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  • ocean_blue 15h


    Cocoon, the personal cocoon, the close inner quater where a stranger outsider is not let in.
    We all have become a hardened anchorite and love plug in our ears with music from our phone and let the world around go astray.
    What we have with a pinch of salt is the belief of armour status with modernity had come a sense of monocentric and self indulgence.
    Buses, cars, phones, computers is where you can see the sense of so called security, a constant stratification and alienation of oneself.
    People of today contemplate that time wasted other, their self is a sheer wastage.
    Lonely is what is loud today and that to with a style and a bright shiny earphone pluged.
    If you break their shelter and enter it is known as hacking and thus a different chapter of cyber law.
    Don't peep even though when people move to sleazy politics fleeting from the numbness of loneliness when their ears devoid of hearing and land into matters that transverse from monopoly to cacophony thus I put on my own my black glasses again on my eyes and plug into my ear the mp3 player earpiece as I sway my sight from the maidan of esplanade and thus restart my car as the freeze traffic is clear now to move to the heart of loneliness.
    So who is the gainer you, me or the maker of electronic gadgets?
    Thus the design is right!

  • nabaneetsharma_ 2d

    "Why is it that the rain doesn't stop?"

    "What are you talking about? There's no rain?"

    "Oh I see, nevermind. Sorry."


  • inner_beauty_is_happy_ 4d


    U call isolation my enemy
    I call it my safe haven
    Judgment does that to a person

    Makes them regret people
    And forget how to regret
    And in some twisted way..
    It makes u remember how to breath
    While cutting off ur circulation
    People will do the same.. And the opposite

    They will never be there for you
    But they still don't leave u alone
    They crumble away..
    Yet the ashes stick to u
    And once there needs are fulfilled
    They decide that urs are no longer important

    And when that decision has been decided
    You are non existent
    With only the darkness there for u

    So while u talk about how my
    Isolation is unhealthy
    I fight my inner monsters alone
    Even if I loose a couple of battles to get there

    I cry by myself
    Knowing that I would need to cry a river
    To get by this storm

    I make friends with my thoughts
    Knowing that without that friendship
    My heart would stop beating
    And my eyes would close for the last time

    My isolation is the reason I'm alive
    Ur ignorance is the reason why
    I can no longer value us
    Why I can no longer value myself

  • wonderstood 1w

    Invisible Burdens

    Little girl of five, went around with a burden day and night. A dark, heavy burden, that refused to reveal itself to her, despite her efforts to seek it. One day, unable to bear the weight, she looked at the mirror and saw that it was her own heavy, lonely heart.

  • thomas_prince 1w

    Toy Soldier

    Broken little boy,
    From a broken home,
    Absentee Father,
    Mother was broken too,
    No love to call his own,
    Grew into a broken teen,
    No one cared to see,
    His only talent,
    Was invisibility,
    Now a broken man,
    With a broken heart,
    And a broken life,
    Filled with strife,
    And yet still he's that broken boy,
    From a broken home,
    Forever broken,
    Always alone.

  • juniflrz 1w


    Astray from deep darken thoughts of life’s moments which have kept me away in some unexplainable world. Finding it hard to keep a away from slipping into a century old comma sleep.
    Hearing a sudden sough from the breeze of the ocean waves splashing onto shore. Shall it may seem an alarming wake up call to cough up words like never before in pursuit of multiple written poems.
    Almost given in to a relentless abyss of mental anguish and fragile state of saddening emotions. In the normal world were people tend to slough off the weight of burdening problems to be in some form of peace and happiness.
    At the top of my lungs I yell be tough for this is just a short rough passage of time. Enough is enough be bold to surpass such unglamorous state of weakness for a survivor braves on to challenging the world.
    ©juniflrz 🌸

  • parchedllama 1w


    Clouds of delusion swirl hazing the struggle, as humanity endeavors harder than before to battle the unending epidemic of isolation.

