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  • sheikhnf 4d

    i miss you.
    lost you in a "summer solstice"
    when hands were still frosted and we
    are trying to cling a rose.
    what if I ask you?
    wasn't the hurricane blowing through
    our bones,
    that make the leaves fall onto the road.
    We couldn't see the shadow of us.
    Oh! Bosom friend,
    winter never left us until I left you


  • clarissawoodwrites 1w

    Your disembodied spirit made the water of her heart flow; down and down to her feet love runs and runs.

    The ground becomes green and lush;
    Moss starts to grown in the corners of trees and beside often used paths;
    Flowers bloom and grow where once forbidden;
    Deciduously challenged trees grow leaves of pink red and gold; and
    Animals long forgotten lurk outside shopping centres, theatres, restaurants and at sports events.

    The stone sky starts to soften, as birds fight for the light.

    Grey and blues tinged with gold and orange shine upon the land.

    She changed the world because you changed her;
    A more beautiful place.


  • jpgillman_poetry 2w

    Anticipating the Storm

  • musing_abhisheks 3w


    We met in the summer,
    The soil being ploughed, regular.
    Had a blast in the rains,
    Planted seeds, ground lay plain.
    Winters came and we grew warm,
    The strong plant handled the hailstorm.
    Autumn came and you suddenly left,
    As the leaves leave the tree, alone and bereft.

    A year has crossed and we meet again,
    But all smiles now, I feel no pain.
    For the all wise tree still lives on and on,
    And every leaving leaf meets the ground.

  • jpgillman_poetry 3w

    Shivering Maples

  • bhavya_tripathi_ 4w


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    THE ROSE ��

    Have you ever looked a rose,
    And watched her slowly bloom,
    And as her petals would unfold,
    You grew drunk on her perfume.

    Have you ever seen her dance,
    Her leaves ����all wet with dew;
    And quivered with a romance,
    The wind, he loved her too.

    Have you ever longed for her,
    On nights that go on and on,
    For now, her face is all blur,
    Like a memory kept too long.

    Have you ever loved a rose ��
    And bled against her thorns;
    And swear each night to let her go,
    Then love her more by dawn.

  • _inkedsheets 4w


    Like the leaves wilt and fall away at distant places, your heart also falls for people..
    It's only normal for that heart to break and rejuvenate.


  • h_dadkhah 5w


    Pine didn't bow to autumn
    Didn't weep all his leaves
    Stood awaited in silence
    Untill spring's appearance


  • mkandres 5w

    Meet me behind the old oak tree . . .


  • jpgillman_poetry 5w

    Homecoming Lanes

  • suchita10 5w


    Through the leaves , she saw the first ray of sun,
    Through the window pane, she heard, chirping of birds begun.
    This beauty of nature, made all her worries fade,
    To all her miseries, it worked like the first aid.
    The rays of sun, entered her mind, to vanish the darkness of fear,
    The sound of birds chirping, started a new hope to make her life clear.


  • mkandres 7w

    Leaves of Autumn

    What happened to my green outfit?
    To the flowery friend sleeping at my head?
    I don't see children playing in the yard
    Has everyone gone off straight to bed?

    They say with time come winds of change
    I now wear reds, oranges and yellow
    No longer am I budding anew
    But I'm becoming a more milder fellow.

    Awakening this cool crisp day
    I've realized shades of brown I've worn
    My countenance is wrinkled and thin
    Suddenly, I've become airborne.

    A free falling leaf is what I am
    There's one, two, three and four
    Tumbling and twisting in the air
    We giggle as we flip and soar.

    As we each float to the ground
    We ponder our dwindling fate
    Love the leaves of autumn
    Before it becomes too late.

    --Melissa Andres

  • mkandres 7w

    Autumn Angel

    Raising the head of her hospital bed, Flynn Laramie angled her face toward the window. Her trembling lips upturned into a weak smile as she watched the red, yellow and orange leaves fall gently into the drying grass.

    Clutching the large construction paper leaf between skinny white fingers, Flynn expelled a long, rattling breath from her lungs. She was going home today.

    Looking at the leaf in her hands with big, dark green eyes, the young girl, read the scribbled names of the nurses, doctors and other staff that had cared for her. Zak Farmer. Ginger James. Doctor Holland McKinney. Logan Clark. Georgia Pepper and so many more. She would miss them all. Breathing as deeply as she could, Flynn winced. She knew they would miss her as well.

