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  • smiletosmileback 2w


    Tanhaiyo ko chirti ek aawaz hu mai..
    Dard ko ghungruo mai piroti ek jhankar hu mai..
    Dukh ke aasma se barasti khusiyo ki barsat hu mai..
    Kai razo ko dil mai smete hue un raazo mai ek hamraz hu mai..

  • ad_john 8w

    Inspiration @kaku_kaka
    For #k

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    Lets go where we won't know what to say..
    For long walk no not as strangers,but as long lost friends..
    Where sound of thousand years song..
    Where i can see real face of pleasure..
    Which i can feel to the sunk of ❤.
    To strengthen our already strong bond..

  • e_m_e_r_a_l_d 9w

    She : Leave my hand what the World will say
    Me : Let the world know that U are my World

  • ad_john 10w

    #prayers to change

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    Oh my god...
    I stand at your door..
    Where i can go?
    For my little wish..
    Just change my destiny..
    That will Beneficence on me..

  • fayruzonyx 11w

    #kärlek #hat #rädsla #olika

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    Hur fint de är att känna något annat än rädsla eller hat, att finna delar av sig själv, gömda djupt i någon annans blick och själ.

  • kasturii 16w


    Your presence my heartbeat
    © Oviiii

  • akankshadiva1111 21w


    Everyone has there own story... When we started writing our story.... People read and
    said "kya filmy line mara yrr"
    This is how our life goes on mix with love , drama, surprises and so on.. dude
    So make your story perfect... Nd do whatever you want man...

  • maverick_d_aece 26w


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    Because I know that when I leave this place, you won't even miss me.

  • karansingh1097 32w

    I don't know what i would be doing without you
    I pushed you out of my life but ...

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    Prepared myself

    I prepared myself. I prepared myself for you to walk away. I prepared myself for you to leave. I prepared myself for heartbreak. I prepared myself for what it’d feel like when you didn’t text me for days. I prepared myself for the feeling I’d get when seeing you love somebody else. I prepared myself to be able to fake a smile when you asked how I was doing. I prepared myself for making you unlove me. I prepared myself for you to forget me. I prepared myself for the situation in which you had wiped out all feelings for me. I prepared myself,yet,here i am wiping out my tears thinking of what i have done is for sake of your happiness in future.

  • karansingh1097 32w

    Never get too attached to anyone ...
    They change themselves saying changes are necessary and you will end up disappointed ��

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    Everything is temperory ✌

    "I kinda miss the bond we shared. I mean, who wouldn’t miss that comfortable feeling with a person? Where we could talk for hours about everything, anything, and not have a problem with the silence in the middle. Can’t forget all the ridiculous stuff we did. Stupid or not, everything was just so fun. Endless nights, real talks, the “remember whens”, I remember it all. And it’s funny what life does, how it could just give you things and take it away so soon. I really can’t get it out of my head that you grow distant from people and that good things come to an end sooner or later. But along the way, I learned one good thing about life; it goes on, you just gotta pick yourself up and learn to keep up.”

  • karansingh1097 33w

    Maybe One Day ✌

    Maybe one day !!
    She will realise my value !!
    One day she will care for me as I care for her !!
    One day I ll get same love as I give to her !!
    One day she will regret what she had done to me !!
    One day she will cry while missing me as I do regularly !!
    One day i would be fearless of the thought of loosing her !!
    (That use to care about me)

  • karansingh1097 33w

    Complicated Love !!

    People are in such a rush to fall in love. We base our relationships off a physical connection rather than an emotional one. We force ourselves to like someone so we won’t be alone. We settle for those that don’t quite satisfy our wants and needs. Sometimes we just love as time passing things. Stop looking for love, let it find you. The best things in life are worth waiting for and love is definitely one of them. Sometimes it happens over night and sometimes it takes years but you have to have patience. Sometimes we need to check consequences of loving anyone. We need to think for the future too. Learn to love yourself so that you don’t feel like you need to be loved by someone else in order to feel complete.

