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  • lost__thoughts 5d

    My happy place!

    Somewhere I can feel free,
    Without this heavy feeling that I carry...

    Somewhere I can find a peace of mind,
    Without having to worry about tomorrow ...

    Somewhere I can dream to my fullest,
    Without being hit by the harsh reality of life...

    Somewhere I wouldn't be bothered by anybody,
    Except for, maybe a few puppies...

    That would be #myhappyplace


  • missgrien15 2w

    Bursting thoughts of an abandoned mind, left in the air so silent, that others see it died. Silence is the loudest scream.

    (c) missgrien15

  • vivienne_bismita 2w

    Middle Ground

    It's really confusing whether I like the sea or the sky the most. Or, I love them both?

    I find myself disturbed in crowds and with familiar faces I don't want to face.

    Also, overwhelming emotions create loud chaos inside me whenever I think silence is my best friend. What a lie I keep saying to myself!

    I don't know where I belong. I just know that I am standing right here with my two feet.

    I'm neither happy nor sad.

    Neither cheerful nor lonely.

    Can't be defined but not undefined, either.

    Somewhere between the extreme ends, I still keep fluctuating to find my middle ground.

    And, I love grey for sure.

  • all_my_thought0 2w


    Any person who is in love .... Have feeling for someone who care for him .... Support him nd love him a lot

  • viyanshnaraniya_ 6w


    आज सैर पर जाते हुए
    फिर एक जनाजा देखा
    पास गया तो मालूम हुआ
    ये भी किसी किसान का है
    कर्ज़ की फसल बोई थी
    अम्मा कईं रातो चैन से ना सोई थी
    मिट्टी दे ना पाई दो वक्त की रोटी
    होता कोई फ़रेब तो हालत ये ना होती
    झूल गया फांसी के फंदे पे
    बिख़र गया ब्याजि हतकंडे पे
    अब आए कोई सैलाब
    जो लाये कोई बदलाव
    पर होना क्या था ?
    नेता आए मंसूबे लाए
    भरे चौपाल हुए विवाद
    पर बनी न कोई बात
    ना आया कोई इंकलाब
    न ही हुई कोई ललकार
    मुआवज़ा भी रह गया धरा का धरा
    और मामला हो गया रफा दफा
    मुकम्मल हुई तो बस एक बात ,
    फिर से एक अन्नदाता मर गया
    न जाने कितनों के पेट भर के गया।

  • prashant_sengar 6w

    मैं ही हूँ

    मैं ही बेसबब सी तारा और मैं ही बेसबर सा वेद हूँ,
    मैं ही इंतजार में बैठी पारो और मैं ही ताउमर तड़पता देव हूँ,
    मैं ही सालों से चुप वीर और मैं ही सरहद पार की जारा हूँ,
    मैं ही बावलों सा कुंदन और मैं ही पत्थर बनी जोया हूँ।

    मैं ही फांसी पे झूलता किसान और मैं ही सरहद पर मरता जवान हूँ,
    मैं ही उजालों सा कलाम और मैं ही हैवानों सा कसाब हूँ,
    मैं ही गोलियों से लडती मलाला और मैं ही भेड़ियों से भिड़ती निर्भया हूँ,
    मैं ही बचपन की उम्मीद और मैं ही बड़प्पन की नींद हूँ,

    मैं ही मंदिर वाला राम और मैं ही इबादत वाला रहीम हूँ,
    मैं ही गंगा सा पवित्र और मैं ही सीता का चरित्र हूँ,
    मैं ही जिन्ना की जिद और मैं ही गांधी का अंश हूँ,
    मैं ही ताज का नूर और मैं ही बाबरी का विध्वंस हूँ

    मैं ही चेहरे पर चेहरे लगाए जा रहा हूँ,और मैं ही
    खुद को सबसे अलग बताए जा रहा हूँ,
    मैं ही तारीखों में दर्ज हो रहा हूँ,आज हूँ लेकिन
    हर छण अतीत होता जा रहा हूँ।।


  • priyanka_sahoo 7w

    Love and Hurt

    In the land of love and hurt
    Life holds no reason for what we gain
    The love of hurt
    The hurt of love
    They come in a pair
    So please beware
    We hurt the one....we love
    We love the one....we hurt
    We execute our hurt for love
    Surrender our love for hurt
    We try to sweep our hurt under the door
    We let our love fall between the cracks !

  • sandeepprakash 7w


    "I believe you" but I never did,
    "I don't believe you" and she always did.


  • dr_riya_kumar 8w


    My blood is of blue colour & it smells like ink...


  • duggu_7 8w


    ये ज़िन्दगी चल तो रही थी,
    पर तेरे आने से मैंने जीना शुरू कर दिया..!!


