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    क्या है वक़्त ?
    क्या होता है एक पल में खुलके जीना और अगले ही पल उदासी ?
    कभी खामोशी लिए चुप्पी का लिबास ही
    और कभी छोटी छोटी खुशियां ज़रा सी ।

    क्यों तुम्हे हर चीज़ वक़्त पे मिलनी चाहिए,
    क्या वक़्त के साथ वक़्त बिताया है तुमने ?
    क्यों वक़्त को क़ैद करने की फ़िराक़ में हो ,
    क्या वक़्त पे वक़्त का साथ निभाया है तुमने ?

    सुबह की चाय , दोस्तों की राय
    या फिर वो सुबह से शाम तक सांसें
    बिन कीमत चुकाये
    सब वक़्त पर ही तो मिलता है तुम्हें ।

    क्यों वक़्त को रोकने में लगे रहते हो हर वक़्त ?
    क्यों खुद को कोसने में लगे रहते हो हर वक़्त ?
    क्यों कद्र की कद्र भी वक़्त के गुज़रने पर होती है ?
    क्यों बस यूँ ही खुद को तोलने में लगे रहते हो हर वक़्त ?

    गलती तुम्हारी नहीं है पर तुम सही नहीं चल पाते हो
    क्या जिनसे नाराज़ हो सोचो उनको वक़्त भी देना चाहते हो?
    दोनों वक़्त की सुईयां तुम्हारी क्या साथ में रही हैं कभी
    क्या एक छोर पे जुड़के सबको तुम सही वक़्त दिखाना चाहते हो ?

    कुछ वक़्त तुम्हारा गुज़र गया, कुछ वक़्त अभी भी बाक़ी है ।
    जिस वक़्त की ताक़ में रहते हो वो वक़्त तुम्हारे पास ही है ।
    हर वक़्त पे वक़्त बदलता है ,ये इसकी फितरत ज़रा इन्सां-सी है ।
    पर ये वक़्त बड़ा ही पाबंद है , ये वक़्त ही तुम्हारा साथी है ।

    बोलो ! कहो !
    कुछ कहना है तुम्हें ?
    या तुम, तुम होकर बस यूँ ही बैठे रहोगे
    और ,मैं तुम्हारा वक़्त बनकर
    तुम्हें खुदको गुज़रता देखता रहूंगा !

    हाँ , वक़्त हूँ मैं ।
    तुमसे अक्सर मुलाक़ात होती है
    बस साथ नही चल पाते हम ।
    आज सोचा था तुम्हारे साथ बिताया जाएगा
    पर खैर
    वक़्त हो चला है...!


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    Your family is the best team
    You could ever heav

    No matter how boring life gets,
    Try not to be get married.

    Don't complain
    Enjoy the pain.

    Be crazy enough
    To believe you can
    Do anything
    In life

    Be the person
    Somebody believe
    In the goodness
    Of people

    If you are not
    Losing friends
    You are not
    Growing up.

    Don't wait to be rich
    To be happy
    Happiness is free

    Your comfort z
    Is your

    The key to success is to
    Start before you are ready.

    Don't tell me you can't��

    When people ask;
    What do u do??
    Tell them:
    Whatever it Takes.


    If u get tired
    Learn to rest
    Not quit ��....


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    When you give your heart
    and in return don, 't even exhort for debt
    It's not when you tumble for someone
    but when you acknowledge everyone
    when you start living for others
    without thinking of what you want
    when gaiety becomes necessity
    and you become least acquisitive
    when you forgive for no reason
    and need no justification
    physical and mental woe dissipate
    truth honesty and loyalty encircles you
    when anticipation becomes null
    There when negative emotions start becoming dull
    it becomes from heart-to-heart
    so clarified and unfeigned that temporary goodbyes don, 't hurt
    because fascination end but love stays forever


  • wordsofclass 3d

    Love Lost

    I weep I cry
    I say goodbye
    I weep I cry
    A sad goodbye

    Those long lost nights
    Your cheery sights
    Those long lost nights
    No more cheery sights

    Lost I am now
    For why you I ask now
    Lost I am now
    Hold my hand come back to me

