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  • mkandres 1w

    Gone Too Long

    Pulling her pink scarf tightly around her neck, Corah Halgren squinted her emerald-green eyes to mere slits. She could barely see much farther than her own freckled nose as the snow was falling heavier and faster by the minute.

    The blustery wind whipped blonde curls across her forehead and raw, red cheeks. Low tree limbs had snatched away the young girl's toboggan as she quietly trailed after a long-legged fawn.

    Ragged breath expelled in long white puffs. Corah ran the back of a mittened hand across her dark eyelashes. "Don't cry now," the seven-year-old said aloud. "Don't you dare cry." She was afraid her lids might freeze shut if she did.

    The fawn had skittered off into the pine, back to its mother's warmth and protection. Corah realized she was lost as she emerged from the woods. Which way was the cabin? So much white; so much quiet.

    Blinking hard, Corah tried to think. Had she turned left or right back there? Hadn't there been a big rock somewhere?

    Her teeth began to chatter and a tinkling, cheery laugh escaped her chapped, blue lips. A small black bird screeched, flying haphazardly toward gray clouds.

    "I lost my front tooth this morning, Bird," Corah screamed. "How will the Tooth Fairy find me?"

    Bitter silence.

    Daddy had been so excited. He couldn't wait to take her and Mommy camping. He had talked about chopping wood, ice fishing and even fighting bear. She knew he was joking about the bear.

    The wind howled. Corah wrapped her arms around her slight torso. Daddy HAD been joking, right? Her brows knit together as she began to slog through the heavy snow, slipping, falling, pulling herself forward once again.

    She was cold. So cold. The cold seeped through her suede boots. She was certain her toes would snap off and rattle around like hard little marbles, greatly hindering her return home.

    Stopping to catch her breath, Corah suddenly felt exhausted. She needed to rest; just for a moment. Dropping onto her haunches, she formed a mound of snow into a makeshift pillow, placed her hands behind her head and closed her eyes. As the snow turned to a pelting sleet, Corah was pathetically unaware. Her body was painfully numb.


    "She's been gone too long, Raley." Ava Halgren's chin quivered as she clutched her husband's arm. "It's getting dark. When are they going to be here?"

    "Soon. Soon, I hope," the nervous father gazed out the frosty window, willing his daughter's safe return.

    Ava paced the hardwood floor in front of the stone fireplace. "We're city folk, Raley. Corah doesn't know how to take care of herself out in the elements." Tears streamed down her pretty face.

    Touching the cold windowpane with bare fingertips, Raley mumbled, "I bought that book about how to read a compass. I should have taught her."

    "But she doesn't have the compass with her so what good would it have done?" Ava rubbed at her knuckles until they started to bleed.

    Sweeping his down coat from the back of a wooden chair, Raley rummaged through its deep pockets. As he felt the object of his search, he grinned, flung the coat over his shoulder and opened the cabin door.

    "Stay here in case Corah comes back," he instructed. "The police and a search party will be here soon." He slammed the door behind him, skidded across the porch and trudged through the now knee-high drifts of snow.


    The rescue dogs barked and howled. They had somehow caught a scent despite the swirling chaos of wind and wintry mix.

    Corah thought she was hallucinating; a part of her brain, the rational part, frozen with fright, exhaust and hunger.

    Strong arms lifted her and held her tightly, attempting to shield her from the weather and further harm.

    "Daddy?" she said weakly. A shimmering blackness folded in upon the white.


    Ava sobbed as she enveloped her unconscious daughter in a patchwork quilt and gently placed her before the crackling fire.

    "She needs medical attention, of course. We have an ambulance on the way." A tall, slender gentleman who identified himself as Officer Mostin explained. "I think she'll be okay, though."

    Scanning the man's ice-blue eyes, the question need not be asked.

    "We found this about fifty feet from her." Mostin handed a small silver compass to the grieving woman.

    Raley Osgood Halgren has never been found.


  • tamtam25x 1w

    I have over a thousand imperfections.
    I have over a billion reasons why I'm the worst.
    I've sinned more than anyone could imagine.
    I've hurt so many people more than once.
    But all I need is one good reason to keep living.

  • mindwalkerr 2w

    There is more salt than sugar
    in your gestures.
    Greased with wickedness
    were dances that you commanded.
    Warmth had no home
    in your rib cage;
    it was too late to foster seeds
    to help you see
    the kind of ravage
    you birthed.


  • paperpenemotions 3w

    Dear friend ,

    I know I am not happy but pretending doesn't harm anyone , "RIGHT" .
    So yes , I wear a mask of being fine just because I know society would never be able to handle a person with countless mood swings , sadness and depression all around and it's okay .


