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  • operator16 2d

    The last frontier
    My playground
    So cold most won’t even visit
    Lucky for me the I know the grind
    The rolling stone life lead me here
    I wonder where rap will take me?


  • operator16 4d

    I hope you keep it the same
    Too much bullshit in hip hop
    My verses slay my enemies
    It’s a lifelong obsession with greatness.
    The beat has been home for awhile
    Who says I’m a lost child?


  • thisjayislazy 5d

    Drifting X spoken word poetry by


    all them Vagabonds fi power that took what is legitimately ours
    fi hours Me studied me thinking Me would graduate
    to end up in a sector that came with power to ejaculate
    On most of the cowards from my birthplace
    The latex fever was the new menace
    came with holes cos
    truth is me never chose
    but here I am Gee
    I know I need money to make money Gee

    Me wake
    bake away my fears
    then in a way I gotta repeat since I misplaced 12 phones in less than 100 weeks
    More or less ,what ever you wanna call it
    double zero seven
    I like to call it something like Mr pierce
    After all I have been judged by my peers

    Hommie tryna displace the thoughts of buying Bugattis so i tore away crack flow who knows this is a throwaway
    Chick says I deserve black spirituality in a way
    but the mentality of the hoe I hooked up with
    last week got me thinking natural beauties go no where near the money let that sink in

    so I am busy having hate sex
    Funny if I don’t reply your texts thing is my phone on flight mode better yet
    the high road I never go there

    see my life
    my dreams at night
    Shit that I spit despite
    the creams
    Now I might just go mean meaner that the white pastors in slave ships ,let the new revolution come from my black lips

    the way I End up isn’t your business
    so mind yours
    let me mind mine
    bro I still gone shine I still they go shrine

    I just spilled my seed in your dream chick
    She says its sweet still bully the anterior deep

    They don’t think to keep
    the exact me intact
    so if I get diss tracked
    I do my shine some favour
    Play my tunes wearing body armour
    fuck a body builder
    this schemer
    prefers massage palors where the pheobe lie
    am taking freaky style before I take her to the showers and devour her
    like a cannibal
    eating her up till she pops all on my face
    then I say the grace
    hell bound at this pace

    I promise to keep it subtle please don’t be rough but times are tough
    this days all I wanna be is gentle not buff
    cos a lil birdy told my niggie Freddie.....

    Spoken word poetry
    Excerpts by lazy jay for


  • operator16 1w

    Clifford Harris, the king of the south
    You inspire the words that come outta my mouth.
    I remember when you where battling yourself.
    Seems like my life has taken a similar step.
    We still rock rubber bands like you
    Grew up in Atlanta just like you
    The king of the south
    You inspire the words outta my mouth


  • thisjayislazy 1w


    Pen my thoughts cos this is Rhymers block,
    watch me turn it up a notch'
    I'm on one..
    Pappy flow make em ladies shake em bum bum
    take em to fantasy land..
    suck on em mammary gland..

    before you know it she don come
    her genitalia
    taste bland something like malaria
    in my area

    I'm talking 26 skinny joints like fela kuti when am rolling up
    call me sizzla Kalonji
    when i'm burning up

    no need for opium ~I don't wanna throw up
    hold up
    niggas been on some
    shoo take my stand like number one

    nobody next to me ,
    who the best show me
    crush em like prescription pills you know the drill still I am the talk of the town plus they pay me in attention
    some come with some form of deception since inception I knew I would spit my way to perfection
    in a second you fall in love with the flow like jack did Jill ain’t that interesting ?

    despite what you feel ,do you feel me tell me before it’s too late ,my nigga chalie harper who told me I could write is no more,
    lifes short don't be stupid but
    my El Flame says am too wavy way too crazy
    when it comes to the dough am nuts
    could come up with lines that rhyme cluster fuck with a butt
    mamma told me not To get shot
    I got hurt but am better than good now

