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  • ajjun77 12w

    In the end we strive hard to prove that we are the best to a society, which in reality doesn't give a shit about us !!!

  • _riggy_ 13w

    We eat together every night,
    Side by side,
    Yet I always seem to eat alone.

    I really hate his phone.


  • annoyinglittlechicken 13w

    A struggle to make sense!

    Isn’t it strange that the girl who once desired to be a writer someday is scared to string down the words again? She is struggling so hard to even think of a topic to write on. So many thoughts, so many emotions all at once try to distract her as her mind fights to choose a fucking topic to write on. Sadness..tears..anger..frustration! This girl..Yes, she is the same girl who started writing the day she met you for the first time. Eventually forgot words, the way you forgot her existence in your life. Maybe she was so into you and she felt too deeply for you,that she almost forgot to write about how she actually felt when all the things in her life happened the way they did. Good and bad both equally. Nonetheless the struggle, today she decides to write again even when you are no longer here. But now watch out my love, as you will love and hate yourself all at once for leaving her in this darkness, for all you will ever get to see will be the art-pieces of all the love she had for you and the pain and sorrow you left her into!

  • radhikathakur 13w

    Ever wondered ?

    Appreciation kept her going.
    But a couple of days back, I saw her frustration making her fight, back and then with every other person.
    Like she was never going to be acknowledged as before.
    And then people ask her not to keep expectations.
    What is the problem here people?
    You, your cynical nature, not knowing only the worth of the person next to you.
    Will you blame her expectations ?

  • bichchu 13w

    Our World Redux

    Then the favela of love was bulldozed by claws of dubiety. Skyscrapers of isolation stood high on the ashes of amity. Downtown fairyland lost it's charm as the port of hope got washed away in the tsunami of duplicity.
    The meadows of life smelled of asphalt. Innocence lane turned red with blood. Anarchy ruled our hearts and mind, we purged in the name of our lord.
    In the end, death embraced us. Quenched our thirst, mighty death! Two souls died, the saga continues.

  • miti_sengupta 13w

    You do have a lot of duties. You have to perform all your jobs carefully. Sometimes, you get irritated and probably run away from all your responsibilities....But, whatever it is...it is your own life, you can't just impose your frustrations on those who do care for you, by telling them that you are 'busy'. They too have their own battles which can be even worse than yours but still they made time for you, to comfort you with love, care and affection.

  • ericwk 14w

    Insomnia imagined.
    ('7-segmented blips' = LED clock numeral display)
    In mind of such moments, those minutes.
    #Insomnia #Sleepless #Isolation #Frustration #DigitalDaze

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    7-Segmented Blips

    (an interpretation)
    Miniscule moments frayed,
    relayed – so, I. was. is. to be. this. That. – Me.
    wide-eyed wondering – mind wandering.
    desolation in darkening – dire nightness.
    Spanning visceral gaps,
    past notes played – out. rewinded. pause. – Stop.
    thoughts abridged – aligned, strung by above.
    sway into meaning, pluck chords of my discordness.
    Fathomed vibrations,
    deepening tones – mind roams. alone. – Moan.
    isolation indebted. long over – due.
    I care to sleep. in. – perspiration. quiet desperation. drips.
    counting digit. all. ’ticks
    seven-segmented blips.

    ~ an EWK Poe'em ©ericwk

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  • inspiree_within 14w

    Stop judging start understanding a life can be saved from a dreadful end. Ignorance causes pain attention bring happiness.

    #depression #depressing #unnoticed #ignored #loosingbattle #mind #selfcontrol #changes #frustration #exhaustion #sunconscious #endoflife #beconscious #savealife

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    Depression doesn't appear suddenly to one's life, it starts with a few little incidents and a little change in behaviour which goes never minded and unnoticed increasing day by day to extremely frustrating and exhausting level, which forces mind to loose it's power of self-control and it's subconsciousness resulting end of the person's life.