  • singh_shiv 9w

    "There comes a time, when your friend circle decreases in size but increases in value."

  • claryprior 9w

    It's cold, just as it used to be during the time I met you. The only thing that changed is that I have learnt not to yearn for your touch.


  • aatma_the_logophile 10w

    In The Beginning

    A human sheath bearing
    The universe inside
    Conceived an idea,
    Its youth belied.

    That it'll help the world
    Evolve in its little ways,
    One step at a time,
    During its mortal days.

    Aatma was borne,
    Amidst healing scars.
    Aatma is born,
    Now, as you read.


  • will7jake 11w

    അമ്മ പല തവണ പറഞ്ഞു തീയിൽ തൊട്ടു കളിക്കേണ്ടെന്നു... അനുസരിച്ചില്ല... പൊള്ളി... കൌതുകം ലേശം കൂടുതലാണ്...


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    Fire ��

    You lighted my way when I was in the dark...
    You kept me warm when I was cold...

    I fell in love with your graceful movements in the wind...
    I fell in love with your bright glow...

    Though I was warned you would hurt me,
    I was desperate to touch and cuddle you.

    That desire died the moment you burnt me with your flames...
    That very moment I realized the heat behind your tempting beauty...

    അമ്മ പല തവണ പറഞ്ഞു തീയിൽ തൊട്ടു കളിക്കേണ്ടെന്നു... അനുസരിച്ചില്ല... പൊള്ളി... കൌതുകം ലേശം കൂടുതലാണ്...

    കൈ ഒന്ന് പൊള്ളിയെങ്കിൽ എന്താ... ഇംഗ്ലീഷിൽ നല്ല കിടു കവിത എഴുതാൻ പറ്റിയില്ലേ... ������


  • atabub 11w

    In my darkest hour, unravelling the dwindled past
    I saw the scariest tunnel, but light came at last;
    I was surrounded by people but could touch my soul
    Counting breath under my nose was never my goal;
    Wandering in bewilderness, lost in the darkness
    how eloquent it was to hear you!! Oh my goodness!!


  • ankit_rajawat 12w


    I am here to learn from the geniuses like you guys.. wud love be follow some inspirational writers & poets

  • sbose789 14w


    A thousand candles ablazed
    A thousand banners raised
    Protesters in millions marched ahead

    And by now I finally believe...
    My silence speaks volumes!


  • reshmi_bhat 15w

    The storm was strong enough.
    From dry banks to exhilarating turbulence of river, the seed swirled it's route to purpose.
    Than being another tree in the dark forests, it flowed towards it's destiny to become a shelter in burning sun.
    A solace.
    Yes. The storm was strong indeed.

  • d_lost_1 15w


    She was deep like the ocean and stable like the sky.She was BLUE.


  • the_moon_door 23w

    Dear first love

    Your love was irrevocable kind of love. It hit me and it hit me hard. It was like a gun to my head and a bullet to my brain. I was shot, I was wounded and only you could ever heal me. It was like being made aware of your own existence. I didn't even know I had so many emotions in myself, before that moment, before you.

    You unlocked this incredible emotional depth in me, I didn't know I could feel so many things for someone. It was new. I was new. The world around me was new. When you loved me, I felt like whole world is loving me. That was all I needed. I fell for you and stir up a storm, throwing caution to the wind and the fire. I zinged up with you and burnt everything in my path cuz you belonged to me. It was just me and you and no one and nothing else mattered. I could create a world of my own, start a war with this society because I knew I have you and you have me. I was so blinded by your love that I blocked out all other feelings, all other realities. All I saw was you, all you saw was me. It was like a mirror staring into a another mirror and a million endless reflections were created.

    And then, my love, the very storm I stirred up, uprooted me. You drifted apart. Assumptions helped you with that. And it was like, I was forced to drink poison but slowly. The fire I started, burnt my own soul. The war I fought left me shattered and worn. Suddenly, the realities came crashing down and I realized that I'm holding a grenade. The gun went off, the bullet got out the other side of my brain and I fell to the groud, all by myself. Ahh, of course you couldn't pick me up. You couldn't show me even a least bit of your affection. I knew I was no longer needed.

    I was crashing against the waves of the ocean and I was drowning. I reached out to gasp for air but just suffocated and choked. There was none to help me out. No hug, no drug. You just stood there and watched me drowning.
    "People change, feelings change, it's life..." that's all you had to say to me. I'll never forget it.

    This was the kind of love that showed me I could feel, in ways I thought were unimaginable. This was the love that made me realise that I can be hurt in ways that can break my heart into a million different pieces. My heartbeat will never be the same again. My mirror is broken. And so am I. Not even a single reflection now, just broken pieces.

    With love,