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    So here comes the chapter-3 from our roller coster. "Together Alone", a story which deals with several different types of emotions I hope you'll like it please comment below you like ot or not. Thanks all.
    Wanna thanks my friend cum partner @peacritika @noonee @err1585 for helping me in writing this awesome piece.. Thanks yaar. She is literally best partner I can ever find thanls a tonne. ����❤️
    Guys go for it.
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    Together alone
    Chapter 3 (Craziness Begins)

    Hritik and Arsha were making the list of single boys, like I was searching for a groom and had to marry someone. I was a bit shocked as- seriously, what made her think of "The Party Swyamwar". This was the reason why I was smiling on Arsha's genuine idea.

    "Hey! What are you thinking?" Arsha asked as she saw me a bit hinged back and perplexed.
    "Nothing" I nodded, with a smile.
    "Come here and help us to find a boy for you then." She said mischievously. I again nodded and I don't know why I said yes, so easily.
    "Ya why not." I was totally blank but as I saw both of them, I felt good. My mind was assuring me, "Everything happens for a reason. So is this." I was accepting it more as I saw them both. They were looking so happy. But in my heart was the fear that what if it's not at all as good as it seems to be?

    It was about 1 pm and they were ready with the list of boys who can join me for the party.

    After sometime, when a good amount of crowd was gathered in the canteen, Hritik entered and turned music on and said something insane, as always,
    "So welcome everyone in the Party Swayamvar of Ritika. Well, it can be called so." He laughed looking at me. "I wish you all luck and I hope she will select someone out of you." Everyone was looking at him. I think he had remained charming in attracting people. Finally, he screamed "So, let the fun begin." And so, he winked and then announced the first guy's name. It was a grand and funny day.

    And first boy entered with a brown shirt and black jeans.
    "Hello everyone and love to you lady." He winked and grinned looking at me.
    "So, do you want to tell about yourself something. Why she must select you?" Arsha asked.
    "Well, I'm Kunal, naam toh suna hi hoga."
    "Well, no." I whispered in Hritik's ear.
    "Well, people call me chocolate boy! Wanna' see?" he raised his eyebrows.
    ‎"Oh chocolate! Can I eat you?" I acted hungrily, to which everyone laughed. He went away, ashamed.
    ‎"Next!" Hritik shouted.
    "Hey! I'm Mayank." and he started taking off his shirt. Arsha and me looked at each other puzzled. After few seconds of his showing off of his body, we shouted "Next!" Then entered next, Anil, Gaurav, Sumit and One boy after another- Singers, dancers, writers, shayars, artists and who not but everyone was rejected by me. I had always remained choosy in my life, and this was like choosing a partner for a party! So I had to look at many things. May be it would have been better, I thought in the end, if I had not been part of all this.

    "So I guess we are finished with all this." I said and stand up, a bit irritated with the thing.
    "Hmm. I think you are right. You can go we'll discuss later what we've to do now." Arsha said, in an exhausted tone. I picked up my bag and was about to leave when suddenly a boy entered the room and as soon as I turned around he hit my right shoulder so hard, that I almost slipped. Hritik ran to grab me but this guy grabbed me first. It was as dramatic as you can imagine. On the top of it, I had wore heels that day, so I was totally imbalanced.

    I was looking at him totally confused. In the next second, I actually noticed him, when I saw his eyes. And I was stunned, as he was actually so charming. Those eyes were hazel between and he had well groomed beard that suited him so much. I kept on staring at him stupidity for how much time more, I don't know.

    "Hey, can you please stand straight?" He said looking straight in my eyes.
    " wh-what?" I said, as crazily I could be.
    "Kindly stand on your own two feet miss, you're heavy."
    I got in my senses and stood straight. "What do you mean?"
    "ah! Nothing."
    I was about to say something but Hritik asked me patting my shoulder,

    " Are you ok?"
    "Yes I'm but he..."
    He interrupted me in between,
    "Ya he's new admission and my friend Reyansh, he joined our college for further studies." I shook my head and replied, "Oh! Okay." And then I glared at him and said, "well, whatever."

