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  • shashank0907 16h

    Something has changed.
    It's something in the way I perceive things,
    Is it wisdom?
    Is it Cynicism?
    Is there any difference.
    Isn't being Cynical being wise.
    I guess it is!
    Or maybe there is no such thing like wisdom.
    It is actually the cynicism that the mundane world has termed as wisdom.

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    Something has changed.
    It's something in the way i perceive things,
    Is it wisdom?
    Is it Cynicism?
    Is there any difference.
    Isn't being Cynical being wise.
    I guess it is!
    Or maybe there is no such thing like wisdom.
    It is actually the cynicism that the mundane world has termed as wisdom.

  • shrutidamgir 1d


    And sometimes, vulnerabilities get the best out of you.

  • shrutidamgir 1d

    Monday blues!

    I never really understood Monday blues.
    What's with all of us?
    We blame the school we go to , we blame the college we learn so much(including stuff about life) in. We nag about the job we're into.
    So, just move out if you're not happy. Don't just blame but also take some responsibility and seek help if you're not able to reach to a conclusion for what to do.
    Cheers to life.

  • caffeinatedmemories 2d


    Respect given on the basis of seniority is respect for number
    Respect given for talent, intelligence, work, education and art is the real respect of that person


  • abhik_writes 2d

    only experience

    The simple path does not mean that you are in the wrong direction, perhaps your experiences have simplified them

  • orrannggeeee 2d

    Every Last Turn

    Everyday is the same as yesterday,
    Continues bad things happening each day.
    Today isn't an exception and I am tired.
    I walk down the road, not looking on my sides.
    Marching slowly even though my mind says faster.
    Gripping tighter in my sweater's pocket while heaving heavily and deeper.

    But just like any other day,
    I finally take my last turn on the way to our house, "finally" I say.
    Because the only good thing that happens everyday,
    Is finally having me in your arms and in the bed we'll lay.

    It was never the couch that sinks as I sit.
    Not the tub that overflows when I bath.
    But the man that's waiting for me,
    Waiting for me to come back to our home.


  • bittermind 3d

    In a Shopping Centre

    I hide my head in my shoulders
    despite the fact that it's warm

    and I wonder
    whether in a Japanese subway
    someone wipes their nose with a tissue

    and I wonder
    whether that guy, fully absorbed in his phone screen
    knows that he's bought her yellow tulips

    and I wonder
    what has happened to the person
    who didn't pick up the order no. 75

    and I wonder
    whether that woman who asked me for directions
    found her way to the car park

    and I still don't know
    whether I like to smoke before
    or after a dinner

    and whether around the corner
    there is a hotel with a view
    on my future


  • the_blank_notebook 4d

    Why do I write?

    Upon the window sill,
    You'll find me,
    Staring at the Lemon tree.
    Because you know,
    There's a thing called electricity bill.

    Pen , Paper and Phone in my hand,
    Steaming coffee sitting nearby,
    Or maybe somethimes a chai?
    Why are you writing?
    Anything else you could've done,
    Like cooking, swimming or join a band?
    I write because words come to me,
    But still, I hide the experiences beastly.

    You will not become a writer till you pour all out,
    Then at the low response don't you pout.


  • varlex 4d


    When all things end,
    They become dust,
    There's no way to defend,
    Though, memories will rust,

    For a time all things survive,
    Then they become dust,
    When there's no way to revive,
    And fade goes the lust,

    Largest of civilization, it maybe,
    They become dust,
    Destruction in end they all see,
    And breaking up all their trust,

    All the do's, all the don't,
    All may's and all the must,
    Are none of it's font,
    All rules become dust...


  • ishitachakrabarti 5d

    "I love the moon soo much" He always said.
    But then He wanted me to have flawless skin.

    Irony isn't it??


  • ishitachakrabarti 5d

    Love is probably the simplest thing to write on
    And the toughest thing to experience...


