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  • nehaali_97 4d

    Yet another day on the horizon
    Observe the more intricate ways of discrimination
    This time on the news, Syria was again bombed
    So many innocent women and children, their lives lost
    Women and children. Where are the men? Surely even some of them were dead though unarmed
    And why Women And Children?
    What is it about adult women closer to dependent children that's lesser than men?
    Your niece today is complaining about this boy in class who's annoying, just short of of bullying
    You casually supress consent as you tell her it's just a crush, she'll be fine
    On from the side of the boy
    You're really teaching him it's okay to make people you like cry?!
    Your younger sister is in a fix
    She too is crushing on a girl, which for her is a confusing mix
    Because she has seen vaginas only meeting dicks
    What is it about sex, gender and sexuality
    That it has always been adjusted to heteronormativity?
    You've been taught this way too
    You've only only probably been taught to marry women
    And of course, to not beat them
    Not Don't beat anyone because it's wrong
    Just don't beat women because the 'fairer' sex is not strong
    What about this treatment is fair at all?
    And don't even get me started on body types, dresses and appearances on either side
    Surely by now you've realised that these have always been falsely categorised
    So like I said previously:
    We need to be more sensitive about all human beings: masculine, feminine, trans, non-binary or gender fluid

    #gender #sexism #lgbtq #hypocrisy

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    For those who think sexism doesn't exist and especially for those who think it does Pt.2

    Continuation of last post, can be read alone
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  • nehaali_97 5d

    Pause. Think about your daily experiences.
    Observe your own pretenses
    You start your day with coffee or chai
    Most likely made by your mother or bai
    They make it better than you definitely, but have you ever tried?
    You open your newspaper, or app, as is nowadays the case
    Obviously there is at least one article on rape
    If it's a woman between 18-30 wearing a shirt skirt she was asking for it
    If she was drunk, she shouldn't have been that carefree
    Of course, if the rapist was drunk, he was pardonable because he was not in his senses
    You receive a message: some girl close to you is now in a relationship.
    If the guy is younger than her, she is obviously a cougar, looking to prey
    If she is younger than the guy, she is definitely a gold digger, looking to ensnare a man richer
    If you get the same message from a guy friend, no matter what age, he is only congratulated on being a player
    When you were travelling through the bus, a transgender sat next to you
    You immediately tensed and probably moved
    Two of your colleagues just got promoted at work.
    Raj of course deserved it, but Sheela probably climbed the ladder through a hook-up.
    Look through your office,
    Count the number of male vs. female secretaries.
    And bosses. See the difference yet?
    Of course equally oppressive is when it works the other way round
    On your way back home, a drunkard was beating his wife. You punched and reported him, thanks for saving a life.
    But did you do the same when you saw your vegetable vendor hit her husband?
    You just automatically assumed he must have started the fight (in many cases yes, but men can also be violently abused is my point)
    When your baby niece/sister cried for a gift you bought her a Barbie,
    But when your nephew demanded the same, you laughed at him for being a 'ladki'
    This already getting too long and I have only taken you halfway through the day
    But I hope this enough to show you we need to be more sensitive about all human beings: masculine, feminine, trans, non-binary or gender fluid
    #gender #sexism #lgbtq #hypocrisy

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    For people who think sexism doesn't exist and especially for those who think it does

    You are probably (still) unknowingly perpetuating it in what you think is normal
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  • sakshidubey 1w

    Pleading to find humanity in humans.....

    Everyday there is new girl new victim and everyday humanity is ashamed of itself.
    Protest posters candles and later on social sensation nothing reinforce the humanity in humans.
    Where should we search for humanity and mercy then
    Long lost faith on humanity will ever revive or not let's think
    We can't give birth to humans we lost again
    Just inculcate a little faith a pinch of love and respect for woman in generations to come and find the human in your own demonic self.
    Till the better tomorrow has come
    Let's cry for lost humanity and plead though in vain.
    Zainab is not the one but it would be last if the human in us would wake up.

  • just_myself 1w


    In a world where
    Truth is lie and
    Lie is truth
    Where fake smiles are plenty
    Which leads to fake relationships
    Coupled with expected backstabbing
    Where honesty has no place
    What are we teaching our children?
    Let us spare them this hypocrisy


  • tejaaswini_narendra 1w


    What is freedom?

    "Don't be out late."
    "7pm we shut the gate!"
    "Don't wear short skirts"
    "It's a sin to flirt!"
    "Don't raise your voice!"
    "Priorities ain't your choice!"
    "For your hymen is scared"
    "And you darling, are taken for granted!"
    "He's superior to you!"
    "Sorry your individuality is screwed!"

    Is this what freedom is?