  • prateek21k 14w

    #जिंदगी #दर्द #इंतज़ार #खामोशी #आँसू #life #pain #broken #heart #life #end #frustration

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    एक पल को खुश थे हम,
    पर दूसरे ही पल खफा हो गए,
    ज़िन्दगी के सारे लम्हे जैसे,
    हम से जुदा हो गए,

    सबकुछ सोचकर ना जाने,
    एक कैसा दर्द उठ जाता है,
    धड़कने बिखर सी जाती है,
    दिल टूट सा जाता है,

    आगे ना जाने क्या होगा,
    ये सोचकर भी डर लगता है,
    मेरा तेरे संग रहने में ही,
    मेरा हर पल लगता है,

    एक मुलाकात को भी तरस जाता हूँ,
    तुम्हारा सोचकर बस बरस जाता हूँ,
    क्या करूँ कुछ समझ नही आता,
    क्यूं आंखों के आगे से ये अंधेरा नहीं जाता,

    अब कोई उम्मीद नही की तू मेरे पास आएगी,
    अब तो लगता है जैसे इंतज़ार में "ज़िन्दगी यूं ही निकल जायेगी"।

    ©Prateek Kumawat

  • faded_writings 14w


    The only thing a person can do when no one understands the stress he undergoes everyday is stop explained them!!

  • zuruzuu 14w

    @zuruzuu #vent #broken #world #frustration #restless #trapped #tired #selfhate #edgy

    th;s one ;s very b;tter . ;t was made for vent;ng, but not for be;ng taken too ser;ously

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    : de-lude me~ :

    walk;ng the street
    got a spr;ng, ;n my step~
    the people ; meet
    sm;le and wave, full of pep~

    walk;ng on my way
    there's so many s;ghts to see
    ;t's a lovely-dovely day
    to be, me~!

    then ; remember
    that ;'m ..

    and left alone ..
    ;n a broken home

    and trapped ;ns;de a m;nd
    that hates
    -self ..~

    slow-ly ..
    from the po;sons
    clog-g;ng me

    and lost ;ns;de a world
    that's bro-



  • lithiumrose 15w

    It is difficult
    Trying to help and convince someone in a toxic environment
    To get away

  • sonihardasani 15w


    इंसान जीवन में तब सबसे ज़्यादा FRUSTRATED होता है...
    जब वो बोलता है ,"जो मेरे साथ हुआ वो तो ईश्वर करे दुश्मन के साथ भी ना हो..."

  • loftydreams101 15w

    Spellbound and Tattered

    A pack of rabid dogs 
    Had their fun 
    With my frayed remains 
    When the night was young

    I’ve awakened,  
    In a crimson haze;     
    My terrified eyes spellbound 
    By the glaring horizon  

    Now the cries of the pack 
    Fill the blood red skies;
    Wildly snarling 
    And baying, 
    For more

    © William Wright, Jr. 2018

  • tammy_j 15w

    Automatic Entrances or Automatic Humiliation?

    I'm almost entirely convinced that my life is nothing but a comedy produced by God for everyone up there to escape the Daily Grind of life in heaven and enjoy a good laugh from time to time! Because, as you can imagine, it's completely understandable that after all that boring harp-playing, never-ending cloud lounging and euphoric happiness with loved ones... a person could use a good laugh too mix things up a bit, right? So that's where I come in! Hey everyone, it's time to watch the number one comedy special on Heaven TV network, Tammy's life of mishaps and misfortune starring, Tammy!

    There are things in life that happened only once in a blue moon to only a few people... We usually refer to such things as freak occurrences or accidents. But what if I told you I experience these things all the time?! I seriously think science would want to study me if they knew how often my life defied the laws of nature, physics and everything in general. Things that shouldn't happen, do. Things that should happen, don't. Today, for instance, I stopped at the grocery store after work to get a gallon of milk... Seems harmless enough right? After I paid for it and was on my way out, I realize that I'm going to once again be faced with a dilemma that most people never have to deal with, but I for some reason have to live with on an almost daily basis...

