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  • unsaid_feelings 20h

    Abortion is good or bad?

    You cannot have maternal health without reproductive health. And reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortion.
    We need to say that women have sex, have abortions, are at peace with the decision, and move on with their lives. We need to say that it is their right and moreover it's good for everyone that they have this right. The whole society benefits when motherhood is voluntary.

  • manisha98 1d


    Noone can destroy iron
    it's own rust can


    Noone can destroy person,
    his own mindset can

  • the6beast6in6me 1d

    Hope In The Highway

    If you were to find reprieve,
    It would pass by in disbelief,
    Leaving you standing there,
    With an outstretched hand.

    Reaching for a piece of the relief,
    A moment in time that swells to eternity,
    The longest day of your life,
    Will always be tomorrow.

    For today is just a grain of sand,
    In the desert of forever.

    But you have come too far,
    To simply turn back now,
    This barren stretch of road,
    Must be considered home.

    And if you have a home,
    then you will find a way,
    Through these uncertain times,
    You may begin again.

    For the tides will turn,
    No more judgement Day,
    Thy Kingdom comes,
    We live and pray.


  • magicalword 1d


    Instead of making new connections try to make your older connection stronger and powerful and also try to keep it healthy.

  • takytales 1d

    ०० tips ००


    Avoiding daily change in connection, secures your health .

    #HIV #AIDS

  • kosar17 3d

    When mood is directly propotional to health,
    Then start your day healthy way.

  • thehealer10 1w

    Crushed under the pressure of perfection,
    The constant need to control everything.

    Bawged down by constant emotional needs, the need for consistent ego Stokes.

    Smothered by Chainz of over bearing control, unsolicited advice.

    Beaten and bruised by the tactics of manipulation , driving home worthlessness.

    Paralyzed by the fear stirred inside, steaming from the overwhelming shackles of slavery.

    Locked in a battle for freedom, fighting my own reflection , mirrors of destruction.

    Except the rules of engagement, or take the seven years, nothing is for ever; Broken.


  • manakhan 1w

    Today, I encourage you to take time with thought to approach any information that comes your way with a brief pause as you reflect on what you cognitively digest. Do not pressure yourself to respond immediately take you time.

    Everything emanates from "something" and there is "something" within "nothing". Bounce back your thoughts and pay some attention on feelings and on materialistic things. "I LOVE YOU"; most frequently heard and used phrase in our life from when we all landed on this soil. For instance focus on the meaning of love.

    What love is feeling, affiliation, trust, support, physical and mental stability or lust? And if the answer is yes! then, for how long? And if not then why people don't learn from sufferings.
    Some people think that sufferings make you strong in a way that you espouse another person, another life, another chance and so on. No doubt, suffering highlights pain and pain leads you to learn but not to dump yourself once again in a ditch.

    Where am I? In the darkness or in the horizon, far from the land and above in the sky. Love is mad.

    Love itself is nothing but a word. Love comes from "nothing". But all the other things connected with love are the essence of love. In order to explain it in a simple words, love is feeling but interestingly feeling originates from nothing. Feelings are illusionary, cannot be touched and cannot stand out. We cannot control our heart because that's how our mind is wired.

    Give your mind a break. Dispose of all the thoughts for a while and close your eyes; get a complete hold on your whole body, self and mind. Start believing your inner potentials and your inner positive energies are setting on a spark. Feel your abdomen contract and expand when you inhale and exhale out. Withdraw attention from the things objects in space and withdraw attention from your mind objects as well. You'll feel "you" and the complete silence is getting on the route and the space around you is empty. Start questioning yourself. You can relate this with meditation.

    Why you need to "fall" for someone when you have "you"? Falling here exactly comes with the fear of denial and hitting your self-esteem. If feelings cannot speak, cannot talk and cannot stand out clearly feeling has no existence, no power, no purpose. Feeling has no existence either in daylight or in nightlight vision.
    It's a mind game only your mind is trying to make nothing into something but you need to give your mind some gaps.

    Furthermore, we can take an example of a bathroom. What exactly bathroom is?
    A "space" which consists of cabinets, towel, furniture, shower, tap and so on, but they genuinely are the essence of bathroom. Bathroom merely is a "vacant space", of course because without that space there would be no bathroom. Assuredly, space itself is empty. The essence of all the thing is emptiness and emptiness is nothing.

