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  • noonefromnowhere 1w


    It had two choices,
    Either to burn me
    Or to pamper me,
    I am glad I burnt,
    Even though sometimes I wish,
    I was pampered,

  • zinniamarniel 1w

    adults are NOT always adults


  • nameera_khan 2w

    It always hurts until the day you decide to say, " fuck it, Gotta move on "

  • nameera_khan 2w

    Midnight thoughts

    In every relationship there is a person who loves more than the other one. That person does everything extra, hoping for nothing in return but just pure love. Extra love, extra care, extra posessive, everything extra..
    Until this time I decide to finally not be the person who is always giving extra..
    I'ma gonna sit & watch what you do!
    Coins turn honey

  • lyddie_grace 2w

    An Open Letter To My Sister

    You really have no idea
    How beautiful you are.
    Your eyes are made of oceans
    And the whole world wants
    to go swimming in them.
    I see how the boys look at you
    And undress you with their eyes
    But, my dear, when they go to undress you
    With their hands
    Please let them know that girls like you
    Are too beautiful for man to touch.

    When we were younger 
    We spent our summers with our shoes off
    And our minds on the sun.
    So now that we are older,
    I ask that you do not forget
    That sometimes it is ok to take your shoes off
    And stare at the sky.
    I know life is demanding 
    But you only get one chance
    So please do not grow up

  • her_bruised_words 2w

    So what if you're broken and bruised, you still can be the person you want to be.

    Collect your pieces,
    Glue them together
    And if they fall back,
    Use some anger and love,
    If you have Postivity
    That will do too.
    But glue all your pieces back,
    Secure them good.
    Only you can have key to unlock and mend it.
    Get Inspired by Phoenix,
    For the bird burns to ashes yet is born for it.
    Restore yourself like a Phoenix.
    And grow,
    Be kind.
    Be helpful but always be your first priority.
    Be beautiful.
    Help those truly need you, there's alot of fake faces there.
    Be smart. Be You. Be Beautiful.
    Go conquered the world.

    You are beautiful. Yes You are. Your Soul is Beautiful and you are doesn't matter your skin color is black, brown or white. You are beautiful Inside and good souls attract beautiful people.


  • rair0177 3w

    From getting first rank in exams to being debarred in internal exams.... We all grew up..

  • smoothe_potion 3w


    I close my eyes and travel across the sea.
    Spreading my wings over the water im leaving behind me. I fly closer to the stars, closer to the sky, then I look behind me and whisper my last goodbye...

  • imagination8infinity 3w

    I cannot

    function without you people because I cannot.
    I cannot because I won't.
    I won't because I don't want to.

    You are the only people for me.
    You're my people.
    I can love everybody and everything.
    Yet you're and will be my every wish.

    I hurt you more. You hurt me less.
    I want you more. You need me less.
    But trust me, I'll be responsible soon!
    If that's what this time demands now. I can do it all but only for you.