  • iamseby 5d

    A butterfly won't be born if the Caterpillar does n't turn itself into cocoon, so at some point in life you will have to leave or sacrifice something for a better life. Accept ,believe & face it to achieve the ultimate good.
    ~Sebin Devasia

  • abhi__ 5d

    My first short story ..

    do read and make me improve !!

    #story #mirakee #shortstory

    #yqbaba #yqfilms #stories #experience #love #care #अभिमान #drugs

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    After the 29th time I turned on the 'do not disturb' mode as those vibrations were now shaking me . The pores of my skin were erupting sweat , my pupils were dialated , every single particle of my body was running in it's own direction . The silence of the room was making my heart scream into my ears and the heart was seriously screaming to the maximum decibal .
    The continuous glowing light of phone screen was indicating that calls are still coming and then suddenly someone just enterd the room and the sound of hinges and the wood made me paralysed for the second and I started shouting
    " Whh ...whoo whoo are youu ?? Just don't take any step forward , I'll kill you ..
    Just stop right there and go back .. please i beg of you .. leave me please , i won't tell anyone anything "
    I started throwing things whatever I got in my hands at the person . Because of lights the face was still not visible , only my table lamp was on .
    " Heyy heeyyy stoppp you fool , it's mee
    Zoomi , stop it , i said stop !! "
    She switched on the light and that gave me a relief , it was her .. zoomi .
    Zoomi , a 6 .2 feet tall girl with brown eyes , hairs to the neck and a tattoo on the upper left arm reading ' free soul ' .
    She's my friend ... Okay okay my crush !!
    If I say this is what beauty looks like then I won't be wrong . Zoomi is the prettiest girl on the plant and when she puts on her specs she looks cutest too..

    The moment I saw zoomi , I was relaxed
    Her presence is magic , it always makes me feel good . Zoomi came to me held my hand ...and sat next to me on my bed whose bedsheet was telling about my tortures on it .
    This moment was so pure that I wanted it to get trapped in some infinite time loop just like Doctor Strange trapped Dormaamu into the loop .
    " Heeyyy what has happened to you ??
    What's the matter ?? " She asked me in a very composing voice .
    " Please do tell me , I can't see you ripping your self apart , I can't see you In any trouble , just tell me I'll help you to make things right , I'm Your best friend .. please tell me what has made you this ?? "
    I was so much scared that I just hugged her and started crying .
    " Jay.... !! Just cry it out
    I'm here , with you " just like an infant she held me and started to comforting me .
    She hugged me so tight as if I'll lost somewhere !!
    " Heyy Jay , you're a strong man "
    " Just tell me "
    " I'm here for you "
    " Trust me !! "
    After crying my last tear I took leave of her arms and sat facing her .
    She held my hand again ..
    " Jay speak your heart out , scream whatever is in you , just tell me what's bothering you this much ??"

    "It happend last week " I started moving my tongue , it was trembling .