    I was unhappy with with his behaviour but I can't deny he was good looking specimen. We had a small talk and he said sorry for being a bit rude and that's where I forgave him.

    "So what were you all doing there?" Reyansh asked, sipping from his drink.
    "Ah!! It was just..." I was about to say something when Arsha told him about the swyamvar thingy.
    "We were finding a boy for Ritika, for the freshers night." She said almost jumping.
    "Oh that's cool!" He replied like it's a normal thing.
    "Hey! You're also single, right? Why don't you both go with each other?" Hritik suggested.
    "What?" we both shouted so loud that Arsha almost dropped back her drink and for a second everyone was quiet. Then Reyansh and me, we both googled each other with all the weird expressions. After few minutes, when everyone was busy again in their work and Arsha and Hritik were staring at us, he said...

    To be continued..

    ©hritik_hv ©peaceritika ©noonee

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    No One Ever Did

    Want to miss you so much no one ever did.
    You loved me so much before you left me, no one ever did

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    It's important to choose the right SHIP to make that FRIENDSHIP


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    Falling in love is easy
    But what about falling out?
    Only if it was
    No broken heart would ever doubt

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    Proposal 9 (Album of Love)

    It feels so awesome to be loved by someone who knows you more than you know yourself. To me it's one of the best feeling I can ever feel and he made me feel this and believe so. He is the one who kept my past like it's new, as if, it never happened or it's going to happen somewhere in the future and I just love him for that! Our journey was never simple, it was crazy and yet, it's beautiful. This is how my journey started, few months ago.

    "Swayam you gonna' die, not this time!" I screamed because he again ate my chocolate, the one I kept in refrigerator-- hidden.
    "Leave na yaar, I can't see you like a fatty." He replied, gulping the next piece.
    "Aww! So sweet of you but not this time!" I shouted, as he ran and hid behind my mom.

    "Aunty save me from this Dracula!"
    "Mom please don't say anything, he ate my chocolates again." I cried, trying to catch him, but mom was in between.
    "You both! no one can change you both" Mom said, as he finished the chocolate.
    "Haha. Tata dear." He ran away from behind. She hugged me as I was sobering.
    "Why you did this to me mom? Not fair--"
    "Oh, it's ok honey." She kissed me on my forehead.

    Yes, it's ok as always. Anyway, I got back to my room, crawled up to my bed and took a nap. Certainly, not after very long, as I opened my eyes, I found a box of chocolates on my table. I picked it up and saw a message on it,
    "Good evening Kavya. I'm so sorry, I know you're annoying but you're my bestie!"

    He always made me feel so damn special. As soon as I opened the box, my phone rang. He called me and asked me to meet him at night and so, after few hours, after completing my book, I got ready quickly. As I reached the porch, I saw it was already dark outside.

    "Hey so finally you're here!" he said, jumping.
    "Yeah I've to be, 'because you're my bestie' " I replied, chuckling.

    We were having a sweet and salty talk, when, suddenly I told him I want to meet the real me. He know, I'm not well from a long time and I miss the real Kavya-- the one I used to be.

    "Well..." he said, "you'll definitely meet the real you soon. I'll make you meet her."
    "Swayam this is not the right time to crack jokes."
    "Miss. Kavya it's my promise." He looked serious. After some weird silence, I smiled a little and said,
    "Ok if you say so."

    After few days when I was lying on my bed and was thinking about my past he called me and said that he wish to meet me as well as he wants to confess something. I was thinking what he want to say because he's crazy like hell. Probably, it's another of his pranks. Anyway, I obviously had gone to meet him.

    "Hey stupid" I said, tapping on his shoulder, "So what you wanna' tell."
    "Well I want you to meet the old you."
    "Good joke again Swayam." He again looked serious. "Swayam...c'mon yaar..."
    He held my hand and said, "Come with me."