    The first time she had entered Desmond Memorial Hospital, she had been six-years-old. Winter had brought on a chill she couldn't seem to shake. She grew more and more weary; more than the average, vivacious six-year-old should have been.

    Flynn really didn't understand the diagnosis at first. Cancer? What did that mean? The doctor had used a really long word that she couldn't even pronounce. Mom had cried and Dad kept hugging them both.

    She had been poked and prodded, x-rayed; hooked to machines that beeped and squealed. Chemotherapy and radiation had been the worst; sickness, hair loss and teasing from classmates made Flynn want to crawl into a hole. Why? Why was this happening? She had heard her parents both ask the same question after they thought she had fallen asleep. Doctors said Flynn had a very slim chance of making it through the year.

    However, she had proved them wrong. Tomorrow would be her twelfth birthday. The girl had gone into remission; for a while. She felt good. She smiled more. She even laughed and got to go back to public school. Even though her hair was painfully short, it was better than being bald. Everyone treated her better when she was "normal".

    Flynn sighed loudly and leaned back into her pillow. Normal. She hadn't known that mental or physical state long; before or after the diagnosis. Closing her heavy eyelids, a fond memory flitted to the forefront of her mind.

    Just a few weeks after she had turned eight, she had helped Daddy rake some leaves in the front yard. They were so pretty.

    "I love autumn best," Flynn told her father as she scooped up an armful of leaves and threw them onto a growing pile.

    "Oh?" Mr. Laramie leaned on his rake as he watched his lookalike daughter. "Why's that?"

    "Well, spring's too wet with all the rain, summer's too hot and winter's too cold." Flynn scratched a rosy cheek with a gloved finger. "Autumn's just right with the beautiful leaves, air crisp and fresh, apple cider and pumpkins."

    "That's a good description, honey," Mr. Laramie grinned. "But I like winter best. My favorite thing is making snow angels."

    "Oh, I can make an angel," Flynn threw down her rake, turned her back to the pile and fell rigidly into the reds, yellows, oranges and browns. As she wiggled her "wings" she giggled as the crunching sounds reverberated in her ears.

    Mrs. Laramie had watched from the kitchen window as father and daughter laughed and ran around the expansive yard, throwing hands full of leaves at one another.

    "Ready to go?" Her Mom's voice questioned happily.

    Flynn opened her eyes and nodded her bald head. She didn't want to use the wheelchair that her mother had pushed into the room but she didn't have much choice. She was too weak to walk.

    "Daddy's so sorry he couldn't be here. He had to go on that business trip to Huntsville, you know? He's going to call you tomorrow."

    Looking into her mother's smile, Flynn could tell she was trying but the woman's cheerfulness was poorly disguised.

    "Let's go," the girl slowly moved her scrawny legs over the bedside and allowed her mother to maneuver her frail body into the rolling chair.

    The next morning, Flynn was awakened to the aroma of cinnamon-apple oatmeal. Mrs. Laramie crept into the room carrying a wooden breakfast tray laden with a variety of foodstuffs.

    "I didn't know what you would want this morning," she said softly as she placed the tray on the nightstand.

    "I want to go outside," Flynn announced.

    "Outside?" Mrs. Laramie chuckled. "Don't you want to wait until Daddy gets home or at least until he calls?"

    "No, I want to go outside and enjoy the leaves." The girl wheezed as the words hung heavily in her throat.

    "I don't know..."

    "It's my birthday." Flynn tried not to sound irritated. "Please?"

    "Daddy raked up a pile of leaves before he left. There aren't many on the trees to look at anymore."

    Big, pleading green eyes looked into bloodshot blue ones.

    "Oh, okay." Mrs. Laramie wavered. "But we have to use the wheelchair and you have to wear a jacket."

    Flynn nodded in agreement as she coughed into the crook of her elbow. Moments later, mother and daughter were out on the sidewalk in the chilly air.

    Pointing at the pile of leaves, Flynn whispered, "Closer."

    Mrs. Laramie pushed the rolling chair over a crack in the sidewalk. "Sorry, dear," she exclaimed as Flynn bounced and the wheels twirled and twisted.

    "It's ... okay ... Mom." Flynn gritted her teeth and sniffed loudly.