  • anikasophie 4w

    My Dear #2

    She laughs in the face
    Of her friend.
    Her teeth glisten
    Her cheeks are rosy.
    She does not feel happy.
    She just looks happy.
    Deep inside
    Has infected all of her thoughts.
    Insecurities have changed her habits
    They have changed her.
    She only covers her smile
    Because of what she's heard
    She only wears makeup
    Because of what she'a heard
    She only dresses fashinoably
    Because of what she's heard
    She only eats one meal per day
    Because of what she's heard
    But what has she heard?
    What has made her this way?
    People have
    People that mean no harm
    But have harmed her nonetheless
    They harm her
    Because she is not okay
    And each critique
    The pain
    Inside of her


  • angelapaul 4w

    | L.I.F.E H.A.TE |

    What would your seven year old think
    Seeing to politely refusing that ice-cream that you love ?
    (Chocolate with an excess of chocolate sauce goes well in a summer evening)
    Feeding yourself with that black caffeine ?
    (Cold coffee with ice-cream is just the delicacy)
    Running like a maniac five in the morning?
    (Sleeping a little longer till mom starts shouting)
    Looking at the mirror to measure the change ?
    (It's always the same)
    Counting every calorie ?
    (Eating that full packet of chips)
    What would that child thinking seeing you hating yourself ?

  • jerome_pesso 7w

    Your hugs are so warm,
    it's like they are telling the winters
    that they cannot cause any harm.

  • m00d_journey 7w

    L0ve is a disease

    It harmS ,
    But stayS.


  • illustris 8w

    The best feeling in the world is when you know you are right
    And everyone around you is wrong.

    Then just enjoy the view cause they can't harm you but you can.

  • unimaginative_world 9w

    Who is a good person??
    A good person is the one who does not harm others..
    Because not everyone will be happy in your happiness but as long as he don't harm you, you can believe that he is a good person..

  • nobodygirl 11w

    Brave Faced

    My heart told me you were different
    my brain hated you.
    My heart took control.
    Now I face the betrayal,
    the reality of you.
    I can't believe I've been brave-faced.
    In the end, since you found her,
    my heart still stays in love.
    But my mind is corrupted by confusion.
    My gut told me to trust it,
    I ignored it,
    I'm the ignorant fool.
    Yet brave-faced.
    Let's have a duel.
    It'll hurt my heart but give some strength to my mind.
    I'm back on my grind,
    do you mind that you've become what you hate?
    I've loved you and I still do.
    I wish my heart wasn't of gold.
    Your lies, leave me fueled from distrust.
    I knew you were of lust.
    I was of love.
    When they combine,
    it's no good.
    When you accuse me of loving someone else,
    I still loved you because I loved no one else.
    But when I trusted you, someone else was there.
    My gut warned me, I caught what my gut told me.
    Do love a favor and trust your gut first, not your heart, or it'll cause hurt and harm to it.
    Stay brave-faced and say no with your gut.
    Tell them no,
    Love will find a way,
    Lust has its ways but love is forever.

  • professorphilosoherjoyjitghosh 12w

    A person with a wicked soul would never hesitate to harm even a friend, thus it is wise to be careful while making friendship.

  • _yugen_ 12w

    This was a draft I saved earlier. First time I'm trying a dark work. I made it look as twisted as possible. But, reader be warned ����

    Read the capitalized words in a rage filled yelling tone for best effects. And don't blame me if it sucks (which I feel it will) or if it made you feel bad...


    This is about the adventures of a mad man, thinking that there are people inside his head teaching him how to live and giving him assignments and homework for practice. The person he kills is an imaginary part of himself, the friend he mentions earlier - the one believing in good. It is implied that his body is literally rolled up into a ball. In fact, everyone he mentions "he, you, our, we, them" are all his part of imagination - himself, but not himself. There are constant voices inside his brain and that is why he yells "shut up" and keeps shushing. The pronouns constantly change and in the end, he is both free and chained.
    Well... Here goes...

    @nivu_13 @aragorn @disha_ @the_nameless_creed @_nonyelum_ @thenomad @writersnetwork @writers_paradise @readwriteunite @the_allured_penmanship

    #firsttime #madness #dementia #dark #psycho #twisted #laugh #harm #nightmare #demented #hallucination #murder #torture #lesson #homework #assignment #madman #hysteric #crazy #pod #mood

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    SHUT UP!!
    You don't know me like they do.
    They teach me pain.
    I am a slow learner.
    But only 'cause I love the classes.
    Experiments on flaying prior to insertions,
    The alluring aroma of acid burn,
    Crispiness and taste of scorched skin,
    Meditation to the silence of a cold heart,
    Steam baths of hair and nail essence,
    Yes!! My favorite classes.

    Stare all you want, it's time
    For my homework and my art.
    Hhhhmmm... I paint lines of red,
    A magic with sharp stones and bones
    And here is the weed inside of me,
    The red ravagers of my physical body.
    I will not cage you. You deserve freedom.
    Fly, my blood drops, be free.
    Yeesssss, I loved this assignment.
    Lesson learned, I still love doing this.
    Sew me up. For tomorrow, I free them again.

