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  • puffin 1d

    I am frustrated with these conventions
    Which dictate love and romance.
    Namely, assuming that warmth and adoration
    Must necessarily be an amorous advance.

    I don't like to confuse;
    I'm not being coy.
    I hate letting someone down,
    Because I don't see them as a toy.

    I know pain and heartbreak,
    I know that sting of rejection.
    In generating that, I'd rather not partake,
    So I glare in contempt at these conventions.

    I'm addicted to doting.
    It's euphoric to care.
    But it's well-worth noting
    That romance isn't necessarily in the air.

    I admire my idols deeply.
    I love each and every one of them.
    I don't say that cheaply;
    My adoration can't be hemmed.

    I read and reread every work,
    I carry their lessons close to my heart.
    Responsibilities I'd gladly shirk
    To listen to those human pieces of art.

    Many aren't household names,
    Though some are touched by fame.
    But my respect isn't a game,
    Although I do like to acclaim.

    I worry over misfortunes that may befall them;
    If I could, I'd see to their every comfort.
    I consider them absolute gems,
    And each sentence is a beautiful concert.

    It verges upon hero worship,
    But I'm not blind to their flaws.
    I may even disagree, but the fellowship
    Won't so easily be withdrawn.

    And I respect privacy --
    Those rights are paramount.
    Though, perhaps there's a bit of lunacy
    In hoping they're at peace right now.

    And as for my friends --
    And indeed, strangers alike --
    I love trying to comprehend
    What their thoughts are like.

    I love those deep conversations,
    I love periodically checking in.
    I love hearing their aspirations,
    And I love seeing a happy grin.

    And as for love, I commonly use the word
    And I am sincere.
    But most misinterpret to what I refer,
    Which makes things unclear.

    It's not that I'm disinterested in romance,
    But I'm not trying to pursue it with so many;
    In the same sense, I wouldn't eat pie at every chance,
    But that doesn't mean I don't want any.

    I simply don't want to be misconstrued.
    I won't perpetuate an idea that's untrue.

    I often feel platonic love of a resolute sort,
    Just as brothers feel to one another.
    My good will isn't meant to court,
    Only to show support for others.


    #love #platonic #frustration #romance #writersnetwork

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    Rules of Love

    I'm addicted to doting.
    It's euphoric to care.
    But it's well-worth noting
    That romance isn't necessarily in the air.

  • tnzrmn 3d


    I really hate every God damn thing about this story. All I want to do is call it a day and turn off the lights.

  • penstroke 4d

    When you find fake people around you acting like they would stay forever. When you know the world is plastic. Don't you feel like escaping?

    #donewithpeople #frustration #fake #people #befree #peace

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    Sometimes I feel like
    Shutting off all social media
    Talk to nobody
    Lock myself up in my little shell
    And be at peace!


  • serilynn_harlina 5d


    I think i just need to stop trying
    To please you, to win you
    To makes you wanting me the way i wanting you

    As all my efforts goes to drain
    And my wishes keep fades away
    And the way you avoiding me
    Torturing my heart, breaks it harder
    And it bleeds, and in pain,

    I tried to get this feeling off
    But i dont wanna give up on you

    If only you can see
    My heart so true
    My heart only just for you

    And its falls apart now
    The way you want it to

  • jzl_kdr 1w

    beyond limitation
    brings frustration.


  • kathani 1w

    Kabhi kabhi sochti Hoon
    Tumse kahin door chali jaun..
    Kyun ki...
    Kyun ki..
    Suna tha Maine
    Kisi ko yeh keh te hue..
    Yaar frustration na badi kaam ki cheez hota hai
    Nazane kaab aam insaan ko yeh sayar bana deta hai..
    Kabhi kabhi sochti Hoon..
    Tumse sare riste Nate tood Doon..
    Taki dard bhari sayri Mai v likh sakoon..
    Par ho Kahan tum
    aa toh jao ..
    Ae mere humdard..
    1Gb khatam hone se pehele
    Tumhe send karni hai Meri adhi dard...

