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  • nikitaagrawal 14w

    Open letter to papaji

    जो चीज़े कह नही पायी वो लिख रही हूँ!!!

    I dont know how to start?? First of all a very happy Father's day to you. You are the world's best dad. There is somthing i want to tell you. I was looking at my gallery for posting a pic of our on the occasion of father's day but i was disappointed that i didn't find one good picture of our. I have pictures of mine that didn't even mean. i have slefies of friends, i have pictures with cousins, i have pictures with ma. But you were missing. Not only in pictures but in my memories that we created in my childhood. I was feeling so bad. That in my big life of 24 years. How much time i spent with you?? I love you so much that also i never said on your face. Papa i even don't know when did this happen when this big distance came between us. You are my world and i can't bear any single and small thing that makes you sad. A single tear in yours eyes make me so angry that i cant tell in words. But i don't know why we can't talk about everything? Why there is an emptiness when we talk? I don't know why and how? I know there are things we don't agree many times . But this father,'s day i am promising you that i will try to understand your point of view and also i will spent much more time with you.. i love you papaji.. You are my HERO ..!!! LOVE YOU ALOT...

    Yours dauther

  • diksha_verma 14w

    Fathers day

    यू तोह दुनिया में माँ लाई मुझे
    मगर एहसास है अब,
    कि मैं पापा की बेटी हूँ।
    यू तोह हमेशा माँ की तरफदार थी मैं
    पर अब पता चला , मैं पापा की बेटी हूँ।
    यू तोह माँ ने गोद मे सुलाया था,
    पर झूले की ज़िद में, मैंने पापा को भी अक्सर जगाया था,
    पापा की थपकी के बिन नींद नही आती थी,
    पर अब मैं यह कहती हूँ,
    माँ की तोह मैं हमेश से थी,
    पर अब मैं पापा की बेटी हूँ।

    वोह टी. वी. के लिए झगड़ना,
    पापा का इतना अकड़ना,
    फिर मेरी नाराज़ी,
    पापा की कोशिश ज़रा सी..
    मेरे लिए चॉक्लेट ले आना,
    नहीं कहा कभी प्यार हैं मुझसे ,
    फिर क्यों ऐसे जताना।
    एक बार भी गले नही लगी उनकी मैं,
    फिर भी हैं बताना,
    आज भी उस दिन के इंतज़ार में बैठी हूँ..
    शायद दूर बोहोत हैं हम,
    पर फिर भी मैं पापा की बेटी हूँ।
    हम दोनों खाने के शौकीन,
    कुछ मीठा , ज़्यादा तीख-नमकीन,
    रिश्ता था कुछ ऐसा ही,
    बाप बेटी कम, दोस्त जैसा ही,
    पर अब पता चला,
    भले ही कुछ सालों की मोहलत थी,
    पर मेरा परिवार ही मेरी दौलत थी।
    पापा से ही थी त्योहारो में रौनक,
    मैंने नही माना, पर माँ के साथ मुझे पापा की भी ज़रूरत थी।
    कभी कभी उन दिनों को याद कर रोती हूँ,
    और अब हक से यह कहती हूँ,
    चाहे ना मानो आज आप मुझे,
    पर फिर भी मैं, आपकी बेटी हूँ।

    पर आप चिंता मत करना, कुछ लोग अच्छे पाए हैं,
    मेरी ज़िंदगी मे अचानक से कुछ फरिश्ते आये हैं।
    कभी मुझसे नाराज़ होते है, तोह कभी मुझे मनाते हैं,
    मेरे दिल मे रहते है वोह,
    मेरे दोस्त कहलाते हैं,

    आप दोनों तोह दूर चले गए,
    पर अपनी हर बात से दिल मे और समाते हैं,
    उनका प्यार हैं बस, फ़र्ज़ या एहसान नही मुझपे, वोह मेरे दोस्त कहलाते हैं।

    आप तोह चले गए, पर उनके संग ज़िन्दगी बितानी हैं,
    ये जीवन दिया हैं आपने, पर उन्ही को जीने की वजह बनानी हैं,

    आपकी जगह कोई नही ले सकता, आज यह विश्वास दिलाती हूँ,
    हाँ मेरी ज़िंदगी वोह हैं अब,
    पर इस ज़िन्दगी को जीने वाली,
    आज भी मैं आपकी बेटी हूँ।
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  • neeraja 15w

    A man with spectacles and book in hand I see
    A wise eyes gazed me
    Same eyes gazed when I was one !!
    Little did I know , that eyes would love me so much without expecting in return
    An absent minded professor
    A man of few words
    Are few attributes I give him

  • thewritingwolf_ 16w

    To All Fathers

    When I came on this world,
    You were the happiest man on earth.