  • ericwk 1w

    Insomnia imagined.
    ('7-segmented blips' = LED clock numeral display)
    In mind of such moments, those minutes.
    #Insomnia #Sleepless #Isolation #Frustration #DigitalDaze

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    7-Segmented Blips

    (an interpretation)
    Miniscule moments frayed,
    relayed – so, I. was. is. to be. this. That. – Me.
    wide-eyed wondering – mind wandering.
    desolation in darkening – dire nightness.
    Spanning visceral gaps,
    past notes played – out. rewinded. pause. – Stop.
    thoughts abridged – aligned, strung by above.
    sway into meaning, pluck chords of my discordness.
    Fathomed vibrations,
    deepening tones – mind roams. alone. – Moan.
    isolation indebted. long over – due.
    I care to sleep. in. – perspiration. quiet desperation. drips.
    counting digit. all. ’ticks
    seven-segmented blips.

    ~ an EWK Poe'em ©ericwk

  • universilje 1w


    Sadness fills this empty shell.
    The sadness expands out across this barren landscape.
    For I am hollow.
    Empty, chucked away.
    There has been no goodbyes, no hellos.
    Just hurtful pain left behind like a hurricane aftermath.
    You see, you all left me.
    I was so young, young little leaf left to fend for itself in blizzards forever.
    I knew hardly nothing else but rejection.
    The broken, torn pain etched across my face.
    But nothing compares to this hollow, empty forever howling pain of loneliness.

  • oromianeyre 2w

    Established isolation

    Front seat covered by gold.Back row hurried away by the storm
    My story of little red riding hood.Kidnapped near grandma's home.Ancestors flow through my genes .Awoke with chains dangling around my neck
    Throat slit. Can't speak
    Tongue twisted, limbs heavily bloody
    Can't walk
    'Oh what a hopeless corpse moving down the drain. Towards it's death towards its grave.' Travelling men whispered through their enchanted dismay. Pity and mercy begging on their knees, yet their limbs do not move closer to the one imprisoned, silenced in brutality with any remorse.Instead what you find is hushed conversations of it's disgust. It was the corpse's fault.Why did it leave it's master, the master who stole her from her home. The one who suffocated her from her name. The one who stab across her wound. Broke her mind, never to remember who she really was. This traveller, this child stolen as good, weeps for remorse someone to rescue. Can't escape from this cycle, can't escape this doom.Instead left to rot upon the struggling, clenching revolting palms of her master.
    Isolation established upon her death, planted upon her breath.

  • oromianeyre 3w

    Swallowed in Anxiety

    Slipping through the ice
    Ice melting, cracking, ripping
    Slipping drowning deep in the frozen ocean
    Unleashing the screams
    Blurred through the ship
    The ship that was supposed to sail me to light
    Sinking like Titanic while the petals left me in confusion
    Thorns piercing though my heart
    The pills gulping down my throat
    Swallowing my isolation
    My fear
    My tears
    My ashen hope
    Bewildered in Anxiety.

  • tejaswi86 3w

    I can keep thinking
    The days, the nights don't matter
    Because my thoughts are you..

  • mmbftd 3w

    New Again

    I wanted to be new again
    Clean and optimistic
    I wanted to see my young face
    From that time
    When I was beautiful
    But didn't know it
    Looking back at all these photos
    Vintage remnants
    Committed to actual physical photo paper
    All yellowed and dimmed
    By the ages gone by
    My life
    Surrounded by friends
    Who lifted me up
    Carried me, really
    Through heart aches
    I created but did not understand that I created
    I see us laughing
    I was so brave
    Risking life after life for that one real love
    I loved the chase
    And the getting caught
    It made me feel so on fire
    I craved that part
    Wanted that feeling
    In a shot
    So I could slam it under my paled skin
    Right into a blue vien
    Bulging with desire
    I was so much more then
    So many ideas
    So many completions of them
    Art, music, love, work, friends
    And I cared for them too
    I drank too much, loved too hard(if that is really a thing)and wrote late into the nights
    Staying up until too late became early morning- creating worlds and feeling groggy at work
    I was independent and self sufficient(all the things I am no longer)
    And damn this old face that looks back at me in this harsh reflection
    I don't want to accept her
    I do not consent to this part of the journey
    I want to go back
    Let me go back
    There is nothing up ahead
    Aging gracefully is too far beyond me
    Maybe the fighter is still inside me
    I've lost so much
    Sitting in this pile of dusty photographs
    Feeling sorry for myself
    I know I should be grateful
    Part of me is...
    For living such a full and unbridled life
    Full of my passions and joys
    But that is why
    I prefer reverse
    Instead of straight ahead
    Oblivion is loneliness
    And isolation
    It is wrinkles and losing my vision
    It is forgetting the words to the songs I wrote
    And how to play the chords
    Let me crawl under the skin of the photo paper
    Into my history
    Let me nest there
    Safe but brave again
    Because I cannot stand another day
    Of this stranger's old face
    Staring back at me
    And dead on the inside.