    Mrs. Laramie watched in amazement as her beautiful, ailing daughter grasped each armrest on the wheelchair and stood on shaky legs. "Flynn!" she shrieked.

    Moving slowly, Flynn faced her mother. "I love you, Mom." Deep lines etched between her non-existent eyebrows and around her delicate mouth revealed excruciating pain. "Tell Daddy I love him too."

    Mrs. Laramie reached a hand into the breeze as the young cancer patient fell rigidly into the reds, yellows, oranges and browns. Flynn wiggled her "wings" for just a moment, hearing the soft crunching sounds reverberating in her ears as she took her last ragged breath.

    A solitary tear trailing down her face, Phyllis Laramie whispered, "Happy Birthday, angel. I hope there is autumn in Heaven."

    --Melissa Andres

  • heartstrings_pal_ryu 7w

    Will You...?

    Oh Sun! will you please shine a little brighter today?
    The winter wind has been rough on my baby today

    Oh Birdies! Do you bring a song that he made?
    The memory of the last one is starting to fade

    Oh Breeze! Will you pass my message with the help of the ocean
    It's been so long since I got a mention

    Oh Leaves! Please don't droop when it gets dark
    I want him to smile when he sees you in the park

    Oh Earth! Will you rotate little slower when I meet him?
    I've got so much left that I need to say to him

    Oh Moon! Will you spread your magical glow extra bright
    I might not be the only one who's feeling lonely tonight


  • themysteriouswriter103 8w

    With a sprinkle of courage and a sprinkle of patience, you can conquer this world��
    #you #up #past #endlessly #forward #that #faith #forward #behind #isnt #calm #serenity #nature #leaves #sunrise #fall #set #things #control #writersnetwork

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    When the world gets too much for you
    When your fears tend to eat you up
    When the events of your past
    Haunt you endlessly
    Stopping you from moving forward
    Stopping you from taking that
    Leap of faith
    At those time, just move forward
    Forgetting what you are leaving behind
    The past is over, but the present isnt
    The storm had passed, now is the calm
    So sit back and enjoy the serenity
    The flawlessness of nature
    The sprinkle of droplets on the leaves
    The beauty of the sunrise,
    And remember, the leaves will fall
    And the sun will set
    So stop worrying over things
    That arent under your control
    ©~Sidra Ather

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  • midnight_whispers 9w

    Fallen leaves...

    When a leaf falls off of a tree, it goes through  different circumstances and colors before it dies completely... thus is the circle  of life.
    And so, one should never give up no matter the hardships. .. never give up without  a fight. Never give up. Period.


  • wroughtbylight 10w

    I walk along manicured roads lined with trees
    and my eyes


    at the opaque leaves turned clear by evening rays,
    reminding me of the light that


    my heart
    with a clarity beyond understanding.

    - wroughtbylight -

  • zindagi_ek_nazm 11w

    इश्क़ ख़ुद ही इतना बद़नाम हो चला है,  कि मानो हर गली-मोहल्लों में नीलाम है! 

    यूं सूखे पत्तों सा पतझड़ जो है धरा पे, कि जैसे चाँद आ पहुँचा है ज़मीं पे! 

    इश्क़ है जनाब कोई कलम से लिखी हुई शायरी नहीं, जो दो बूंद पानी से धूमिल हो जाए! 

    ये दिल का वास्ता है यहाँ स्याही नही तो क्या, यहाँ ब्लॉग तो है जो अपने विचारों को समेटा हुआ है ||


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    इश्क़ है जनाब..

    इश्क़ ख़ुद ही इतना बद़नाम हो चला है,  कि मानो हर गली-मोहल्लों में नीलाम है! 

    यूं सूखे पत्तों सा पतझड़ जो है धरा पे, कि जैसे चाँद आ पहुँचा है ज़मीं पे! 

    इश्क़ है जनाब कोई कलम से लिखी हुई शायरी नहीं, जो दो बूंद पानी से धूमिल हो जाए! 

    ये दिल का वास्ता है यहाँ स्याही नही तो क्या, यहाँ ब्लॉग तो है जो अपने विचारों को समेटा हुआ है ||


  • _flyingcolors_ 1w

    Maybe, you will find it relatable.
    But, trust me. It's not.
    (Was saved in drafts).


    #leaves @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    While, some have fallen down
    So some still hanging up there
    In their favourite autumn tree.
    The leaf color starts fading with
    Time and one day it dies.