    You raised me on a way
    That I am now thankful of
    I have made many mistakes,
    Just like you.

    It was a long learning process.
    It wasn’t easy,
    But we continued,
    And now we've made it.

    You provided me new ideas.
    Those ideas became new insights.
    And I hope that those insights
    Once shall become to wisdom.

    Wisdom comes from God.
    He invites every father and says COME…

    On this special day
    I will say:
    A happy and blessed Fathersday!

  • nithicj 16w

    #fathersday @writersnetwork Though the post comes late but the thoughts are eternal

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    Dear Father, I know...

    I know, I know dear father,
    How my birth had rejoiced your heart.
    How my life’s beginning, was yours too , a new start.

    I know, I know dear father,
    How your lazy morning eyes were full of eagerness like your tired evening ones,
    To just have a glimpse of me once.
    For you dreaded that your long days at work can turn into long nights,
    And all you thought of was a chance to hug me once and hold me tight.

    Because I know, I know dear Father,
    For you , I am no less then a diamond precious,
    And your little kingdom’s princess.
    My chuckles my tickle you,
    But always had a fear,
    That one day when you find me a handsome prince,
    I will be no more near.

    Still I know , I know dear Father,
    Your kingdom can be ruled only by me,
    Because a father to her daughter is the most beautiful gift of destiny.

    I know, I know dear Father,
    Never you will express your heart out,
    That I am your life’s delight,
    No games in life you cherish more,
    Than our toy parties and pillow fights.

    But you know Father,
    I would have never told.
    How much I always wanted you like my breath,
    As life unfolded.
    When you were on the that dreadful fence,
    I guarded my mind from all thoughts tense.

    Because I knew, I knew dear Father,
    Your brave soul,
    Cannot part from mine.
    And now power can put it in trouble ,
    Till I m your little devil.

    I know , I know dear Father ,
    All my life I have amazed you.
    With pranks big and small,
    With my ups and falls.
    You always stood there,
    Like the Gibraltar’s rock,
    Because you know and no one else,
    That you’re my strongest pillar ,
    And I would always need you.

  • lobofuerte 17w


    He's been called a hundred things
    Since he was just a lad
    But my favourite (other than old git)
    Is just to call him dad

    If I fall down he's always there
    To offer me a hand
    Showing me art and music
    Teaching me in the band

    On the sunny summer days
    Going in the car for miles
    Those fun little adventures
    Always filled with laughs and smiles

    The things that i could tell you
    I've only just begun
    Happy fathers day, dad
    For this and every one to come

  • ipsrahul 17w


    एका सभ्य माणसाला काय पाहिजे :
    एक बायको जी प्रेम करणारी,
    एक बायको जी चांगले जेवन करणारी,
    एक अशी बायको जी कुटुंबाला सांभाळणारी
    आणि तिघी हि एकजुटिने राहणारी पाहिजे …

  • one_link_a_p_a_r_t 17w

    Dear Father,

    I try to find a way to describe you
    I look up every word so I can write abt u
    I ain't good enough for I fail to do so

    Kindness is your virtue and I have that in me too

    To the one above I thank you
    It's not everyday that I tell you
    Dear Father how much I love you
    I'm proud that I have you in me
    For your love is God's hand on me

  • shouldwatchmotivation 17w

    Khuda se mohabbat krta tha wo

    Khuda ne usse mohabbat na farmayi
    Jo poochi wajah to khuda ne farmaya pehle apne ma baap se mohabbat farma fir mere pas aa

  • shahryarsaqib 17w


    The woman who grew up on her father's expense.
    Didn't work, earn and spend to support her father once she got married.
    Considered her husbands earning her RIGHT and didn't let him spend on HIS parents.
    Later was heard saying "I am old and unable to take care of myself and my son has left me,
    He should have atleast put me in an old home."

