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  • talinwrites 1d

    Twenty one
    And one day old
    How far in this life shall I go
    Reaching the stars; such a cliche of old
    I just want my words to kiss your soul


  • the_archivist 2d


    Do you ever just stop for a moment, and just feel?

    The blood pumping throughout your body, your veins pulsating as every heart beat forces blood through each artery, each Capilarie!

    The smell of flowers as they bloom, or the rustling of the leaves as a zephyr moved through!

    The touch of a lovers caress, or the feel of their lips upon yours as you embrace!

    These things, these sensual pleasures are what drive me through the world sometimes. The next thing to feel, imaginging what it will be like.

    Even the want to feel something is a feeling in and of itself! It's here now, boiling in my blood, making me excited and ready!

    Can you feel it?

  • an_open_diary_of_an_introvert 2d

    We makes ourself that much busy that we really gets forget what makes us smile, and starts getting frustrated and irritated with the slightest change.
    Don't we need a time for "ourself"??

    Just spend a little time with yourself, maybe half of your problems gets end with it!!!

    A need of introspection!!

    #introspection #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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    फिर फुर्सत में बैठ,
    खुद से मिल लूँगी!!


  • aptagged 4d


    कई सवाल हैं मेरे आजकल,
    जो हर समय मुझे परेशां करते हैं,

    आखिर कहाँ मुझसे भूल हुई,
    और कहाँ मैं पीछे छूट गया ??

    मेरा सवाल आजकल हर उस लम्हे से है,
    जिस के हर एक कण में मेरी ज़िन्दगी है !

    सवाल उन जगहों से है, जहाँ अक्सर चले जाया करते थे,
    उस जायके से है, जो तुमने मुझे कभी चखाया था !

    उन कहानियों से है सवाल ये मेरा जिसने,
    मुझे एक सुखद अंत का भरोसा दिलाया था,

    उस आईने से सवाल है मेरा की क्यों?
    मेरे साथ तुम्हे ये अद्भुत सा दिखता था !

    मेरा सवाल हालातों से है की आखिर,
    क्या शिकवे रहे हैं ,मुझसे इसके ?

    अब क्यों नहीं मिलती हो तुम उस दफ्तर के निचे,
    जहाँ एक पल में, मेरा सारा संसार सिमट जाता था,

    अब क्यों नहीं तुम बनाती वो कड़ी चावल,
    जो बिना नमक के स्वाद दे जाता था !

    अब क्यों नहीं तुम,अमूमन पूछती हो मेरा हाल,
    और क्यों नहीं करती ,सोने से पहले वाली आखिरी कॉल !

    क्यों कहा तुमने की तस्वीर मेरी मिटा देना ,
    और भूल जाना की कभी था कोई साथ !

    जब ये सब सोचता हूँ मैं हर रोज़,
    तोह फिर एक सवाल ज़हन में आता है !

    ये सवाल की, जैसे मैं समझौते कर रहा हूँ,
    क्या तुम भी ऐसे जद्दो ज़ेहद में कहीं होगी ?

    मेरा सवाल है तुमसे की क्यों तुमने,
    मुझे नाम से नंबर बना दिया है अब !

    मेरा आखिरी सवाल इस सवाल से है,
    की क्यों हर रोज़ ये जवाब मांगता है !


  • lost_in_time 1w

    Late at night

    Sitting in the dark,
    Lost in thoughts,
    Night sky clowded,
    Being alone,
    Cigarette glowing faintly,
    Being allowed to be myself,
    Even if just for a moment.


  • mohitasadhwani 1w

    Her own heartbeat.

    The mind looked west, the heart turned east:
    equally enticing, the paths made her pause
    until she could no longer feel her feet;
    Meandering through the wicked crossroads,
    wearing the chains of a crippling loss,
    she found herself honing in to the sound
    of the one real thing in the palace of illusions -
    the haunting echoes of her own heartbeat.


  • talinwrites 2w

    Why do You care so much?
    Why do I mean so much to You?
    What is man that You are mindful of him?
    What do I have to deserve this loving?"

    "I love you, that is all."
    (answers He who truly loves)


  • pipe_dreams 2w

    Trying to please everyone
    And I end up pleasing no one at all.
    Trying to be better
    But end up in square one.
    Trying to get through it
    And end up getting lost.

    I'd ask myself where did I go wrong
    But I'm afraid of finding out
    That it was just me all along.


  • the_archivist 2w


    Being tired, exhaustion, Sleepy, burntout, depleted.

    These are all different terms for the same state of being. One that is often felt moreso the older we get. Once, we were all young, full of energy and blissfully unaware that it would not always be so. Then, we get older, and are worn out, caughy up in bitter nostalgia as we remember our past.

    Whether we are just physically tired, seeking a nap, or to sleep deeply after going days without sleep,

    To the soul sucking weariness we experience after a straight week of working constantly, or from the stress we experience on a daily basis.

    Exhaustion affects us all, and it can be an awful feeling.

    So, if you're ever experiencing a day where you are dealing with too much stress, or you haven't slept in three days, take some time to allow yourself a rest. Sleep for hours on end, Meditate to restore your mind to it's fully functioning state, listen to a song that will calm you down.

    Its for your own good, because no one ever functions well when their suffering from...