    Never get tacky
    no more doggy
    Lazy jay is the main attraction in the sack
    8:40 time for your shorty back to bend like refraction
    non stop action
    or should I say acting,
    cos I beat up actors
    I'm blasting
    through your speakers

    you favourite poet feeling us
    when lazy jay delivers us from evil rhymes.
    Oh my! I'm outta my mind
    am out of this trick take a pic
    I treat you like you are sick
    no touching like sex with a hooker back in high school
    I was a fool to pool resource just to get the fuck
    observing the vital signs of luck in my spectrum
    visualising their schemes cos every meme got some element of truth in the booth
    tired of all your misconception now I would give a fuck truck load of buck is the perfect picture
    I don't care if I am disfigured
    long as I fuck good then am good
    better than you if you wanna go there
    the clever the rhymes get
    the more I make bitches wet
    till they make a move on my stash of meth
    me and Teeko sync like Red and Meth
    We unstoppable like Ness
    smooth criminals.. kill tracks with finesse,
    they downplay our feat
    them shitters must think of our defeat
    see I am steady on my feet
    like 8 muhfuggas steady taking a piss,
    ready to diss like a time bomb set to explode with bangs that blows your mind like a punch on a line
    still a misfit with a lot of fines to pay but I look fine today
    spent my last on jay

    Still we stay fit like 10 toes.. crushing foes
    make your bitches Change Clothes like
    Jay Hova
    the wait is over,am never sober I told ya not to come closer fuck a bitch that puck nose
    all hail lazy jay the MIC controller
    ,I never borrow pose
    polite when I take a stand you under me cos you lack knowledge but not understanding
    the g.o.d.
    Peace be upon yall
    been a savage before 21,
    Nigga better run, I spit that heavy shit like Bucho's size,
    the kinda shit that make you lose your mind,
    I got you hypnotised
    in this hypnosis you neo in a matrix
    no time to save rhymes for later ,
    me elevate like em Rasta
    up in Jamaica, Kaya lover am a Buddha pest cos I burn the sticks and seeds
    total annihilate the leaves cos global warming is realer
    big booty squeezer
    oh! I'm petty.. too bad, you can't censor
    rhymes more lethal than Jack Reacher
    niggas I knew to be dark skinned now look like Van Vicker,
    F your religion imma die an unbeliever,
    I whiplash beats for leisure
    none iller .... supreme leader
    when I be on the mic ain't no contender,
    Lazy spits tough like a tardigrade..
    Google that if you can't relate,
    You nor fit blood me, or suck me dry
    Nor be today dem wan dead us but we just dey multiply,
    Guy comply, if there's a demand I'll supply,
    Apply knowledge , that's the true power wallahi,
    Mama died in ninety nine..
    in no time, my life changed to the opposite of fine,
    Did white lines like I be Tony Montana,
    And brown lines too like I was, ok Makana,
    Couple of nights I looked to the skies searching for signs,
    But Mother Nature keeps telling me the world is mine,
    But how is that gonna convince a layman with no dime?
    Youth resort to crime,
    Some dey do Juju just cos they sef wan shine,
    But as a realist I nor follow that line,
    So I pick up the motherfucking pen and write rhymes..
    Lazy Jay , a like mind,
    and together we gon' climb... to the t.o.p
    So if you're already there, get ready for Lazy and TeekO,
    Kindly... address me nicely.. any form of disrespect will not be taken lightly
    it's highly important to heed my words wisely
    My nigga TeeKO the almighty
    see as we dey pepper dem, lyrics all spicy
    Your girl feeling Blue but she ain't in my League, Ivy
    I'm So feisty,
    Tho my frame tiny,
    Shorty calls me a devil, she says I'm always horny,
    But as a real guy I won't tell you the magic that happens when she's on her knees,
    I please these bitches with ease
    No cheese or car keys,
    Damn! whose niece is this?
    I'm bout to feast. The boy a beast
    Me nor like white collar jobs like I detest priests,
    No hating.. its honesty
    These lames is rusty,
    Their schemes be Ponzii,
    Listen! I do not kid thee,
    Lyrics just flow through me
    Word spinner. My fav letters gotta be M C
    Oh boy, see as dem dey envy
    I grew on Nas and Modo why my flow nor go heavy?!
    No feminine shit. I'm so street
    Nobody battle, they all retreat,
    I'm a rare gem
    Healthy but ironically I spit lyrical germs
    Real Heads comfirm,
    Livewire flow cables go burn,
    This is Boom bap!
    I'm bout to snap,
    I'm MJ bad, why you mad?
    Rocking DJ Jimmy Jatt SnapBack
    Dressed in all black, by Haq
    act right,
    yall don't sound bright
    I'm sick of these codeine talk with Sprite
    get back to the booth and rewrite
    then I might, put you on a track make we vibe tight,
    They be like who be this dark knight
    wey him shield dey shine bright?
    You already know.. put the rest aside
    Pride of Africa,
    They ask me what's the formula?
    the way I connect on mics is like tibia and fibula,
    School yall in this rap thing, I write the curricula,
    Who's better? Tell me who's better?
    Trend setter, when Pappy enter, the rest shiver, quiver,
    Sister, this D ain't free,
    Man na baller even Curry can't take these threes
    Jeez! Blowing trees in peace with the Gees,
    Each got a piece , ready to squeeze,
    You never seen white tees turn red so quickly,
    Don't be silly, I move swiftly,
    No degrees but I'm still chilly, feel me?
    Realness is like sunlight, it can't be hidden
    When I speak you listen,
    20/20 the vision,
    we need to decongest our prisons, where
    humans get treated like chickens,
    Speak a little truth and they'll treat you like a villain,
    Yet I'm the one who respects women, loves children,
    But he smokes weed? Nah, he can't be a good man.
    It's like they want me to wear hood like the Klan

