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  • anshul_ieshu 4h

    Love & Grief

    It was love,
    and I lived in it.

    It is grief,
    And I will carry it.

  • sukhna 2d

    Ode to Japan

    At noon, life was going at its usual pace
    Did not know, between time and them was a race.
    Soon, a huge Tsunami struck
    Many ran out of their luck.
    The timing was such, no one was aware
    The grief, shock; the survivor had to bear.
    Everything was reduced to zero
    But, all kept together and emerged as hero.
    Ignoring the individual suffering and pain
    As united helped, vowed to stand again.
    No chaos, no confusion, the hurt they had to brace
    Combined, they fought with beautiful grace.
    Hugging each other in need
    While, their own hearts bleed.
    Japan, the calmness you showed, bowled us away
    May in your land happiness forever sway.


  • aprildby 2d

    My love, after all the the lightnings, thunders and hard rains,
    You still stuns with your majestic beauty.

    Your lying hair,
    those eyes were closed
    the thick lashes's still alive,
    With your pretty white clothes

    Under this tenebrific night which covered by the stars and moon,
    To marry you under iridescent aurora- we'll make it soon,

    Your dreams are my dreams,
    Your beams are my beams.

    Your scars are my pain,
    Your tears are my rain.

    My love, it's your voice the music that I missed,
    And the first time you gave your very last kiss.

    I longed for the warmth of your hand that I used to hold.
    We're intwined by tears right now
    With your body's ice cold.

    I remember your laugh-those days that we've been through.
    I thought we'll make it last without existing hue

    My love, its been a while since my whole world has gone.
    I started our story and you left it undone.

    Yes, your beauty remain in your lovely face,
    Yet soon, your soul will leave this place.

    You will be out of my reach for now.
    But I wouldn't unhold our together's vow.

    And when the horizon reach the night
    We will mary under the northern light.

    With both coldness I'll make it right.
    For my body will rest better by your side.

    Soon we'll be the stars, and sooner will be ether.

    With both soul as one,in a sepulchre forever.

    "Your dreams are my dreams,
    Your beams are my beams.
    Your scar will be my pain.
    Your cry will be my rain
    Your breath will be my breath
    Your death will be my death

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    Two sepulchre under aurora


  • kajolkumari 3d

    #pod #pagli #mirakee #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #writtentales #ownwritings #felttale #karma #childhood #life #hustel #magic #belief #grief #gratitude ��
    The best stories were still in her diary scribbling with her pencils after world was to her like a living funeral..
    In midst of shower of gratitude =]

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    Is still one of those best friend with whom she would scribble all her fairytales ��
    And,unseen mysteries of the world..
    ~Growing up

  • convolutedpoetry 4d

    Eventually, we would
    Come to Realize
    There was no known cure
    For what ailed us.
    There was only acceptance,
    Waves of grief
    And a sort of moving
    Where the reality
    Of Yesterday
    Would be just distant enough
    Not to be
    The death of us.


  • psychofog 4d

    Little Deaths

    When i think about what the future holds-
    Shoes on a window you would love
    But never wear;
    Two tickets to a vacation getaway
    Only I can go to;
    Clothes that will eventually stop
    Smelling like your skin-
    When I think about that future,
    I wonder how I can move on,
    How my days will look like,
    Moving on, healing, putting everything
    In the past, in the back of my mind,
    When years later I'll grow frail and old
    And all that's left of you is dust and shadow memories-
    When I think of all these,
    I die just a little inside
    And then I die some more each day.

  • alokvatsa 4d

    The Starting & ending of life in one frame.
    Both don't have teeths in their mouth.
    Both can't understand what the other one is saying.
    But they feel an eternal connection,
    As Grandpa and grand daughter.
    It's gonna be his first and last meet with her grand daughter, he knows that.
    So he want to soak it all, he doesn't want to let her go from his safe hands. But Alas! his life is already giving up on him.

  • cry_stals 1w


    The weeping women.

    The mourning men.

    That is how it ended.

  • bluejean_buddha 1w

    Love Always, Kate

    you appear in her sleep as she tries to dream
    laying next to her, or so it would seem
    you pull her closer as she starts to cry
    whispering in her ear, “don’t worry, I’m fine”
    but the words you speak are full of sorrow
    you wont be there when she awakes tomorrow
    too many words were left unspoken
    this heart of hers will always be broken


  • at_sam 1w

    Rest in Peace, Grandfather

    Must I cry? Must I grieve?
    For the love which I hold
    Is true in its entirety
    No, don't look at my eyes,
    They aren't watery, nor will they ever be.
    Should I cry, then? Should I grieve?

