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  • 2k17abhi_01 20h

    Love is like a deep forest the more you go inside the less you have chance to come out of it ...


  • ironicalgirl 1w

    I am a forest of my own, every tree of mine has a story to be told.
    You were a chirpy little bird,
    Who came along one night and decided
    This is your home.

  • pingu_pennameofmine 1w

    Their words..

    Your heart may be indulged in pure happiness
    If your eyes were being entertained by the dim
    Lightness of the forest in such a morning,
    A late morning perhaps..
    Or else, your heart will not be in its ordinary pace
    If you entered the same said forest at late dusk
    Where your eyes might shut itself at such an
    Eeriness and creepiness as the path is
    Covered in fog, thick mist,
    The trees stand far away and all your eyes can
    Beheld is the silhouette of them.
    One may wonder, someone is cooking a meal in open fire at such thick smoke..
    Its dreadful, if you ever find the possibility to lost yourself at such hours..
    But not for me, i was used to such dreadness.
    Living among homo sapiens are much fearful than darkness.
    I had invaded the place since birth.
    Completely isolated or partially invaded by
    Various species..
    Scary if it were the homo sapiens..
    Dangerous creatures,
    They may put snares to tear up your skin for their furniture,
    Or shot you for their dinner,
    But none chooses you as their pet.
    They either plans to kill you or
    Destroy your habitat completely,
    None contributes to save you
    And if there is, they might be sages or saints.
    But the world is in danger of extinction of such
    Saints and sages and were being
    Polluted by misanthropist and terminators
    None could hinder, and if there is, they are given
    The common name of slaves by the most powerful human beings, but the strength mentioned here
    Is not bodily strength,
    Nor a herculean form but in the way of possessing
    An easily burnable paper, created by man
    themselves to destroy themselves.
    An innocent life like mine has no value compared to the mentioned money...


  • nativemilo 2w

    A Poisoned Tree


    The dying tree haunts the young one's light
    As the bark divulge its secrets 
    when the sun begins to die
    Shedding gruesome tales of fathom height
    Whispering to the young seeds it wants to defy
    Licking its deep wounds as it continues to seethe
    Over the lost composure that's hidden behind
    Turning to dust when it is time to leave
    The thundering roots poison in its mind

    The young cannot take it anymore
    When its leaves blow in the wind, 
    consuming the brawn within
    It craws to the floor
    As it rallies to the unforgotten core
    Overwhelming till it soar
    Once again in the sky
    Until the day it can't take no more
    Of these malicious lies
    With venom in its tears
    Dropping with burden of what it fears
    It falls like a deck of cards
    Forever letting go of these bars
    That limit its way
    To grow far away
    From this venomous place
    It weeps what it misplaced
    The trees tavern below
    Sheltering its intent it knows
    That it didn't have to suffer like this
    Tattered, betrayed, and tangled in this mess
    Searching for the throat of streams
    Sowing its childish bark by the seams
    Cleansing the roots underneath
    Until they are completely flawless beneath
    Stretching far from greed
    Of the summers wondrous seeps of tainted water
    While keeping away from what it hinders
    Till they can not be broken

    The once child smiles at its leaves
    Looking ahead despite its past
    As she grows tall as she suppose to be
    Her love imbued in her beautiful scent
    As the pure leaves smiles in the wind
    Flying high until their glorious descent

  • oncour 2w

    You are my home. And I can only hope my journey brings me back to you.

    #home #forest #wild #soul #journey #strength #alone

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    I've crossed the countless path
    to seek the wooded entrance
    of enigmatic, woven roots --

    and into the wild I go;
    through the forest,
    I'll roam.

    I seek the strength to make my
    way home along the cobbled
    yellow stone

    and into the wild I go;
    through the forest,
    I'll roam.

    to find the strength to carry on,
    alone in the world --
    afraid and unknown

    it's into the wild I go;
    through the forest,
    I'll roam.

    It's solace I seek for the soul
    that I keep and into the wild
    may I find life worthwile --

    and through the forest I roam
    I hope to someday make my
    way home...to you.


  • metaphor_princess 2w

    Another collab with my one of my best poetry friends ������ @vally_ �� really enjoyed this one it was so good with a beautiful picture prompt �� #poetry #poetic #forest @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee @readwriteunite @dailyrepost @inspirational_writer11 ����

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    Notes of darkness.

    Darkness surrounds my soul like a black hole in space.
    Brightness shines down on me when my violin is out of it's case.
    The forest wants to scare me it uses all of my fears.
    But music wants to find me and when it does my mind clears

    Blankness all around as far as I see it's empty,
    Coldness enclaves feels as if it's winter for eternity,
    These black woods tries to frighten me so much,
    But I am not afraid as I have got it covered.

    So bye bye fears I walk with music in my ears.
    I hear the crackles in the leafs like the tree's have been singing for Year's.
    Sweetness fills my heart as I place the violin under my chin.
    The notes of darkness reminded me of him.

    They flow just like how I draw the bow across the strings.
    I feel them across my skin with the breeze.
    Freshness fraught with memories blowing with the wind,
    I can sense the teardrops streaming down my cheeks.

