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  • anubhavkaushik 3h

    Aroma of Love

    Her hairs were caressing his face,
    Chin placed at her shoulder,
    A thousand thoughts trying to mess with the head,
    But the love waves overpowering all,
    The fusion of water and fire, the whole beautiful attire of blissful skin topped with skimmed emotions over the unsaturated love.
    A thousand dreams, a whole new world being built inside the arms entangled in eachother,
    Her head fallen back on his shoulder, eyes rolled back, she's absorbing it all, her body is like  soaking the chemicals from his skin, the air around filled with the aroma of her heaven.

    This moment woven with her love, her soul woven in his love.

    ©Anubhav Kaushik

  • hanfanaseermir 12h

    Insanity. Chaos. Passion.
    A soul full of chaos and a head full of dreams.
    *Attires I crave for*
    I would fall without seeking.
    I would die without living.
    ©Hanfa Naseer Mir

  • sweetpoison23 22h

    Baby can I water the seeds again?
    Maybe the buds of my love can be plucked,
    But I'm watching the air blow off the clouds..
    Will we get the sunshine again?
    I'm hoping the buds spread into flowers.

  • farzeenfazal 3d


    The thing about finding someone just like you, someone with whom you can have deep conversations about anything and everything under the heavens and beyond, is that without talking to them you feel empty. You are no longer satisfied in your conversations with others. You end up craving for that intimacy and connection. You start talking to a lot of people, just to fill the void , and at some point of time you realise it's not going to be enough!

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  • gomal_sivaraam 4d

    Relationship is all about sticking with intimacy and stitching with redamancy.

  • harmonizer 1w


    Sometimes an understanding silence is
    better than a bunch of meaningless words.

  • gomal_sivaraam 1w

    LongDistance Relationship

    Distance, never a disturbance to theirs intimacy and redamancy.

  • musingsofthebodhi 1w

    My #song here is for everyone looking to get #laid #tonight.
    #copyright @musingsofthebodhi 2018 #mysong

    Pour in me like the incessant rain,
    Let me hold you like I hold the glass of
    sparkling champagne.
    Darling, tonite I'm wearing your flawless skin,
    and you're wearing mine.

    My cupid tells me tonite I'm getting laid,
    And then there is this sign.

    I've felt your alluring lips,
    your hour-glass body before.
    I'm too desperate for you and want more,
    Let me feel you shiver closely, let me cross
    the line.

    My cupid tells me tonite I'm getting laid,
    And then there is this sign.

    I secretly wonder of the moments of feeling
    you raw,
    There is an inch of snow in my heart that only
    you can thaw.
    I've thought about words that could arouse you,
    I practised a thousand times this one cheesy line.

    My cupid tells me tonite I'm getting laid,
    And then there is this sign.

    I loved the way you tease,
    The way your clothes take shape of your bossoms
    and still don't crease.
    I don't care if my heart skips a thousand beats
    Either you make the first move or me, whichever
    is fine.

    My cupid tells me tonite I'm getting laid,
    And then there is this sign...

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    Then there is this sign...


  • jphillosopher 1w

    True love? No. You're in love with the idea of leaving your histories and forgetting your heartbreaks by investing your time with me.


  • shoonya 1w


    It's not about intimacy of body
    It's all about intimacy of thoughts.

  • catha_ 1w

    One moment

    There is a sigh
    that flows
    through our movements
    A breeze that
    my mind
    We dance to a sound
    the music
    The twilight
    of a moment

    Your hand on my ribcage
    I breathe
    through you
    The intimacy
    Disarmes me completely
    We move as one
    Your heartbeat guides
    The moment never ends
    Until it does


  • diaryofabeing 2w


    The annulus of halo
    I designated to him
    started to fade off
    when his words
    that claimed
    started becoming
    the actions
    that contradicted.


  • ericwk 2w

    (Photo from Pixabay) 'slaked' = 'to satisfy, quench thirst'
    #Tanka #Poetry #Mirakee ��
    #Bee #Nature #Harvest #Intimacy #Passion

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    tousled petals yield
    blossomed essence fluttering
    pliant moments sought
    Nature's wonders harvest slaked
    hive drips morning gatherings

    ~ an EWK 5:7:5:7:7 Tanka Poe'em ©ericwk

  • pacific_indite 2w

    Lying down in the dark..
    I feel my breath,
    in this dark labyrinth
    of a room,
    my heart feel high
    and my soul sigh..
    It’s dark, hard enough to see;
    I'm lying drunk in memories..
    There's dream to dream,
    An intense intimacy to feel..
    As it's not consuming
    It setting me free..
    I feel my breathing
    It's darkness and
    I wonder cheer.


  • demon_disguise 2w

    Sweet smell of your breath on my lips...

    Melts my senses...


