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  • effy__ 9h


    Walking together, hands tied
    Sharing secrets and kisses
    Long breathless hugs
    Everything changed to
    Sitting alone, cherishing memories
    Hiding tears behind a smile
    With endless love in heart


  • adiscorpe 1d

    She:- Is true love really being happy in there happiness?

    He:- No, not one bit who told you that shit. True love really means either you are the reason of their happiness or you are their happiness. Every thing else are just illusions for you to pursue.

    *My friends be a little selfish, thats what this new world demands of us*


  • tanujkumar_1 1w


    Meri tanhai akser tumhaari yaadon mein,
    Guzer jaati hai!!

  • _silent_miracle_ 1w

    You gave me life and you left.

    Now I'll breathe that very life with every single kiss of smoke.


  • _silent_miracle_ 1w

    The empty space beside me on my bed still misses the touch of your soul..


  • swaying_letters 1w

    A performance in the dark hours

    Moonlight's on a walk through the blinds
    They settle like tiny ropes
    On the floors guarded by the night
    It's dark there and the lights don't burn
    When some swift movements draws themselves
    Over the crisscross of moon's luminance

    It's a dancer with her steps lithe
    Swaying to and fro with her slim limbs
    The night's awakened to her gorgeous show
    A shadowed angel with an artful grace

    Is she riding on her fine wonders
    Dancing to her heart's content?
    Accumulated with her warm thoughts
    Is she a soul devoured by joy?

    Or is she a grieving loner?
    With pain fuming through her skin
    Her movements induced by a war within
    A fallen creature seeking refuge in her art

    Let the moon know what her heart sings
    The rest can only watch her spin
    Her grace within the confined walls
    Has gathered the cosmic tint
    Thus in the dead of the night
    She's a sight of bliss
    Mending the troubled realms


  • why_soo_fucked_up 2w


    “You’re not dead, but not alive either. You’re just a ghost with a beating heart.”

  • kharlyda 2w


    I reek of hurts and pain,
    Walking around the market place
    I tried to put on a smile; feign
    As I move in the market's pace

    I heard chatters and clamours
    I stepped on toes and mire
    Lost, I searched for favour
    Nothing, quenched the heat of fire

    I saw eyes that brew rage
    prying beyond my skin; into soul
    But blind to see the cage
    I was locked in; sole and lone

    So I wander around
    Clamouring in silence
    With a heart bleeding tears
    Hoping the world will slow down

    Everyone face their wares
    Seeking a perfect buyer
    To uplift them higher
    In the rank of the stairs

    Am a lonely heart,
    Walking in this market place
    With an empty cart
    And an empty space

  • zev_walker 2w

    I don't know what to do...
    I had faith in you..
    But you made it go away...


  • lyricallilac 3w

    Do give it a read please. It may help by providing some motivation.☺��

    Lone wolf!
    Complexity defines today's world. In all the entangled relationships you have with the people around you, there is some sense of solo spirit guiding you. Whenever you take a step into the direction of becoming a lone wolf, you encounter loads of feelings. A lot of them revolve around the periphery of uniqueness and the fact that how well you can juggle those multifarious affairs going around you. The ultimate way is to become an ambivert. There's a different kind of beauty to that. From one angle, you define it as the recognition of self worth while from the other, you feel there is no set of constant people to comfort you. The prerequisites for that state of yours are those which include your daily set of confidence, a soul which is ready to take in anything which comes it's way, and a sense of adaptability. These things will equip you well to face oddities coming your way, if any. You just ought to have the guts to stand alone, to get up on yourself when you fall down and to be able to say good things to yourself.
    Irrespective of the fact that whether you occupy a place in the solo spirit squad or not, your soul needs 'you' more than anything else. Don't look for reasons of happiness outside. They lie within you. Just don't stop searching them. Dig it all out. The pessimism. The condescension. The detestation. Everything that stops you from becoming an egalitarian.
    Start afresh. Try becoming a solo spirit. It will bring a different kind of zest to your life!


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    Lone wolves walk alone, not aloof.

  • cypher 3w

    At the end of the day when everything is lost , no one at my side i creep inside my bed weeping , but gaining strength to be strong enough not to break like a lost person..

