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  • the_scribbling_guy 14h

    So, the whole bunch stood together in their uniforms for the last time staring at the school building with eyes full of tears.
    The Backbenchers laughed with their throats full about each mad thing they did, the Besties hugged each other consoling that they would always remain connected but bitterly accepting that things won't be the same, the Lovebirds held each others hands and visited every little secret hideouts and finally made their bond official to everyone. Those innocents who always used to curse the school were the most heartbroke when it ended.
    12 years didn't seem so long.....
    ~ Pratyush

  • thebornspectator 1d

    A Farewell

    A man of Science
    A man of Theories
    A man akin to Einstein
    A man of Physics
    A man of Humor
    A man so Extraordinary
    A man like None other

    You gave us Hope
    You warned us of AI
    You gave us Wisdom
    You gifted us Knowledge
    You taught us to Imagine
    You taught us to Never give up
    Farewell O’ Genius man!!!

  • emon16 1d


    Bade us farewell
    With joys and cries
    My friends and i were roaming in the school for one last time.
    For one last time we laughed together
    For one last time cracked jokes together
    For one last time we sang
    Rhymes of kindergarten together.

    Memories travelled down my cheeks in the form of cries.
    I hugged my friends for one last time
    Got my slam signed by the teachers
    And with a heavy sigh
    Bade my school farewell forever

  • yaksa7 2d

    Haha! Just my things! #Goodbye #Farewell #Nomoreus

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    Every person who knows me all along,
    People who gets to see me on daily basis,

    They all lookin' for a right moments to get rid of me!
    If not I am just lookin' to run away without turning back!

  • mydearlife 2d


    The day we actually feel that we've grown up and really miss our friends...


  • findingshiro 3d

    And for the last time,
    His skin touched against mine
    like silk drapped on my naked emotions,
    conflating with love.
    His dexterous fingers cuddled my face,
    eradicating the qualm of the clock,
    wandered through the flaws of my skin.
    His lips encountered mine ,
    to feel the intoxication for the last time,
    sealed words between my tongue.
    The tears dripping on the old photos
    laying on the table,
    laid the entangled hands on them
    On the edge of forever.
    Losing the beauty of my soul
    is not an easy riddance,
    left with the traces of unforgettable attachments
    and memories are completing these days.
    The whistle of wind stood up
    to bid farewell to the clear skies of affection,
    pouring with rain and hurricanes
    in the hearts
    to sing the songs of separation.
    - findingshiro

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    #silk #love #farewell #lastmeet #memories #separation #pod

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    The body rubbed against mine,
    Like silk flowing on my skin,
    Drapped my existence in affection.

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  • myheartbeats 5d

    With a smile I bid you farewell.
    I turned around & started to walk.
    I stepped on the pieces of my broken heart.

    I know, with each step, we were getting apart.
    My heart is burning and my legs are freezing.
    I don't want to take another step.

    I want to run back to you, but I won't.
    I don't want you to see how much I'm missing you .
    I want to look at you once more, but I won't.
    I don't want you to see my bleeding eyes.

    I know you are equally broken,
    I know you blame yourself,
    but this is fate, so let's accept it.

    I told you once, "I can do anything for you".
    But all you asked for, was a goodbye.
    So, Goodbye!


  • bhavanaa 1w


    There's a lump in my throat
    As I reminisce about the old times.
    My eyes well up with tears,
    When I close my eyes I think of all the times we've spent together.
    I struggle with the fact that after few days it will be silent, there will be just pictures in our gallery and memories in our heart.
    There's so much to say..
    Everything's crumbling;
    Turning to the past.
    It seems just like yesterday, I don't know how to speak..
    Seems like yesterday wasn't any pain.
    It's time to say "Good-Bye"
    As our year has come to an end
    It went by fast,
    Just like our ma'am said it would.
    Through the years;
    You've helped me laugh,
    You dried my tears.
    It's time to move away,
    It's time to bid adieu.

  • the_vinash 1w


    The day we have smile on face and tears in eyes to go ahead in life and miss it forever

  • dhruvi_the_dreamy_fairy 1w

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    Pata hi na chala

    School ke campus me bhatakte bhatakte
    Hum kab college me aa gaye pata hi na chala

    College me jab anjaan chehre dekhte
    to man me bohot sare khayal jage

    Wo kesi hogi ya vo kesa hoga
    aisa sab ko dekh kar laga
    Normal baato se ki thi dosti ki shuruaat
    Itne pakke dost kab ban gaye pata hi na chala

    Baat karne se bhi katra rahe the jinse
    Aaj Dil ki har baat kehne lage unse
    Sirf friends hai ye sochte sochte kab best friend ban gaye pata hi na chala

    College ke lectures attain karne se lekar
    Lectures bunk karne tak,
    Kab ek dusre ka sath dene lage pata hi na chala

