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  • rajaryan_singh 4d

    आखिरी मुलाकात

    आओ आज अाखिरी मुलाकात करते है ,
    मेरे कुछ सवालो पे,सवाल-जवाब करते है ,
    आओ थोड़ी देर तो बैठो, थोडा़ करीब तो बैठो,
    उन बीते दिऩो को याद करते है ,
    आओ आज आखिरी मुलाकात करते है I

    उसी तरह का हँसना, उसी तरह का हँसाना,
    तुम्हारा रूठना और मेरा मनाऩा,
    चलो उन लम्हो को फि़र से याद करते है ,
    आओ आज आखिरी मुलाकात करते है I

    साथ रहने की खुशी,दूर रहने का गम
    फि़र से याद करते है,
    इस सालो के प्यार का इनायत करते है,
    आओ आज आखिरी मुलाकात करते है I

  • inakuldogra 1w

    Heart ❤️#121

    What if I say I’m left with 3% heart..
    What if I say this is all I got ..
    What if I say you won’t get much coz 3% of heart is all I’m left with ...
    what if I say I’m done with people and I don’t feel anymore..
    What if I say you won’t get much from me and I won’t expect anything from you ...
    what if I say people betrayed me several times and destroyed the core of my heart ...
    would you still love me ??

  • madkingdaryl 1w

    If I must die

    What is this yearning in my soul?
    It pains me..
    What is this fire in my heart?
    I must be crazy..
    Your love is so toxic,
    Mm, this poison it fuels me!
    I'm addicted to your kisses,
    Like a thief and his robbery.
    I don't want to better,
    I don't need any therapy!
    Look at this smile on my face,
    Would you deny this joy from me?!
    Then I'll die by your love
    I did not live to the contrary!
    Your lips my will and testament
    Your heart my obituary!


  • anamali 2w

    "The color of bleached trust "

    The color of my wounds, makes me recall every memory;even those colorless tears and the times when my soul felt scary. The stains that can never be removed......The bleaching of my trust , I thought ...never you would!
    Is it the color of skin that makes us separated?...Not really ......because out of any color same our heart could be stained.
    The color I bleed isn't that tame but for my silence ;whom can I blame!

  • ellen_a 3w


    Cheeky star patterns
    My hands cradle the milky way
    Cluster closer, love


  • jerrymack 3w

    The Girl

    I can't even describe how I feel inside
    Her smile beautiful as the sunrise
    She's perfect in my eyes not a flaw
    To be found she was an angel that hit the ground. Her beauty cant compare she's beautiful how she is I swear I seen a halo on her head and I thought how can an angel like her fall head over heels for a devil like me.

    The way she talks her voice so sweet brings me to my knees. Her eyes a beautiful brown that can't be described but in her eyes I've seem to find a place where I hope to spend my time.

  • sherlene 3w

    the only person who's keeping us away from who we want to be is ourselves
    #firstpoem #try

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    who would've thought it was that easy
    who would've thought that the only person who keeps her from being happy is she alone
    who would've thought that the best gift she could give herself is forgiveness
    who would've thought that letting go takes so much of the pain away?

  • lazypotato 4w


    The world is blank
    Torn paper

    We don't care who lives, who dies. As long as it's not us.

    We are just game pieces. I am just the knights in the corner(protecting no rulers, because they have fallen)

    The world is blank~white. Nothing to see here.

  • mohammadusman 4w

    Love Story

    “If my love were an ocean,
    there would be no more land.
    If my love were a desert,
    you would see only sand.
    If my love were a star-
    late at night, only light.
    And if my love could grow wings,
    I’d be soaring in flight.”

  • alvin18 5w

    Sleepless Nights

    Bodies covered under warm blankets
    Of cold nights, winters perish soon
    Soon the moon left, the sun rose
    Summer entrée,
    Imploding thoughts, manipulating through Sleepless nights.