  • aakankshadwivedi 46w

    Us dosti k lie rona..
    Jo sayad kabhi thi hi nii...
    Un lamho k lie rona..
    Jo nii hote to behter hota...
    Khud ko badal Lenge ye sochna.. phir khud pe taras khake rona...
    Aashuo ko pochna..
    Phir hichkiyo k saath rona...


  • scallops1930 51w


    Ek saal k baad,
    Dil itni toota hua k,
    Aasoon bhi agaye,
    Aur ruh k Maut hogayi..


  • possibly_copied 52w

    The scenario is same if not a little more intense at #Insta����(Context->more than 150people have gotten added as followers in my #Insta A/c in the past week, tho the count has risen from only 240 to 260!��#I_simply_dont_know_if_i_am_bad_at_maths_or_something_is_really_fishy?����), as soon as i follow these A/c-s back or even thank them for their efforts(apparently i get easily overjoyed when someone with thousands of followers add me up in their followings of merely couple hundreds!��), #POOF����, they vanish from my #followers-list!!������

    P.S._FYI, i have no hatred for people who follow many A/c just to see if a few would possibly relate back to them aswell����, but only a little for those��, who's followings-list became visible with a '#K'-figure just yesterday & barely a hundred today!��..I mean what are u guys trying to achieve, huh?..or is there a secretive Youtube-like #Monetization-scheme applicable here too, that u people are not telling me about??������ #IMeanSereouslyGuysUrParentsWouldBeSoooProudOfUPeopleToday!����might aswell buy u a #psedo_nobel_medal��for the same!!������
    (Not taking names as i do think u people know exactly who u are!��..but then again��, how will u know, u've apparently unfollowed my silly A/c when i wasn't paying attention to such....*NOW I DON'T EVEN HAVE A WORD FOR U GUYZ, BECOZ I THOUGHT SILLY WAS APPLICABLE FOR ME, SO WHAT DOES THAT MAKE U THEN??*.....things����..& Oh!! did i miss to hint that a few of the big-A/c-s are also involved in this mysteriously funny propaganda too! #IMeanWhatDoUGuyzWantToProveNow����)

    "WELL FOR ME, *shrugs meh-fully*...
    I'M SIMPLY A HYPOCRITE, SO ACTUALLY I GUESS I, & THAT IS ONLY ME, CONSTITUTES A WHOLE NEW #3RD TYPE ALL ALONG, RIGHT??��"#Well_i_will_let_u_guyz_be_the_judge_of_that..✌������

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    There are two types of people here at Mirakee-

    1) who follows u becoz they either envy ur work or like ur personality,

    2) the other who follows zillions of A/c only as a gamble of getting somewhere near 10% of the follow-backs from those who are desperate enough tobe lured(me included), & deliberately unfollowing most(me included again), & demanding a #NoblePrize for their zealous efforts!����


  • stitch 54w

    I'd do anything for yewww❤ #k #DearK

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    Dear K

    I don't want to walk on a path made from stars
    I just wanna walk on a path which leads me to the stars
    And then i want to realign them
    And make a path for you
    Full of shining, twinkling stars

  • stitch 55w

    How can you love someone so much? #k #DearK

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    Dear K

    And you can build a wall
    Hang me there
    Burn my soul
    But I'll be there to catch you
    When you'll fall
    Just to make sure
    That it won't hurt at all
    Cause I'll be your shelter
    Your shelter in the storm
    In this storm
    We'll be together again
    Standing with each other
    Standing tall.

  • abhishek995 55w

    Best Friends Breakup

    "How are you so sure that she likes me " One asked
    "She sent me a "K" and you an "Okay" for the same message" the Other concluded.
    They Never Thought, difference of "3" letters could Tear "2" Friends Apart by just "1" message. :(

  • stitch 56w

    Dear K

    Would you do it
    If i asked you to stay?
    Or would you tell me
    It's a little too late.
    Cause if it is
    I would be happy to fade
    I would pick a better time and a place.
    But if it's not,
    Then you still got monsters
    And my demons would be happy to play.


  • stitch 56w

    Even if it means to be staining my hands with every evil in this world,
    I don't care.
    If it will keep you happy
    I'll gladly do it.