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  • shiviness 13w

    An Easy Escape

    Wished death upon myself.
    An easy escape.
    Although slowly.
    My heart is overcome,
    As are my lungs.
    I smoked
    as I was drunk.
    Wished death upon myself.
    By the wrong end of a lit cigarette
    An easy escape,
    Away from my fate
    As i tried to run,
    Far away.

  • shrutisinha 13w


    ''...means all the stories that you post, belong to you?'' Somebody asked.
    ''I just dust the pages of my life, and few words silently escape.'' She replied.!


  • bookgurl95 13w


    For some it is
    a place of solitude
    Others its sipping margaritas
    on the beach
    For the criminal or slave
    it means freedom
    And for hopeless souls
    it means death
    What is your escape?

  • mmbftd 13w


    I shed my clothes
    And waded in
    Cold water prickling my
    Summered brown skin
    As freckles multiplied
    Across my nose
    My coconut oil spread out
    Over the surface of the blue
    I could see right through
    As I stood
    Feeling gentle breezing air
    Around me like a lover
    Although you had long since vanished
    I felt the orange sunset's fire
    Warm the ice around my broken frozen heart
    I longed for your essence
    To see you slumber
    Next to me
    Newly bearded by morning light
    The scent of us carried on my flesh
    Your voice, deep, cut the noise of the world out and away from me
    Your hands with their indelible ink decorating them
    Held me with such tenderness
    That the beauty of it made me want to cry out with gratitude
    And those kind green eyes of yours
    That I never thought saw me
    Actually had
    You took me in
    And still you loved me
    And you heard me
    Without seeming like you were listening
    Now this summer is ending
    Its going
    Maybe to whatever place you ended up in
    And my nostalgia is wrecking me and breaking me down
    Until I've no will to create a future or even exist in present time
    This summer that had me forgetting all about that darkness that would come soon enough
    Those days when night came at 4pm and the dark swallowed me whole until I was nothing but pure fear
    This summer with its heat waves and thunderstorms
    Wetting my shoulders with wild joy
    Is leaving me
    The way I left you
    All too quickly
    And by necessity
    For patterns cannot be undone
    And mine is to undo things
    That I have always wished for
    So they cannot be MY undoing in the end.
    I saw a silver flicker
    Under this clear salty water's surface
    As the waves pushed me gently into remorse and regret
    A tiny flash of quickness
    As the fish swam like lightning
    Under the orange red sky
    Now turning a velvety blue
    A single star appearing
    Brilliant to mimic that fish
    Both on different journeys
    But at least moving
    I needed to mimic them
    To at least move
    Back to you or away from you for good
    Because this lingering was making me cry salty water into the sea
    Was it made of tears?
    What to do?
    I shed my clothes
    And think of you.


  • loftydreams101 13w

    A Fever Dream After the Wind and Rain

    Is this a dream? 

    Just a fleeting stroll 
    Along a misty shore? 

    Just a fevered slumber 
    In the eye of a storm? 

    Then I won't part ways  
    With this comforting haze  

    Delirious and numb 
    To the daily swarm

    © William Wright, Jr. 2018

  • bright_as_the_stars 13w

    For a prompt about how #numbness can be expressed. What do you think about it? It's pretty short! #body #detached #unfeeling #deadened #unappealing #trying #healing #escape #feeling #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #pod #poems #poetry #writer #words

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    Body detached, unfeeling
    No way to understand, concealing.
    This heat or chill deadened
    Unable to relate - unappealing.
    Trying to breathe for healing,
    But you can't escape this lack of feeling.

  • corneal64 13w

    Let's Run Away

    You know
    I think we should run away
    Let's go somewhere
    far away from here
    Away from everyone we know
    Let's go somewhere
    where no one knows us
    Where no one's gonna
    tell us what to do
    Where we can be free
    Where we can be happy
    Let's start all over again
    Let's be young and free
    Let's not look back
    Just let it be
    We can stare at the ocean
    Or sail the seven seas
    All I need is you
    and my spanish guitar
    The favorite part of me
    We can sing all day
    And dance at the beach
    under the light
    of a thousand stars
    Just come with me
    Let's run away
    And leave all these behind
    And never look back
    Cause I've got you
    And you've got me


  • dunspoken 13w

    Two puffs

    In this starless night
    Evanescent hope
    The darkest hours
    Soul drugged to elope
    Solitude becomes
    A dreadful rape
    Roll one down
    Two puffs to escape.

    Billion houses
    Provide home to none
    Expecting a prodigy
    Reality's no fun
    As world slows down
    Hate decrease
    Lost in the smoke
    Two more puffs to peace

    Crave for a death
    Lasting for some days
    Revive to somewhere
    Away from their gaze
    Happy end
    A phantasm I foresee
    Two puffs more
    The hash sets me free

  • froste_bite 13w

    I can see the scars scattered across the skin of your arms, but I fail to understand why they're there.