  • debanjaliroychoudhury 6w


    From rarely to repeatedly,
    It happened continuously.
    Fear in mind, scars in hand,
    No was there to take a stand.
    Many times she felt the pain,
    Cruelty was winning again and again.
    She was victimised.
    Broken and terrorised.
    Submission was refused by her.
    Each and every day she was dying,
    But strength was overpowering.
    Protesting was chosen,
    Freedom then grows in.
    Why she spoke out asked the abuser.
    Body shattered but the soul was strong said the survivor.

  • aarishali 6w

    "Don't worry Ma! I'll be fine, it's only 8!"
    #sexualabuse #freedom #pod #riselikeapheonix

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    The Nightingale

    “Please don't"
    Squealed my Nightingale
    “Leave me alone!!”
    Never had her voice cracked when she sang, but now it did.
    Out of something scarier than fear.
    But It was music to their ear .

    She no longer believed in a god
    That ceased to appear
    But she did in the demons of the earth, blurred
    As three more stood near.

    Oh what did she ever do, my Nightingale
    Frozen and frail, they left her pale.
    Dead from within, but breathing still, Stale .
    Afraid to fly, frightened of the free sky
    She caged herself, her demons forever nigh.
    Broken dreams . Shattered wings
    She is now a sinner. For a bird with no wings is a sinner.
    Taken it was,
    Yet the notion stays, alas.

    Another Nightingale hunt down,
    As the cuckoos and the ravens looked upon.
    Pointed fingers the next day,
    And lighted candles the entire way.
    But soon forgotten my Nightingale,
    Her shattered wings live to tell the tale.

  • shaharshdwivedi 7w

    My beliefs
    #mirakee #firstpoem #hindi #पेहलीकविता

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    तेरी नफरत से नहीं , तेरी मोहब्बत से खफा हूँ मैं ,
    न जाने क्यों अब भी करता हूँ तुझसे वफा मैं ||
    ये कैसी मोहब्बत है तेरी जो तुझे मेरे पास नहीं लती ,
    ये कैसी नफरत हैं तेरी जो तुझे मुझसे दूर नहीं ले जा पाती ||
    ना दरिया के इस पार है तू , ना दरिया के उस पार है तू ,
    ना दरिया के ऊपर , ना ही दरिया के नीचे है तू ||

    अब ना जाने क्यों तेरी आहट मुझे सुनाई नहीं देती ,
    बास तेरी ख़ामोशी की छीकें मुझे सोने नहीं देती ||
    अब तेरे आंसू मेरी कमीज़ को गीला नहीं करते ,
    अब तेरी नादानियाँ मेरी मुस्कुराहट की वजह नहीं बनतीं ||
    अब मैं अपनी दिक्कतें तुझसे बताया नहीं करता ,
    तू भी तो अपनी शिकायतें मुझे सुनाया नहीं करती ||

    देख अभी भी करता हूँ तुझसे वफा मैं ,
    लेकिन तेरी मोहब्बत से बहुत हूँ खफा मैं ||


  • the__anonymous__writer 7w

    In the world of sadness,
    I'll be your happiness.
    In the world of darkness,
    I'll be your light.
    In the world of nights,
    I'll bring you the day.
    In the world of lies,
    I'll be your truth.
    In the world of conflicts,
    I'll be your peace and harmony.
    In the world of lust,
    I'll be your love...

  • jain_mansi 8w


    Oh dear Rain
    Take away my pain

    I know without him
    This weather is in vain

    I wanna call him
    But he won't be back again

    He's long gone
    It's the reason main

    And I'm here mourning
    Gonna be insane

    My heart's abandoned
    It has to sustain

    Wanted to be his girl
    & him to be my man
    It ain't possible
    Cause there's a lane

    Never felt this before
    So picked up a pen

    Oh dear Rain....


