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  • me_prakriti 1w


    Warm lips curled up to a pretty laughter
    And cosy hands around her back tight
    She found her home
    Under his woolen grey sweater
    And he found his sweetheart on his buttons
    Her true knight


  • rupal_kaur_anand 1w

    love can happen twice...
    Be with someone who will love you as much as you love him/her
    #lover #knight #life #lovecanhappentwice

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    I met a dark Knight
    with a silver sword and tender heart

    I fell in love with the knight
    With a iron shield and warrior heart

    Oh my dear knight
    Thank you for coming in my Life

  • andthatsjustmyself 3w

    Everyone watches Disney princess movies at some point in their life. And as expected of Disney princess movies, they are responsible for putting those thoughts in our mind, raising our expectations, the dream of a perfect partner.

    Girls often wish for and dream about a Prince who comes riding on a white horse to rescue them from all the evils in our life. We might think it's silly, but as silly as it is, we've all thought of a 'partner of my dreams', even for a passing figment of time. And so, I often wonder, "Do men dream or wish for a 'woman of their dreams'?" ��

    Follow @a.m.pearl for more quotes and poetry.��

    And people who took time reading out this long caption, which Disney prince/ princess is like the 'partner of your dreams'?

    Image credits: Pinterest

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  • summayahsadaf 4w


    I- Isolated thoughts.
    G- glimpse of Memories.
    H-Haunted soul.
    T- Terrified human life.

  • james_taumas 5w

    Hero dreams

    Dreaming of the apocalypse
    Mad diesel punk life
    A knight in leather
    Defender of the remnants
    Mutants and cannibals hunt
    End their tyrannical terror
    My V8 steed impatient
    Set forth noble pursuit
    Ride across ruined Earth
    I am the hero!
    Shrill cry!
    Wake-up to mediocre life
    Nightmare Monday begins.


  • nocturnal_enigma 5w

    Untitle 40 ~

    Will you, just wish me, "Good night" ?
    So that, maybe, I can sleep tight.


    I want to have a sweet dream.
    As nightmare make me scream


    At times, I stay up, in the dim light,
    I wonder, would you, be my 'knight'?


    When I'm sad , my tears stream...
    down ⬇ from my eyes to cheek; it's ream.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • kan_isha 5w


    Not the knight but searching for his sword

  • sarahrachelea 7w

    Queen of Wands

    She's a warrior
    She's the glitter that sparks in the dark

    She's a lucky star, she's a light worker
    She's shining so brightly
    To illuminate the path for others

    She's the light, she's the knight of the night
    She's the Queen of Wands
    With a beautiful treasure in her hand

    And you will see her at the Divine Time


  • writingbaba 11w

    I had a dream last night
    Riding my horse,i was a knight
    Battling my demons in a fierce fight
    To defeat wrong with my might

    I proceeded with my blade
    To chase the shade
    To make them fade
    And they tried to evade

    Some tried to enter my mind
    To dilute it and make me blind
    To bar me from my find
    I some how broke out to only become kind

    The dream ended with a smile on my face
    I won the battle with God's grace



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    I had a dream last night
    Riding my horse,i was a knight
    Battling my demons in a fierce fight
    To defeat wrong with my might

    I proceeded with my blade
    To chase the shade
    To make them fade
    And they tried to evade

    Some tried to enter my mind
    To dilute it and make me blind
    To bar me from my find
    I some how broke out to only become kind

    The dream ended with a smile on my face
    I won the battle with God's grace


  • lone_wolf1 13w

    Crave !

    I crave for that MADNESS while i was flying on that trail !

    I crave for that URGE to get through that pace !

    I crave fot that LIGHTENING motion pumping through my veins !

    I crave for that BURNING FEET crawling up above the Mountains !

  • inseeyoung 13w


    Fully armoured suit wrapped around a fragile wounded body,
    In a land with the same irony,
    Looking for a knight without a shield
    That will save her from her fantasy.

  • salvingstrives 13w

    The Shining Armor Knight

    Night was dark with clouds of fear
    I saw no hope with eyes full of tears
    Seeing the clouds of Agony surrounding
    I was ready to make the chaos clear
    But this time, my courage had given up
    I don't wanted to name it a bad luck
    I had faith the rays would glow
    The positive moonlight
    would stop the negative flow
    His words made me more confident
    Gave me strength and hope
    I tried to find my own way out
    He helped me without any doubt
    Selfless care and concern i learned
    His Love His passion is what i earned
    Now i am no more afraid of these darker night,
    For he is there, as my Shining Armor Knight!


  • platinumscarlet 15w

    Knight in Shining Armour

    A dragon was on a firey rampage underneath her heaving blood red scales.
    She was ready to burst
    Ready to mercilessly render all who came near her burnt to a crisp
    For a strange flame raged in her fire-breathing lungs
    For an odd worry burdened her rugged wings.