    You know how when you get within a few feet of an automatic door, you hear that motor start up with a low humming sound, and the door is been supposed to open? I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and guess that you probably don't listen for the doors motor as you leave a building because it's probably not ever an issue nor has it ever proven to be as important to you as it is to me. Well, let's just say I depend on the motor sound of these doors to indicate whether or not I will be faced with the following three crappy options to retaining my dignity...

    If I don't hear the motor - here are my 3 options to retain my dignity...

    ----------Option #1:----------

    Chance of retaining dignity: 50%

    Humiliation Factor: may be avoided.

    Risk: high probability of failure.

    Technique: stand at the door, and hope they open... Bear in mind, you are right at the door... Nose to glass! At this point, if they don't open, I shouldn't have to tell you that you really look like an idiot, not to mention, now you have to move on to option 2 which doubles your humiliation level or just jump straight to the ultimate humiliation of option 3 and get it over with!

    ----------Option number 2.----------

    chance of retaining dignity: 0%

    humiliation Factor: unavoidable.

    Risk: depending on automatic door type this may not work.

    Technique. Jump up and down on the black mat pad in front of the door. This only works if the automatic door is the type that response to a pressure-sensitive mat. If not, you must move on to the worst option, option number 3 thereby tripling your level of humiliation!

    ----------Option 3.----------

    absolutely no chance of retaining dignity

    humiliation Factor: At its worst

    risk: People trying to take you back to the home for special adults

    Technique: wave frantically at the sensor while jumping up and down! This covers all door types and gets the door to open so at least you can get out quickly after completely humiliating yourself!

    Nice choices huh!? They all pretty much suck!

    Yet I deal with this automatic door dilemma almost daily. I've gotten it down to a science as you can plainly see. It's best to start with option 1 and work your way down to 3.

    So getting back to what happened to me just recently, I walked toward the door at the store with complete confidence after making my purchase. My head held high my pride and tact and accounted for believing as best as I can that the door will open for me just like it does for everyone else. As I'm almost as close as I can get to the door I hear the low hum of the door motor start and a sense of relief washes over me... "Okay it's going to open", I think, so, with even more confidence, I kept walking... and yep, you guessed it, I walked right into the automatic door!

    I was so confident because I heard the sound of the motor that I never even slowed down. Not even a pause. Like, I'm talking, full-on walking speed into a glass door!

    And may I say... not gracefully. And very loudly. Has anyone heard something or someone hit one of those doors!? What the hell!? It sounded as if I broke through it like Batman just arrived to save the day! Then, to make matters worse, three store employees come running up to me, yelling, "are you okay!?" I'm sure this was done just in case anyone else in the store missed it and needed a recap! And what do you know it when the first employee got within 10 feet of me... that freaking door opened!!! I could almost swear it was possessed and mocking me as it slowly swung open for the employee who was nowhere near as close to it as I had been! So before I went psycho on the non-living object, by cursing at it and throwing punches, I decided to just run out of there!

    Will someone please put me in a straight jacket, lock me in a room with padded walls, and give me some lithium? Maybe then I'll be fine! Ughhhh! Life is exhausting!

    Done ranting, Thanks for listening!

  • loftydreams101 15w

    A Quickening Pulse

    A phantom rhythm has spawned; 
    Rising somewhere in the land 
    A call to arms 
    The alarm has sounded

    The alarm has sounded, 
    Awakening the drums 
    And daring the frightened 
    To unsheathed and stride  

    The alarm has sounded ,
    Cry out in your rage 
    In your tireless verse 
    Of jubilation or pain  

    Draw out the mobs, 
    Let them blaze the world over  
    With the endless quake 
    Of one defiant song    

    © William Wright, Jr. 2018

  • _riggy_ 16w

    When he gets home from work, he's on his phone.

    When we go to bed he's on his phone.

    When he goes to the bathroom he brings his phone.

    When he wakes up and we're having coffee he's checking his phone.

    When were at the store he's mostly looking at his phone.

    When I'm talking to him and he response while still on the phone.

    I really hate his phone!


  • tanusaddiction 15w

    I keep leashed inside me,
    just barely contained,
    uncountable, angry voices,
    of frustrated dreams,
    screaming to be freed,
    from the prison of my reality.....