  • keates 9w

    The first poem I ever penned. Its what I felt before I gathered the courage to actually write some words down. Hoping to get some reviews, honest and clear��
    #firstpost #firstpoem #firstattempt #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee #mirakee

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    - "Oh,no! I can't! I just can't do it."
    - "But, I know, you can. For once believe it."
    - "What if they laugh? I am too afraid."
    - "You worry too much", he smiled and said.
    - "Are you sure that I will be free?"
    - "That is upto you, if you just want to be."
    You have ran too much, hidden too long.
    Its now time to stop and right the wrong.
    Break those walls of fear you have built.
    Let yourself be released of your guilt.
    Far too long, you have denied the reality.
    Behind that mask, hides your true ability.
    So, listen to me once, get over your fear,
    I promise, you won't regret it, my dear.
    Just, let it go! Let yourself go!
    Don't hold back! Let yourself be free!


  • necessity_to_lie 10w

    I don't know hindi very well, so there might be some mistakes in grammar in there.... Sorry... But I hope u get the feeling....
    Being an anonymous writer is.... Difficult... I want to tell everyone the truth, but that would take the magic away from it..... So I can't...

    #hindi #identity #hidden #hiddenidentity #lies #mirakee #mirakeeworld #mirakeewriters #poembyme #mypoem #firstpoem #hindipoem #readersunite #writersunite #readersnetwork #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #writeandtalk

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    मेरी पहचान

    मेरा नाम न जाने लोग - क्यों इतनी बेचैनी?
    अरे नाम में क्या लिखा है बोल, मुझे तो यही हैरानी ।
    मेरा उनपर है अहसान जो हैं समझते
    काम में ही है पहचान, बस यहाँ, मेरे लेख में ।
    मैं कहती हूँ, ज़रा पढ़ो, और देखो,
    क्या पता, पसंद आ जाए तुमको ।
    अगर झूठी निकली मैं, तब वह भी तुम्हारी ही जीत है,
    क्योंकि मैं समझती हूँ,
    झूठ की हमें सक्त ज़रूरत है ।
    (अगर झूठ न रहे, तब सत्य की क्या रहती ज़रूरत है?)


  • kshana 11w

    What are we hoping for,
    Sending lanterns across the sky?
    Where do we want them to reach,
    In this ocean of stars?

    I take a deep breath,
    Hold it as long as I can
    and leave it to the universe.

    Perhaps, that's what it is all about -
    Doing everything we can
    and leaving the rest to the universe.


  • spacedust 12w


    This is my first post on this app. I hope it's okay. :)

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    She was as delicate as a rose, and far too brittle for anyone to hold.
    She was as quiet as a hawk perching on a branch, patiently observing the ground for it's next meal.
    She was as calm as an untouched meadow, it's flowers gently swaying in the breeze.
    She was as cold as a winter storm, blocking everything in it's path with a thick layer of white snow.
    She was as sharp as a needle, only waiting to pierce a persons soft flesh.
    She was as terrible as the night, shrouded in the darkness that lays way to numerous troubles.
    She was what others saw in her, cautiously observing her each and every move.
    She slowly convinced herself that what they saw was true, living up to their expectations.
    She knew there was nothing she could do to change their minds, so there was no reason to try and change them.

  • thelifeseeker 25w


    I'm a beast,
    With a heart of gold,
    Who wanders into the darkness,
    During the fall of dusk.

    I always run into the wilderness,
    A mystical,spiritual and yet an alluring forest,
    Filled with the green shaded mountains,
    The place where I called my home.

    Not to forget,
    The soothing sounds of the river,
    Dancing through the valley and hills,
    With a humming tune.

    But recently,
    I can feel that my home is changing,
    There's no peace around here anymore, as
    The smell of mother nature is fading away.

    Majestic trees are turning into crippled ones,
    The mighty river ain't singing anymore,
    It's becoming worsened than I thought,
    Due to the mankind's destruction of the forest.

    As seconds turn into minutes,
    I'm still here lurking through out the shadows,
    As I have lost my spirit of tenalach,
    Grieving my demolished home sweet home.