  • mmbftd 3w


    And I remember
    Sifting through playground sand
    My hands are tiny
    And my mother's are smooth and young
    As she teaches me about magnets
    And how to draw out
    The tiny black particles from this earth
    How the black particles
    Congregate and seem to create something larger
    In unity.
    And I remember Sifting through playground sand
    Making roads and tunnels
    And pushing tiny cars around
    Their wheels stuck with sand frozen, unable to roll again.
    And I remember very fondly
    That sound of kids playing all around me
    Screaming, excited and happy
    Free to just be themselves and congregate with each other
    Forming tiny groups and inventing scenarios of play
    Cops and robbers
    Cowboys and Indians
    Wartime scenes against the Japanese.
    In 1974 I was a very young girl
    4 years old going on 5.
    These were the scenarios in our playgrounds. The sins of our grandparents and parents already stamped into our impressionable clay minds.
    We were taught early on to fight each other...even as our laughter filled the park. We knew not the meaning behind bloodshed...yet we knew already who the enemies were.
    Based on the prejudice of wartime and our young country's history. We played "slaves" in the front yards. The older kids tied all us young one's ankles together in a line..knelt us down to pick weeds out of their mother's garden. They hit us gently with ropes...until one mom caught wind of what was happening and set us "free". The older kids said we were just "playing Roots", like the movie on TV. The point of which was clearly missed. We knew not the implications of what we were playing. 2 Irish 1 Cuban 1 American Indian 1 Pollock and one girl who's mom was white and dad was black. We were just emulating what we saw... not based on race.
    We were blank slates. Impressioned by an adult world we could not comprehend. With horrors we were not meant to understand yet.
    And somewhere along the line we all learned to love each other in spite of the adults. We grew thick bonds that could not be tested. That still are intact no matter how far apart we all are now. We knew empathy and compassion. We loved each other deeper than family. When you don't have to love someone; but you WANT to. We helped each other grow up and grow old. There are 5 of us...all still around..2 still live there on that block in their childhood homes. And I know every pebble on that street, every crack in that sidewalk I jumped over in roller skates to avoid crashing. I know which curb gives the best lift when jumping on a bmx bike...I know which street lamp has the annoying hum and flicker because it was the one in front of my house. I remember our parents spray painting baseball bases on the asphalt of our street and playing WITH us long after the street lights came on. I remember us having our own Olympics on the block with handmade ribbons awarded. I remember I typed up our blocks first news paper on my mother's typewriter and wrote about who got a new dog or who won a spelling contest at school or who was lucky enough to have seen Star Wars and what they thought about it. I remember typing mistakes and working so hard with flimsy correction tape to fix it. How I typed through carbon papers so I had copies (purple and hard to read) for all five of my friends. I was so fortunate. I am so thankful. We are so lucky to have survived this long...all of us well into the years where cancer has ravaged our other friends and even family. We are lucky in this bond. And I remember the metallic scream of the squeaky park swing set as we pumped our feet out in front of us like pendulums swinging wide under summer skies. And I know...as I look down into these sands...with my hands old now and wrinkled...spots of age almost outnumber my childhood freckles. I look down as I am the only one of our block to never have a child...no one to teach about magnets in this sand...and no one to pass down my sins to, which is good, I suppose. This is where I will end up...in this sand that made such an indelible mark on me. But who? Who is left to bury me? No matter, it is where I want my final resting place to be. In this sand. It is where I began.


  • sulavbajra 3w

    Mom, I don't wanna grow up!

    I'd slowly creak the door open, just slightly but wide enough, to let the shimmer of light pass from her room onto my red carpet. For apparently not-so-practical reasons, I'd already feel half-warm, for my mummy had lights on at past midnight for ever-so-practical reasons. She totally had known that I was awake as wide as her, like I'd totally known that she refused to collect her son turned rebel from his growing-up sleeplessness.

  • amandexterity7 3w


    Be Good At Staying,
    Be A Little Too Good At Goodbyes.

  • amandexterity7 3w


    Childhood Is When You Idolize Batman,
    Adulthood Is When You Realise Joker Makes More Sense.