    The whole world is based on the concept of nothing. As we know everything that exist in this world will die one day and go back in the state of nothingness. By way of illustration, tornado will come and sweep away everything. Before life there was nothing on this land and after tornado there's nothing. Zero existence.


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  • akatoch61 1w


    Don't just sit and wait that someone will bring the change,
    Let it initiates from you,
    Be the change what you wants to see

  • umartanwar0357 1w

    No blabbery utterings, keep them soft and savoury,
    That's the key for earning praises and flattery.....

  • abhishekkamble 2w

    Phase of denial

    The falling leaves of autumn is a decline for the dynasty of trees , every leaf falls to ground , situations are against his reign but tree was never dethroned right?

    Has there been a new king after autumn? No , he stays there in coldest of night , stands everyday awaiting for his majestic days and then dying hope finds those rays of spring , and new leaves soon accept the king .

    Tree didn't leave his throne though the subjects left him , in life people will leave you in your downward phase , also may not accompany you in process of success, but you have to be a sole pioneer of it

    remember there are fireflies of spring and warm days too ,your reign is awaited this spring , stand tall, grow spiritually and intellectually
    but remember

    "never forget your roots once you grow tall, "if forgotten then you are forgotten"

  • _chanchal 2w

    इस दुनिया में ऐसी कोई भी चीज़ नहीं है जो सेहत के लिए लाभदायक हो !

  • mr_ayaan_13 2w

    आपको क्या लगता है??
    जरूर बताए क्योंकि अगला नंबर आपका हो सकता है ������
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    तबियत बड़ी ख़ुमार है
    पता नहीं इश्क़ है या बुख़ार है

  • amrutha_writtings 3w


    The most cutest and beloved god,
    LORD GANESHA is coming home today..
    Let his blessing be upon you and your family..
    Let him bless you with love, health, happiness, success and the strength to make your dreams come true..!!

  • himanshusisodiya 3w

    #lost #boy #suicide #mental #health #you #are #not #alone.
    This is journey of the lost boy,
    Who fought all odds and is still standing in front

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    Lost boy

    Journey is the biggest part of human life,
    We either travel by ourselves or life lets us travel,
    Those are the phases of life ,
    But this story is different.
    It's a story of a guy who was lost and found again and again !

    It all started in 2008 in the beautiful city of Salalah !
    Only city the city is beautiful and the people? let's see about them !
    There, when I was a kid back then, who felt people were too mature.
    Like he tried to be one of them, failed.
    That was going to happen, You can't be someone else to pretend to be someone.
    But as you know, life goes on, it waits for none .
    So, he did have friends and got along, then the reality struck.
    Imagine being a kid whom you ignore just because he is not like you and just use him for things. How does that feel?
    Painful right?
    People insult you , scrape your metal health to pieces
    Destroy every part of you.
    But it wasn't bad for that guy , he found 3 friends who he didn't realize their worth.
    But they stayed for ever!

    Night of April 2014

    He got a phone call from a friend at 1am that his best friend had met with an accident, his entire family had passed away! That night he cried for the first time.
    So bad he covered his face from pillow ! Next day he told this story to his parents, and they couldn't stop it too.
    Then he knew what life was for him at school which literally hell, Or a place he didn't even know about anymore.

    July 2014

    He came back to India scared and determined
    Restarted his life with a few friends those that meant everything.


    The city where he discovered what he loves,
    And saw a new reality where he realized that he was loved ! He was into people! He grew stronger than before,
    Let's say people ended their lives there ,
    He got one.
    From the kid they didn't care about to the boy next door
    He grew as he could
    Years over D-day arrived
    He didn't expect what happened next
    He actually failed
    He didn't understand why?

    The realization!

    Sometimes you happen to be in places where you don't know what are you doing.
    And it eats you !
    And pushes you away !
    Every time he tried, he failed, and
    He started again
    And failed again
    He realized something, what he did wasn't for him!

    The first love.

    Yeah, the part you people waited for,
    so, one most beautiful part of his.
    Sometimes when life is giving you lemons and Suddenly, everything seems so different having felt so different but yet sane,
    Things went on for too far
    He knew she was everything he asked for
    She made him realize what he loved and made him crawl out of the well he dug for himself.
    But things happened
    As all the great things
    She had to leave
    And he couldn't find the reason!
    But she became the voice to his poetry
    And she made him what he is now.


