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  • creative_logophile 12w

    Okay so the main thing is not the quote, but the background art, made by me!
    How does it look!?
    It's inspired by a writing prompt, by writing.prompt.s on Instagram, where a witch curses a princess that no man would ever love her; but the princess is a lesbian and overjoyed. When the witch goes to confront her, she realizes that the princess is super cute! BAM! There are sparks, the cause of which ain't the curse (��).


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    How can I hate
    her after she
    stole my heart
    with her cuteness?
    ©Manya Agarwal

  • jaygotfeelings 12w


    Knowing your doing your best in your relationship and yet you get a numb response from her.

  • r_m_o_s 12w

    V ✌️

    Voluptuous vixens
    Validating various
    valuable vaginas.
    Vacationing vanished
    vicious vulgar
    voyeuristic vagrants.


  • phoenicorn 14w

    13 July '018
    07:37 P.M.

    (L:#Lesbian G:#Gay B:#Bisexual T:#Transgender Q:#Queer)
    Chapter XVI, Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code dating back to 1861, introduced during the British rule of India criminalized sexual activities "against the order of nature", including homosexual activities.
    -Information from Wikipedia.


    A N T O N Y M D I A M A N T E

    Terminology: Italian, Diamante means Diamond.
    Because shape of poem looks like diamond or lozenge after writing.

    Rules to write:

    �� 7 lines.
    �� Line 1 : Noun/ Pronoun (topic).
    �� Line 2 : Two adjectives for line 1.
    �� Line 3 : Three gerunds (verbs ending on -ing) for line 1.
    �� Line 4 : Four nouns
    2 nouns for topic, 2 nouns for antonym of topic to be
    used in line 7.
    Line 4 : Phrase of 4 words.
    First and last words should be nouns and antonyms of
    each other.
    �� Line 5 : Three gerunds for line 7.
    �� Line 6 : Two adjectives for line 7.
    �� Line 7 : One noun- antonym of line 1.
    (Excerpts from @halcyon post.)
    What are you waiting for?
    Copy caption, so other can learn.
    - Phoenicorn | @phoenicorn


    Challenge Courtesy: @halcyon @kenosis
    Mandatory Hashtags: #week8diamante #p3c #kencyon
    #FightForRight #RightToChoose #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee

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    Insecure, Vulnerable
    Fearing, Suffering, Pretending
    Democracy's fight: Law's tyranny
    Criminalizing, Discriminating, Dictating
    Violative, Intolerant
    Sec 377


  • inscribed_logophile_pallette_ 14w

    What should he do?
    This is not a dream.
    Although he feels the same way, but it's not the same. This ignition when their bodies bosom, euphoriatic feels when their lips unite, romance in the first snow. No it's not the same.
    He has the same desire to protect and embrace his love when the storm passes by.Perhaps wilder than love that feeling might be.
    But this is not a dream.
    Doesn't matter anymore.
    He walks across the dream now.
    His apocalyptic tenderness is just the same,
    If love comes to everyone
    It can certainly come to anyone.


  • agirllikethat 14w

    I read today's newspaper, it says that the hearing on section 377 of the Indian penal code has begun yesterday. Basically, this hearing was based on one question- What kind of sex are Indians legally allowed to do. The hearing took some crazy turns. It started with criminalizing 'unnatural sex' (anything that is against what the law considers to be 'natural sex') and ended up at how this 'unnatural' process is also spreading into the animal kingdom.

    After reading this, I didn't had the courage left to read what happened afterwards.

    I've heard about those pride parades happening all over the globe, I have a dream to see it for once.

    I live in a small town, that too in a house made up of adobe bricks (which is also giving up, just like me).

    As I stand in front of my stained mirror, I wonder, if I would ever be able to colour my lips with that dark red lipstick that I've hidden behind my shirts, in my closet. And roam around the streets of my town wearing my favourite traditional saree and admit proudly that
    Yes, I am a transgender and there is nothing "unnatural" about this, it is purely natural.
    Just then I heard my baba, grumbling about something.
    'What nonsense is this? Gay, transgenders and what not. This is utterly disgusting, they all deserve to be in the gutters only. They are polluting our society. All this is because of the western culture. Yucks!'

    We may win the battle on an international level for our rights because today, LGBT community is getting immense support internationally but what about the war that we have to fight on the ground level?