    >A woman who doesn't earn for her father has no right to her husband's earning.
    >A woman who doesn't let her husband care for his parents doesnt have the right to have her son care for her when she is old.
    >A woman who doesn't care for her mother in law to support her husband in his job (he can earn or stay home and take care of old people) doesn't deserve to have be taken care of when she is old.

    The traditional society was formed around men having all the responsibilities and honour and women having all the rights in return for submissiveness, that submissiveness was a acknowledgment of the fact that "yes i understand what you are doing for us, i can at least respect you,take care of you and love you in return".

    This isnt KARMA this is common sense, if you are actively taking part in destroying the societal family unit , you have no right to expect it when you need it.

    We desperately need to give equality to women. Not slowly, not with hesitation, but instantly and irrevocably. this slow transition is bringing about an ugly hypocrisy out of women, who want all the rights and none of the responsibility. Lets make men and women equal. for the sake of our sons, women have been considered sacred for too long. I will not allow my son to be chewed out by the society and for him to learn that all of his life revolved around earning and taking care of women and in return not even expecting respect and submission.


  • shahryarsaqib 17w

    Please comment, they are better than just likes don't you think :p #fathersday #writersnetwork #writerscircle #mirakee #prose #romanurdu

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    Uskey Abu azeem hyn

    Usney gila kia mugh say
    Key usky Abu Azeem hyn
    Mein unki tarah mehnati nahien.
    Unki tarah qurabanian ni dyta.
    Unki tarah apni wife ko queen nahien bana ker rakhta.

    Meny yeh jub suna to yaad ayia .
    Dikha tha meny uski ama ko uskey father sey batameezi kertey sub key samney.
    Dikha tha meny kaisey unki Zindagi ki mehnat key bawajood Ghar mein queen to thi king nahien.
    Dikha tha kaisey unki Zindagi mein kaam key ilawa kuch nahien.
    Dikha meney key retirement key baad phir ab wo job dhond rahey hyn take apni baki betyion ki shadi ker sakyn.

    Woh apney father sey impress hey or mein khoufzada.
    Woh chahti hey mein waisa ho jaon.
    Mein mout mangta hun aisa honey sey pehley.
    Mughy nahien chahey paisy or mehnat sey khareedi gai mohabat.


  • lurdvirux 17w

    Great Mortal

    You cant call him my friend, Cos we are bloodily related. He knows me in and out, but my friend doesn't. My art he sets back on track, when I think I stand. my young thought he chose to change; cos as a youth I think of the abominable. His handwork gave me shelter, so that my mortal body can take rest. How can i repay him; not with a dime. but with listening ear. I can only try my best; even if my soul and body are foes.

  • summer_1130 17w


    Happy Fathers Day
    I'm always gonna be grateful to God
    For Him giving you to me
    I'm always praying for you to be safe always
    As that's what you've been doing through out your life

    Remember you are always my hero
    You'll always be here in my heart
    Forever daddy's girl


  • sara_kelly 17w

    Her white dress
    was caught on the frame
    of the old wooden door
    that lead to the
    quaint interior of
    the old chapel.
    He bent to free the fabric,
    and as he straightened,
    she saw tears
    glistening in eyes
    that looked much like her own.

    She often thinks back
    to that moment,
    and smiles.
    For he may have
    walked her down
    the aisle that day,
    but she would always be
    his little girl.

    @writersnetwork #writersnetwork #wordoftheday #often #fathersday

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    ©Sara Kelly

  • rajaheim_neph25 17w


    This being created us all,
    My brothers and sisters,
    Instilled values in us,
    Showed much selflessness and strength,
    Transmitted both tough and tender love,
    Taught us to laugh hard and cry proudly,
    Ensured we got the knowledge we needed,
    Illustrated how we should live with humility,
    Practice honesty always and be as modest as possible.