    Aisa lagta hai kal hi to Mile the
    Aaj sath chhodne ka waqt aa gaya pata hi na chala

    Canteen ke vadapav se lekar pet pujja ke White pasta tak,
    College ki notes se lekar ghar ki baato tak, kab sab kuch share karne lage pata hi na chala

    Memes me tag karne se lekar
    class me ludo khelne tak
    Hum kab ek dusre ko samajhne lage pata hi na chala

    Friends ke pakav jokes ko jhelne se lekar friends ke dard me unka sath dene tak
    Humari bond itni strong kese ho gayi pata hi na chala

    Crush K naam se chidane se lekar
    Vo colour switch ke puzzle solve karne tak
    Hum kab ek dusre ka sahara ban gaye pata hi na chala

    Ek me fashion sense hai to ek soft heart vala hai
    Soft heart vale sab hai par ek har plan me taang adane vala hai
    Jese bhi ho par tum log jaan ho meri

    Integration ke sums se lekar
    Ghar ki problems tak
    Hum kab ek dusre ki problems solve karne lage pata hi na chala

    Friendship day se lekar
    Denim Day tak
    Hum kab ek dusre ki life ka hissa ban gaye pata hi na chala


    #college #friends #farewell #friendship #college_life

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    Pata hi na chala

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  • miranda_m 1w

    Each moment, one step forward
    Into the realm of an unknown destiny
    Seeking wildly for a purpose
    Seeking for a life of eternity.
    I have traversed all the roads of life
    I have felt both warm and cold
    Not knowing the reason for it all
    Even when I'll be shrivelled and old.
    Till a time will come when I shall leave
    Yet leaving would be another arriving
    Arriving where it is eternal
    From where there is no further travelling.
    Maybe, now it is too early
    To say my adieus and my farewells
    But I can never be certain
    When will strike the final death knell.


  • yushman 1w

    Farewells should be made in advance.
    Because if it is truly the end,
    you cannot make farewells..


  • yo_nikhil 2w

    Kabhi jo rakeeb rulaye tumhe,
    Kabhi jo yaad meri aaye tumhe,
    Kabhi jo aankhen bhar aaye,
    Kabhi jo beete pal sataye tumhe..
    Kabhi jo dil ruth jaaye,
    Kabhi jo nind na aaye tumhe..
    Aana tum meri gali me ek baar fir,
    Ek kavita sunaunga tumhe,
    Kitni anmol ho tum, ye bataunga tumhe,
    Aasu ponch tere, firse hasaunga tumhe,
    Wo jo teri khoobsurti se jalta hai,
    Us chaand se bhi milaunga tumhe..
    Aana tum meri gali me ek baar fir,
    Mohabbat ka seher dikhaunga tumhe..
    Aur wo jo mushkurahat tumhaari khoo gayi hai,
    Usse bhi ru-ba-ru karwaunga tumhe..
    Aana tum meri gali me ek baar fir..


  • angkuran 2w


    We made promises to be together,

    My fingers caressed the keyboard,

    A reply which I believed would come soon.


  • _all_about_words_ 2w

    Farewell speech (n.)

    Few words conveying a bunch of emotions.


  • aaryaa_04 2w

    "How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard"
    - Winnie the pooh

  • revathyratna_fated_to_a_poet 3w

    #farewell to our beloved actor#love u sridevi # http://www.mirakee.com/writersnetwork

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    Sone si pari thi woh swarg se aayi hui faristha thi
    Uska abhinay tha bada dilkash aur rochak
    Kabhi dekhi nahi us jaisi abhinethri ko abhi thak
    Khoobsurati ki misaal thi saundarya ki raasi thi
    Gagan se giri sitara thi abhinay ki taarak thi
    Bina surma ke bhi uski aankhe thi badi kaalima
    Uske manthramugdh chahre se deewana hogaya zamaana
    Bavhvahak nethra se hi kehjaati sab kuch
    Uski muskaan se jeet liya dilo ko sach much
    Masoom sa chahra boli bali bol chaal
    Uski yaad bani rahegi saalo saal
    Mushkilo se guzirihe zindagi
    Uska dukh ko baatne keliye nahi tha koi baagi
    Maun se bukhthi har ek shok ko
    Har ek gham ko dil me dabhake jiyi woh
    Dard se bachane keliye koi nai bana uska daal
    Bedyatha aur akelapan bana uska kaal
    Hum sab prashansak ajnabee the uskeliye
    Akele me kushi ke kwaab dekhi hogi sabra se
    Hum ajnabee kya kare bhala
    Jab usne apni peeda humse nai kaha
    Raato ki andhero me kitni royi hogi
    Shank hai ki saverone ne use kushi diya ya nahi
    Bale hi hamara koi nahi hai naatha
    Par mein uska sahara hothi tho kitna acha hotha
    Katham hogayi hamari pari ki kahani
    Ab nayi rahi hamari hrudhay ki rani
    Uski nirjivith sharir ko mujhe dekha nahi jaata
    Uski maut se aankhe ashruwo se bargaya
    Is bigidi zameen se bida lekar aasman me udgayi
    Hamesha keliye sab ko chodke cheligayi
    Alvida kehna ka man nahi kar raha
    Jaha bhi gayi woh rehe sukoon se waha 
    Jab zinda thi tho har raath soyi ya jagi mujhe nai patha
    Yehi tamanna heki abse woh vishram kare sadaa
    Panchi ki tarah uski aathma ude aasman me
    Samsaar ki pinjare se woh azaad rahe
    Chaligayi gehre neend mein aur kabhi utegi nahi
    Yehi dua heki uski aathma ko mile nitya shanthi