  • operator16 1w

    Let’s catch a vibe tonight
    Have your ever smoked to wiz Khalifa?
    I can take you back to the rolling papers tour
    Didn’t I tell you I was there?
    Tonight I’ll make love to you in my chuck Taylor’s
    My black skin looks good on your yellow bones


  • operator16 1w

    Some say hip hop isn’t art
    Forgive us for making our words pop
    We never had much of a chance
    Picked up a mic and started winning
    From Dj’s to Mc’s we have become pop culture.
    Probably why trump shits on the culture.
    No don’t let the mumble rap confuse you.
    The heart of hip hop still lives true


  • operator16 1w

    Pick up a pen and tell a story

    It just might lead you to glory


  • loyal_tiger 6w

    Upside Down

    Standing in silence as I reboot my system 
    Secretly thinking about all the victims 
    Rehabilitating my mind in order to flow
    It's the only way in order to grow 

    So I climb inside my soul and question thee 
    Pondering about this maze monopoly
    Who am I? who is she?
    As I study to be a better me.

    Happy days puzzle me and sad days cripple me 
    Am I really free? 
    Systematic bondage controlling me 
    Are you really free?

    Clocking in day in day out to collect a fee 
    Are we really free?  
    Honestly this shit fucks with me.
    This shit fucks with me.

  • loyal_tiger 6w

    Stop Feeling

    It became easy_ Things that displeased me was handled discretely
    No longer did I want to shed tears of painful disappointments
    So I acknowledge the issue then buried them

    Moving on was my ultimate mission
    Unfortunately It also blurred my vision
    Callous in description

    Things became cold and cryptic
    Dark light with a bright smile, so vicious 
    Service ready while battling turmoil so distant  

    As war plagues my soul_ My feelings became thoughts  
    And my thoughts protect my physical self from falling apart 

    But I am falling _ A part of me seems dead
    Anger and disdain _ But I am falling
    A part of me wants to be fed

    It wasn't easy after all  _ Foolish as I grow 
    It wasn't easy after all _ I realize that I don't know 
    But I am falling_ but I don't know?

  • flyboy 6w

    Make your MOVES
    instead of MOVING ON.

