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  • mmbftd 12w


    I can feel it again
    Moving backwards
    In the wrong direction
    Away from me
    And I'm standing
    In the middle of summer sun
    Looking at blue sky
    And white clouds
    Where the insects
    Create a symphony
    For only me
    And the jumping spider's
    Brightly colored displays
    Pacify me
    And get me through my days
    But its coming
    The dark is coming for me
    Like footsteps thrown
    In echoes behind me
    I've grown accustomed
    To looking over my shoulder
    And wishing I could
    Push that pocketwatch's
    Clicking, cold, bronze button
    To stop it at once
    As the sweat blooms
    Over my brow
    And my skin reddens in this heat
    The yellow sun makes celebrity appearances
    But mostly its giant and white
    A glaring sharp contrast
    To the yellow gold sun of my childhood
    And haven't I always been running from something?
    Shadows cast without origin-
    Angry screaming fists-
    Until the only place I could exist
    Was inside myself
    Where I lay my words
    Like bricks
    One by one around my soul
    Until no one
    Not even I
    Could reach it anymore.
    And now this is that month
    Where the anxiety begins
    To settle into my psyche
    It moves back and forth
    Rubbing itself down
    into the nest its making
    Like some horrible grey feathered creature
    And I've no more room for nests like this
    I'm full up from years of it
    But what can I do?
    Its coming Damn it
    I'm powerless to stop it
    Time cannot be controlled
    By something as insignificant as me.
    The darkness bites
    Its sharp teeth rip tender flesh
    I bleed when the night comes early
    I cower afraid
    Though I am grown
    And when will this ever stop?
    This looking over my shoulder
    Because I'd love to just enjoy this sun
    While I have it.


  • utkarsh2112 12w


    Colliding with my ghosts
    Remembering her makes me toast
    And when the lights goes down⚡
    I see the things they bring ⏳
    The portrait of her flashes!
    Just in case you never know
    It ll make a blow ☠
    The galaxy ll know
    The true power of a senseless!!!!

  • thatizar 13w

    I can never forget that night when I woke up to an unknown voice whispering "Kill her" in my ears. Immediately I ran downstairs to check on my sister. She was sound asleep. I was relieved knowing that it was just a nightmare.

    Two days later I woke up again in the middle of the night only to find myself on my sister's bed, with a bloody knife in my hand and her body all soaked up in blood.

    Demons, they say, can control you in your sleep.

  • light_flame 13w

    Today I was searching the net for some haunted places, when I came across a photo (ya, the one below ��) which became my inspiration and helped me to come up with this piece of writing...I don't know whether I will turn it into a proper story or not. But, just thought to put down the idea into words. Hope you all will like it. Let me know your views through your comments. And please don't forget to hit the like sign if you like what you read ������...

    Please have patience while reading it...Don't skip while reading, that's my earnest request...Ignore the typos if you find any...������

    Now, here comes my write up....��☺️

    The Sinisterly Cursed Mansion

    The sun was slowly crawling towards it's setting side. Though the weather was fortunately pleasant, but the surrounding seemed to be uncannily cold for her. It was the first time since that tyrannizing evening. She was just 5 when she was driven away in a carriage from this place by her cousin brother. That evening's incidents still play themselves like a video in a loop as soon as she closes her eyes. Her never ending screams due to those persecuting nightmares and dark circles around her eyes are a proof of her tormented mind and heart.
    Her greenish blue pupils stare at the path ahead through the window, but they seem lost in the wave of time.
    "Lehar", her friend placed a hand on her shoulder.
    Lehar came out from her trance and looked beside herself.
    "Nishtha, I...", Lehar couldn't find words to reveal what she was exactly feeling.
    "You don't have to say anything. Just stay quiet. And remember that we are always beside you", Nishtha consoled.
    Lehar managed a very small smile and slowly rest her head on her bestie's shoulder.
    "Nishtha is right. We three are always with you", put in the 3rd member of their group, Kavish.
    Lehar didn't look at him. Actually they had a fight regarding this Nihalpur visiting. While Kavish was totally reluctant to let Lehar visit her birth place, Lehar wanted to confront her fears. Later on, her cousin brother, Vraj, made him understand that to help Lehar move on in her life, they need to let her deal with her fears.
    Though Kavish agreed to go with her, but he was still not convinced with the idea.
    "I don't want to leave Lehar alone, so I will go wherever she goes", was what he said to Vraj when he was left with no options after the whole discussion ended.
    "The mansion is visible, just look", Harshil, the last member of their group, pointed outside.
    Lehar clutched Nishtha's hand tightly as the cab stopped infront of the mansion.
    The ivory white mansion looked like a haunted place wreathed with dry leaves stuck on spider webs, cleft walls, greenish damp, shattered door and window panes, broken door handles, and what not. The mansion was standing in midst of a queer stinking smoke and dense thicket.
    The 4 friends dragged their feet upto the door and finally on the other's encouragement, Lehar agreed to push it open.
    The door opened with an eldritch screech which made Lehar and the others jump back in fear. Through the open door, to welcome the four, came a rush of spine-chilling icy wind...!