  • shwetass 3w

    We are never alone
    We tend to make ourself feel alone.

  • nerolie_goode2000 3w

    I See

    I see the lone star,
    and I thought of you, How you've become so far...

    I see the clouds swirl around in its chilly hold, 
    Your walls have become bold.

    And the moon so far away from you,
    Soon dreading the night it turns blue.

    But don't you worry about me,
    For I have become the moon you see,

    I have become distant with no walls
    My crevases are all the things you call flaws,

    And at each passing night,
    My once beautiful light,
    Now falls bright. 

  • kenyanjanet 3w


    Another page
    another printed hope
    Another age
    another tilted fold
    Its a new chapter and am still searching

  • muffinn 4w

    For me, writing is my escape. What is yours ?
    @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #pod #thoughts #nights #lone #peace

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    Often, the lone nights answer your toughest questions.
    When you can feel yourself breathe and your heartbeat.
    Escape it occasionally, to know your self.
    The consciousness it asks of you.
    Escape, my friend.
    To feel alive.


  • muffinn 4w


    On some dark nights, all the motivation fails.
    All the hopes fade.
    And you get lost !
    In that maze...


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 5w


    അന്ന് മിന്നിയ മിന്നലിനെ പേടിച്ച് എന്റെ തോളോട് തലച്ചായിച്ചൊരുവൾ
    ഇന്ന് പെയ്യാത്തൊരു പേമാരിയായി എന്റെ ഇടനെഞ്ചിൽ ഇരുണ്ടു കൂടി


  • sujitsharma 5w

    Sailing through a stage,
    beyond the alterable page.
    No confrontation,
    we form a cohesive nation.
    Leaving behind dreams,
    we listen throughout our screams.
    Repulsing into a lone capsule
    of a void we'd declared as astral.

  • concealed_love 6w


    People says I'm an antisocial.

    They don't know I'm a lover,
    They don't know I'm a writer,
    They don't know I'm a dreamer,
    They don't know there is an ocean inside me.

    Finally I'm an introvert,
    I don't need to explain myself to them.


  • river_blaze 6w

    She runs steadily against the wind. No one knows who she is and why she is running.Her heart is wild but her eyes is set on what is in front of her. Her dreams and goals and everything her little heart has laid its eyes upon, is right in front of her. She doesn’t care who is going to reach them with her, or if she even has to do it alone. She knows where she is going, and she is trying to find out who she is in the process. Her fur is beautiful and magnificent as always and she fast, very fast.Every time I
    see her, she is too fast to keep up with but I try my best to follow in her footsteps. She is a she wolf and she is the strongest that i’ve seen. I want to run with her, However, once we get to the hill, in front of the
    moonlight, she stops. SHe always stops there.Once again she turns around and I see her beautiful blue eyes.I reach out to touch her but she hesitates. She never opens her mouth but her heart speaks to me.” You are too weak human.You don’t yet possess the strength to run with me.Go back.” I get mad every time she tells me this. Why do you say that I am weak?Do you even know me?” I know you more than you know yourself.” Still with a closed mouth she tells me things that I don’t want to hear.I don’t
    even know who this wolf is, or why it’s so important forme to follow her and keep up. But every time this scene happens, I just become more intrigued. When will you tell me who you are? I asked. She looked away like she always does. “ That is for you to find out. For now, you cannot run with me, you have much to learn, and much to lose first.” I still have no idea why this matters so much to me but she is alluring and beautiful. : Why do I have to lose? In order to be like you?” I asked. “ You cannot appreciate what you have, and go after what you don’t yet have, until you lose what you had.It will motivate you to reach yourhighest potential, it will teach you to
    walk alone.” I hear my mom’s voice from behind, calling out to me.”wake up now.” She says calmly.” No, I have more quest-.. Just then The scene crumbles in front of me in a bittersweet way.She disappears but I still see her silhouette. Just then I jump out of my bed in front of my now freaked out mother.It had all been a dream.It’s always just a dream. But it feels, so much more….