    Nope, that’s not it,
    Let’s bring out the champagne!
    Bring out the drums, and remove
    The distasteful sadness! Drop it for
    Something good, something new!
    Celebrate an end, and mourn only
    The difficulty of a new beginning!

    Thinking so, I walked to the pyre,
    Took the ashes of my grandfather
    To collective horror, hired a cannon
    Filled it with ash and crackers
    Struck it and out came sparks
    Then I sang through my bright
    Smile to everyone’s surprise

    “For all the days and nights
    Of your unending love;
    For your naive smiles and
    Your oddities' treasure trove,
    Thanks for the memories,
    thanks for the memories.”

    (RIP, thatha. Your absence will be sorely felt.)


  • creschke 2w

    A Long Wait

    My keys jingled against my purse with each step I took.

    I force myself to remain hopeful that this will not be our last day, that by a miracle I wished for, naively, you are awake and coherent.

    I reach your room at the end of the hall, my mother sits there with a blonde lady who I never met, and was not your usual nurse.

    Confused I turn to your closed door "Please see nurse before entering".

    I lean against the wall, sliding slowly to the floor, an evil screaming echoing through thr hall, escaping through my lips. "No, no no no no no!"

    They had to put me in a room away from all the other dying patients in palliative care, where I bawl, and lose complete control.

    One more day, just one more where you can speak with me the way we did when I was a teenager, surrounded by the twisted smell of grapes and garlic, in our backyard.

    I went into your room, the strange stillness of your chest twinges my heart. Tears streaming down my sloppy wet face continued to pour of their own free will.

    I held your lifeless body in my arms, willing with the last bit of strength I had left, for your arms to encircle me.

    You left before I got there, you LEFT BEFORE I GOT THERE!

    Even now, my heart beats painfully, as I miss my daddy's embrace, "I'm so proud of you".

  • unexpressed_ 2w


    Tears got dried up but,
    heart is still bleeding.

  • deep_walker85 2w


    I wish I knew
    What troubled things
    And gotten rid of the demons.

    But I was blind,
    I could not see,
    And now it's shattered...

    Brooding over the time
    never to be the same
    tears start rolling.

    Surrounded by people
    They're left to groan
    with the pain they're made to own.

    A wave of grief
    has hit things hard,
    and everything's devastated.

    If I could change
    What fate arranged,
    I'd do it in a heartbeat...


  • sanaaaah 3w

    We all are a little broken,
    in many ways but one.
    Broken pieces can be joined
    together but still cracks come.
    It’s just the reason that separates us,
    and the grief that doesn’t.


  • fmcstarr 3w

    The Lady With a Legacy

    “You can fight this you black, beautiful stallion! “
    He shouts as his love passes away due to the illness that made her ghostly.
    Now in his heart, she’s a ghost.
    He loves her still, no one gets the love he gave her, anyone else fills the void.
    Her legacy, he keeps alive in her honor.
    His and her kids will know their mom was special and her spirit lurks within their hearts.

  • josephine_karta 3w

    As the clock strikes midnight
    And the sound of fireworks in the city below rages like a thunderstorm just out of view
    All I can think about is how sad it is that this is the first year that doesn't have you

  • ajfrobisherpoetry 4w

    A year on and I can still feel my daughter's hand in mine...and always will.

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    When a hand held so tightly
    And gripped tender in love
    Has slipped away to eternity
    The love remains in your grasp
    And the imprint stays
    Stained with tears

  • daydreams 4w

    I was shrouded in spasm, the day you left
    No, it was not the outcome of your departure
    It was the consequence of the fact that I believed in FOREVER!

  • s_maayra 4w

    I love your hugs
    I love your pep talks
    I love your smiles, your tantrums, your laughs, your 'I-love-you-so-much-bear-with-it' moments
    I love you Maa.. so much
    Thank you Mamma!����
    -A daughter

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    She held me together when I fell apart,
    She wordlessly tolerated when I lashed out,
    She stood by me and picked up the broken pieces of my heart,
    She had been that silent pillar of strength throughout my life
    bearing the burdens of my griefs and hindrances
    Standing there to catch me when I fall,
    My mom had been the best I could ever ask for!