    Here's to a GREAT FATHER

  • thewritingwolf_ 17w


    Toen ik de wereld schreeuwend betrad,
    Was jij de gelukkigste man.

    Jij gaf me een opvoeding
    Waar ik nu dankbaar voor ben.
    Ik heb veel fouten gemaakt,
    maar zo ook jij.

    Het was een heel leerproces.
    Gemakkelijk was het niet,
    Maar doorzetters als we zijn
    Komen we er doorheen.

    Je gaf me nieuwe ideeën,
    Je ideeën werden nieuwe inzichten.
    En ik hoop dat die inzichten
    Eens zullen verworden tot wijsheden.

    Wijsheid komt van God….
    Hij nodigt elke vader uit en zegt KOM….
    Op deze bijzondere dag

    Wil ik dan ook zeggen;
    Een fijne en gezegende Vaderdag!

  • arctec09 17w

    You carried me on your shoulders so I could see the world, you hold my hand so I do not stumble and fall, you protect and nurture me so I can be myself, you work so hard so I have less things to worry about, you forget your happiness so I always have mine, I may have let you down but you always stand strong for me, you are my guide, my friend, my inspiration. I hope some day I can be just like you Dad... 😍🤗

  • mkpinki 17w

    मेरा साहस मेरी इज्जत मेरा सम्मान है पापा
    मुझको हिम्मत देने वाले मेरा हैं अभिमान पापा
    सारी जवानी जिम्मेवारियों का बोझ ढोकर,
    खुशियों की ईमारत खड़ी कर देता है ‘पापा
    अपने लिए बुने हुए सपनों को खो कर।
    परिवार के चेहरे पे ये जो मुस्कान हंसती है,
    पापा ही है जिसमें सबकी जान बस्ती है।
    बिता देता है एक उम्र
    औलाद की हर आरजू पूरी करने में,
    उसी ‘पापा’ के कई सपने
    बुढापे में लावारिस हो जाते हैं।
    आज भी वो प्यारी मुस्कान याद आती है।
    जो मेरी शरारतों से पापा के चेहरे पर खिल जाती थी।
    जहां भी जाते मेरे लिए ढेर सारे तोहफे लाते थे।
    मेरी जिंदगी के सारे सपने उनकी आँखों में पल रहे थे।
    मेरे सपने उनके साथ चले गए मेरे पापा मुझे छोड़ गए।
    अब आँखों में शरारत नहीं बस आंसू ही दीखते हैं।
    एक बार तो वापस आ जाओ पापा।
    हैप्पी फादर्स डे तो सुन जाओ पापा।
    ----------+ Mithilesh sharma

  • simnewmai 17w

    My hero and my love he is.
    He is Fantastic though a little rough.
    I know he got that tough looks.
    And character like straight forward.
    Yahhh!!! All that makes him cool.
    And that "He" is him&Papa.
    He is a unique kind.


  • aparajitayograj 17w

    A very Happy Father's Day to all Fathers in advance. And to the best dad in the world, my father, my superhero, my inspiration!❤ #fathersday

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    To the best Father!❤

    Thank you papa for being the best father ever. And thank you for being my second mother as well. I feel like the luckiest daughter in this world. I am blessed to have you as my father. From waking me up in the mornings to trying new dishes for me, from insisting me to study to giving me lectures on the importance of time, from working with us late nights and completing our silly projects to teaching me things a night before an exam, from being overprotective to teaching me about being practical, you've given me my second mother. How can I forget you feeding me food during the exam days, when I do not eat anything and you trying to solve the fights between your two mad daughters and hurting yourself in the process. Sorry for all those days, we troubled you, sorry for the fracture you got in your daughters' fight, sorry for stressing you by not eating, sorry for all the mess that I create. You made us what we are today, you've done much more than what any father can do for their daughters. You've loved us more than any mother can love. And you are not just the best Father, you are also the best Husband, the best Brother, the best Son, and the Best Doctor, the most sincere and honest man I've seen. If I'll be half of what you've been, I'll be more than satisfied. You are an epitome of what a gentleman is. You are truly a blessing to the society. And I know no body would have loved me more than you've loved and I am proud to be your daughter!