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    The Sinisterly Cursed Mansion

    Read the whole caption please...


  • swagsnow 13w

    They are in my mind
    Breathing my breath
    Sucking My soul
    The ghosts of me.

    They are floating in my mind
    And making me dizzy
    They said to me, "If I give up,
    Then death would be easy. "

    Little White ghosts
    They creep behind me
    Blood smiles on their faces
    That only I can see.

    I try
    I tried to run away from them
    But everything was a waste
    Everything's vain.

    It hurts in my chest
    When they stab their nails
    I try to escape
    But every attempt, fails.

    Those dark ghosts
    They want to make me like them.
    Depressed, abandon
    Venomous and Insane.


  • cardelljhardy 14w

    The Occult

    Beware if you want to join in
    This everlasting dangerous sin
    Never see the light again
    You better be all in.
    No turning back now.
    My life will never be the same.
    Spirits ever so hard to tame.
    Open up the gates of hell
    Surely time will tell.
    A horror story so awful bound to be
    That Satan will laugh and win to be free
    And all will be history and dead i will be.

  • jadajennings 14w


    I still see you hiding there:
    watching with a fixed glare,
    wanting my senses unaware,
    waiting to give me a scare.
    I'm safe when sirens blare.

  • regretman 14w

    If ghosts do exist, i wish she is out there...
    to haunt me for eternity.

  • ink_that_bleeds 14w

    So many people become our songs and poetry who'd never know.
    The world is filled with ghosts of unspoken feelings and unheard words.


  • whogurpreet 14w

    Ghosts of mind

    From our childhood we are told that ghost don't exist..
    At a certain age we do believe it..
    Then comes a time when every scientific proof goes in vain...
    When you realise no scientist has ever given a fact regarding ghosts of mind...

  • thataviguy 15w

    Sad and Scary Part!!!!!
    #life #people #ghosts #demons #world #reality

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    I've been afraid of the ghosts and demons.
    The more scary part is,
    They've started to look like humans.


  • aditiiii 15w

    P.s - Inactive due to some issues. Surely i'll post from now on. ����
    #words #wordsofwisdom #wordsporn #writer #poetry #poet #horror #ghosts #humans #spirits #writings #writing @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @the_polymath

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    Hollywood movies show killers and psychopaths under the genre horror. Closely, it states how, not just ghosts and evil spirits, but humans are horrifying, as well.


  • ms_hoohah 16w


    Yet visible to the skin..
    Lurking in the dark,
    Feeding on my sins..
    Inhaling my fears,
    Like a drug addict..
    Laughing and dancing,
    On my proliferating heartbeats..
    Devouring my dreams,
    Like a cloying parasite..
    Until I woke up,
    So close to light..
    I saw it smiling,
    Waving me a goodbye..
    It ran into the darkness,
    And disappeared;
    I saw my ghost die,
    I saw my light emerge..


  • shweeta 16w

    One sleepless night.
    One sleepless night,
    When all sort of thoughts wandered
    -in my brain,
    Right from what my friend told me,
    To the first gift i ever gave,
    One sleepless night.

    It reminded me the horrors,
    Of the most frightening movie i had -seen,
    And from how the priest locked the -ghost ,
    To its last scene,
    One sleepless night.

    Just then a thought made its way ,
    Into the sea of my ghost movies ,
    Where it had to tell ,
    The story of my house keys,
    One sleepless night.

    Suddenly then ,
    An idea struck my mind,
    How if i visit my friend,
    The one who is one of a kind,
    One sleepless night.

    But immediately i started worrying,
    About my sick friend,
    Should i pay her a visit,
    Or a letter to send,
    One sleepless night.

    Suddenly a memory,
    Raised its hand high and good ,
    It had to say ,
    about my days of childhood,
    One sleepless night.

    But while i was busy ,
    hearing to what my each thought had -to say,
    I never knew that it was now a day,
    One sleepless night.

  • yours_meghnanimously 17w


    ghosts need not just be the remnants of the dead,
    but also you and me and our faded memories
    with dust dancing on the surfaces,
    as our minds haunt those vacant spaces at our loneliest times.


  • th3oth3rbroth3r 17w


    Dreams are but ghosts
    Of silent wishes that we pretend not to hear
    They are manifestations
    Of feelings that fuel our fears

    Two sides of the same coin,
    Speaking from opposite sides of a mirror
    "Look at me," said the ghost
    "Look and you will know yourself better."

    We can't lie to ourselves;
    Tongue-tied, souls weak and blue
    "Here time is biased. And one is two.
    You are me and I am you."

    "Do not pretend to feel or see
    Just to blend into a faceless crowd.
    In this white world you are a star
    You walk on water and swim through clouds."