    He took me to a warehouse or you can say a store room placed in the garden of his house and took a trunk out of it. He opened that trunk and picked an old album out of it and gave that to me. I opened that album and my eyes were full of tears. That album had almost 700 pics of mine of those years in which I used to be the happiest. Then he knelt down on his knees and said,

    "I know I'm not good in all this or I'm not that smart but one thing I want to confess today" He stared down and took a pause. Then he looked in my eyes again. "I want to be your love Kavya. It's like, sometime we don't know why we love someone may be because we feel special with that person but with you I feel alive, I feel like I'm in heaven, our fights our, insane talks, and the most lovely thing--your smile. Whenever you hug me it feels like I'm standing on the door of heaven and I need nothing else. When you said you want to go back to the real you I knew what I've to do and I was waiting for the right time and then I found this 'My Album of Love' and today is propose day, so Miss. Kavya will you be the one, I could say my love? Will you be the soul of my words, my muse? Will you be mine forever? Will you... Will you accept my proposal and stay in my album of love for rest of your life?" He completed and dropped his head, shyly.

    I didn't know what to say. Tears were in my eyes. I made him stand and just hugged him tight and we stood like that for sometime.

    I was thinking all this and suddenly my door banged.
    "What are you doing Kavya? "
    "Oh! this album."

    He smiled and said "Come lets go and make some more memories for this album."
    He came close to me and gave that caring kiss on my forehead and we both left.

    **It's not always we, who choose the
    Love sometime it's our love which chooses us This Is the real love we crave for**❤️❤️


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    Seeing Someone slowly lose
    interest in you probably
    one of the worst feelings ever.

    IG- @chirag_n_25

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    Chapter 2 ( let's find)

    What should I wear today?
    This one. Yes. No! That one is better. Naa...God why I'm so confused?

    I was so confused but for what? Ah! Nothing. May be because today I am going to meet Arsha. Why am I reacting so weird? Perhaps because today I'm not going to meet just any other girl but my friend's girlfriend! Wow seems to be dramatic or probably I should take it the way it is.

    "Ritika, are you ready?" Mom asked me from outside in a loud voice.
    "Yes Maa! Coming!" I replied finally choosing what to adorn me with.

    I picked my orange dress selected by my headache, Hritik.

    "Oh! You're here, sit sit breakfast is ready." Mom said in caring voice.

    "As expected you're not ready yet! Aunty I'm telling you this girl isn't normal, she is weird like an alien. Atypical." He said pulling out the chair.

    "Haha, so funny." I collapsed my eyes.

    "You both are too weird according to me well." Mom kept the breakfast on the table. "Now quickly start!" She said smiling.

    "Umm... aunty literally these pancakes are just wow, give me more please." Hritik said finishing the plate.

    "Yes please." Mom served him more.

    They're normal pancakes and he had them numerous times still he never miss a chance to express how tasty they are, this is the biggest quality of Hritik, he live life at its fullest. Unusual guy he is.

    "Oh! Madam why are you smiling finish your breakfast, we've to leave." He said seeing me lost in my thoughts. I said nothing just nodded my head in his favour.

    After our little pancake party, we left the house. As he started his bike and I sat behind, the only sound I could hear next was vroom. By no time we were in the college.

    And as always it was full of mess, love birds, playing kids, gossips, romance and what not. I was thinking about all this when he shook me,

    "Look there she is! My sweetu..." he said and pointed towards Arsha.

    She turned towards us and came to greet us. She hugged him and he introduced me to him.
    "Well, she is Ritika! My best friend, my small world." He said winking.
    "Yeah! I know about her, she is really popular for her work." Arsha smiled. "Hi Ritika" and she hugged me as she knew me already.

    In no time, we found a lot in common between us. She was talking to Hritik and I was just staring them. They're looking cute, I thought.