    People like me, who live in these small towns where no one would understand our situation let alone support us. How will we fight this battle standing against the society and that too, alone?

    #377 #section377 #pride #prideparade #pridemonth #lgbt #gay #lesbian #transgender #homosexual #shortstory #pain #love #anxiety #mirakeeworld #mirakee #mirakeewriters #du #daisydoll #aryan22 #mirakeeassistant #poetry #short #writersnetwork #readwriteunite @lovenotes_from_carolyn @whitewings @girl_in_white @geraldine_mary @mirakeeworld @mirakee @mirakeeassistant @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    I read today's newspaper, it says that the hearing on section 377 of the Indian penal code has begun yesterday.

  • sanemind_insaneheart 15w

    "Mawra, will you marry me?" Asked the very one to whom Mawra hasn't given a look of interest in her whole existence, and now that she pulled her look on that perfect guy as he held his breath, calming every awaited nerve coming out of as visible tiny drops of sweat on his fore clear head.


    Sold, so sold, Mawra was entirely sold in the moment.

    Not only by the perfect guy but also by that particular one in the room.

    Trashing those late unbreakable self-control, 'that particular one' was no less a hawk, standing and unblinkingly watching afar in their utter glory, can be a death.

    Ah, cause couldn't be any obvious, right? The raw fire was blazing in eyes. Complaints were as clear as Blue, jealousy could be a Xerox to a short word as even with no authority, 'that one' desires to own all of Mawra. All of Mawra. The artwork of their dreams, the graphite to their sketches everything but now could it be possible to become a reality for 'that one'?

    Could it be?

    A step was the answer to all the questioning eyes in the room. Mawra was stuck, not on the tile but inside the head, incredibly trapped in such an un-uttered possession of those eyes, once again she's clearly kicked her sanity. As though not a word of feelings has exchanged from the page one, but the vibrations between those two, now couldn't be scaled on Victor's, the power in the exchanged gaze was magnificent in the atmosphere blurring rest all the world with every step. One, two, three, the time has turned now and so are the tables, Mawra has lost it, she's so brutally sold herself into the gaze, that returning isn't even in the option. Surrendering her every tempting guard to the 'one' ruling her heart she grabbed the side of that person's face with every breath-taking emotions she'd bottled up for centuries, attacking not yet on the lips but the very delicious flesh of that person's weak-spot to ink a feathery mark before the announcement.

    "Sorry Broye, your baby sister owns me entirely."

    Oh so Mawra!

    Stepping not towards the guy but towards that certain burnt one, his sister, a 'she' her Mirza. She's answered to every questioning eyes in the room, poor Broye.

    'Cruel love and its game!'

    No that's��not the title!

    If you hated it, Lol good for you then��
    If you liked it, then I love you too ����❤❤

    A scene of one of my unfinished work, 'everything is incomplete on my planet anyway lol ��' enjoy this cause I've no clue when I am gonna finish this book, probably if I did it will on wattpad and on inkett, not now tho. I'll let you know, when if you want to.��

    Phobians you gotta do nothing just

    ❤Live n Let live ❤
    Cause Rainbows are all around!

    ❤ And for Supporters, guys we love you ❤

    *Enjoy or ignore*

    #readwriteunite #mirakeeworld #mirakee #lgbt #homosexuality #lesbian #support #loveislove #writernetworks #loveislove #lovestory #cruellove #mawramirza #sanemind_insaneheart @sanemind_insaneheart

    Oh yeah, you can hate me of course for this ������

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    That GirlXGirl Scene


    Warning: Ain't your cup then leave the tea as it is! In no term, the caption is for you, don't even try to go for a try.

  • cookiecat 16w

    for my dearest love

    its hard to see
    a girl like me
    finding a splendor so perfect

    my heart is true
    how i love you
    a sea from which i never surface

    id pick a rose everyday
    my symbol of devotion
    upon your feet i would lay
    a crashing petal ocean

    now if its true, you love me too
    we could never be apart
    not storm nor rain nor hurricane
    would keep me from my heart

  • worldthoughmywords 16w

    Unhate(Voice of LGBT'S)

    Yes I am neither a male nor a female. I m somewhere in middle but that doesn't mean that I don't deserve to get even basic right, that I deserve to be beaten, that I deserve to be hated.. Because in the end there will be no difference in our grave.