  • loyal_tiger 7w


    They say less is more, which is why I'm unsure

    Maximum effort equals lack of gain which is why I'm poor

    I put my heart to the floor and continue to pour

    Touching the heavens to picture life to the core

    So i stand still.
    Mesmerized how society tricked us to think we really have free will
    Nah man, just chill.

    Nah man, just chill

  • luv_zindagi 8w


    Dancing in the rains with dripping down drops
    Twirling with the winds in colourful flip- flops
    Streets full of umbrellas, in garden toad hops
    Couples cuddle under, an umbrella that tops
    With the music of rain that sounds tip-top
    In the farms, gardens and mountain tops
    Plants, trees, grass do the happy hip-hop
    The season of rain
    Colours the earth green
    With flowers blooming around,
    It gives a colourful scene


  • blackcersei 8w

    I’m Black Cersei

    I’m plottin’ like Cersei. Gonna run it up fast.
    I’m schemin’ like Cersei. So give me my cash.
    I’m gonna secure the bag.
    Money secured in my hand.
    Never saw the 40 acres.
    Future belongs to the takers.
    And Corporate America wouldn’t take us.
    And there’s no investors in our business.
    Economic boom just missed us.
    Student debt didn’t pay out.
    Tired of charging up Christmas.
    Got to make my own payout.
    Foodstamps done ran out.
    And the shelter had a full house.
    So I’m plottin’ like Cersei.
    Out here grindin’, and we don’t play.
    Not listenin’ to what you say.
    Securin’ this bag asap too-day!
    Background check can wait.
    Don’t know how it’ll play.
    When you see the felon-ays.
    Maybe even a misdemeanor.
    So my long hair’s gone.
    And this short hair’s much meaner.

  • blackcersei 8w

    Cold Holidays

    I wrote this on a chair sitting by myself.
    Memories of holidays and the times when I had no one else.
    Depression turned up as the seasons changed.
    Pitch black became the color of the mood ring.
    Watching all the happy people with real nice lives.
    Jealous of their happiness and the fact their siblings were alive.
    And didn’t feel the temperature drop below zero the way that I do.
    When it’s the holidays, your seat is there, and I’m here missing you.
    I became mad at the world and pray the Lord forgives.
    I did things in a mind state to hurt others when I didn’t want to live.
    The pain my parents felt, I thought they didn’t deserve it.
    So I struck out on anyone that I could strike this hurt with.
    At times it turned inward, and I became the target.
    Unable to move forward.
    Unable to get over the losses.
    Then I heard a voice speak to me bringing love in the discomfort.
    It said this loss you’ve been brought through
    was so that you could bring others comfort.
    So when you see them homeless and alone,
    miserable, and forgotten,
    you won’t forget them, nor the sacrifice you were bought with.

  • blackcersei 9w

    Georgia Trees

    A feeling of nostalgia
    whispered to me softly.
    Like a gentle breeze’s touch,
    and the unseen wind blowing.
    Where it came from I didn’t know.
    I had no way of knowing.
    But I recognized it instantly.
    The distinct sound reminded me.
    The sound of a telephone ringing.
    Now I’m on the other end remembering.
    Blurry images of my childhood showing.
    Broken pieces requiring assembling.
    Some of them surviving the crash.
    Many of them lost to history.
    Ghosts of lost kinsman
    with no turning around or revisiting.
    It’s all good for me.
    It’s all a part of growing.
    The next show starts
    as one fades into the black.
    The crowd’s applause fills the room.
    It’s so good to be back.
    I see the pieces that have fallen now
    looking at the trees from my window.
    Like giants in the sky looking at us, seeing our silhouettes down below.
    My skin is a lot tougher now.
    Leathery and you can feel the scar tissue.
    Healing takes time, and that was at the heart of my issues.
    In darkness a light enters.
    I’m reborn anew.
    Leaving what must be left behind, and from somewhere a light shines through.