    "So what about party, who's going to be your partner Ritika." Arsha asked me.
    "Umm...I seriously don't know." I said hesitatingly.
    "Don't worry we'll find a some pleasant for you." She said whining.
    "Haha. Let's see. " I laughed absurdly.
    Then after few more minutes,
    "Ok guys! See you. I've a class, so see you guys soon." She said and left.

    We were together and were talking about party. Well I wasn't that interested in party but only thing I care about is his smile because he is the one who made me smile whenever I was crying. We kept talking but in my mind was what would have happened to me if he wasn't their at all those times when I was low.

    After few hours we met again in canteen.
    We all were like talking about only one thing and that is, who is going to be my partner for party? Like why?

    "I got an idea" Arsha said jumping.
    "Tell, tell" Hritik got excited.

    I looked at her and I was all blank. What's the idea? I kept on staring at her, and only thing in my mind was what she will say next and then she said something crazy yet beautiful.

    To be continued.....


    ©hritik_hv ©peacritika

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    Another sensational story by me.. This is second part of best written story she's a slut, if you wanna know the story behind it then do read first part. Well again girls all depends in you just tell me.. Am I right or not.. I just tried to tell everyone that not every girl is wrong.
    Do support me and do comment below and yeah do you wanna read next part of this?
    And yes @err1585 thanks alot yaar.

    Read first part here #hvsis

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    @cupcake_virus @shrishtimalviya @rebelliousdreamer @annonymous_ @writer_bychoice
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    She's a slut 2

    It feels really nice to be in fame and even more good when it's because of something like this. That speech made me feel so light that I can't even tell anyone how I'm feeling... I'm feeling so independent! Every girl around me is praising me. This is what I thought till the time I didn't meet her. I can't reveal her name but she taught me sluts are sometime those who are usually victims of our own society.

    Few days ago; after that speech:

    "woo hoo! Maira you nailed it girl, amazing! Surely surely, we should change our mentality, good job...." This was what I was hearing from every corner.

    "Hey! Literally you did it girl. It was awesome, I never thought you'll say something like this" Manya said tapping my back.
    "Well all thanks to that nasty guy, well I'm really felling light after all this..."
    "We should go for shopping!"
    "Good idea."

    Few hours later I was at home and I could hear the notification blinking on my mobile and I was on every girls wall on social media. Isn't it weird that no one took a stand for all this? I thought. "I'm happy about it." I said to myself.

    I was literally feeling like a celebrity.
    I was lying on bed and suddenly my phone rang.

    "Hey let's go out for a movie." Manya said
    "Sure! I need a break from all this." I said tiredly.
    "Ok, then see you in 1 hour." and she disconnected the call.

    We both went for a movie and after that we were sitting in a road side cafe. Manya wasn't there she went to order something.

    "Hey! Are you Maira?" someone asked me from behind.
    "Yeah! I am." I said looking at her in bewilderment. No, she wasn't someone I knew.

    A beautiful girl, wearing suit salvaar and was looking fabulous. Her eyes were glittery and she has a fair complexion.

    "Well you're a sensation now a days, everyone knows you, can you help me."
    "What kind of help?" I asked her all puzzled.
    "First answer my question. What do you think who's a slut?" She asked in seriousness.
    "What? I mean what kind of question is this?"
    "Just answer."
    "Uhm...a women who sell her body" I replied thoughtfully.
    "As expected, you're a good soul but you're kid, you don't know anything girl. You people, you just think that a slut is one who sells her body, you're right. Right! But still wrong in many ways!" She said in little furry.
    "I didn't understand." I said irritated.
    "You don't need to honey." She calmed herself. "Live happily that's what you need, you're in fame, live it, because once I was loved by someone and then hatred came all over me. Goodbye." She said and left and immediately Manya came back. She asked what I was talking to her. She told me "She's a slut" and also that she works in the bar. I was in shock and flood of thoughts flowed that why she said all that stuff to me.