    In this sick, sick world
    Our only means of escape
    Drags us to where laws are broken
    And morals reshaped

    These ghosts come and go
    Sometimes the same ones visit again
    They show truth once, nonsense twice
    Dancing within the confines of our brains


  • paulwrites 17w

    #ghostboyblues #ghosts #fiction #paranormal #serialnovel #highschool #YA #sliceoflife #youngadult #afterlife

    Ghost Boy Blues

    Ep. 43

    No one likes being evicted. Not even me. Charles Bruner thinks he’s being strong willed forcing me out of his body. In his defense, he probably isn’t aware there is a spiritual entity inside of him. Perhaps he sees me as just random thoughts that don’t belong in his well ordered head. When I was alive I’d felt that way myself on occasion. You know, when you get these off the wall, out of character thoughts and you go, “Where the hell did that come from?” Well, now you know…

    It’s no doubt Bruner is a big fan of education, so he’s going to be my means of it. He will be the vessel in which I test my limits and abilities. He’s of a strong mind. The perfect test subject. If I can control him, I can control anyone. I don’t know why I’d want to be in control of anybody, but hey, I’m bored now. My crush, Anne, has left the building for today. What else am I supposed to do? Go to the study hall and throw ghost paper planes out the window?

    So the eviction notice is ignored. I’m staying. This irritates Bruner at first. He tries to force me out of his mind. But I hold my ground. It is not easy. His will is like a moving wall crushing in on me. It makes me feel like Luke Skywalker stuck in the trash compactor while trying to rescue Princess Leia. And yes, Charles Bruner is a little short to be a stormtrooper. With that thought, his mind goes flying off into a whole myriad of Star Wars quotes and memorized scenes. Lucky for me, he is such a sci-fi nerd. Now his guard is down, his mind is free, and it’s all mine. I’m moving into the vacant apartment. I’m behind the wheel now, so to speak. He still has control of his motor abilities and most of his mind, but I’m like the Student Driving Instructor. If I need to take over to avoid a crash, I feel like I can.

    Bruner closes his locker and heads for his next class. The last one of the day. He sighs, lamenting in his head that he feels woozy and doesn’t know why. I’m not sure which class he has. I’m letting him steer and now he guides us directly into the path of Mrs. Meliora, the most evil teacher in the whole school.

    To say she is evil is probably unfair, but the consensus amongst most students is she is downright unfriendly and mean. When we run into her, I pull myself, or I should say Bruner, up short. She always had it out for me I’m thinking, but then I realize she isn’t seeing me but one of the best students in the whole school.

    Instead of a scowl, she smiles, and it has to be the most alien thing I ever saw in my life. “Charles,” she says, “you better hurry. The bell is about to ring. You know my expectations with being in time.”

    If I’d been in my own body instead of this one, she wouldn’t have said it as pleasantly, but she appears to like her student Charles. In fact, it appears she likes him more than a teacher is supposed to. I say this because she puts her big paws on our back and rubs it gently. Gently, as in sensual. This can’t be. Is she trying to hit on Charles? Hey, I don’t care what school you are in, teacher student relations are pretty much frowned on. To be honest, her touch serves to do nothing except make me feel uncomfortable. And that soon turns to anger as she continues to rub Bruner’s back. When she turns away I go to grab my crotch in every boy’s favorite show of defiance. The problem is there isn’t a crotch there. Or at least the kind I am accustomed to. That’s because, surprise surprise, let’s make school life interesting, Charles Bruner is a girl…

    To Be Continued...

    “Ghost Boy Blues” 2018 Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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    Ghost Boy Blues 43

    Follow the series

  • ananya_aiswarya 17w

    I don't want this empty canvas of my life to be painted with screaming ghosts of uncertainties.

  • iamjass 18w

    I chew the thorns and gulp your lies with wine.
    With my hideous demons, I daily do dine.
    I saw how you kept lying.
    And so now you see me dying.


    #SerieGrave #babyuncle #samha #love
    #lost #ghosts #red_verse #soul

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    One's Castle, Someone’s Grave

    Did you wail with me on that night,
    when your lies slaughtered my soul?

    She seemed to be ashes but see,
    how she burnt our pages.

    Sleep too left me on that night and I saw,
    our dreams turning into mine, tessellated with scars.
    Maybe you loved me with all your heart,
    then why you watched me falling apart?

    I knew not when my facade went heavy on my amour
    that they veiled my token of being
    your eternal paramour.

    Don't ask me darling,
    for the love I used to bleed before.
    For now, my site is blurry
    and bluish grey become all hues.

    I wonder what elixir you found in her dripping words,
    that you kissed them for your euphoria.
    Come and visit this calcic tears someday,
    I fear, you would see a universe of my love
    with your tiresome eyes.

    Perhaps I would forgive you someday,
    the puff of time will blow the dust off.
    But my words, don't dig them honey,
    you will find yourself the digger of my grave.

    And I will leave the footprints of mine on your shore,
    fragments of my dried love in my writes.

    And maybe you will miss me someday,
    at those desolated nights.



  • xalleyxcatx 19w


    I hear them call in the night
    And if I listen carefully I can hear their plight

    A familiar scent floods the room
    Of sulfur and musk perfume

    And as they draw their mouths near
    Their solemn words become more clear

    But alas, I am frozen in bed
    Unable to vanquish them from my head