  • abbyw12 16w


    Highs and lows
    My stomach is getting thrown about

    Twists and turns
    My heart spins

    The screeching of the brakes
    Everything stops

    You’re there waiting for me at the end
    There to bring me in with open arms

    Though it was terrifying
    It was very much worth the ride

  • abbyw12 16w

    Maybe One Day

    Hey guys
    I’m back for now

    God, if only you could see me today
    You’d be proud of me

    I’ve moved past the C I once spoke of
    I’m starting to move on to newer prospects

    But I won’t find anyone who likes me enough to be together
    That I also like and believe we are a match

    Maybe I’ll find a girl to cuddle and kiss
    A girl to smile and laugh with

    Maybe one day

  • animeshrastogi 17w


    Speak of the visor which you put on your soul
    Speak of the tears which you let out in the dark
    Speak of the horrors which you face for being who you are
    Speak up everyone
    For I am listening
    We are listening


  • ujju18 17w


    नज़रिये को भी नज़रिया बदलना पड़ेगा,
    समाज को भी एहसासों को समझना पड़ेगा,
    जब उनकी समझ मे इश्क पड़ेगा...
    इश्क का कोई लिंग नहीं,
    इश्क का कोई मज़हब नहीं,
    इश्क की कोई जाति नहीं,
    इश्क का कोई रंग नहीं,
    इश्क की कोई सीमा नहीं...

    इश्क तो एक आभास है, जज़्बात है, अनुभूति है।

  • okami_rae 17w


    Sneaking out of my house to meet with you, I mentally prepare myself for if we were to get caught. Each hesitant step I take gets me closer to you. Closer to your radiant smile, you're cute nose, the charming way you lift your eyebrow, your beautiful mint green eyes that will reflect my own.

    I forget secrecy and danger as I run into your arms, a laugh escaping the both of us as we squeeze each other. As I take in your scent, I do not care about secrecy. I look down and press my lips against yours and I have no fear at all.

    Do not worry, the stars above usare great at keeping secrets

  • abbyw12 18w


    Confidence is not a natural occurrence
    It’s learned behavior

    In today’s society all must learn to fend for themselves
    But some people are lucky to find others to fall back on

    Then you’re a minority in America
    You have to stick to your “minority family” but also try to branch out

    We want to make our minorities normal, not special
    We want to be equal, not though of as “less than”

    I’m proud of being part of a minority
    This has taught me confidence

    I have been lucky to find others like me
    This showed me family

    My feelings of girls should be normal
    But that part of me truly makes me special

    I’m here to say that we aren’t equal
    We still have a long way to go

  • thatizar 18w

    Why do people fear the rainbow?
    When all it does is spread colors of joy...

    Instead they should fear the clouds
    Raining filth that causes decoy.


  • abbyw12 18w


    I hold this close to me
    The one month I can truly feel free

    Pride is no longer just an emotion
    It is a frame of mind to take action

    Stonewall started a revolution of rights
    Now we continue their original fights

    Yes we can marry and adopt
    But the hate will not stop

    Not until we do something about it
    Speak out for the love in the hate

    I am proud to be gay
    Call me a dyke if you feel that way

    But we will not stop till we are fully as equal as heteros
    Because it’s from the ashes of hate we have rose


  • inked_fiction 18w


    I couldn't hear and suddenly I couldn't breathe.

    She lie there, on the ground, still.

    Bell, her wife gripped my neck. Leaving me helpless breathless.

    Until it all faded to black.


  • inked_fiction 19w

    The Light

    She enticed me.

    She begged me to take her.

    She took me.

    I opened up to her. My heart. My mouth. My pussy.

    Neither one of us heard her. I'd succumb to the orgasms. I didnt care about the World around me.

    I was in outer space.


  • biwalute 34w

    She lays there, candid,
    Awaiting her coronation.
    I long to see this illustrious event,
    For I adore her.
    But, I cannot.
    I rustle around in the dark,
    Trying to get a peek.
    Pushed back into lameness
    And away from righteousness
    Because of them up there.
    By those who break legs.
    Those who snap off ears.
    Those who stick toothpicks into eyes.
    But, one day, I will reach her.
    And for those up there:
    Watch me