    Then came forth a knight in shining armour
    Gallant and handsome, full of valor
    Ready to face adversity with a smile
    And the dragon was about to burn him down
    'Halt!' he cried, 'harken unto me, o graceful dragon.'
    And then he blanketed her with an array of sweet words and jests
    Just to merely pacify the fire
    And to soothe her old scars and bruises
    But he had extinguished that flame!

    All of a sudden,
    Her rugged wings disappeared
    Her form changed
    And before the gallant warrior was a beautiful young lady with flowing hair
    Lying down on the ground.
    Gently picking her up, he recognized her.
    'Why, you're the princess I've come to save!' he exclaimed, 'Pray, tell me who that dragon was,'
    'It was me, that dragon was me,' she said, 'you have saved me from myself, oh my knight in shining armour!'


  • _word_dreamer_ 15w


    You are stronger than you think....You are....you don't have to prove than in front of anyone the world will know when you slay the dragons that have been haunting you ever since the day your strength was questioned... Head held high... Eyes glitering brave... Sword raised ready to fight whatever you encounter on your way to success.. A Knight in armour.

  • kanyonyojr 16w

    I don't want you to be a street fighter like me;
    I want you to be a knight. So go ahead and win.


  • upsilon400 16w

    #knight #long

    Pilgrim Knights

    The first knight walked at the midnight hour
    and was clad in a deep dark blue,
    he walks away in vigil to keep sleep at bay.

    The second to come came at dawn
    and his colors were bronze and yellow-red,
    he rose from his bed and followed his vigilant friend.

    The third knight came when the sun had yet to rise
    upon the parting of twilight,
    he wore his suit dyed indigo and soon followed suit.

    The fourth one came as the sun half showed behind the low peaks,
    his color was warm like copper before the fire
    and he heard his brother calling from afar.

    The fifth knight came when the sun was high above the high peak,
    and he stood tall with golden arms that shined,
    he left to find his fellows who strolled off one by one.

    The sixth to come came with the seventh and the eighth,
    one followed the other from forenoon, noon, and afternoon.
    The sixth wore blue as the skies and sea,
    the seventh was clad in greying grey
    while the eighth wore unadorned white.

    The ninth and the tenth and the eleventh knights came
    from to twilight and dusk.
    Each knight that came was dressed in red,
    the ninth was as bright as illumined light from a ruby,
    the tenth dressed in rich purple and crimson red,
    and the eleventh wore the bloodiest red that never glows.

    The last two knights had come by the dark of night,
    the twelfth wore his blackest garments
    and was unseen in the shadows of night.
    The thirteenth knight held a lantern between the two
    and both wore silver that glimmered,
    his attire was white lined with yellow-gold.

    All thirteen knights lit their incense,
    they sung and prayed their latin prayers
    and they went off to feast their gathering.

    The first to leave was the vigilant knight,
    and then the second followed on
    until the rest followed suit.


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    Pilgrim Knights


  • untethered_writer 16w

    Love No More

    Once I fell, then I did twice more.
    I believed in fairytales and called myself a knight.
    I saved every damsel in my sight
    But that was my awful plight.
    They kissed my cheek and ran off with night,
    My chest hurt, and my heart was squeezed tight.
    I never loved again, and every other damsel, did I ignore.

  • rainbows_and_rain 17w






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  • steph_jannae 21w

    My Knight

    One day my knight in shining armor will come,
    And protect me from the night so young.
    He will Take me from this dreadful state,
    And open my dark and lonely prison gate.

    One day my knight in shining armor will arrive,
    And bring me to a place I will thrive.
    He will Take me to a castle on a hill,
    And there I will have my own free will.

    One day my knight in shining armor will propose,
    And I will dress in the prettiest clothes.
    He will Take me down the aisle white,
    And we will ride into the night.

    One day my knight in shining armor will leave,
    And I will cry, whine, and grieve.
    He will take my heart and tear it in two,
    And that is why I wish that I were you.

  • scarlettwolfe 21w

    Mysterious Knight Who Never Sung

    My heart was beating out of my chest
    From the beauty that surrounded you
    I couldn't tell if you were something made up in my head
    Amongst roaring dragons and valiant men
    My castle walls began to weaken
    Not a word was even said
    I told you my secrets,plans, and battles won
    The mysterious knight who never sung
    The attack came swiftly
    I wasn't prepared
    As my heart began to freeze like ice
    My eyes stung from frozen tears
    You took my heart and rode away
    My castle walls sunken in the sand
    I was the defeated princess
    You were the mysterious knight who never sung
    So as I begin to build my walls stronger and taller
    I await for the day
    That a true knight in shining armor
    Will return with my thawed out heart
    And sweep me away
    Mysterious knight who never sung