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  • thegirlnextdoor210 1w


    My hungry thoughts prey on me at night
    With their canabalistic insights
    Munching, chewing down on the me that was once me
    But can no longer return to the days of the old testament
    They growl and I respond
    They eat and I become full
    They rest I'm up
    Time to serve another bunch


  • bheartsmoon 1w

    His words excite me.
    My body quivers with want, hungry for him.
    I lust for him, I thrive for his touch.
    I want him again. I want his sexual musk.
    Embrace me, I miss it.
    Love I want you.

  • painted_pains 2w

    Late but latest

    I stand,
    where they already stood.

    But, will one day step
    in that untrodden path
    Rising in the sun
    Full of hunger for victory.

  • jishnuzz 3w


    Her fragrance steamed out through my lips
    Dispersed in the air
    made immense addiction
    They struggled to inhale
    But,she reformed as a fatal beauty
    embraced those innocent smile

  • anamikapal 3w

    To feed love you will need TIME.


  • d_am__ 3w

    Late night hunger strikes with a good vibe...


  • poetishq 4w

    झारखंड में एक 11 वर्षीय लड़की की भूख से मौत हुई। जिसमें 4 या 5 दिन से कुछ नहीं खाया था। समाज की संवेदना नहीं जागी। लेकिन मेरे मन को झकझोर दिया इस घटना ने। हम नए भारत की बात कर रहे हैं लेकिन लोगों को खाना भी मयस्सर नहीं। कब तक हम खुद को रंगीन सपने दिखा कर झूठी खुशी देते रहेंगे। मेरी ये कविता इसी घटना पर आधारित है जिसमें एक माँ की अपनी मरती हुई बेटी से बातचीत दिखाई है।
    - हिमांशु
    #laado #bhukh #hunger #death #jharkhand #poem #poetry #hindi #urdu #kavita #shayari #shayar #reality #india #hindustan #hks #pod #hindikavyasangam
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    उठ मेरी लाडो कि सबेरा आने लगा है
    उठ मेरी लाडो गम फिर से छाने लगा है
    उठ मेरी लाडो कि तेरी माँ रोने लगी है
    उठ मेरी लाडो कि वो होश खोने लगी है
    उठ मेरी लाडो अब तो उठ मेरी लाडो

    स्कूल खुल गए हैं तुझे पढ़ने जाना है
    पढ़ लिख कर तुझे अफसर बन जाना है
    घर में भूख न मिटी तो अब तू गम न कर
    तुझको मिलेगा खाना तू उम्मीद कम न कर
    तुझे भूखी देख कर मैं कहाँ रह पाती हूँ
    लेकिन क्या करूँ गरीबी से हार जाती हूँ
    उठ मेरी लाडो मुल्क़ में नयी सरकार है
    अच्छे दिनों का अब सबको इंतज़ार है
    लक्ष्मी, इंदिरा, कल्पना सा चमकना है तुझे
    बस थोड़ी देर और भूख से लड़ना है तुझे
    आखिर कब तक तू भात भात चिल्लायेगी
    रहने दे बेटा थोड़ी देर में भूख मर जायेगी

    माई अब मुझसे कुछ भी सहा नहीं जाता
    कई दिन से भूखी हूँ और रहा नहीं जाता
    राशन नहीं मिला क्योंकि नहीं आधार है
    हम गरीबों पर अब ये नया अत्याचार है
    जाति धर्म का न जाने कैसा ताना बाना है
    भात माँगते हुए मुझे भूखा मर जाना है
    डिजिटल इंडिया है यही नया भारत है
    हम गरीबों की तो अब किसको जरूरत है
    शायद ये वक्त है माई देशभक्ति दिखाने का
    चंद चावल के बदले भूखी ही मर जाने का
    नाम संतोषी मेरा किंतु संतोष होता नहीं है
    कौन सा बच्चा है जो भूख से रोता नहीं है

    उठ जा लाडो कि राशन हमको मिलेगा नहीं
    तू अगर नही लड़ेगी तो कुछ बदलेगा नहीं
    तू अपनी बंद आँखों को अब तो खोल दे
    मुझसे नहीं अब तू इस जमाने को बोल दे
    तू जो मर गयी तो मुझ पे क्या बीती जायेगी
    तुझे मलेरिया से मरा दिखा सरकार बच जायेगी
    इसी गाँव में फिर तेरी माँ ही घसीटी जायेगी
    गाँव की बदनामी के डर से वो पीटी जायेगी
    उठ जा लाडो कि तेरी माँ को तेरी दरकार है
    खाना नहीं है लेकिन दिल में बेहद प्यार है
    उठ जा लाडो अब तो तू उठ जा लाडो
    अपनी माँ की खातिर फिर मुस्कुरा लाडो

    - हिमांशु

  • lukejr 4w

    Starved Over You

    Our own Starvation is our hunger for the Romantic side of the One we love & cherish. Our own Starvation is what destroys our systems. Irony at its finest.


  • itsmeriya 4w


    Slowly and slowly,the little child gave up
    He lost his battle against hunger and death.
    As his naked body lay still frequently being kissed by the city lights like a mother putting her child to sleep and eventually the white snow enveloped his body providing a coffin to his dead soul.