    After few days, I was at home lying on my bed and I checked my social media sites.
    "Oh! more followers" I murmured as I saw around 100k people were following me but I was only lost thinking about that lady. Then I decided to do something. I went to meet her and asked her to come with me to my place. No one was there only except we two.

    "Why are we here?" she asked me.
    "Now tell me what happened with you and everything else."
    "Leave miss, you cannot do anything."
    "Ya, may be, but at least tell me!" I plead her.

    She got little nervous but her eyes were looking even prettier. She then took a deep breath and started.

    "I was a normal girl like you. I was popular and was loved by everyone. Many boys proposed me as I was Ms. Gorgeous of the college. My dad, my mom and my entire family was proud of me because I always did my best in both academics and sports and my life was just wonderful.

    You might be thinking that my life was beautiful then how I became what I'm right now? It happened that day...

    I was getting ready for college. I went to college and it was a beautiful day, me and my friends had lot of fun. But who knew that it was just the beginning of the storm. As I said goodbye to my friends and was going back to home, suddenly some boys came and put a cloth on my face. I started feeling uneasy may be because of that chloroform they had applied on that cloth. They dropped me in a car and took me to a dark place. When I woke up I found myself in a dark room and I screamed for help. I banged the door as soon as I found it. Suddenly a voice called my name from back. As I looked behind I saw that guy. He was in my college and he often used to stare me. He also once tried to comment on me when I gave him a reply that made fun of him amongst his friends and mine as well. I knew what they were about to do as soon as all four of them starting heading towards me. I got on my knees and plead them to please leave me. But no! No one of them listened me. Suddenly I was again made to smell that chemical. And I don't know how brutally they touched me then inside out for as I woke up I found myself inside blanket. My legs and each and every part was paining. If not this was enough, I saw blood all between my legs, bedsheet and blanket. As I searched for clothes to cover myself, I found that my each and every cloth was torn apart. As I began to cry, the door opened. He was standing at the porch. I got scared. But he was laughing, as though he had won a battle. He came near me and tried to touch me, even when I resisted, he slapped me and again he sort of ate me everywhere! I was screaming in pain, but nobody came for help. When he left, after few seconds another boy came. He was not amongst those four. He also raped me. And this happened I don't know how many more times that day. I was totally unconscious the whole day after that. I didn't resist anymore. A new boy every next hour. Then I don't know, probably next morning I saw myself on some quiet roadside. They must have threw me there. I was not able to see properly but as I gained conciseness all I could see was my family was crying. I was admitted in hospital and after months I was able to walk. By then I got to know I have became sensation. Everyone was talking about me and I was only asking for justice.

    After 6 more months, I got freedom when finally my family disowned me. They said everyone is talking about you and we can't take it anymore. I left my home because I can't see them crying. I met then few girls, outside a bar, after many days of wandering that where shall I go? It was tough. Often I used to feel fear that someone is staring at me, like those guys did! Those girls, understood me. They told me there stories such as mine. These girls were sluts, from the time they got fifteen or thirteen! I didn't have any other option left. No one gave me shelter. I was broken. And... I became a slut." She didn't drop a tear but no doubt no more tears were left in her eyes.

    "This is what happened with me and you think if someone called you slut she is bad. I was raped, disowned by family everyone left me alone and I was shattered. Yes I'm a slut but not every slut wants to be a slut by her own wish, sometime this society force her to do something like this. If anyone want to call me a slut let them say because this slut is betrayed by everyone!
    I don't care let them say " she's a slut" "

    I don't know why but I just hugged her.
    "You aren't alone anymore."
    And I pointed toward the camera setup.

    I prepared all this, we were live on social media and it was strange how now everyone was praising her.
    "You're a true leader.. You're brave.. You're not alone.. " and lot more comments.

    After some days, she told me that someone offered her a job. With some support she was able to get out of the bar and get some better job for herself. She bought a small house for herself and after such a horrible past, she was able to overcame it all somehow. Her court case is reopened and hope she will get the real justice soon.

