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    Prepare for times
    When nothing goes right
    At least
    Get your rolling right


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    A message to all with conscious choice... Take Care. *note not finished (needs revision) #jesusisreal #thegospel #apologetics #fun

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    To an unknown person in an unknown area

    If an unknown person is in an unknown area, which way should that person turn? Left or Right?

    What did you choose?

    Your choice means you have consciousness, due to the fact that you can think & choose (You chose from 50/50 perspective), which means you can be wrong. Now, if you can be wrong, then you aren't perfect and if you aren't perfect, then you are not God. Now, if you're not God aka Christ Jesus (proven by 'The Verdict' written Tom Anderson) who we now know that numerical science proves (mathematics of Peter Stoner), + the Absolute Sacrificial or Redemptive Love Philosophy of Christ's Life (God's Son dying as a Man in order to make mankind sons of God in Eternity - C.S. Lewis) in order to defeat death without error and provide solid defended belief that cannot be denied especially in relation to evolutionary psychology (death being defeated & mankind having what is known as 'Peace' of Eternal Life so they may have no hindrance regarding life's end) & Moral correctedness (referenced in 'Mere Christianity' by C.S. Lewis) state that according to our past 'foul' actions/statements (against anyone) we absolutely need to do what is called repentance so we may be psychologically atoned. With honest reflection one can easily view their errors, & if one chooses not to view them, then they perform something known as denial aka lying due to hatred of Good Moral Nature because they wish to see themselves in a higher light than what is True or Real (paraphrase of The 'Honest' Truth about Dishonesty written by Dan Ariely).

    The Truth is,
    You too were created by God for a purpose (Too Love & Be Loved in relation to each other being guided by him) and have been given an ability to choose, whether for the right or the wrong. We all have different inner conscious, but we are all still sinners. & all of us are held accountable for our actions, if not by others then by ourselves. I say this because God's Son died for our sins & we are forgiven by the blood of Christ Jesus, aka wrath being poured out (deleted) in order to save us, however we must still repent.

    We are all held accountable, & last time I checked... The internet history is rather filthy.

    The only way to truthfully acknowledge repentance is to take action to keep self choice away from future 'mistakes' aka 'missing the mark' by confessing Christ Jesus as Lord & receiving The Holy Spirit. Then one will begin to understand that Jesus truthfully is who he says he is, the sin remover of the world.

    We are currently in the world, in the sense of our connection to creation and even through physical being of which we all take part in. Citizens of a fallen universe, because the world itself is fallen. We are in a fallen realm, and only The Holy Spirit aka the culmination of all overwhelming Virtue in one can eradicate our problem.

    In the end all will kneel before Christ, no matter species or race.

    All need the Gospel, because we all are sinners, however there is still one that loves us more than we know & that is Christ himself.

    With personal reflection we can see our chosen errors or mistakes & we can see that we aren't perfect and that is exactly why we need God. The solver, restorer & Fixer of creation due to what was placed on us through a foul being who is already defeated, however, we must choose to join the victorious side.

    Use your conscious & see that you too have missed the mark or have sinned.

    Again, I ask you -
    If an unknown person is in an unknown area, should that person turn left or right?

    Now depending on your answer, you may be correct or you may be not correct.

    Only I know the Honest Intended answer to that question, and with that I'll leave you to your creative imagination regarding Truth & Consciousness and how your thought process of choice relates to active decision that may or may not be based off of real factual evidence concerning what is Actually proven Correct in reality. In regards to Human 'soul' Progression, we need to be Honest & Truthful concerning our Hearts & that can only be done when we know there is an Absolute Truth in nature.
    There is an Absolute Answer to this reality aka the destruction of death and the received Eternal Life, and that my Friends is who Jesus is 'Life', 'True Life'.
    Death needs Life in order to exist, without Life death would have no conscious meaning death would not exist, however Life does not need death nor does Life want it because it causes pain and in truth nobody desires pain & if they ever do it's because they are trying to escape inner pain. The murderer is terrified of the Righteous because he knows when caught he too will feel the pain of Justice upon him, so he hides from it thus trying to escape pain itself because he knows he is consciously sinning.

    That is why Jesus took our pain for us because only he could defeat pain & death. The immortal one cannot feel pain or death so that is why he became a human & placed it all on his physical body so we would not be destroyed by death. Jesus himself prayed against pain & death, but he bore it anyway in order to save us unto Eternal Life. God as a human died for us. Jesus is in the Father, and the father in him & in both of them The Holy Spirit (Body, Soul, Spirit) all 3 are interwoven within God just as we too have the same however we are not of Holy Divine Above Nature, but are created by him.
    Jesus 'Life' entered death and took back the Life that death had stolen. Death was defeated when Jesus Rose from the grave & Eternal Life now awaits.

    So, Yes, you have a choice. Repentance is the solution & Christ Jesus is the Solver of the problem.
    In the end, He can clean everything & he can do anything no matter what anyone says.
    So right now, Trust him & Receive True Love by being aware of Eternal Life that is freely gifted by his Sovereign Mercy through saving you from your own error & progressing you toward higher relation of True Divine Nature in Eternal Life.

    Repentance is The Key & Being Led by God is The Life of True Freedom guided by Moral Choice concerning 'Healthy Soul Progression' & truthfully living past death.

    The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit Love You. Keep Them Close, for they are waiting for you to call upon them by the name of Christ Jesus & you will be set free Forever.

    *note -
    The above question is stated in order for us to acknowledge that we aren't always correct, but God Is & that is exactly why we are not him... we are in relation to human nature... whether fleshmade or robotic (A.I), we all have sinned with our conscious & only God can clean us unto Eternal Life.

