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  • anamorphosis 4d


    is a


    that recognizes itself

  • fireborn 1w

    Bedeviled Desires

    The paths of my life are redolent with the odour of your garden.
    The sounds of your voice beckons me when the day begins to fade.
    Sometimes its the knock so assertive on the doors of my dreams.
    Sometimes its the tranquil whispers on my ears
    Sometimes its your memories which tormented
    That made me nocturnal in the dying hours of night.
    Every rendevouz- it ends with parting ways again.
    Yet why are there never ending desires?
    Why does the face of each desire seem foggy?
    Why does these desires go wrong?
    At every turning it turns, in the blossoming bliss, it withers away.
    While,in midst of all these tangled confusions, life passed by.

    Ayush Kabir Z

  • reddragonfly 1w

    The fragrance of assorted flowers
    Hurts my nose
    Same as
    The sight of you in that casket
    Pierces my eyes;
    I never knew bright blossoms
    Can emit so much sadness;
    You look so peaceful in your sleep,
    It makes me want to lie down beside you.


  • jackcarroll 1w


    cold autumn nights
    luminous street lights,
    the red fury within me
    numbed and i was set free.

    you set me alight,
    warm fingers running down my spine.
    i was yours and you were mine,
    for this one night, we were one.

    pure and wreathed in bliss
    every breath and blink i did not miss,
    in fear of losing you
    in fear of losing a part of me,
    now glowing with light glee.

    and yet that night soon died
    you got into that car and and I went home and cried,
    because after that night you were torn away,

    and it was not just you
    who was left cut that awful, autumn may.


  • _pranjali06 1w


    I will always remember
    I will always sigh
    Our last kiss
    And our last goodbye.


  • pingu_pennameofmine 1w


    The gopikas were playing
    with the dark lord
    And enjoying the rain
    But he, plays with their heart
    And enjoys in their grievances....


  • toolism 1w

    A wise child brings joy to a father.
    A foolish child brings grief to a mother.

  • anuran1 1w


    Night came in long strides
    Embracing the dying sun
    To it's imminent death.


  • teadoza 2w

    Trying to let go.

    Loud, murky, wildwaters of emotion are raging deep within me.
    Seeping of anger, tears and fear
    Just enough to aliviate the levy from breaking.
    I reach out for help, but no one turns to see I'm drowning in my pool of fears.
    Maybe this is how it ends, maybe that's a relief to all this grief.


  • shefali_bint_jamsheed 3w


    The echoes of our conversations
    are still scratching me inside,
    lancinatng my bruised heart,
    and horrifying my grieved soul…


  • anamikapal 3w

    You know what real pain is?

    To live a life that was denied to your loved ones.


  • randomlywrite 3w

    Why I hate November

    Why I  hate November... You brought, then took a family member..
    For me to never know. I hate you and your slow...
    Your month, seeming endless, brings many pleas and cries. With each minute like an hour, more tears fill my eyes.

    You include Thanksgiving as a time for giving thanks... But not to you November, MAY you drown on the cold river banks.

    I can't stand you November... because of a family member...
    I miss her so much... I did NOT even get five years of her touch...

    A woman so close to me, yet I can not even REMEMBER
    You took away apart of our blooming life and now look at us, still caught in this everlasting strife.

    I can not help BUT miss my mother. I will not get those feelings, I missed, from another.
    How could you take away an angel that you brought into this place? With the same shock and pain, as if you had slapped me across the face...

    Damn you November, because you don't care. She'll never lay me down and run her fingers threw my hair... Never to hug me or show that she's there... Or buy me candy and teach me to

    She won't watch me grown up or see what I'LL do... or pretend she didn't understand the problem, when she really knew...

    Now she can't sit over my shoulder and watch me write. She won't make it in time to stop the sibling fight... or help me fly a kite... or even just to kiss me goodnight, but I still hate you despite.

    FUC* YOU NOVEMBER! You've left my brain limber...
    Bending and stretching all around, trying to understand why she'll NEVER come back up from the ground.

    You took her ten days before her birthday, you selfish little child. All of my built up emotions are not even close to mild.

    I want her here smiling as I dance and sing. I want to dry her joy filled tears, after I give my life their wedding ring.
    You know she deserves to be here just as much as her children deserve to have her near...

    I wish for the ability to call her when life has left me upset. Gentle voice, soothing me with her version of how Dad and her first met.
    I needed that chance to just relax and join in with her welcoming laughter. Her words would encourage that life must get better, for her and Dad are still living their happily ever after.

    But No, FORGET it November, because of you, I did not get this fairy tail. Now abandoned, I'm surly walking through the gates of Hell.

    I don't think I can do this all on my own. Why won't she please... just pick up the phone!?

    Because you stole HER  November! My most important family member!
    I will never, ever forgive you. Not even when my life here is also through.
    ~ Jess Hurt "Randomlywrite"

  • randomlywrite 3w

    Pain by numbers

    In 29 years
    I have lost 12 people that have had an impact on my life

    Out of those 12
    ·8 have been since the beginning of 2013
    ·5 of which never made it past 30 years old
    ·4 of which were relatives
    ·3 of which were School friends
    ·2 of which I met as new coworkers

    And How
    ·4 I lost to the physical act of suicide
    ·3 I lost to pharmaceutical overdose
    ·2 I lost to complications with the brain
    ·1 I lost to a senseless stray bullet, during a gang fight
    ·1 I lost to protecting her family during a car wreck
    ·1 I lost to a heartbreaking battle with alcoholism

    One of these major losses, was my mother. She lost her battle in 1992, to alcoholism. It was just 10 days before her birthday, and only a month before I turn 5 on mine.