    I feel high without the liquid impurity.
    But don't YELL TOO LOUD inside me.
    We don't wanna wake up our friend.
    He is weak. He is mad. He is insane.
    Talks about change and... Urgh... Never mind.
    Maybe it's his pinkies that control him.
    At dawn we set him free... ssshhhhh...
    Of all the irregularities of the human anatomy.
    After all, it did work on me.
    And here I am in front of me,
    Limping, yet liberated of the nonsense.
    He needs help and I am his savior.

    Everyday is an assignment
    With homework on myself.
    The bes... You... When did you wake up?
    What are you staring at?
    Do you like my orations?
    Maybe you like the lessons
    That those hivemind folks inside me teach.
    Would you like to be my practice?
    Well, you don't get to say.
    And you are a mere peasant.

    Why are you leaning back?
    Are you scared? Am I intimidating?
    I can smell fear. I sense royalty in you.
    Forgive me my liege, you are worthy,
    Worthy to be my practice of the day.
    Well, Don't just stand there you schmuck.
    Run. Scream. Kick me between my thighs.
    Don't beg for mercy. THAT'S DISGUSTING.
    But don't stop crying. Mmmmm....
    The melody is too good and... oh boy!!
    Your shivers are a pleasing choreography.

    There. That was fun, wasn't it?
    What was that? You can't reply?
    'Cause you're dead?
    Ha haaa heee ooh yehh.. Aah aaah.. ACHOOO...
    Curse you, you meat balls. Where was I?
    Yes, today I learned, a human body, mine,
    Has enough volume of intestines
    To fulfill me for dinner. Sssshhh... Quiet.
    Every night I practice the lessons.
    This is the life. I'm lovin' it.

    Like a sunflower turning to the sun
    Every morning, and following it's path all day,
    Every now and then, our friend here
    Follows the way of L-O-V-E.
    An old wife's tale; A myth,
    And I am the waves of sanity, EVERLASTING.
    But now it's alright.
    His pinkies can't control him,
    Not when he is rolled into little balls of meat.
    I cannot believe I am saying this,
    But for old time's sake, May he rest in peace.


  • dreamyc 13w

    Dear Dad, all the harm you did doesn't deserve to be in the #dreamyconfessions series. But don't you think you could get away with everything, including me.

    To anyone with the same problem I had, don't stay silent. Get some help. Call a hotline - it's not right. It just isn't.

    #confessions #writersnetwork #dad #fathers #abusive #once #golfstick #harm #hurt #gethelp #notlove #parents #childabuse
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    Confession Seven

    There's this man I once call Dad
    Six feet tall and cherry fat
    Stone grey eyes - dead
    Stern lips pressed - flat
    I never heard him say he loved me
    Or to anyone, to be fair
    You could talk back if you dare
    He'd slap back, pull on your hair
    But he's my Dad, you see
    I've to listen to him to live
    Golf stick in hand
    Bruises so I can't stand
    But I once called him Dad
    Not anymore.

  • the__anonymous__writer 14w

    They both knew that they loved each other, yet they remained in silence... What they didn't know was that sometimes, silence does more harm than confessing...

  • viocinth 19w

    Yooo what up everybody, ok trying to be american is not very appealing when i do it ��

    #Crazy #dark #writersnetwork #harm #sad #depressed #alone #original #poem

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    Shouldn't one know themselves better than anyone else
    shouldn't one know more rather than less
    in the mirror in front of me where i stand
    is a figure of a man that i don't understand
    he cries in a room warm and cozy
    he smiles in pain might he be crazy
    he looks at his reflection wandering into it
    his looks it seems he is disappointed by it
    he looks at his hands stitched with strings
    bleeding and aching and everything
    seems like his body is stiched on to him
    a frankstein's monster not even a sim
    a game if possible to change what he has within
    try as he might all he do is sin
    stitched to his body are the ideals of his kin

  • thegirlinwhitecoat 20w

    I do think about you. Everyday.
    I want you to know it's not in sweet adoration.
    It isn't love. It isn't​ the yearning.
    It's sheer disgust. The kind that sickens me each time.
    How ashamed was I; how thrilled you seemed.
    How mighty did you feel by belittling me?
    How peacefully did you sleep while I lay there weeping silently?
    You got away with the things you did, but your deeds, they stay with me.
    The memories never failing to haunt me.
    I do think about you. Every damn day.
    How much I wish to erase your existence from my life, I just know I can do nothing but spend my days remembering the beast that snatched and stole the human in me.


  • simranbhasin 25w

    Peering over the candle
    I passed my finger through the flame
    Wiping my tears away
    I smiled
    Because the fire did no harm
    But their words burnt me

  • downpour_words 28w

    sick until burnt
    burnt to please
    pleased to unwant
    unwant until sick

    you and cigrattee
    home my mind

    Damn you
    you'l be
    the death of me

    © @ka

  • violet_words 31w

    Throw away

    I bleed it out
    Digging deeper just to thorw it away