  • amishakewda 3w


    Art is the only and only way to run far way, feel isolated but without leaving our home. ☕

  • mek_quki 3w

    Purposely, I'd been hated

    I did let you stay away from me for some reason purposely because I'm surrounded with darkness where I don't let you know how it was developed in my way and how I'm running through it. I don't care if you leave for this reason that I cannot be happy or cannot be your friend. Let me be sad that I'm being in front of others and I am quite happy in isolation.


  • one_step_ahead 3w


    " No one is more dangerous than a person who enjoys his/her solitude. "


  • shivadootimandal 3w

    //Now That I Am Happy About Not Being Free//

    The huts at the secluded corners of my memory lane hold as much secrets as the number of times I relieved myself thinking of you. My hopeless state resides in one of them, as a paying guest of course. The huts are old, so are my cuts, hence I console myself to entangle my fingers with isolation in the myraid of heartbreaks. I bought Alaska yesterday, but kept it aside as the last novel I touched had some more pages to go through. I inhale incomplete recitals, the history that cannot be deleted but cherished with tears rolling down. Sunrays don't enter into the hut, there isn't even a window to wave a final goodbye to somebody. It has damp walls soaked with memories, claustrophobic atmosphere darkness and multitudinous subdued sounds. I looks for a room with no doors to escape through, no way to discover the way to get inside; where I can relieve myself, rave about how your intense kisses, fierce love bites and hands trailing on my body claiming my soul were all I ever wanted, look at the empty walls till my eyesight gets blurred. Slumber engulfs me as the penchant of finding my identity in the shades of sunset slowly dies. I wait there for you while finishing the last pages, wishing that one day you would knock down the walls, rescue my skeleton within the hut.

    Please make sure you check the doodles I made on page number 65 of Alaska.


  • noooor 3w

    Today I crawl into my shell

    Today I need that energy that I had two weeks ago,
    Today I could not get up and handle life,
    Today I crawled into my shell,
    Today I could not make simple decisions,

    My ups and downs are draining, I want to get to find balance even for one day and feel it.

    For now, I will keep my hope and break my day into parts, then accomplish one part at a time...
    But today I'm crawling into my shell.

  • trees_are_life 4w

    #Memories #School #Nightmare #Isolation #Threats #Bullies #Writersnetwork

    This was inspired by @zaid_14_khan's poem about school and the pure look of sadness I saw on some school kids leaving the bus. It made me think back to last year which for me I am glad to never go back to. To anyone who's stuck at school and suffering from it I don't know if this helps much but I want you to know as soon as you walk out that door. Life is finally all about what you make it. It's freedom and it's incredible.

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    School yard

    Playing in the school yard
    For some banterish jokes of mockery
    As their vile tounges spill out poison through their lips
    Igniting the spreading of the virus
    Of a false identity
    Of an unforgiven child
    Hated upon for no reason
    But the enjoyment of those with hearts of stale ice
    This childs game now a game of hide and seek
    Hiding from every person
    Who sought to belittle and tear their soul apart
    Class becomes a separate challenge
    Forced to sit as if unaffected
    While notes are flown round in planes
    And giggles exchanged in spite
    High school was not a pleasant place
    For some who were looked at in disgrace
    Threatened and teased
    Hunted and exploited
    It was a place of isolation
    A place of desolation
    A place I am glad to never go back to

  • yanajannoek 4w

    I dreamt of feeling the cool breeze against my body
    As I weightlessly maneuver through the air and sing.
    You decided I was only pretty for your view
    So you locked me away and clipped my wings