    Everything was down
    Everything he did caused him to fall again
    He just went from the happy boy around the corner to a boy who locked himself into a room.
    He ran from his house just to run away from things
    He just tried to fix the life he actually ruined
    Once he ended up on the terrace of his building, But he knew he has proved everyone wrong
    Everyone looked at him he is going to fail again!


    He fought with everything he had
    given up everything
    Because he knew it was his last chance after that
    Door would close forever
    He had lost everything, But he tried so hard
    Climbed out from the hole into the sunrise he just dreamt of
    After that he couldn't look back because he had to climb not fall.

    Remember, If you fail at something it's because you lacked something. Success goes to them who fail and people will treat you like a tash can, but life will give you people who you mean everything to.
    Suicide is not an option it's just a way to run from things,
    It's a part of life, some people struggle early on
    Some people struggle later
    Struggle is life
    Like a wise man once said "lucky are those people who fail at first but those who laugh at them are the unluckiest one because they are just one big balloon going to burst".
    Be proud that you failed
    Because you know where you lacked.
    Getting success easily is not success.
    Struggle and get to the point
    People might tell you things but the real ones will give you solutions.
    Life is one big picture, love it or hate it.
    We all have to be in it !
    This was the journey of a lost boy who fought all the odds and still standing in front.

  • arpita_talukdar 3w

    Gustakh Mausam

    Tabiyat thodi nasaaz hai
    Lagta hai mausam gustakh hai

  • _the_benefactor 3w

    High aims

    If it was easy
    It wasn't meant for me
    If it was hard
    I have already started aiming for it

  • taarmand 3w

    serve me my reminder

    each time that new moon

    kisses its' goodbye

    to an unintended smoke that binds,

    here's to you my love, my lungs.


  • kavi_aatma 3w

    Music playing at full volume in my ear,
    Crackling of that burning paper is what i wanna hear,
    Filled with tobacco, with just about a hint of mint,
    That is exactly how i like it.
    My lips craving for that soft feel of the paper,
    Reminding me of the swag i felt when i unwrapped my first zippo lighter,
    That flavour & that peculiar aromatic smoke,
    Simply makes me feel bespoke.
    I breathe you in like there is no tomorrow,
    You wipe out all my worries & sorrow,
    Or atleast that is how you make me feel,
    I just donno why but, i crave for you after my every meal.
    You gave me company with my drinks and made my lips dry,
    You were there for me after my 1st interview, when all i wanted to do was be tensed & cry,
    You were there when she hit the exit with her face all wry,
    You gave me company when i wanted to go high,
    You have been such a great friend to me,
    Would you promise to accompany me for the rest of my life, without taking it away from me.

    #smoking #smokingisinjurioustohealth #cravings #poem #poems #poetry #poetrycommunity #health

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  • angels_halo_always_shines 3w

    Trusting My Instincts

    As I am gathering information, I have plenty you see. Enough to know I was always enough for me. You made me think I wasn't enough for me. So, how could I be enough for anyone else? And then you point the finger at everyone, but yourself saying they are wrong. Did you think I was so damn dumb I would not figure it out? Did you put that into the equation? I bet not. That's where I would lay my money down, against me. As you ALWAYS have been. I gave you so MANY chances. To prove, my instincts were wrong. And then I was taught to trust my instincts. And then, that's when I realized I was right all along. You were no good for me. Your presence is not needed. Your approval of me is never needed. I am who I am. Nothing will change that. I feel the hate in your voice, the last time we talked. Oh, could I feel the hate. You know I often wish a person could see as I can. From all views, but with you, would it do any good? Or would you use that against me too? And its really sad. As I tell my story, other wonder why. Well, you are such a good person inside and out. I see your light shining so bright. Exactly. I won't let you dim my bright light again. And unfortunately this is the way it has to be. And I can't help what I feel. I feel this is all part of a viscous scheme of yours. When does it end? A narcissist, I have studied them, they don't ever think they are the problem. Always playing the damn victim. I don't have time for it. And I wont make time. It's really better off this way. I see there is no argument there. So it is only fair. Only I said my goodbye a long time ago. I knew when it was time to go.