    She came to meet me and hugged me,
    "So you did your job, I've some friends and they all respect me for what I'm now. Thank you girl." I smiled and said,
    "You made me realise that not every girl is a slut by her own choice and everyone knows now that "no not every she is a slut."


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    "You are the best thing ever happened to me"
    Were used to be the best words of my life!


  • hritik_hv 6w


    From tears to a cute smile,
    She stood and created her own style.
    Eyes she carry have some love in them,
    Drowned in her own dreams to create them.
    Gloss on her face now seems to be more than ever,
    And eyes are pink in the lovely weather.
    She moved a step forward and then smiled again,
    Just to give smile to her life's main.
    Her eyes were lustre,
    And reflecting the love for every one.
    And I'm explaining her because for me she is someone...
    Her messy hair and chubby cheeks have been always the best!
    And a cute look to look more than best.
    I can't explain her beauty with my words;
    May be I'm thinking too much or just writing the right,
    But this is how I see her in front of my sight.


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    Creating history isn't difficult
    Difficult is to remain in that history
    Because remembrance worth more


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    "My heart, please don't leave my hands, I'm all you wanted for".
    But there was the nail do pinched his reality
    he was all she wanted, not needed ever.
    She threw his senses out of his mind which she never knew, it was all his illustrious fiction.


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    CHAPTER :- 1 ( How We Met)

    Hritik and I were childhood friends, ah! I think I should say dramatic friends because he taught me how to fake pain,
    Seemed to be dramatic, right? This was what he did-- How to make everyone feel like you've fever, just to bunk the school.
    Well I still remember when I was 6 I tried his method for the first time and it actually worked well.

    Well if you ask me who is Hritik to you? He is a friend, my companion, a partner in crime, my teacher, and well you can say he is more like...yes! he is like a small world to me, and I know so is I'm for him because we used to share each and everything with each other from the day we first met. He was 7 and I was 6 and now he is 20 and I, 19. So many years, so many tears and laughters and it's like we have overcame the challenges of time and we are still together.

    He is an insane joker but however is he, the point is he is like a backbone in every situation. I'm a girl with lots of problem and a brain filled with questions. To me, he's the only one to answer them always.

    3 years ago:-

    It was an usual morning, with blue filled with yellow and slight wind blew that day, making the atmosphere kind of gorgeous. It was a normal everyday morn till the time Hritik told me about Arshaa.

    That day, he entered in my room without knocking, as he always ignore to scare me. I reacted as I always do, that is, out of my breath; frightened. He immediately sat on the bean bag placed near my bed.

    "Hey! What the hell are you doing here?" I exclaimed, as he drank water from the water bottle kept on my side table.

    "Like it's my first time this way." He giggled. "Now get up I want tell you something."

    "Can't we talk later sir." I yawned getting up in my bed with my hair all messed up.
    He laughed as he saw me.

    "Whatt?" I said disgustedly.
    " No, no, nothing nothing." He said calming himself. "Now no more drama. Come on, wake up otherwise I'm not going give you this silk chocolate."

    He is really bad, he knows Chocolate is my first love. I snatched away my love and sat down with my legs folded
    "Say what happend?" I said munching my chocolate.
    "Guess what?" He shouted all excited.
    "Hritik are we playing KBC?"
    "O-K-miss-Mood-Spoile" he said rolling his eyes. I chortled.
    "Yaa, yaa, laugh laugh. Huh.
    Well, I'm happy today!"
    "Oh! So finally you got some mind, I guess."
    "Ha-Ha. Not so good one girl."
    "Yeahh" I took away my eyes.
    "Well... Listen na..." He said again jumping.
    "Ya say." I ate another bit from my silk.
    "Arshaa said yes to me" He said in one go.
    "What? seriously"? I was shocked as she rejected almost 20 boys by now.
    "Yesss! Your proposal speech made her smile and cry at the same time!"
    "Yeah." I said in fake pride. "Congratulations dumbo." I said teasing him. He laughed hitting my head.
    "Hutt." I smiled, as he just took me by the neck and hugged me.