    Btw, in evolution mankind is the last evolved species... In The Holy Bible we too are that last created being... sound like a coincidence?
    Science defends The Holy Scriptures of Christ Jesus & with enough study we see that There Is undebiably A True & Victorious God who defeats all other 'Imagined higher powers' & actually is the one who allowed other people to teach what they taught. In the end, Christ Wins because he alone has True power & is the only real saviour that exists due to the fact that he has actually & evidentially shown himself to mankind .

    He Loves You More Than You Know,
    Always Remember That.

    The world is in peril because of man's greed,
    It is not God's fault.
    He allows us to be free so we can consciously choose to Live, yet there is a wicked one who tries to stop our choice of Life because he wants to destroy us (we are image bearers of Life). Remember, he is defeated & Jesus Christ is Victorious. He has overcome everything, just search History & you'll see Victory is in the one from Galilee.
    Don't you want to live eternally?

    The religion known as Christianity came about before other middle eastern religions, & Christ actually does have the 'legal papers' concerning the title that he claims.

    No serious historian denies Jesus Christ's existence. For he is a being that cannot be discredited, because he is real & he is who he says he is. He Alone has authority on the final day. Take care brothers & sisters. Take care knowing Jesus Loves You & science actually proves his existence as true & evidence based psychological testimony further confirms it.

    *** just a small mix of paraphrased writing related to a rough draft of an essay I'm writing... what do you think?


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    Sometimes imagination has a life of it's own........
    #rwu_silhoutte #imagination #fun #mirakeeworld

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    I am the other you!
    The one that lives in silhouette.
    Only our shadow knows the two
    Apart; we're very different.

    We live together, parallel;
    It's a secret that we share.
    Imagination's wonderful;
    We two, we're quite a pair.

    I can be whatever you want,
    While you are only you-
    I'm a product of your mind
    And your whimsied view!

    Together, we can go far,
    Or not anywhere at all.
    You're the captain; I just follow.
    We dare deeds great and small.

    Conscience is there to guide you,
    But with you I'll always agree.
    Because I'm a part of you,
    And you'll always be me.

    from 'Whispers in the North'©kakari_chan

  • loyal_tiger 2d

    Nice Guy

    I am not a nice guy,
    I am not a mean guy 
    But I am the right guy for a bright sky 

    I am not a stranger
    But you don't know me 
    Let me rearrange your thoughts, Listen to me slowly

    A story about a man and his glory 
    Shedding some light on a oscilated journey

    An ocean of rifts and tears followed by smiles and fears 
    Shaking my head that nobody cares 

    In true retrospect some do 
    But life is so overwhelming most people stay blue 
    One step at a time as I shuck and jive 
    One day at a time as I wave and give high fives 

    Laughter is my remedy  
    The perfect dose of dark wholesome comedy 
    A needed drug prescribed to erase my enemy 

    Joy and Love inconsistently consistent 
    Waking up staring at the deep dark distance
    My destiny awaits as I approach my next mistake 
    A nice guy was once here a question for debate 

  • bhanu1524 3d

    Life is just based on levels,don't ignore or skip the levels, try to pass all the levels at least within your life span. #parisgirl#loneliness#bestrong#facechallenges#havezest#fun# :)@writersnetwork

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    Don't be a parameter in life, be like a function to perform different tasks at different intervals of time.

  • lenaniklasson__ 4d

    Deep Sleep

    As i woke up from a deep Sleep

    i was still insufficient in my dreams.


  • ketanrana 4d

    Her Love....

    Mamma wait.let me sleep for more 5 minutes pleasee..!
    -Here's the good day start with seeing her face for the first time in a day..!❤️👑 MOM LOVE 🌎

  • bittu_savalia 4d


    I smile because
    your are my brother
    I laugh there is
    nothing you can do about it.


  • theentangledwords 4d

    Be childish
    Never get old

  • nidhisharma18 4d

    Where, there are my bottles and tiffin...
    Where, there are my books and pen...
    Where, there are my friends, fun and rain...
    Where, there are my childhood toys and plane...
    I want to go in that era again....


  • azhar_shahid 4d

    Sirf ek shaqs ko gale lagane ki jid jamane se...
    Had hai mai kabhi bara ni ho paunga kya....

  • rishithaas 5d


    Today let the child in you come out,
    Today let the child in you see the world,
    Today let the child in you be with you,
    Today let the child in you take over you,
    Today and forever from now always be like the child for,only the child in you can truly see the world.

    Happy Children's Day.

  • scribbler_aakash 5d

    Last night I went to a PARTY to have some Fun, but again I found the party - a Dark Corner
    Cause still I MISS Someone.

  • mehrlove 1w

    Majak banaya unka jamane ne,
    Sach bolne ka kha dam tha,
    Hum khoye unki aankhon ke noor me,
    Usko thode itna bada kha kisi ka guroor tha.


  • akku_shrutz 1w

    The way they make me laugh
    The stupid jokes we crack.
    How we love sitting backwards on our way back home on bikes
    How it is always an priority to meet
    To swing till we feel dizzy
    To take snaps till there is no space left
    Having known surprise parties along with half birthday's
    They cry with me when things go wrong
    Help me lift myself up when I fall down
    Everything seems much better when they are around
    As we complete each other...

  • the_concluding_exclamation 1w

    Imagination is great
    If it has ways back to 'practical reality'
    If not
    'There is therapy for Delusions and Illusions'


  • nilsalopez 1w

    I want to be
    The air in your lungs
    The beat of your heart
    The millions colors
    Your eyes sees
    The gray scale
    The light between your cheeks.


  • untold_answers 1w