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    I skip every moment,
    Always wishing for next day.

    It's like my life has stopped,
    You are the one who is going to pay.

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    Silent Bliss (Poem)

    I come back from work all stressed and filled with tension all over my body I was glad to be going home and disconnecting from this fucking world for a few hours and not having to listen to my fucking boss.
    I walk through the door of my home and the smell of an orange mango scented candle hits me. I knew he was home I got so hard thinking about what was behind the closed for to our bedroom. And there he was like an animal humanely put down in a submissive position. Ass most body relaxed he wanted me to feel better and after our little "Bonding" Time I fell asleep next to him in the silent Bliss.


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    Dedicated to my best friend.
    #rwu_bff #bff #guyfriend #gay

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    He doesn't want to believe that he's a special flower, blooming in a special garden in my fragile little heart. He doesn't want to believe because he doesn't feel like he deserves it. He squeezes my thigh under the table in class to make me jolt yet squeezes another man's thigh to make him moan. He moves forward and he moves back. But he doesn't stop. I admire him for that. If he didn't keep me sane I'd be picking at raw rice with a toothpick.

  • wolfwriting16 6w

    Sorry have been posting lately

    There are problems at home with me being gay. And it will be a while until I get my phone back so sorry about this but I am still writing daily. Love you guy

  • intheoblivion 6w

    I know two people of the same gender can have a healthy, deep, meaningful, platonic relationship but I have a dirty gay mind.


  • notsoarjun 7w


    As they reached the doorway, Avi leaned in for a kiss. Sam faced the other way, the last thing he needed was to touch him, let alone kiss him. The fight couldn’t end in a kiss, it couldn’t end in a hug either. A silent nod? A storm out? There was no possible “good ending” to what had just happened.

    As Sam turned his kiss away, Avi stayed close to his face for what seemed like minutes, but in reality, just a few seconds, milliseconds even. He lifted his right hand and held Sam’s chin tightly, forcing him to look at him. The resistance seemed to feed the emotion. The hold got tighter. His neatly trimmed thumbnail found a way to pierce Sam’s right cheek. That’s going to leave a mark.

    Sam moved backward, trying to pull away, until the back of his head hit the wall. Again, the resistance fed the emotion. Avi's hand found its way to Sam’s neck from his chin. He leaned in, making sure Sam couldn't turn away, he kissed his lips, breathing him in.

    Sam’s hands trying to untangle the chokehold only made it tighter. His veins popping, his feet trembling, he couldn’t breathe. The thought that began with ‘What kind of a man am I if I don’t fight back’ turned into the most basic thought of survival: ‘If I submit, it’ll be over and he’ll be gone in a few seconds’, until the strength of the chokehold and the lack of oxygen triggered his body into taking control over his mind and fighting back. His hands pushed, his legs kicked.

    When the primal need to survive became stronger than a moment of uncontrollable anger, Avi pulled away. Sam was trying to catch his breath, coughing, sweating. His coughs mumbled.

    Avi just stood there, the anger seemed to have taken over by regret.

    ‘I don’t like it when you turn me down ok? Please don’t make me do this again. You know how much I love you.’, he said.

    Sam was still coughing, trying to breathe in-between.

    ‘Look what you are making me do! And today of all days.’

    Sam finally could catch a long breath that could fill his lungs, but his throat was in pain.

    ‘It’s just... I feel like you don’t love me as much as I love you, sometimes.’

    Sam could breathe normally now, he just needed to do something about his throat.

    ‘How about we start over? We’ll go out to dinner tomorrow after the march, or maybe a movie? Like our first date.’

    Sam thought about what he could do to hide the scar on his cheek and the marks on his neck, left by the chokehold.

    ‘Come on, love. We have to make this work. I love you. It’s us against the world, remember? Our first pride... Walking it together, your hand in mine..?’

    Sam could come up with some funny story about the scar on the cheek, he had a cat after all, but the neck had to be hidden. A scarf? He’s not a scarf guy. Turtleneck? Hoodie? It’s summer.

    ‘We have to show them. Our parents, our friends, every single one of them who called us disgusting. Everyone who cut us out of their lives because we chose to love each other.’

    A couple of days off from work, Sam thought. That’s the only solution. Once the marks on the neck go away, he could go back. He should probably call in sick. It’s the dengue season, anyway.

    ‘It’s bigger than us, love. All these little things, these little fights... We can’t afford it. We need to stand strong. We need to hold onto each other and tell them we aren’t afraid. No matter who is in power or what the supreme court says. We can’t let them hurt us. We need to stand together.’

    There were no leaves left, though and Sam’s boss had been on his back about missing deadlines.

    ‘It’s about the pride, love. I am proud of who I am. I just want you to be proud of who you are, proud of who we are to each other.’

    His mind rushing back to the moment, Sam finally looked at Avi. The face was the same. It was the same sparkle he thought was something he could look at forever. It was the same smile he thought he could defend against anything. It was those same warm fingers that were then entwined around his fingers, and now his neck.