  • broken_nib 2w


    My dictionary described it as an attempt to free the soul trapped in the maze of life

    World calls it suicide


  • puffin 2w


    It's absurd, it's treasonous,
    Lines are blurred where reason is.
    It's now where rationality has left;
    Unfounded accusations carry heft.

    What shall we do? What can we do?
    What of that good reputation
    You've worked so hard to accrue?
    You can't surrender in abdication.

    But how can you fight?
    How can you resist when speaking in defense
    Is not seen as right?
    It goes against good sense.


  • priya6 2w

    Sometimes no one ever negative for you than your self negativeness


  • puffin 2w

    F o u r hours of calculus oh god kill me; my brain is too fried to make non-fragmented sentences D; #math #frustration #tired #cry #writersnetwork

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    Life full of
    So much work
    My greatest love
    Has turned beserk

    Smother me
    My head hurts
    Cry in my tea
    Tears on my shirt

  • anoushka_rath 3w

    What Would It Take?

    After numerous tries
    to impress you,
    to impress her,
    to impress them,
    I figured that now
    you might take me as I am.

    I thought after all the hardships
    I went through,
    I'll get you
    only as much as I can.

    But I never knew that
    you'd decide
    to toss me aside
    at the last minute.

    So, I ask you today,
    Not out of need,
    Not out of anger,
    Not out of love,
    Not out of greed,
    But just out of curiousity,

    What would it take for one to have you?
    Or how much more would it take?


  • kidkneebeans 3w

    Dec. 24, 2017

    My dreams have been angry recently.
    These little stresses of life blowing into hazy mountains
    That barely faulter at my own fists.
    They say words can move mountains,
    But these things clearly won't budge.

    The big stresses are there, too.
    This time, more attainable to the death grip of my hands.
    Skin presses the palms as I squeeze,
    But it feels like a feeble attempt.
    I try harder as someone in the dream urges me to continue.
    It smiles at the useless work of my hands,
    telling me with its eyes that
    there was nothing i could do.
    Nothing I could do to stop that stupid smirk.

    I'm not sure why I'm so angry.
    People have said dreams have connections to real life and what goes on with it.
    I guess for now I'll just let dreams be dreams.

  • nandanlohia 3w


    "We'll are connected
    but aren't connected."

  • harshita__ 4w

    The level of your anguish doubles up when you realise that even smallest of the things are falling apart.

  • spiritual_writer 4w

    Even in the mist
    Of your frustration
    You can be the one
    To bring peace to
    Another person in
    The mist of their storm.


  • diyawrites 6w

    Why do I follow the mind that is already lost?

  • ishan_jajoo 6w

    Mask of celebration

    We want romance
    but only in Feb.
    December in Goa,
    with bank balance debt.

    We want happiness
    but only to show off.
    To satisfy our ego,
    and frustration to blow-off.


  • isnehaa22 7w


    She: For the last time love, I won't go out.

    He: No one's judging you out there, trust me no one cares.

    She: That's not true. They all stare. I know they whisper about how improper my clothes are, they give me looks about my uncanny hairstyle, they discuss how my footwear doesn't match with my attire and lastly they voice their filthy opinion coated with sarcasm on my face. *Mimics society's voice*
    "Darling you look so beautiful!"
    As if I believe them.

    He: But you are beautiful my love.

    She: For once I may agree with you and accept that somehow I have managed to look pretty but what about after that when they judge my opinions and declare my mind to be unhealthy and regard me as a socially awkward person who cannot fit in their perfect world.

    He: Darling then who cares what they think. Just let them and you live your life the way you want. Be fearless and careless of their whispers, looks, comments and judgements.

    She: How can I be, they seem so perfect. I start to feel that this is actually the ideal way to live out lives. Sometimes I start envying them and try to be like them. I feel they are so much better and maybe I'll get happiness if I'll abide their social norms.

    He: My love, Nothing is perfect.

    She: That's what I fear!


  • saurabh_sadaf 7w

    बात दर बात पे बिदकता है
    चिड़चिड़ा हो चला है दिल शायद


  • sivanisirigiri 8w

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