  • midn8musings 3w

    Dear bestfriend

    Hey Nehal, the big bag of depression who cracks great jokes and has his happy moments often. I know I know you're just being a "realist" but I'm the writer so I get to choose the words! Hah! Pessimistic attitude with a doctor's mind like a cherry on the top. You already look like a doctor! Atleast I'll get free treatment.
    You're the best damn thing in life other than my crazy family. We've been through so much, haven't we? Through the horrible hell called high school with back stabbing human beings whose existence we questioned everyday. Now, we're gonna be off to college in a few months and it's finally settled in my brain that we're growing up. Well, you have. I'm still working on it! You're so tall now. Even more than before. I have to tip toe to hit you now. Remember when we used to keep score on who got the most hits? And how I walked into a puddle because I was running away from you? We laughed so much! And I'm still so short. Even my little brother is taller than me now! I guess neither my body nor my mind is ready to grow up just yet. There's still a few stuff to do. You always used to say I had the memory of a goldfish because I barely remembered anything. I never stressed about my bad memory because I had you to remind me everything at every step of the way.You always worried about me so much. The elder brother I never had, I found in you. My bhai! I still don't get why I got the title "The universal bhai". Because of that stupid title every guy calls me bhai/bro. I have been brozoned by guys. Imagine that! Remember that time when you saved my contact as "Lady madam Bhai". You laughed so much. I hated it so much. We used to watch so much Naruto together. Just the way Naruto grew up, we are too aren't we?
    I wonder sometimes if I have to slowly back off from your life because you've found that special someone. It tears me apart even thinking about not having my bestfriend. Remember when I couldn't talk to you for 4 months straight and then one day I called you up and cried right after you said hello? I was so happy to hear your voice. I felt like I was at home the moment I heard your voice that day even though I was 193 km away from it in a different town with different people. Sure, I made a few friends there but that day I realised one thing: nobody can replace you. Now, when we're going to be states apart after finals. Will we still be we? I read enough novels to conclude that when that special someone enters the best friend has to slowly back off. So do I have to do that? I don't want to but I have to, don't I?
    What will I do when a fictional character dies? Or when I'm having a fangirling moment at 1:00 am in the morning? Or when I wanna hear jokes? Or when I wanna rant about why bras should be free and not so expensive? Or when I talk about dropping out of college and start a youtube channel and sing? Or when I want to just talk to my best friend because I miss him and his voice? Or when I need to be reminded something? Will I lose my home?
    I want to say this to you. But I guess I won't. Somethings are better left unsaid.

    You're best friend
    With the memory of a goldfish.

  • amandexterity7 4w


    It's Insane That We Care Too Much About "What We Want "
    But Not About,
    "What We Deserve"

  • amandexterity7 4w

    Can't Sleep, Mind Racing!
    Somewhere In Between All Of These
    "We Grew Up"

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    © BC Jaime 2018 || IG @ b.c.jaime
    This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/.

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    Training Wheels

    I couldn't ride a bike until I was eleven.
    It was then my little brother hijacked
    my dusty BMX, racing down the hill.
    Not to be out done, I learned to ride
    soon after.

    I've been able to ride a bike
    since I was eleven. Seeing my brother
    race down the hill like effortless lightning, gave me the courage to ride
    like him...like wind.

    © BC Jaime 2018 || IG @ b.c.jaime

  • writtlove2013 5w

    Within this world we call school every one has a place.What is Yours?

    #school #growingup #growingpains #mirakee #lettinggo #womenofmirakee #readwriteunite #writersnetwork

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    A mess
    A focus
    A social life
    The stereotypes
    The nerdy nerds
    The gaming geeks
    Or flexing jocks
    The drama kings and
    Drama Queens
    The perky upbeat cheerleaders
    The strict academic focused...
    Or simply the outcast
    A place we never realised
    We'd miss when finally
    We've grown
    The lessons that we've learnt
    The people that we've changed...

    How Do You Fit Into This Equation...


  • abdicatedsoul 5w

    Inspired from - Rocky 4 (Burning heart)
    The Quest for answers.
    Cause what's the point of writing about love all the time?

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    Unmistakable Fire

    His body told him to stop,
    His spirit burned with fire,
    His heart pumped,
    Eyes set,

    "The loss my heart has seen, the universe has to compensate."
    He thought.

    In the darkest night,
    His fire burned in all it's glory.
    Strength leaked through him.
    He rose, eyes open, mind focused
    He fell, a boy.
    He rose, a man.



  • hannahrandom 5w


    There will be a time in life where you grow up.
    You feel emotion towards others.
    Negative, or positive.
    You could be in love, or you can hate.
    But whatever you do, just remember everything will be okay.