    The regret in Avi's eyes was painful to look at. He ran his fingers through Sam’s hair, brushing the back of his hand against the cut on his cheek. Sam stifled an urge to flinch.

    With all the strength he could gather, he smiled.

    ‘Alright, let me go help them with some placards, you take the night for yourself.. binge on some TV shows?’

    Sam nodded.

    ‘I’ll pick you up at 9. We’ll go to the march from here. And hey, don’t forget, rainbow socks!’

    He nodded again with a smile. Avi kissed him softly before he walked out the door.

    Sam closed the door pressing his hand against his right shoulder, the stitches from the last fight broke and so did what’s left of his pride.

  • intheoblivion 7w


    "Are you sure? Because you don't look straight."

    "That's...... a first! And why don't I look straight?"

    "You're just too cool to be straight."


  • thetimetraveller_hb 7w


    If you still make jokes about gays,
    Then my friend you're not mature enough to be called straight.

  • songstresscelestial 7w

    Chains Broken.

    They're kept apart by chains. The chains of their country's views, their families' ways, the foundation of their culture. There seems to be a distance they cannot cross, no matter how much they long for each other. But he looks at him with eyes that transcend all boundaries. A spirit that goes beyond those chains.

    He looks at him with eyes that break those chains.


  • rkjunior 7w

    When Everyone Else Is More Comfortable
    Remaining Voiceless
    Rather Than Fighting For Humans,
    That Have Had Their Rights Stolen
    I Might Not Be The Same
    But That's Not Important
    No Freedom 'til We're Equal
    Damn Right I support it

    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love

  • songstresscelestial 7w

    An Older Man #3

    It isn't about him hunting for money. It's not about him being a cougar, a vulture or any other type of predator. It's about comfort after a painful marriage and an excruciating divorce. It's about learning how to smile. Love. Believe.

    It isn't about any of those things, but it hurts. He smiles but it hurts, the accusations, the condemnation. He really loves the younger man that has stolen his heart, but hates himself for dragging the young beauty down.

    He loves but he hurts. He hurts because he loves.

  • songstresscelestial 7w

    An Older Man.

    He's an older man. Old enough to be his father. But none of that matters. The world's been much kinder ever since he arrived. Smiled and asked him how his day was going. Served him that amazingly fragrant coffee over the counter, decorated in Autumn magic.

    He's an older man. He's also the kindest man he's ever met. The sweetest man he's ever kissed. He tastes like sunrise and nectar and because of that, nothing else matters.

    He's an older man. He's also the only man to ever make him happy.


  • songstresscelestial 7w


    Honey erupts and heals. Uplifts. He melts into his arms and Autumn colors his body in rich, fragrant ecstasy. The golds, reds and browns of the season infuse him with magic as he falls deeper into his arms.

    Autumn has arrived.


  • songstresscelestial 7w


    He finds sacred life, light and hope in his eyes.
    All-knowing, loving, consuming sweetness fills him. It is overwhelming, the rush of electricity, coming from his boyfriend's smile. The calm of ocean waves. The kiss of sunrise.

    He finds sacred life in between his thighs. In the eyes that speak of nothing but Spring. He finds all that he needs inside of him, around him, within him. His boyfriend completes him.

    He finds love.


  • songstresscelestial 7w

    End: Pages.

    "I'll call you every night, and we'll see each other on weekends and stuff. Sound good?"

    "No, because I might wanna call you every night. Who said YOU had to do all of the work?"

    Hitomi locks Leon in a kiss that feels like the first, even though they've been kissing each other for three years. They continue walking on the beach, hand in hand, glowing just as bright as the sun.

    Hitomi's heading off to a college that isn't Leon's, studying to become a Creative Writing Professor. Leon's off to become an animator, having developed a powerful drive to draw a certain type of romance. The Bobby Dollar paperbacks are tucked in his bookbag for safekeeping. Leon's father and happy, doting husband Jess are thrilled for both of them.

    Life is paradise. And it promises to remain that way, in pages once destined to be buried.

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    Fall was the season in which he came to life, rescued by a young man with a heart of Autumn gold.


  • songstresscelestial 8w

    Chapter Ten: Transform.

    Leon thought he'd wither away, forever isolated in a corner of a lifeless universe. Trapped with a curse he never asked for but was ordered to carry. But in just the blink of an eye, everything changed. He changed. The world transformed into a mosaic of colors, shapes and sounds in what seemed like overnight, all because of him.

    Leon's father not only agrees with the relationship-he wholeheartedly supports it. Revealed how he was forced to bury his feelings for a beautiful redhead because of his strict, overwhelming family. Regrets nothing because if he hadn't met Leon's mother, Leon wouldn't have been born.

    Tears. Hugs. Revelations. Leading up to a divorce, reunions and release. Sweet, purifying, uplifting release.

    Leon's starting his Senior year of high school in a few weeks, and he's never been happier.