    His hug is like a magic, he is insane but seriously whenever he hugs me it feels like there is someone I can blindly trust on to.

    "Hey! Where are you, come back to the real world." He said waving his hand in front of my eyes.
    "Nothing! I'm just so happy for you!" I said nodding my head.
    "Yeeah" He said looking down. "Mee to." He continued looking in my eyes and jumping. I looked at him and his eyes were full of lustre. Wait, his eyes were lustrous but he is still dumbo.

    "Now, Mr. Dumbo be ready for party!" I said sharpening my eyes.
    "Ya ya madam, why not and I want you to meet Arshaa as well know."
    "Yeah, now go I'm going for shower"
    "OK, I'm leaving, will pick you up in 1 hour." And he left.

    When I got ready and was picking up my phone, I saw a note on the table and it read,

    "Hey! Don't even think that I'm going to forget you after getting her, she might be my girlfriend but you're my world, and yes take your medicine on time. See you in 1 hour."

    Well, his thoughts always amuse me. I read that and just smiled.

    As I travel back in time, only thing I can notice is, whenever we were in any trouble some way or other we were always there for each other as each others backbone.

    Well, I must comb my hair and wear my footwear, otherwise he will eat my head up. He is about to come.

    To be continued.....


    ©err1585 ©hritik_hv

  • jerome_pesso 7w

    Ever closed your eyes and witnessed a rewind?
    Yes those are the thoughts
    Buried behind
    You try to overlook
    You try to let go
    But they wait for one similar instance
    And they are yet alive
    They will let you know

  • shaminivelu 8w

    #ever true love
    #wishing to eat soon
    #written @mirakeeworld
    #passion for writing❤

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    I have'nt stopped myself from thinking about you.Because, i still dream about us being together;
    You Will always be my first true infinite love.
    I can't forget your heavenly taste which melts
    In my lips and tongue.Oh' dear " ice cream" please forgive me for the betrayal for the last three days.I wish to meet you soon❤

    ___with longing your,
    foodie lass


  • senor_payaso 8w

    Today I talk with her,
    Like I talk to my soul...
    She's very like me,
    Little sober, little crazy.
    Little fool, little hurt.
    She says we've so much same thoughts
    Did she know how much
    I love to hear those words??
    Would she ever tell a secret in my ears?
    Will fate do a magic and made the bond?
    But, I wish I shall always be able to talk with her like this forever & ever.


  • hritik_hv 8w

    Fairy tale (continues)

    You and me
    Me and you
    Have lived a fairytale
    Or say a dream though

    You were never alone
    Nor was I
    But the thought of being alone killed us both
    May be I thought alot about the past
    Or I just made myself think alot
    But baby my thoughts were always just of you

    My fairy tale was completed
    When you came in my life
    And now I'm living the dream
    I always wanted to live in

    May be I won't be able to keep it
    Like a tale always
    But I'll try to make you a fairy
    Of my heart for rest of my dreams
    While I promise thatmy dreams would be endless

    Live in me Like I live in you
    Or just hug me as you want to
    Being together is my dream
    And being with each other is our dream

    Now it's time For me to say something new
    That my fairy world is only for only you


  • woeful_page_of_my_life_ 9w

    We all are slave's,
    Of whom we love.


  • woeful_page_of_my_life_ 9w

    Kya mera pyaar tere liye kaffi ni tha??!!

    Acha haa!
    Mehal chaiye tha tujhe toh..


  • hritik_hv 15w

    She's A Slut

    I completed my diary and closed it and thought why is it so important to be a virgin if you want to prove that yes you're pure, virgin or anything? Well our society is narrow minded.
    I was deep in thoughts and I didn't know when I fall asleep.