    "I'm listening , Jay look in my eyes forget every fear "
    " I Sachin and Heramba went on a trip to Nicobar islands there we decided to go to Tip island "
    " that place on Andaman and Nicobar , that one ??"
    "Ya , that one "
    " What the... You guys well know that place was abandoned years ago beacuse of reports of some panoromal activities , then why you all ??
    I'm sorry ... Leave it ..
    You keep going "
    " For adrenaline!! "
    " Reallyy ?? "
    " Ya , and that place is not panoromal . It's a roumer that has been spread to keep people n authorities away from that place .
    That place is in the control of russian drug lord Antov Nobokov . "
    "Antov Nobokov ??"
    " He's the biggest drug lord of South Asia .
    On the very first day we smelled the smoke .
    We saw that daily tonnes of fishes were took out of the sea and then taken to an abandoned place...in a processing plant
    And then after evening same trucks were taken to the port and then shipped .
    We decided to look into this . Next day we dressed up , took micro cameras just like 007 and we secretly moved to the plant .
    It was way too difficult .. But somehow we reached to a door from where things were quite visible . There we saw that drugs are placed into the stomach of fishes and then they are exported to other Countries .
    While we were seeing this all Heramba got slipped from the ladder and that sound warned the guards .
    We ran abruptly but we were not faster than the bikes and bullets .
    That slip from ladder had already damaged Heramba's right leg , so he fell on the ground ... I turned back to help him.. but It was late . A bullet crossed him. I and Sachin were running in pure state of shock , we got a bike standing and got flew with it . We escaped from there . We were so shocked by the loss of
    Heramb that we were in splits . I don't know how to describe that ..."
    ‎I started crying all again and she again held me .
    ‎" heeyy ... sShhhh , what happened next ?? Where's Sachin ?? "
    " Last night I got a call and the man said
    you left your volet with us Mr. Jay .
    I was shocked ..
    Then he
    Said Sachin too was with you that day
    He too had seen all so he is now in a deep sleep from where he'll never wake up .
    By the way we got his address from your volet only and next is you as we do not leave any evidence behind ." " I was terrified , terrorized , scared to the spine , Sachin too and now It's my turn "
    " Thhaat phone is ringing from last night it is their call I know..
    It's death's call "
    " Noooo jay nooo.. it was Me who was calling you contiously ... I was worried about you "
    " I'll be killed "
    " No , no one will kill you "
    " They will .. they killed Heramba they killed Sachin and I know they will kill me too "
    " Heeyy look here look into my eyes and listen , nothing will happen to you .. nothing .. I'm here with you .. trust me "
    "Zooomii save me please ..
    Please save me !!" I rested my forehead on her shoulders with a loose hopless body .
    " Jay why you didn't told me this earlier ..
    God how from much trauma you're going through .. now just quiet . I promise everything will get fine nothing will happen to you "
    " Fine ?? Really "
    " Trust me "
    " Can my friends come back ?"
    " Jay , they won't come back , time can't be reversed , but I promise nothing will happen to you "
    She took out her cell phone and called her dad . His dad is the commissioner of police . She told him all the situation and then he came to me . I gave him all the details and he promised me that nothing will happen to me and every one of them will get punished

    And then he left . It was now again only me amd her .
    She held me again and his every moving hand on my hair was making me believe everything will be fine .

    Just after 3 day police raided the place and now everyone of them is in jail .

    And I and zoomi are together now !!


  • shrutidamgir 1w

    Own terms!

    Maybe, they're born with a silver spoon. But you can always make yours a platinum.

  • yashiyo 1w

    राते गेमर की एक आशिक से ज्यादा मुश्किल होती है

  • pradipta_writes 1w

    Sometimes I think!
    I think how my life would have turned out
    if I never made those mistakes;
    but guess what,
    I don't regret my past or the mistakes I did.
    Because it made me what I am today!


  • mrittika_writes 1w

    Instead of expressing grief towards the things and opportunities you lost in life,
    Express happiness towards the things and opportunities you got in life,
    Because you won't gain anything in life if you hold on to your failures,
    So forget them and cherish your successes and concentrate on your present,
    Because at the end you will be benefitted.

    - Mrittika Chatterjee

  • shrutidamgir 1w


    The problem does not lie in not understanding.
    It lies in not wanting to understand.

  • larubialoca 1w

    Lady at the Bar

    I could tell by your dress
    That you were bad company
    And I wanted so badly
    To enjoy it


  • krishn_ratii 1w

    1st writting experience

    The vast expanse of words filled me with a strange sense of helplessness. As I began writing, I wondered if I was not overreaching myself. I thought : who am I to write? what do I really know about writing? what I have learned from my life?
    Isn't this is an area that thinkers and other competent writers people would address better? How am I qualified to tell others about an ability that has been generally ignored?
    At first as I was putting down my thoughts in words, I have no idea of what I would have to say. However, I put aside my doubts and began to write what I thought and feel.
    I was sure on my part that every person have a fantastic mix of belief and knowledge that set them apart from any other person on earth.
    Thus where I am making a mistake? What it is that needed to be corrected?

    Finally my words start explaining me. There seems to be an attitude problem that's create negative thinking : I can't do this, I'm not good enough.
    And it was true, it was actually a central idea that I had written in my mind before.