    I don’t understand why life has to keep disappointing me.all I want in life is to be like
    everyone else.I want my best friend to back in my life and I want the boy I like to notice
    me,Like is that too much to ask for?
    These are the questions that I ask every morning.Like why did God give me this life?For as
    long as I can remember, my life has been chaotic. Nothing that has ever belonged to me has
    stayed.However, I know my life won’t always be like this.I am sixteen years old anyways.I
    have my whole world set before me.I am going to graduate and go to college.For what though,
    who knows.It doesn’t matter.All I know that one day someone will finally love me and support
    my dreams.They say that, love isn’t real and that I should just give up.I’d like to think that how
    we perceive life, will determine our outcome.Besides, God has great plans for me,I know he
    won’t let me down. With these thoughts running through my mind, I grabbed my journal and jotted everything down. I try my best to write everything down.I I flipped through the pages in efforts to find a clean one,.Just then I came across a bunch of hearts and suddenly blushed like crazy.” JOhn +
    Rhea <3” John is the boy I like from church. Just the thought of him puts a smile on my face.You might think I am gay or lame for that.But I have never met anyone like him.I swear one day I will have the guts to face him and tell him how I feel...I hope.
    I then continued to write down my thoughts. When I thought of writing John a letter. I quickly
    grabbed another piece of paper.Just in case iI never get the guts, I’ll tell him through my
    ​“Hey john, it’s me...rhea. “ 
    As I started writing it I felt dumb, but I kept going.I am afraid of taking risks, but I know I have
    to face my fears and just do it.
    “​Hey john, it’s me….rhea.I don’t know if you remember me, but I am the girl that sat in front 
    of you at church last sunday.I am also the girl that helped you pick up your books that one 
    time when tyler knocked into you while playing frisbee with Tim bishop.Anyways, welll..I think 
    you are kind of cool-in fact I sorda lik- 
    Just then my brother ran in and startled me.” RHEAAAA. WATCHA DOING??” Omg, stop you
    are so annoying!!Just then he grabbed my paper and ran off with it.” JAY STOP!!OMG YOU
    I am sixteen years old.I am not the prettiest girl but I am also not the ugly.I know my life is
    crazy and nothing is promised.II love people and my favorite color is pink.There’s just so
    much more to me.I just wish people would get that.I a not that complicated.


    I hate the color pink.It pisses me off.When I think of pink I think those princess bitches
    that get pampered. I lit my cigarette and look down from the balcony.I was watching a
    couple in the parking hug and smooch. The girl had a long pink dress on with matching
    pink purse. I was busy laughing at her when my dumb ass friend popped out of no
    where.”Rheaaa, what are you doing girl.” I rolled my eyes at the sound of his voice.Oh,
    great shawns here.”Everyone loves shawn” Mike the pothead suddenly pitched in.”I
    fucking hate shawn.” I mumbled. Just then I put my cigarette out and gave the idiots in
    the parking lot one last glance. “Lmao idiots.” I chuckled then made my way through the
    apartment. I wanted to get the hell out before the party got crazy.”Rheaaa why are you
    leaving?YOU are no fun?” Anna through her arms around me.” As much as I’d love to
    witness you shitheads get fucked up and vomit on each other, while ashley calls her ex
    crying for the 45th fucking time-I’ll pass. Just came to drop off Mike’s dvd, i gotta takeoff folks.Sorry.. “ aweee..rheaaa..you suck.Come back if you get bored.” Ha..yeah..not
    likely.See you all later ass holes.I say with a smirk.With in moments I am gone and
    driving through town like a mad woman.The truth is, I can’t stand people, and I hate
    being in large crowds.I’ve always been like that-i think.To be honest.I don’t remember
    most of my past. I know my past was fucked up.I know I was an unhappy little girl.But
    whatever.I looked up and saw the cross on my visor dangle.I smile and grabbed it.I traced
    the cross with my fingers.There was a time when I would pray daily wth this cross.I can’t
    even remember the last time I truly prayed.I still believe in God,I just don’t know him.I
    gently release the crossed and pressed on my gas.This wasn’t a time to remince rhea I
    told myself.If you even can.The memory of the past has left you, just like those that
    were involved.It was all for the best though.
    (To be continued)

    *A story that I'm currently writing.Please give me your thoughts, should I continue?*
    #legend #lone #wolf #mirakee#book

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    The Legend of the Lone Wolf

    (Part 1)