  • s_a_n_a_n_d_a_ 2w

    "Life is a long run"- a common saying
    To me its a " limiting time "for
    An experience to earn
    From childhood to old age - a long stretch,
    For the " hidden me" to be found
    In every instance of my life, I follow
    And every time I recognized a new self.

    Once I saw a little boy crying
    When I travelled home,
    When I asked him he told me, that
    He WS left all alone
    How caring I became, when I provided solace to him
    And took the pain to get him back his home
    It was a motherly feeing I nurtured that day -
    I found a lonely "mother" within the "hidden me"

    When I saw a girl being teased , harassed,
    By some intemperate men
    I got up with a sudden strength -
    I shouted at the strangers
    Chasing them all away
    She hugged me and thanked me
    For saving her, that day
    A strange feeling dawned upon me , and I
    Discovered a proud feeling of being -
    A "girl" within the "hidden me"

    A family discussed about politics,
    Starred me up one day
    In a bold and brave manner, I
    Expressed my views aloud -
    A thrilling sound of applause
    Came from the table all round
    The way I had spoken stirred everyone to surprise.
    I felt proud to be a responsible citizen
    I found a hidden talent - the way I can
    Proceed with debates - a" wonderful civic
    Sense" - within the " hidden me"

    The sports competition shook me up
    With thrill and enthusiasm
    I ran, I jumped and led my team in
    The events energetically
    I was praised for my sporting spirit
    But I found a new quality of "leadership" within
    My "hidden self"

    I hope there are many more
    Precious jewels to come out in future
    From the big treasure box, named -
    "The Hidden Me!"
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld #pod #the_new_me #hope #optimism #new_spirits #introspection #something_new #quote_of_the_day #budding_writer #pod

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    The Hidden ME!

    The box of not jewels
    But the "Hidden ME!!!"

  • talinwrites 2w

    Believe me, I am insane.
    I can't make out which is what without a dictionary by my side in my bed.
    My dreams have been lucid but I tend to ignore the known
    For I know everytime that I'm dreaming but I rather stay in until its gone.
    don't think that I'm desperate
    I'm fine on my own.
    It's just things aren't what I thought it to be
    Everything is too messed up; out of control.

  • the_archivist 2w


    Anger. It's one of the most base emotions one can experience, and often rears its red head over many a thing.

    For me, it's inability to do something to a standard I deem acceptable. Of course, these standards are rather ridiculous in hindsight, but never the less they are there.

    For a friend of mine, it's having to deal with the insurmountable level of foolishness that some people present.

    What is yours? what makes you...



  • the_archivist 2w

    Unrequited Love

    Unrequited love is a terrible thing we put ourselves through. To love but not be so in return? Could ever there be a bigger tragedy?

    With Forlorn hope we attach ourselves to this love, and it grows ever stronger in our hearts, by way of sapping the energy out of us, until it is a dam fit to burst.

    I myself suffer from a case of this love. To me it seems to be that the cosmos have forbidden me happiness in its regard.

    But it's alright, my children. It's okay.

    We are ever changing, and so are the people whom we love. They may grow to reciprocate these feelings towards you, Or you may grow out of your feels, and be ever the stronger for it.

    Don't believe that your hope is Forlorn. Love freely and with abandon.


  • semajio 2w

    Be honest with yourself
    You will always know
    When you're lying


  • the_archivist 2w


    Unity is something we humans, especially we modern humans, find difficult to achieve.

    From unity of mind and body, to the unity between our soul and our actions.

    Even the most materialistic sense of the word is something we struggle to achieve, that being unity with each other.

    It is a struggle. I myself wrestle with it every day.

    Are you willing to try?


  • the_archivist 2w


    Distance is many a thing to us humans. A measure of how far something is. How far we have to go as people to obtain something.

    Distance to me is something much more personal.

    Distant is how I describe some of my relationships to some of my friends. To some of my family.

    Distant is how I feel to myself sometimes, and to the person I want to be.

    These distances seem insurmountable sometimes, especially to a walking Wanderer such as I.

    But you know what? I'm willing to walk it!



  • ishritam 3w

    Mother's word

    "Where are you now,beta?"
    "What are you having for dinner?"
    "Hope you have your jacket on."

    Maa still kept me company on my solo trip.


  • believe322 4w


    I have been looking for myself
    In all of the wrong places
    In the eyes of unkind faces
    My life has left no traces
    Shall I dismiss it and place it on the shelf?

    No I cannot. I must relent
    From being the kind
    That does not attempt to find
    The nature of myself and of my mind
    Or will I cast aside all that it was meant

    To do with the gifts and time I was given
    Instead of climbing inside of a bottle
    Never thinking twice of my tomorrows
    My soul hasn't anything left it can borrow
    Once upon a time I was so driven

    Then today as I sat right outside
    Dawn burning away the night
    God help me I've lost all sight
    Of differences between wrong and right
    And the culprit is my pride

  • the_pensive_pen 4w


    I finally let myself listen to the chaos
    Of the numerous thoughts in my mind;
    Some are jarring with obvious dilemmas,
    Some whispering the truths that I struggle to face,
    Some colourful with wishes and dreams to achieve,
    And others silently significant with light and laughter.

    Making the mind a blank canvas may not be easy,
    But it sure is lovely, at times, to witness the vistas
    That the thoughts create in amalgamation...

    I then have a good laugh


  • ishmael 5w


    A journey to a far-off land,
    Sets you free.
    As much as,
    Thinking on your own,
    In your own little room does.