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  • cringclang 13h

    Blank Page.

    What words should I write,
    To tell the tale of my life?
    Should I start with your Hi?
    Or with your sad Goodbye?
    Should I begin with "Once upon a time"?
    Or with a line "Once you were mine"?
    Should I narrate how we met?
    Or recount how you left?
    Should I describe your butterfly kisses?
    Or how you shattered me in broken pieces?
    You were one of my story's beautiful chapter,
    But now it's all over.
    A blank page for our tragic ending,
    A blank page for my new beginning.


  • lilmisswriter 4d

    Some goodbyes aren't just an ending...
    That's the first step to a new beginning...
    Sometimes you have to let go of something that is dear to you so that something better can get hold of you...

  • wordsfrom1985 4d

    Tell me a story ...
    One with a happy ending please

    Read me a chapter ...
    About how you show beauty with ease

    Write me a poem...
    So powerful I fall to my knees

    Let me love you...
    You can portrait your own happy ending with me


  • abravecoward 1w

    Life is not a fairytale so never demand for a happy ending.

  • wiredweirdly 1w

    The chance of
    Starting over
    Not comes so often.
    But when you see
    the finish line
    Don't despair
    If it's not the ending
    you wanted.
    Get ready
    Tie your shoes
    Grab yourself together
    And have your story begin
    Written from a fresh page.

  • the_moonflower_girl 1w

    It's in that moment when everything is ending
    Is when you realize that you wanted it to last

  • wanderingmind_musings 1w


    Ends are inevitable; else would be any new beginnings?


  • devinspina 1w


    Burning skies in the wake of past crimes come to rise,
    And only from you,

    So fuck you,

    Fuck any lies that you "had" to make,
    And fuck all ties to pain that made you "break"
    Because your sorrow was nothing but fake,
    So i take away,
    from you,
    And for my sake,
    I unleash all the hate i have burning inside,

    So get away from me,
    Stay away from me,
    Get the fuck out of me,
    Set me free and let me tell you,

    Fuck you,

    Because I don't need you,
    I won't bleed for you,
    And i won't heed to,


    There is no hesitation within me,
    To say fuck you,
    I rise,
    and you fall,

    I don't hear your cries,
    and i stand tall,
    My patience dies,
    Because of you all and your former uses,
    But there is no more fucking excuses.

    ©romeolasixx (Devin P. Spina)

  • shrutiwari299 2w


    For some stories its happy ending,
    Where as for some its happy because it's ending.

  • arzu11 2w


    "Love, tell me one thing? He texted
    "Yeah, honey, I replied instantly 
    "I'm going to propose someone, do you think she'll accept me ?" The message read.

    I was a little shocked as he never told me that he had someone and even after he knew that I love him , why would he ask me such thing suddenly?
    I thought ,maybe he's talking about me ? And the thought made me blush

    "Who?" I texted back after thinking for sometime
    "She's beautiful and I think I'm in love with her , she cares a lot for me , loves me , even she had proposed to me but I wasn't ready that time.
    Now ,that I have realised ,I don't want to lose her" he replied

    The thought that he was talking about me grew stronger. It had a base now. All the said thing were applicable to me, I ,of course loved him , cared for him an had proposed to him, too.
    So , I was clear that he was talking about me .

    "Finally,he has realised that I love him beyond infinity" I said to myself and I could feel my cheeks getting red , in the light of the mobile screen as it was dark otherwise.

    Now, that he is trying to surprise me, I should have fun too.
    I thought and chuckled alone.
    "Woah, you never told me about all this, you're lucky and of course go and propose to her.
    I'm pretty sure she won't reject you ,like you did".

    "Are you sure baby?" His message came in a second again.
    "Yes, who would reject the one they love, and moreover you are just perfect for any one, okay?"

    I laughed at it and was waiting as to when he would say "I was kidding and the girl is you" 
    I had started feeling beautiful by that time when he replied
    "okay, I'm going to propose her tomorrow " 
    "Good luck " I replied and I spent a restless day and a sleepless night, waiting for the next day, when he would tell me that he loves me too, like I do.

    Next morning , I constantly waited for a text message or a call.
    Everytime my phone buzzed I would check it instantly with a thumping heart.

    The phone beeped around mid-day and his name appeared on the screen.
    With the strongest smile on my face ,I opened it .

    "She, said yes, I'm so happy .
    Thank you dear for motivating me"
    The message read.
    I sank into the chair beside me.
    I felt dead . I couldn't imagine my life without him , but wanted to know , who was someone else who shared such a bond with him , just like I did and whose love was more powerful than mine and that who cared more for him, that he instantly forgot the infinite love I had for him?

    Whoever she was , I wanted to just know, what's special in her love which wasn't in mine 
    Who knew love better than me ?
    These thoughts were exploding my head.

    "Wow, congrats ,so happy for you and her, wish you both love and togetherness forever" 
    I replied 
    "We'll get married soon" he texted further

    I wiped off my tears and smiled because I had read somewhere that true love is letting go for their happiness .

    Heartbroken, I went to our favorite restaurant and sat there numb.
    My phone beeped I didn't care to check but it kept on beeping so I picked up the call and heard him say "If you're done crying and cursing me , will you now care to decide where can I take you for honeymoon" followed by a laughter 
    I got back to my senses and the numbness was gone .
    I closed my eyes and took a breath and there he was on his knees with a ring in his hand.

    My phone pinged again, this time it was the alarm waking me up from the dream bringing me back to the reality that I wasn't that girl he was talking about .

    And today , I'm writing this while getting ready to perform as a friend in my Love's wedding .