    By Revathy

  • brightsoul 3w


    Funny it is to feel
    how these days are
    turning out.
    Whether to be happy or
    to cry out loud.

    Watching everyone of us
    going our own way
    I remember when I met them..
    That first day...

    It was a journey of 4 years
    Friendship,Love,Joy,and Tears

    All the things we did and the thing we will do
    And all the plans that were fired, out of the blue..
    This is the reason I dont want you all to leave...
    I want to live these moments again
    And again i want to live.


  • siri2612 3w

    Farewell ❤

    It wasn't a day to cry for
    But to cherish memories
    And even to create them💌.

    We took pictures
    Teased the couple's again👅.
    Looked at our Love's
    And dispersed with one thought 💕
    Life goes on and we gotta move with it ❣

  • dhanyanaidu 5w

    Na Jane kabh hum itne bade hue..
    Na Jane kbh bachpn ke din with gye...
    Our ajj boards dene layak hogye..
    Rotein hue aaye the hum..
    Or ajj rota h hmra akhri din..
    Dosti krna jaha see sikha..
    Kuch naaya say rishta jod ke..vahi..
    Kayi yariyon bhi nibhayi toh..
    kahi dushman bhi banaye..
    Subh class me "good mrng "bolne ke
    Naye tarike dundhe to..
    Class me teacher na hone pur..
    Kai aatangh hmne bhi kiye...
    Or teacher ke Anne pur
    Sbka shant Beth Jana..
    Teacher ko naye naye bnathe toh
    Apne me maabapp ke Nam see bulate the..
    Rojj skill late Anna ..
    Kuch alg se lgta Tha toh
    Late comer keh Lane ka
    Kuch alg sahi tashan Tha...
    History ke period me..
    Ladkiyo ka Ghar ki batein lekr Beth Jana
    To ladko ke pen fight ka alg hi short Tha..
    Teacher jbh piche mudthe..
    Hum chupke see tiffin khate the..
    Doston ka tiffin us se pehle..
    Hum hi khtm kar jatein the..
    Koi agr pani peene ko jata
    To use Apni bottle thanks dete the..
    Aur koi pen lekr aaye toh.
    Usse hi stationary smjh lete the..
    Vo black list ka tag laha kr..
    hum back benchr kehlate the...
    Or bachpn me pehli bench ke liye..
    Kayi jangh ladh jatein the..
    Skul ka itna nhi jante the jitna
    Bunking points see rag rag see vakif the..
    Vo washroom sabka sath Jana...
    Or vahi adha period bithana..
    Ladhai ho Jane pur..
    "Tu bhar mil mujhe " bolna
    Or dost pe mushkil and pur
    "Bhai hum h tentn na le" yeh bolna
    Vo pencil pen me kabh badl gya..
    Bachpan ki dorr kbh khtm hone lggi..
    Aur hum mehnat ki siddi chadne lagge..
    Din ,mahina,saal kbh bith gye ..
    Sjh nhi aaya..
    Hmre farewell ne aattein hi..
    Hmme skul ke neend see jagaya...
    Would farewell ki party ke liye bantan KR Jana toh..
    Vo shirt pe likhna,or dosto se likhvana..
    Milte rahenge dosto,hmme bhul na Jana..
    Beet gye baatein, beet gye vade...
    Kaha lautega ,vo Sara jamana..
    Yeh pal phir nhi aayenge..
    Yeh masti fir nhi KR payenge..
    Bs inhe yaad KR..
    Muskan see pehle ,aasu aayenge..
    Na Jane hum kbh itne bade hue...
    Na Jane kbh bachpn ke din beeth gye..
    Our ajj boards dene layakh ho gye..

    #school #life #tears #farewell #2k18 #teacher #love #gratitude #respect #friends #friendship #exams #mehnat @lost_desire @aurangzeb

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    Dedicated to my
    School AES Ito new Delhi
    And my dear friends ...❤❤❤❤❤
    #farewll 2k18
    10 /02/2018