  • alexanderrichardson112 3w


    She started to read extracts from the texts on my phone randomly. I tried to stop her "Miss lady don't do this to yourself, please, just gimme the phone, let me explain.. She ignored me and started reading over me "I want you to tie me up. I want you to lay back while I suck you slow". She looked up at me in utter disgust and asked "Is this the shit you've been doin' behind my back? We do this shit, this is supposed to be our intimate activity, how could you do these things with another?" "We didn't do anything I swear, it was just harmless flirting." Flirting? Flirting? Harmless? This is you sexting someone else! "She picks another random text "I've never been blindfolded before. Would you fuck me from behind while I'm blindfolded, please?" she looked at me, still in disgust "Is that what you did? You fuck her like that?" Just stop, stop doing this to yourself!" I tried to grab the phone but she kept a grip, shoved it in her pocket and screamed "Fuck you!" in tears she lashed out "I can't believe you. I thought everything was good, I thought we had no secrets and this is what's been happening behind my back? I've been living a lie. How long?"

  • alexanderrichardson112 3w


    Who the fuck is she?" Nothing. "What the fuck is this? Why would you do this?" Still nothing "Answer me dammit!" all I could muster up was "It's not what it seems like miss lady." she wasn't buying it "Oh? It's not? Tell me then, cause to me it looks like you're fucking her! Are you fucking her?" "No! These are just texts I swear, we never got physical." "Please! You expect me to believe that?" "It's the truth I swear I would ne-" she cut me off "Don't, just don't! I asked you if there's someone else! I asked you if that's why you barely look at me anymore and you lied to my face." "I didn't lie-" she cut me off again "You looked me in the eye and lied. You're... You're evil! How could you do this to me? What does she have that I don't?" my eyes tear up and something cold gripped my heart until I felt an excruciating pain in my chest. I told her "Nothing, it's not you, you're perfect." she's been crying too. "Perfect huh? This is how you treat perfect?"

  • the_next_writer 3w

    The level of intimacy

    Touch her soul by your words
    As,that will leave a longer impact
    than your raw touch on her skin

    © Anamika

  • paulwrites 4w

    @surreal @ritika_ #vampireboysofsummer #vampires #serial #serialnovel #paranormal #highschool #YA #sliceoflife #youngadult #romance #adventure #anime #manga #younglove #romantic #lovestory #bedroom #intimacy #tobecontinued #calmbeforethestorm

    Vampire Boys Of Summer

    52: Haru’s Room

    We were still lying on the porch deck, Haru over top of me, his dreamy, dark eyes peering into my own, when I heard someone coming up the porch steps.

    “Hmm, looks like someone forgot to sweep off the porch this evening,” a deep voice said. “I’ll need to fire the maid for certain.”

    Haru grinned and turned his head to the intruder of our privacy. “Hello Uncle,” he said.

    I was a little embarrassed and tried to hide my face. Mr. Tomoko laughed.

    “No need to hide, young lady. I know who you are. He won’t shut up about you no matter how much I plead him to stop.” He leaned down towards us and grinned. In his arms, he held two bags of groceries. “I would ask you two to help me with these, but I can see you’re otherwise busy. Well, never mind, stay prostrate as you like. The air is probably livelier down there anyway.”

    As he opened the back door and went inside, he shook his head and muttered something mirthful to himself. Haru shook his head, too.

    “Tomoko has a certain sense of humor. It may take you awhile to get used to it.”

    I smiled. “It’s okay. I like it. Should we go help?”

    Haru got up from his prone position and helped me to my feet. “He probably doesn’t need it, but we can be civil. What I wanted to show you is inside anyway.”

    In the kitchen, Uncle Tomoko had set the bags on the dining table. Coming through the back door, we both proceeded to unload the groceries so he could put them up. From the looks of things, everything had its place. Tomoko ran a tight, organized kitchen.

    “Do you really have a maid?”

    The older man laughed. “Miss Williams, no maid would be able to take our brand of madness for long. But don’t think we haven’t considered it. You interested?”

    I had to laugh. “I can’t even keep my own room clean.”

    “Well then. Looks like you and Haru are a perfect match, because his room looks like a cyclone touched down.”

    “You’re just too much of a clean freak, uncle,” Haru jibed.

    “There is nothing wrong with order. Everything has its place in the world, and that should reflect itself in the home as well.”

    “Okay, I get it,” Haru said, “I’ll go clean my room.” He turned to me. “You want to help?”

    I smiled. “Sure, why not?” In that moment, I felt like we were typical teenagers, rather than a centuries old vampire and his human girlfriend.

    We left Tomoko in the kitchen and moved through the house. If I was expecting sparse furnishings, I was wrong. It could have been a show house, one of those places you find in homes magazines. It reminded me of a trip around the world with stops in Egypt, India, France, and of course, Japan. Everywhere you looked, there was something representing a different country. This was not a gothic vampire house, this was a suburban castle of a world traveler.