  • chandu_writes 5w

    World Food Day

    Hunger Kills More People Every Year Than Malaria, Tuberculosis & AIDS Combined
    - You Eat, We Donate

  • raghavendrabs 5w

    The Hungry Me

    The claustrophobia of your resistance,
    I wallow in desperation for your countenance,
    What I have I done to deserve this rejection?
    I hoped you'll fill me with love but I died of emaciation,
    I should've listened to my instinct and should've been pragmatic,
    I should have known, that like the fickle weather, you too are erratic,
    You ripped my heart and stole what was rightfully mine,
    I lament in sorrow, but it was I that trusted you, so I shouldn't whine.
    Just when I thought that you couldn't care less,
    You came back, I hoped you'd clear the mess,
    But you were standing there clicking away photos,
    I saw you and could hardly wince at the irony life throws,
    I saw your Reebok shoes and saw my bare foot,
    While I silently reminded myself that my chances to eat are next to moot,
    I see you throw food because of your distaste,
    Such a diabolical crime, what a waste!
    I could ponder over this all day,
    But before I begin to think, you click away,
    You hashtag, share and write about it,
    And decided the caption that seemed fit,
    "Help this hungry kid. Like this picture."
    Hearts melt, your work gains popularity, you become richer!
    “Like, share and subscribe!”, you bellowed,
    While death silently crept behind me, slowly it followed!
    I don’t think I’ll last long,
    And fret not, I’m not saying that what you did was wrong
    You could’ve remembered that I was your muse, your unseen partner,
    While you splurged on riches, everyday had a scrumptious dinner,
    There was me, who hoped just to live a day longer,
    As I resigned to fate and was dead because of hunger!

    Raghavendra B S

  • oncour 5w


    From timid kiss
    I tasted 'Sweet'
    I knew right then
    I'd not retreat
    And in your hands,
    my soul was yours 
    Our bodies shook 
    from flesh to core
    Now if I may
    retrace the lines-
    those clawed to skin,
    as you were mine
    At times I find
    my heart goes silent
    My body aches, 
    it quakes defiant
    I think the distance
    now takes a toll
    for the beast has stirred 
    and aims to devour you whole

  • oncour 6w


    Let me worship you,
    in the dark,
    with only candle-lit highlights
    Fragrant lavender, rising with the heat
    Oiled seduction
    You are my scented passion 
    Trust in me
    Let my fingers glide across your skin 
    and melt
    Love beneath the flesh
    Your body aches from hunger
    Let me feed you
    My love,
    Let me worship you in the dark

  • evangeline 6w

    Why are there religions?
    The states and different nationalities?
    Why do we always want to conquer the world?
    Haven't we already conquered the world?
    We have achieved things other species haven't,
    We own them, don't we?
    Then why are we still hungry?
    We have control over diseases, plants, animals, birds and even the atmosphere.
    We control and change the streams of the water bodies, we change the course of them whenever we want to.
    Then why? Why do we want wars?
    Why are we jealous of our own species?
    We want to conquer other lands while our own men go there to study, where's the sense in that?
    Can't there be just co-existence?
    Can't there be kindness and happiness?
    I wonder why don't we all join hands to achieve more?

    Why can't we just be curious and not power hungry?
    Don't you think we need a change?

    #world #wars #power #hunger #thoughts #questions #kindness #coexist #change

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  • oncour 7w

    Step Into My Soul

    Step into my soul
    Come, see the world as I see
    Reap the shared appetite of hunger
    From the depths of empty core
    Where soul should occupy

    Feast on silent words
    Of loved ones
    I am fucking starving
    Deep connection

    Prey with me 
    Draw the blood of words 
    Fill your cup
    Take your fill
    Lest we're felled to oblivion's perils

    Step into my soul
    Come, see the world as I see
    Barren, silent nights

  • oncour 7w


    The taste of her leaves me
    Wanting for more
    But she's the only thing
    That can sate this hunger

  • captiveonyx 8w

    Universe you created!

    I know sometimes I confuse you
    But that's the way I am
    Awkward and socially incompetent
    If only you could read my words
    And judge me by my wordpad
    Instead of my actions

    You would know my thirst and hunger
    You would finally know how much I love you
    You would finally find out things
    About you those even you didn't know
    Try to decode me
    You will find the reason for my heartbeat
    Find a quake of which you are the epicenter
    You will find a universe you created.


  • feelingnotsowhole 9w


    We eat our grief
    with devotion,
    Fold our breaths
    tie them in knots.
    Shun them away
    and learn to breathe,
    once again.
    With our mouths,
    Hungry, for love.

  • soul_in_pen 10w

    Kia usul hain is dunia ka!!!

    Jab humare pass khane ko kuch nah ho,
    Tab hum aik mutthi khane ke lea
    maar jate hain.
    Aur jab
    Humare paas khane ka koi kami nah ho,
    Tab hum dieting pe lag jate hain.


  • bharat23 10w

    The crust you threw off that pizza slice,
    Homemade lunch down the drain replaced by something nice.
    The desert you left feeling guilty for cheating your diet,
    Meanwhile, some kid again slept hungry tonight.