    " Honey! Wake up it's 7:30" my mom screamed.
    I opened my eyes and saw that everything seems to be beautiful, the shining sun, chirping of birds. Everything seems so beautiful. My mom screamed again.

    " Ya! Mumma coming"
    I took shower and got ready for my college, I locked my room and went for breakfast.
    " Good morning mumma."
    " Good morning my princess."

    She served breakfast to me and after having my breakfast I left for the college. It was 9:30. I was in college and I saw my friend coming to me.

    " Hey! Maira how are you?" Manya asked.
    " Hey! I'm fine" I said hugging her.
    " So ready for debate competition?"
    " Ah! Ya"
    " Oh seems to be nervous."
    " Of course! I am."
    We were talking when I saw my ex's friends staring us. Well they're like that only and no one can change them.
    "So what's your topic for debate?" she asked.
    "Society issues" I replied.

    Suddenly our teacher called us and she said that competition is about to begin. We left for auditorium. We were walking when I heard something on my back. One of my ex's friends he was and he said,
    " she's a slut"

    "What the hell he just said!" I got irritated. "What made him even say it?" All these thoughts started overflowing my mind, tears were about to roll down when I saw our teacher.
    She was telling us that how were we suppose to start our speech and all but only thing was in my mind. "Why he said that?" Now it's time for me to say something, I thought determined. After some participants it was my turn to hit the stage. My teacher wished me luck and I was completely ready.

    "Good morning everyone!" I started.
    "My topic for debate is 'She's a slut' "

    Everyone was shocked after listening to what I said and I continued.

    "Please calm down! Don't act like you've never heard this term. Everyone of you know about this word and it's quiet trendy now days. What does it mean, a girl who sells her body? If you think so, she isn't slut, your thinking sucks! Yes I'm a girl and I've gone through all of it! If you aren't a virgin you're not pure. You're a slut. Do you even know how it feels to lose your virginity? If no ask a girl beside you who lost her virginity just because she was madly in love with someone; who treated her like a toy and used her just for his lust!

    Yes I'm a girl and I'm proud to be. I never thought our society could be so narrow minded that they can't even think about it. " Virginity" this word means a lot to you guys. Why? You don't have any answers, right! "I'm the first one to see her nude. To touch her. Caress her." No you are not! You never will be. Like you were born with your clothes on.

    Yes I'm a girl who never allow a boy to pay for her just because he is a boy. I can buy whatever I want you. I'm free to do whatever I want to. I've many friends I go out with them that's why you call me "slut". Why aren't there any words for you? Because this society concerns virginity more than patriarchy! I use to party sometime, I drink occasionally, I go out with my friends so Am I a slut? If yes, then so are you. A bigger one.

    I had many sleepless nights when I cried myself to sleep. Why? Just because someone called me a slut. So if your sister goes out with her friends she's also a slut.

    Well this is one part another thing comes on "virginity". Right. If you're a virgin you're pure, if not-- you're impure. Ask a girl who is raped by men how it pains to loose one's virginity. If a girl is used then I it's bad, that too still blaming the girl. Isn't it back stabbing and bad if a girl is manipulated through false love? No. Why? If used then 'impure', if used after marriage, then? Marital property? Ask a girl who goes through it, how it feels like? No. She is not impure. She is a human being with feelings.

    Sit with those victims. Ask her, encourage her, tell her that this is just a word, this doesn't mean anything. Tell her that you've to live happily what if you're not virgin, it's just a word and it doesn't mean anything. Yes I'm a girl and I've many friends I go out with them if you wanna' call me slut call me so. It doesn't affect me because it's you whose thinking it that way. I'm happy and if you can't change your thinking just keep your thinking with you because I'm happy to be a girl if you think she is saying crap then you're free to think " she's a slut".

    There was silence for sometime as I ended. Then, suddenly one by one everyone applauded. I had tears in my eyes but I knew this time I had said something really transforming.