  • wiredweirdly 14w

    It's strange how my feelings always
    find a way to the real world
    through spilled ink
    when no expressions of mine gave them way
    to escape the pit of my dark soul.

  • mis_fit_judy 14w

    Blood Ink Gushing Through Her Veins..
    She Writes About Her Pain !
    Tides Of Anxiety,
    Waves Of Loneliness,
    Swirling Her Mind Upside - Down,
    Negativity Crossing All Words..

    Is It The First Time ? ( NO )
    Is It For The Last Time ? ( Maybe Still NO )

    Her Wandering Heart Wants A Break....
    Pouring Out All Of Her Worries,
    Where She Would Feel That Death Is Not The Only Escape !

    Endless Road,
    The Creepy Nights..
    Seems Better Than Certain Faces !!

    A Walk Out Of Reality,
    Or A Hiding Door !
    Thunders Are All She Witnesses,
    Peace Is What She Demands !


  • pthayna_anteona 14w


    I miss the time when you were the escape to all my problems.


  • journalofbrokendreams 14w

    Hot soup

    July 15th

    I wake up to pain early again. I wanted to sleep later my body didn't want the rest. As I used the bathroom burning was felt I knew the infection hasn't went away. Now I have a burn on my skin and in liquid I was afraid it'd ruin my dad's day. Fighting the pain we went to the mountains after seeing my useless brother. I love him he abuses my father's love even though his smile tries to change my mind.

    I felt happiness again as wind whipped through my hair my thumbs were soar while my palms sweat. Then my hands gripped the handlebars as dust filled the air behind my father and I. We road high into the mountains I was too afraid to drive that is why I was on the back of my father's machine. After a great day my eyes closed as we made our journey home.

    Sirens filled my ears as I saw a stretcher moving a body into an ambulance. It looked like a nasty crash. I envisioned my body on that stretcher not wanting to breath. I hoped my oxygen mask failed letting me slip into the arms of my mother.

    We got home snapping me into reality I started to puke I was sure what brought this foul taste to my mouth. I helped put everything away grabbing my blistered skin feeling puss leak onto my fingers. Soup once was there biting my skin letting me know I was alive. Now I look at it and cry. Just like the tears gather in my eyes as I think about my hands snapping leaving me unable to write.

    This was a simple task write every day to see how you feel. Use this therapy you have a gift. I don't know if it helps, but I want to do it I enjoy my thumbs tapping the black letters. I share more stories for everyone else my mind keeps going to the soup. I tell everyone it was an accident if that was true I wouldn't have let it stay on my skin.

  • kinky_eskimo 14w

    I don't belong indoors
    Boxed in by four walls
    Feels like I'm being crushed
    Not for me at all
    So one night I took leave
    You swore I couldn't
    With the rain pouring down
    You thought I wouldn't
    My dear how you were wrong
    Summoned by this storm
    I pried free from your grasp
    Ran straight out the door
    You may think I wander
    But this is my home
    I will follow the rain
    I'm never alone


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    I don't belong indoors
    Boxed in by four walls
    Feels like I'm being crushed
    Not for me at all
    So one night I took leave
    You swore I couldn't
    With the rain pouring down
    You thought I wouldn't
    My dear how you were wrong
    Summoned by this storm
    I pried free from your grasp
    Ran straight out the door
    You may think I wander
    But this is my home
    I will follow the rain
    I'm never alone


  • deepnights 14w

    Music is escape...

    You are the peace in me,
    you are the feel in me,
    from all the confusion in this world,
    you are the heal in me.

  • journalofbrokendreams 14w

    I just want to write

    I feel alone again. My eyes are tired but my brain is not. I'm always fighting my way through the day keeping the tears in their spot. My throat screams wanting to let my pain show I will not let them escape onto my skin to show that I broke again. Memories fill my brain as the image of scissors slicing across my skin not cutting deep enough. Help was needed I screamed it out the noise was not heard.
    Take this pill every day at this time to feel better, but it will make you hungry, angry, tired, and much more plus it may not even work. A guinea pig is what you need to be to go through that just test all the pills in tell the right one is found right? Time is not abundant when you feel this pain you just want it fixed right away. Pain escapes when I watch blood run down my skin gathering in a puddle on the ground that's not what I want.
    Happiness that what needs to be found. When I was a child I was happy laughter found it way out of my mouth except 10 years later it won't escape my lips. They stay shut tightly because I'm afraid if I let the joy out it won't come back. So again I sit and dream about being happy wishing to be like a little kid to go back in time. Held in my mother's arms I would be happy prtocted by her body nothing harmful could touch us.