  • blackcersei 9w

    So This Is How You Have Broken Out! (Perez)

    So this is how you have broken out huh?
    Something new to hope in as you climb up out the mud.
    The clay was red that I stepped in.
    Ground is red where my ancestors rest in.
    There was a time we were all fenced in.
    They’re still building fences, but we shattered them.
    Bloodline traced back to hustlers and veterans.
    No strangers to poverty.
    No strangers to prison.
    This woked mode I woke up in got some wishing we would stop all this talking.
    Wish it was hidden fences, but that very struggle is part of the art we are painting.
    The pain, storm, and the rain were all part of the training.
    Even though there is a wall, you know we’ll climb right over it.
    You might try to erase our history, but we are going to keep on preserving it.
    And where we are going, everyone is welcome to sing and shout.
    We will surprise the world together, and they’ll say, “So this is how you have broken out!”

  • loyal_tiger 9w

    Nice Guy

    I am not a nice guy,
    I am not a mean guy 
    But I am the right guy for a bright sky 

    I am not a stranger
    But you don't know me 
    Let me rearrange your thoughts, Listen to me slowly

    A story about a man and his glory 
    Shedding some light on a oscilated journey

    An ocean of rifts and tears followed by smiles and fears 
    Shaking my head that nobody cares 

    In true retrospect some do 
    But life is so overwhelming most people stay blue 
    One step at a time as I shuck and jive 
    One day at a time as I wave and give high fives 

    Laughter is my remedy  
    The perfect dose of dark wholesome comedy 
    A needed drug prescribed to erase my enemy 

    Joy and Love inconsistently consistent 
    Waking up staring at the deep dark distance
    My destiny awaits as I approach my next mistake 
    A nice guy was once here a question for debate 

  • blackcersei 10w

    Never Turn My Back, Pt. 3

    We just living this life trying to get right, brother

    When the lights go out, I get visited at night, mother.

    2 things I’ll never do.

    One’s turn my back brother.

    Second one is forget Him.

    You know it’s love brother.

    I kept your secret safe.
    And you caught your first case.
    It was the first time,
    that you went away.
    Never ever will I forget,
    the look on mama’s face.
    Crying out for help,
    but you received disgrace.
    The neighborhood kids

    out here talkin’ now.
    Giving sideglances

    and they’re talkin’ down.
    The idyllic landscape-

    was all a mess now.
    Things there
    could never be the same.
    So we packed our bags,

    and we hit that plane.
    Rocky mountains now

    through our windowpane.
    Put fresh carpet
    over the pasts’ stain.
    Yet it was still there.
    Because it never left.
    Enrolled in new school,
    but you went left.
    Pressure is on now.

    It’s turned to full blast,
    within our four walls

    in a home of fragile glass.
    Two men began to clash.
    Peace just wouldn’t last,
    So you left again

    to a life of sin.
    And I lost my best friend.
    I’m all alone again.
    Now my heart closed,
    and no one’s getting in.
    I’m listening to music,

    and left just wondering.

    Not knowing where you were.
    You were in the wind.

  • blackcersei 11w

    Never Turn My Back, Pt. 2

    We just living this life trying to get right, brother

    When the lights go out, I get visited at night, mother.

    2 things I’ll never do.

    One’s turn my back brother.

    Second one is forget Him.

    You know it’s love brother.

    Runnin’ wild together.

    Exploring the backstreets.

    We were fortunate ones.

    New Reeboks on our feet.

    We went in the deep water.

    We couldn’t stay clean.

    Went to that friend’s house

    to look at those magazines.

    Images in the videos.

    A dark seductive fiction.

    It was the wrong path.

    The beginning of addiction.

    We moved away from Georgia.

    Living in a foreign country.

    The tumultous life at home

    was the catalyst to our running.

    We hatched a plan together,

    and you stole the money.

    I was your accomplice.

    I thought it was all funny.

    We hit the train together.

    We were lost in the city.

    I wanted to call home.

    So we phoned the family.

    The police came

    and he gave us a warning.

    But it was only the beginning.

    Because we were still wildin’.