    I can feel the animals the tree's even the moon and stars.
    They are all dancing with me they feel my pain I can feel their scars.
    Kindness fills my soul as i sway side to side my white dress flows.
    No more fears I am now the forset itself and everyone knows.
    ©comical_error. -Valentina

  • loftydreams101 2w

    In the Woods (Part V)

    He was alone
    Far-gone in his worry
    By his murderous dreams

    © William Wright, Jr. 2017

  • loftydreams101 2w

    In the Woods ( Part IV)

    There was no malice
    Stalking fiends
    Of his foolishly
    Planted treads

    © William Wright, Jr. 2017

  • loftydreams101 2w

    In the Woods (Part III)

    As the bustling world
    Truthfully spawned
    From his bothered
    And lonesome mind

    © William Wright, Jr. 2017

  • loftydreams101 2w

    In the Woods ( Part II)

    Forever in wait
    The boy swayed
    Tussling in fear
    At home, in the clutches
    Of his raging concern

    © William Wright, Jr. 2017

  • pradhuman 3w

    Song_by_forest_villagers #forest #Humanity

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    We have no Roof over our Heads
    No Goat to beat
    No cock to crow
    No vessels to cook in
    No Rise to eat
    What sin have we done
    That we should live like this
    Who can save us from this
    And let us Go Home ?


  • oncour 3w

    At Her Door

    A young soldier ran for the forest.
    a clamorous and deafening roar
    pushed him past the treeline of the
    unknown, wooded realm.
    his vision obscured --
    he couldn't tell what obstructed his
    view: the pervasive, lingering flash
    of the calamitous roar,
    or just his tears mixing with the
    loose, dispersed dirt that took
    to flight in the wake of the Sound.
    he felt the passing of eternity
    before he found the strength --
    or will -- to get to his feet and
    soldier on.
    deeper into the woods, he went,
    carrying on in frustration over
    the partial loss of his view.
    he stumbled more times than
    he would wish to count, and each
    fall was a descent into a maddening
    thought: 'should I go on?'
    the young soldier found comfort against
    the bark of a lonely tree in the forest.
    there, he saw children, in flashes,
    running past, with joy and endearing
    smiles on their sweet faces.
    'my children,' the soldier thought, then
    'my children', he tried to speak but
    the young soldier floundered.
    there was just too much blood
    obstructing the path of his words.
    he scrambled to his feet, regretted
    such a feat, and headed deeper into
    the forest -- he was grateful the
    enemy had yet to find him.
    the young soldier came upon a
    meadow, its flowing river had
    waters running so crystal clear.
    he stumbled toward refreshment
    but was stalled in his steps at
    the sight of a beautiful woman
    lying naked in the meadows.
    she smiled and robed her flawless
    flesh, then greeted the young soldier.
    'you're quite a mess. come closer to
    the water. let me bathe you, soldier.'
    hesitant, he dipped into the waters.
    'there's men after me,' he said. 'they
    wish to kill me.'
    the lovely, robed woman pressed warm
    hands to the soldier's bare chest;
    the grime seemed to fall away.
    'those men know me all too well,' she
    said, 'they will not harm you when
    they see you are now in my care.'
    the soldier looked down at his naked
    body -- now clean, without wounds.
    'how --,' the soldier began but the woman
    pressed a finger to his lips.
    'lie with me,' she said.
    she brushed his hair with her long, pale
    fingers. 'hush now. rest now, handsome
    boy. I will watch over you now. you will
    never be harmed again. you will never
    feel pain again. I will protect you with
    my life.'
    'why,' he asked. 'who are you,' asked the
    young soldier.
    she pressed her lips to his, to quiet his
    ceaseless comtemplations.
    her fingertips brushed the tops of his
    eyelids and gently pressed down.
    'hush, boy. sleep. I will love you here,
    now and forever. I am your eternal
    mistress. my name is Death.'

  • salini 4w

    She wasn't the fragile fragrance of the cottage garden, nor was she that pleasent flower adorning the topmost branch of the roadside tree...
    She was a wild forest flower...
    The one you should seek for...
    The one hidden in the dark alleys...
    The one that smells so high...
    The one that is guarded by angry claws...
    The one that will scent your life completely...
    The one that is meant for the best...


  • grim_lyssa 4w

    How beautiful is it here in Southern Mississippi when wild flowers bloom!?
    Surely this must be a place most like Eden,
    For the Lord has blessed the gardens meadows, forest and her temple in The Sanctuary Of New Beginnings.
    Everyday one wakes and observes the tranquility and beauty of this land,
    A brand new flower blossoms, in a brand new color, and even though she was never the type of woman who loved to receive flowers, now she was crying tears of joy and making herself a bouquet almost every single day.

  • soniasteephanpoems 4w

    Nature's Fading Plush

    Behold! Through shy hesitant shafts of rising dawn, lavish thicket of silkened green carpet,
    Over mellow pitches of splendid expanses, reaching far and wide
    Kisses and brushes of hazy fair mist, grandly swoop singing, farewell adorable greens
    As, must they now move, to settle as beads of sparkling sprinkle, on petals neatly unfurled
    Where the proddings of distant travelling breeze, usher them for a halt quite brief
    On saucer like foliage, green and gold, their abode they find to offer quickest relief
    Impassioned insects, plain, weird and wild, when dash about in tangible rush
    Throng about some- to whisper their tales, or for a dip, or just a curious peep
    Spellbound by riveting attention, they fashion contented retreat
    Dwelling in jaunty hopes, that come tomorrow again we'll meet
    The sun-kissed pearls, the welcoming hosts, soon vanish in beds of greens
    Only to return at the turn of the day, to an encounter more patient them treat


  • joyfuljoel 5w

    fire fully fumed.
    feeding ferociously.
    flames floating freely.
    fauna frightened.
    feathers flapping.
    ...forest fire...


  • mrb2u71 5w

    If a flower blossoms at the edge of a forest and no one stops to admire it... Is it still beautiful?


  • deepja 6w

    The forest

    The forest burns everyday
    The leaves turn to ash.
    The wood crackling in glory
    Singing songs of despair.

    The animals flee a falling memory.
    The birds fly away
    Some stay to burn along
    The home now called the grave.


  • iamzion 7w

    Light and fire

    It was only until now. The light that had to guide me back to you turned into a fire that's burning the forest of love.