    We went up the main staircase, a twisting set of steps whose balustrade was decorated in black and gold silk ribbons. My hand tried to grasp the railing, but slipped on the slick material.

    “Sorry,” he said. “Left overs from our housewarming party.”

    I wanted to ask him where all the party goers had come from if they had just moved in. And why had the Trumps been there, yet the girl next door hadn’t been invited?

    As always, he seemed to know where my thoughts lie. “I’m sorry we didn’t invite your family,” he said. “Based on your dad’s situation, we’d assumed you were all vampire hunters. That wasn’t quite the atmosphere my uncles wanted.”

    I understood. Yes, it kind of hurt, but I would have done the same thing in his shoes, not knowing who I really was at that point.

    “If we had the party today, you’d be at the top of the list, trust me.”

    “And the Trumps?”

    He smirked. “Oh well, it was Ryo who wanted them to come. He saw them practicing cheers outside Amanda’s house when we arrived in town.” He laughed. “They got the first invite, even before a party was even planned.”

    I tried not to be jealous. The idea of him at the same party with The Trumps was enough to make me glad Chi had broken Amanda’s nose.

    “Hey, you’re here with me now, not them.”

    He kissed me on the cheek as we paused outside his bedroom.

    “You’re my girl, Nora. No one else. Just you.”

    And then he opened the door.

    His room wasn’t at all what I expected. If I was thinking it would be painted black with pinups of Vampirella, Bloodrayne, or Alice Cullen I was mistaken. And it didn’t have the appearance of a teenage boy’s room, either. At first glance, it looked more like a template for a hotel room. Sparse and generic, it held a bed, dresser, mirror on the wall, and a small, open closet. A divider ran through the back half of the room, separating it from a toilet and shower. The simple furnishings helped remind me that though he had the look of a teenage boy, Haru had lived hundreds of years. I imagine having to follow the latest, ever changing trends for that long would get old. Trying to keep up with what kids found popular would be maddening, so instead he had settled for a room that reflected none of those flighty things.

    He did, however, have a wall mounted television, under which sat a shelf of DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs. A quick perusal gave me insight to his various interests and likes. As he had already told me, he had the Suspiria movie in several editions, as well as other Italian horror films. I hadn’t heard of any of them, but the covers looked quite terrifying. On the American side of things, he had foregone Twilight and Vampire Diaries for American Horror Story and the original Dark Shadows, a black and white TV show dad had gotten me hooked on when I was little. From Japan, he had a small collection of ghost story movies, like Ringu and Ju-On. Despite his apparent love of horror, which endeared me to him even more, a few movies in his collection looked out of place: The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink. When I raised an eyebrow and looked at him, he just shrugged and said, “Ducky should have got the girl.”

    I didn’t see any computers or laptops around, and the only decorations on the wall were two framed photographs, one of a creepy looking forest, the other of a woman in white sleeping on top of a mausoleum. There were no rock and roll posters, girly pinups, or any other things a young man would have in his room. There wasn’t even a stereo, as far as I could tell, though I did notice a small clock radio on an end table at his bedside.

    The bed was small, made for only a single occupant, and I imagined if I ever slept over here, one of us would have to sleep on top of the other. I didn’t mind such a thought, and almost told him so, but decided to keep it to myself until the time came.

    We ordered in pizza, and I used Haru’s cell to call Angela. She didn’t answer, but I figured she didn’t recognize the number. If I’d used mine, she might not have answered either after our argument the night before.

    My boyfriend was sympathetic. “I’ll go over and check on her in a minute. That’s if she is even with Ryo.”

    I smiled and gave him a quick kiss. “Okay, thank you. I won’t lie. I’m still worried, even though you said he wouldn’t turn her.”

    “I know. It will be okay.” He put his hands on my hips. “Come here.”

    I let him draw me close. As his lips met mine, I swore I heard singing from somewhere in the house. The lilting voice seemed to be butchering an Adele song in wonderful ways. It was a nice serenade, and with Haru’s mouth on mine, my fingers fumbling with the removal of his shirt, we fell back on the bed. I half expected an explosion of roses to erupt from the mattress, as “Rolling In The Deep” became Tearing Up The Sheets.

    An hour later, we lay in bed, the covers tossed about us, clothes laying on the floor. He cradled me in one arm. His free hand played with my hair, as if he were fascinated with every strand on my head. He leaned close and breathed me in. He sighed as if he had just caught a whiff of grandma’s freshly baked Christmas cookies. I had to smile. It was wonderful having a boy make over me like this. All the little moments a girl dreams of, all the things she wishes a boy to be, it was right here in this bed, where space was so tight the only thing keeping me on the mattress was Haru’s strong arm around me.

    To Be Continued…

    “Vampire Boys Of Summer” 2018 Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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    Vampire Boys of Summer 52
    Haru's Room

    Exactly how safe is it
    In a vampire boy's room?