  • _sakshi 14w


    Is it wrong that I want to escape from the boredom of my life?
    To runaway from the daily routine into some magical chaos,
    Or from the messy chaos to a calm space,
    Is it wrong that I seek for adventures, fun in this monotonous life?
    That I long once for life to an become a heedless fiction.
    The tedious existence is soul breaking,
    Instead of doing the same things everyday,
    I'd live just for one thrilling escapade.
    Maybe I'm wrong for expecting too much,
    But without belief life will always be colourless regime.

  • sweedle 14w

    "Don't talk to strangers " was what my mom used to tell me. She said it today too but it fell on my deaf ears. And now I can feel those words mocking at me, bit by bit.

    I should have really listened to mom.
    I lied to her by saying that I'm going out to play. In fact, I was heading to the old dilapidated building a few blocks away, just to have a look at it ...... alone. It was foolish.Maybe dangerous too ...I know but the rebel inside of me compelled me not to think so much about it. The darkness seemed so tempting yet so mysterious.
    It was fun until my eyes fell on him.

     And there he stood. The bad man everyone talked about. With his coat creased, a fat cigar between his lips and those hungry beady eyes, he resembled the big bad wolf and me, the stupid red riding hood.

    My mind screamed at me to run but I just stood there watching him walk towards me in slow calculated steps. He held out his hand and offered me some candy. I took it but didn't eat it yet. Uttering some sugary words he lured me inside, holding my hand in a tight grasp. And I don't know what happened next but the world went black. Or maybe because I was knocked out cold.

    Next morning I awoke in in the attic, tied to an old stringy bed with chains. Rust particles had gathered on the bed poles, the chains, and even the door hinges. The windows seemed to be nailed shut and a weird musky odor hung in the air. I could hear him climbing the stairs,approaching closer to where I was sitting. His heavy boots scuffed the hard wooden floor in loud thumps that made my heart beat faster by every passing minute. I don't know if I was ever this scared before.  He stood at the doorway,staring at me as if I'm his new found toy.  His hands held a jug and a steel tumbler.

    "Are you thirsty?" He asked gruffly. I chose to keep quiet. This seemed to annoy him. He trudged even closer and I could see him looking at me with disgust.

    " I said, are you thirsty?"  He spoke louder.
    I shook my head.

    He placed he jug and tumbler on the small table close to the bed and sat next to me.

    " Don't worry. I'll take care of you, you will make new friends. ......at the graveyard." He smirked and my heart dropped in my throat. I started to cry. He raised his hand to touch my cheek but I pushed it away. His smiled turned into an ugly sneer and he raised it again, this time higher to hit my face. I closed my eyes waiting for that stinging burn of that slap. But i felt nothing. Loud footsteps rambled along the staircase and in no time we were facing a group of angry cops, who were pointing guns at him and ordering him to surrender. He began to laugh at them and held my hand in an icy grip. No sooner one of the cops pulled the trigger and shot him down.

     Bang bang. He fell on the ground.

    Soon the cops pulled away from his body and began to talk to me but I still chose to keep quiet. I kept staring at the jug. The chief carried it in his hands and looked at me.

    " Wake up! " And he splashed icy cold water on my face.I woke up and found myself staring at my mom's face in confusion. I looked around and realised I was in my own bed.

    "Wake up silly girl! It's time for school" she pointed her finger to the wall clock and left the room, muttering to herself.

    A copy of Stephen king's Nightmares and Dreamscapes was lying on the floor with the pages fluttering along with the sway of wind . I picked it up and flung it under my bed in frustration.

    I don't know about looks , but words CAN kill as well .

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    @writersnetwork @mrunaalgawhande @readwriteunite @repost @vanishedbale_ @fanatic_desire @pingu_pennameofmine @colours_of_the_soul @shabdd @passionbookworm

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    My little escape

    © Sweedle

  • lana_lee 14w

    You can be busy,
    And burn yourself out
    To drown out your
    Troubling thoughts;
    But I've learned that
    Just being busy
    Doesn't silence
    The cry for peace.


  • universilje 14w


    You where.
    Remember it blew you away, nothing could keep you grounded.
    You're fierce mind refused to stop.
    You where in the fast lane.
    You wanted it all or nothing.
    You needed the rush to curse through you're insatiable lungs.
    You're flushing cheeks sett a deep crimson as you dived further, further into oblivion.
    You're drug of choice love.
    Whatever presented its fluffy pink cloud as love, you bit into it, carelessly.
    You're high was always on, never off.
    Candy floss rotted within but shimmered on the outside.
    The joy ride of you're life had to stop smack you awake hard enough, to crease the desperate fake smile of you're face, look at yourself in the mirror, really look.
    It had to smack you awake.
    Wide open eyes to see behind the velvet red mirage of "love".
    Love is not pain.

    I still am in concussion from that smack.
    I am gripping onto the truth that I am still, fearless.