  • kcshort 2w

    How is it, the same rules differentiate against a different race or between other people. Judging, hypocrisy, and racism goes in the same circle.
    #how #hypocrisy

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    I hear people say, innocent until proven guilty
    Give them a chance, you don't know their story.
    Where's this mind set when it's a person of color?
    Where's this mindset against a person you don't like?
    Oh yeah, it's only used when you care or fantasy a person.

  • notesbykaur 3w

    "Some of the Humans"

    Acts like Owls
    They see and observe everything about you in your darker nights
    And then Close their eyes when Sun shines bright in your favour like nothing happened.


  • jsonia 3w

    Hypocrisy #simplifiedinshort

    You ever felt? How they alter rules as per their convenience & impose them....

    That's when your mind reads ashabhosle as asshole....Tactical as testicle....


  • nazeersafeena 3w


    Aunty, a title given to the one who covers her body.
    Slut, a title given to the one who wears jeans.

  • zaan74 4w

    They paint them orange,
    They paint them green.
    They paint them white,
    They paint them mean.
    The cause they claim to believe
    Is exactly what they defeat.
    They paint them with insecurities,
    They paint them with their greed.
    They paint them with their desires,
    They paint them with their belief.
    When the end comes harking,
    They will be painted red in disbelief

    Farah Naaz

  • blaike 5w

    The honest cheater peeps out of the shell
    To the world not so familiar to his eyes
    The world that disguises itself looks at him suspiciously,
    Wondering how a person could be so honest that it doesn't look real.
    His actions describe him flawlessly with a reflection of his own soul.
    The soul so pure and untainted that looks like a heavenly ascend.
    The cheater that speaks bluntly his desires
    That he seems out of the world.
    The cheater that teaches the world honesty.
    World questions his honesty for it's lies to thrive.
    The world is like a thorn to him that goes deep and deep and deep in him.
    The poison it creates compell to cheat
    And yet his honesty is difficult to beat.
    The cheater within loves the honest self,
    And the honest one disgusts him.
    The war they fight is forever to last
    For the world that he sees, an honest can't past.

  • zudora_zubairy 6w


    Hypocrisy is like an insidiously
    growing malignant thought which
    can be identified only when it is
    out in the open.
    Many walk with us holding
    masks of pretenses!

  • vrushika_j 6w


    People can be hypocrites.
    And situations can be ironic.

  • zaan74 7w

    At least the devil was not a coward.
    Though I am no devil sympathiser,
    The truth can not be denied,
    It takes courage, even if in arrogance,
    To speak your mind before your Destroyer.
    And if the words were read
    The way they were meant to be,
    You would know that the devil sins in God's knowledge,
    And should God shown upon him mercy,
    Who will you blame for your lies?
    You walk this earth, chest puffed with pride,
    Announcing to the world, heaven is your birth right.
    But when the curtains fall, and your fate is put before your sight,
    When the devil sniggers, while you try to put up a fight,
    When it is too late for you to realise,
    You tried to play God, and God made you pay the price.

    Farah Naaz

  • ziva_hind 7w

    That Girl

    Her dry lips pursed
    Into a knowing smile,
    That determination as she's forced
    Into a never understanding, vile
    Void where sublimity infers stubbornness.

    All she asked for.
    Love, to choose the God up above,
    For the choice of a Prince Charming, for climbing the educational tor.
    The choice of a life she dreamt of.

    What is it that scared them?
    The piece of cloth that she rolled
    Around her head, shielding the gem
    Of her faith, or her heart of gold
    Craving for the man for whom her life's vowed to, and would be spent?


  • shradhaanand 8w


    We're living in a society, where Man can pee on public places by showing his penis but women can't feed her baby in public places.

  • pacifierpunch 10w

    Clown: A satire?

    Often painted in vibrance of ornamental colours
    But not more than a blank canvas yearning to flee
    Often cloaked in sham smiles shining in clamoring lies
    But not more than an ephemeral lingering to erupt
    Often a caricatured maven appeasing lost souls
    But not more than a soulless heart wandering to discover one
    Often reduced to a chapter of entertainment closing when done
    But not more than a ridiculous means clocking scorn
    Often, on the stage of world and in rings of circus, a fleeting clown
    But not more than a satire on pretence and hypocrisy unbridled.


  • shafaqzooni 11w

    Koi meri jagah le mujhko gawara kahaan
    Par lu me kisi aur ka darja ye bhi bura nahi.

  • xykon_noir 12w


    Greed. Jealousy. Vanity.
    Egotism. Bigotry. Hypocrisy.
    Hatred. Malice. Insensitivity.

    Stop irrigating the Landscapes of Humanity with these Vicious Waters.

    For We are barely a Page in the History of Sentience.

    The Successors won't repent Tearing and Burning it away to Smoke and Ashes.