    Unrequited love makes us aware of the strength and power that we never knew existed within us.
    It pushes us to extreme, and we get to see , our own unseen side that cares too much , that loves too much, that gets hurt but knows fixing our broken pieces as well.

  • boundless_spark 2w

    The Psychopath's Pedagogy

    He sat under the eerie glow of the bulb,
    In the darkness of the room,
    perspired and numb,
    he looked at his silenced pistol,
    and over two photographs;

    One photograph depicted a happy version,
    when he was in the peak of his job career,
    and the other depicted a traumatized state,
    devastated personally and professionally,
    but before shooting himself down,
    he wanted to pen down his staircase to hell,
    so he started portraying his downfall,
    accompanied by periodic sips of whiskey;

    Demons came in the psychedelic mind state,
    cursing and giving rise to compulsions,
    "you have committed the seven deadly sins",
    was the phrase they used,
    "you have to release the people from oblivion,
    and portray your downfall to everyone,
    so that you enlighten everyone excluding you,
    about the seven deadly sins",
    after writing his journey on a paper,
    he heard some claps of thunder,
    and then read his writing,
    while keeping the pistol pointed towards him;

    "Two years back, I was a happy man,
    I had worked my way hard to success,
    and had a lovely wife,
    but soon, things gradually turned against me,
    I started getting overambitious in my work,
    and in order to satisfy my thirst,
    I took to internal politics in the work-space,
    I could see my friends getting better positions,
    and this jealousy set flames in my eyes,
    gradually I started being indifferent to them,
    the fire pushed me on wrong tracks,
    and I achieved that position and status,
    but with the wrong ways,
    the immense facilities which I received,
    made me arrogant and too proud of my state,
    I would look down upon my friends,
    and they soon started hating me,
    but I gave a rat's ass to all these,
    I kept enjoying my state and recognition,
    not realizing that it was dark recognition,
    I got used to the the aristocrat lifestyle,
    felt the ground was slipping off from me,
    I would often just relax and waste my time,
    underneath the blanket of luxury,
    soon, I stood in the whirlwind of ill thoughts,
    as we know,
    'an idle mind is the devil's workshop',
    I took to excessive drugs and lavish food,
    so much, that it deprived the needy ones,
    and gradually  obliterated my personal health,
    to wash off the tensions from this lethal state,
    I ultimately started visiting the whore houses,
    for physical pleasures,
    I destroyed family life and invited resentment,
    my career was eventually going down,
    and due to stress and monotonous lifestyle,
    hormonal imbalances took place in my brain,
    very soon I got triggered by small things,
    I started killing people,
    to let out my anger, jealousy and madness,
    and today,
    out of anger from all those tormenting events,
    I decide to expose myself to the world,
    and to end this invariant lifestyle,
    leading to a chain of sufferings,
    by smearing this paper with blood
     -Rio Tyroh a.k.a "the serial killer" ",

    He then kept the paper aside,
    and shot a bullet straight to his head;

    I emerged from the darkness now,
    stopped pointing my gun,
    towards the man's head from behind,
    looked at the blood smeared table,
    and the dead person sitting on the chair,
    closed my eyes and  consumed some tablets
    and went into a state of mind;

    The demons again popped in,
    but this time they gave a confused look,
    I could imagine myself smiling at the demons,
    and saying them,
    "Just as you instructed,
    I portrayed my downfall,
    and enlightened people with the knowledge,
    of the seven deadly sins through my jouney,
    which were,
    greed,envy,pride,sloth,gluttony,lust and wrath,
    in their respective order through my journey,
    so by now,
    all of you demons must fade away";

    "The only trick I pulled was that,
    I confessed my sins to the world,
    and portrayed my journey,
    through the body of Rio,
    who was just the manager of a whore house,
    having a hidden insignificant identity,
    so when the cops come in and investigate,
    they leave satisfied on grounds,
    that a serial killer just committed suicide,
    but in reality,
    he is free".


  • shikhab 2w


    Today it's about #ending ��, it's about the end of my #hope �� , end of my #love ♥️, end of my #respect ��, end of my #tears ��️on her #faliure , end of my #smile ���� on her #success...

    " Finally end of my #feelings for her "
    Unexpected moment had happened , which definitely announced the end of my relation with her....
    I tried I tried... a lot to stop my #sister but I can't I failed badly , first time in my life I had faced failure ....

    " Can't do anything of this ....��


    Now I will not try to hold u
    Now I will not clear any misconception
    Now I will not , I will not , I will not.....��

    #non #anu #mirakee #mirakeeworld #my feelings #truthoflife.....

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    Termin@tion on to¶


  • __exuberant_ 3w

    I don't care about the ending, its the story which says all.


  • achu_chetan 3w

    Some roads aren't meant for us...but still we long to travel through them...

  • shariq_sayyed 3w

    The fault in our stars (n):

    A book that taught me that sometimes things don't need to have happy endings to be perfect.


  • _usha_09 3w


    Only hurts both sides,
    Which has no Happy ending.

  • meiriamercadxx 3w


    Maybe its better if we don't push it further,
    So atleast no one will get hurt.
    But still my heart still want you a little bit longer,
    Can you hug me a little tighter?
    I just want to feel your warm embrace before its too late.

    I feel that where just building our own walls.
    My mind says that let's just end this and let our tear fall.
    But my heart wants to continue,
    Because step by step you put in my life a colourful hue.

  • chalk_outline 3w


    To know my ending
    Would cause another ending
    Is new to my life
    Yet heals this heart of mine

  • justumar 4w

    Endings are the beginnings of new stories. #sumarise
    #ending #beginning @writersnetwork #aryan22

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  • nayankore 4w

    Kahani ne rukh mod liya he. Aur khata ye hai ki ab koi raste ghar ki oor nahi jaate.