    Tears rolled down his eyes. She thought how happy they were once , how her father make her grew without knowing the meaning of sad. It all happened because of that picnic she adamently wanted to go. While they were returning home, the car was going fast in the bridge. In the opposite direction, there were two drunken guys, riding the bike in a zig-zag manner. Everything was fine until,...

    To be continued...

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    Drink and drive
    - only in dream


  • the_blue_feather_quotes 3w


    PART - 1

    Riya was participating in an interschool dance competition. The competition has started. There were roars with laughter and whistles everywhere down the stage. She was standing in the corner of the stage as she was going to participate next. She took a broad look at the audience, her friends, family, and her dance master. She thought about her father's words. Before she left home, her father promised her to buy anything she wanted if she won the competition. Since she is rich, she had everything she wished. So, she was thinking about what she want to buy.
    "Silence!!". A voice interrupted her thought and she came to conscious. "An exquisite performance Seema!!. All the best. The next performer is Riya", announced the staff.
    Riya moved to the center of the stage. There down the stage, her parents and friends were keen to see her performance. The music started so did her dance. She hid her nervousness and danced like a Barbie doll. At the end, everyone gave standing ovation for her elegant performance. Her parents were showing thumbs up in order to tell her that she has performed well. There were claps, laughter, and the colour papers were flying here and there. She felt relaxed now. After several dance performances, the time for prize distribution came. Her heart began to beat faster than before. She was afraid whether she could win the first prize. She closed her eyes tightly and prayed to God.
    The staff came and said " Congratulations to all the performers. You all really did well. Now it's time for prize distribution.
    The THIRD prize goes to Meghna.
    The SECOND prize goes to Hazel."
    Riya was very excited to hear the winner of the first prize.
    " And the FIRST prize goes to........"

    To be continued....

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    Drink and drive
    - only in dream


  • ishan_jajoo 4w

    अर्ज़ है

    यू झूठी हसी आती है हालात पे साकी।
    सब कुछ कहके भी पूरी बात है बाकी।


  • krian_89 5w


    Nectar that spills over,
    Into this empty vessel,
    Warming it...;



  • divanshe 5w

    Do not hustle.

    When you can't do anything about it,
    Sit, wait and watch.
    See it making up on it's own
    Or let it get destroyed.
    Because you are helpless and hapless.
    Just stay calm anyway.
    And drink...fate.


  • synikus 6w


    I’m with myself.
    Then I’m alien.
    So strong, a victim, a healer,
    Now I’m just a danger to myself.

    For Brahma and the atom.
    For luck and the road.
    Opening up the trapdoors
    Tipsy, I feel like I’m falling.

    ‘uno mas’ I yell!
    Not waiting for the supernatural.
    Give me the solution to find an answer that’s not right for me.


  • akatoch61 7w

    Red water

    Sharrab bdi khrab; dikhati khaab
    Banati nawab; rehta na aaghosh;
    Uhi Tere yaad m peeta jau; Tere Bina reh na pau!!
    Loved u!! Every second; bcz u were;
    Everywhere; like I was no where;
    Smiling with everyone; like I am all happy;
    Never let anyone know; what i had lost!
    Made me frost; bottom to top!
    Last hope! Wasn't you!!
    So I remembered so I get assembled;
    My memories; made u angry;


  • oshirofficial 7w


    आज जी भर के
    पीने आया हूं मयखाने में।
    ऐ साकी अब डाल दे तू
    कुछ शराब मेरे पैमाने में।


  • anyamhne 8w

    Let's pretend,
    Happyness ain't
    In that
    Orange candy.
    Happiness is in
    Getting high,
    Smoking weed
    Drinking Brandy .


  • gargee_chowdhury 8w

    What we call Milk, is Ambrosia to the Needy.


  • oshirofficial 8w


    भूल गया मयकदा ।।
    भूल गया सब क़ायदा।
    जब से पीने लगा तेरी आँखों से,
    सुरूर मुझ पे चढ़ा ज़्यादा।