    Though, I do not have much memory of her, I've grown up not being able to fathom anything else, that could hurt like the loss of a mother.

    Until this year, 2017

    On August 22nd, I lost someone, that I felt was the love of my life. Someone that stopped time in my world, from the very first moment I saw her. Someone, that showed me pieces of me. Someone, that fought demons like mine and made me feel, a little less alone, in this world.

    Until, our demons went to battle and we both fought and lost... And fought and lost.. And fought And then lost. And then we both lost.
    And lost..
    And gone.

    We all grieve differently. I wish that I could plug all these numbers into some formula, that could tell me, how long I have left, in my grieving of a loved one. Maybe, there is a chart to display when/if, there will be an ending date to it, or when I should start grieving the next loss.

    But unfortunately, no , life has me caught in the same stale algebra class. Studying through, numbers and pictures, just waiting for the pain to pass.

  • winter_phoenix 4w

    Dedicated to my father whom I lost a few days ago.. you're not gone, will remain forever with us ! May you rest in peace ❤❤❤
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @mirakeewriters @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeans #grievingpoet #grief #loss #father #restinpeace #numbwithpain #family #death

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    I pick up my pen
    Trying to write something
    But pages after pages
    Are wasted in vain.
    The Ink of pain
    Spilled all over the pages
    Is enough I guess 
    What I feel is expressed.
    A grieving mother by my side
    All her adornments removed
    A little brother stuck in tides
    sorrows buried deep in chest
    A sister oscillating to and fro
    Between responsibility and heartache
    A brother in law consoling all
    A pillar standing strong and tall
    A nephew too young to comprehend
    Relying on others to feed and tend
    And then lastly there is me 
    the family black sheep
    Not wanting to talk at all
    Just be alone and sleep.
    Numb, unable to believe
    When I'm still doubtful
    how can I grieve!

  • ortho123 4w


    "attachment is the root cause of grief in life"

  • darkmtr 4w

    Birth of a Dream

    Had your birthday candles
    Standing at attention
    But the autumn air
    And the despair
    Of you not being here
    Left me frozen
    Holding the fire
    "Guess I'll use these as torches
    to find my way to a new frontier.
    As much as I wish
    you were here
    I must keep moving. "


  • tonyfrobisher 4w

    I'll Make Us A Brew

    I'll make us a brew
    Well that's what you do
    When hurt and sad
    Upset or maddened by
    Events unexpected
    Out of the blue
    You'll be alright
    I'll make us a brew

    I'll make us a brew
    I'll make us a cuppa
    When life's hit you with force
    All plans made scuppered
    When stunned to silence
    No thought to talk or what to do
    You'll be alright
    I'll make us a brew

    I'll make us a brew
    Pop kettle on won't be long
    A fresh pot drink it while its hot
    But you won't you do not
    Even see before you the mug of tea
    That solves every problem but one
    I can't bring you back, no that's true
    You'll be alright
    I'll make us a brew

  • lovesoulfree 5w

    Channel your inner strength! �� #hurt #pain #strength #riseabove #grief

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    If you are hurting, know that you are stronger than your pain and use that strength to rise above it. Grieve, yes...but do not allow your pain to define you.

  • tonyfrobisher 5w

    For my daughter Milla. Sleep well my beautiful girl.
    You could not walk, but I walked to with and for you. And always will.

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    #loss #grief #sadness #bereavement

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    I Walked

    When legs and arms tired
    I carried you
    When every muscle ached
    I held you
    When all I wanted was sleep
    I stayed with you
    When stress & worry etched on my face
    I calmed you
    When I screamed inside with exhausted cries
    I spoke gentle to you
    When I heard you, always
    I walked to you
    Never away
    For in my darkest lowest weakest hours
    Your need was greater than mine
    I walked
    Because you couldn't

  • aircey 5w

    In search of a hideout

    At some point in life, we look for doors, walls and hideouts, so we can shut ourselves up where death can't break into our lives and leave us emotionally devastated. We fear death. Not of our own, mainly of our loved ones. It can be of our parents, grandparents, children, relatives,  friends or maybe cats. We are not haunted by the idea of our own demise. We are afraid of seeing that side of the bed empty, or a pair of shoes without its owner's feet or an empty litterbox. We are afraid of the silence that can only be broken by the sounds heard in some particular laughing, walking, talking or maybe yelling. Sometimes we are afraid of not hearing the silence of those people or pet-buddies. We become habituated to the attachments. That's why life hurts so much and it seems unfair to let go of the idea of their presence. 

    It's strange that the dying lives of other people can make us want to save our lives from the shocks of losing them, by simply killing ourselves.

    It's sad that we are not smart enough to build any pain-resistant doors, walls and hideouts. Unfortunately, we are too kind to fight against the pain of losing our loved ones.

    So we allow ourselves to mourn and leave the doors open to a new life and a new death.

    This is how we evolve and postpone our Mission: Deathproof Hideouts.