    My cries are shaken
    I cry out to thee
    My cries are shaken
    Come back to me


  • _broken_boy_lines_ 1w

    Not So Near

    Your Rays They Hit on My Eyes
    That's Making Me To Lose My Eyesight
    Should I Fly or Cry
    I Think I Might Die
    Too Long Distances
    But Still Able To Feel Your Presence
    I Hold on My Breath With Fear
    Do You Know That I Still Shade out My Tears
    Cause You Are Not So Near


  • whensoulmeetswords 2w

    We will see the stars together

    I know you are far away
    I told you about my dream that
    I want to see the stars together

    Flower that you gave me
    Makes a smile on my face
    Cause I can see your face through it

    When I fell asleep in your arms
    and heard your heartbeats
    I never thought I would feel this

    I promised you that I would be with you forever
    Cause you promised me
    We will see the stars together

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    #long distance relationship#pure love#snehmit

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    Mana ki wakib nhi tere" zism "se,
    Par tere " Ruh " Ki hakdar hu mai....
    Mana ki har pal mai nhi tere samne,
    Par teri "hamraaz" hu mai....
    Mana ki teri baaho m kvi soyi nhi,
    Par khwabo ki duniya mai tere sath hu mai...

    Bs thodi bebas ho jaya krti hu
    Jb tere aansuo tk,
    Na pahuch paya krti hu....


  • gehlot143 2w

    My god bless uh jaan....
    I'm missing uh so mch....��

    #long distance relationship�� #love #life #diary

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    Zindigi aap bin uljan c lgtii hai...
    Ek pal ki judaie muddat c lgtii hai...

    Pehle tou ehsas tha par ab yaqeen hai...
    Har lamha ap ki zaroorat c lgtii hai...


  • kailashn 2w

    प्रेम साधना


  • grotesque 2w

    So far the journey was good. So far I was nice thinking it is good. But then yesterday I realised I was bad. I never knew how or how much but I knew I was bad. So I decided to end the search of a destination. How shallow it would be to let yourself be lose and say nothing when your ground is turning you upside down. But, can you say anything at all? No. You cannot. You are not a nice person to say anything. You are.this person who never understands perspective. You are on a line. You are born whimsical. You are always busy getting busier and ignoring thoughts. You do not talk to your family. You feel fine but it is not. You are so much in invisible comfort that you are living in an illusion of something. Stay strong. It's never gonna break but it's gonna get worse. People are nice to me for no reason. I should have been nice to them in stead but I am in a bubble. I will never be able to come out and understand how much they love me. I only know love as red. Love can be a rainbow too. I am no longer in my world. I am gone with winds. To me, I exit.
    #diary #long #feelings #reality #ashamed #me #people #perspective #depression #failure #family #friends #love #queer #opening_up #whimsical #immature #emotional #selfish #worst #devil

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    "When you are so dark
    You do not search for light.
    No, you also do not let
    People search for you in stead.
    That's gonna destroy them my dear.

    People are kind.
    I am not.
    So people are blessings in my life
    But I am not suppose to be near them.
    'Cause I do not know what they feel.
    I cannot know after so much trying.
    People are actually nice.

    To me. I mean only to me."


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    First Heartbreak

    Never imagined it would end this early,
    never imagined it would cause such pain
    i tried my best to pull myself up
    but it just made me more insane
    i've always been a heartless freak
    no pain, no emotions, there was no need
    but you came by and broke the armour
    of this stubborn heart,but then i called it karma
    karma since unconsciously i did this once
    or maybe twice to some innocent soul
    whose love for me was jewel gold
    but i was naive back then and left it unattended
    so that broke hearts and definitely offended
    that innocent soul for life.
    and then it dawned on me when
    the same happened to me
    i loved this person with all my heart
    but you didn't give a shit, you cheated
    my whole being you tore apart
    the risks i took
    the sacrifices I've made
    are now just as thin
    as the sharp, chiseled blade
    you stabbed me with.
    when i caught you once i was in despair
    my relationship with with you i was ready to tear
    but i never did that.
    I said we needed a break
    not for you to go on dates
    how could you move on so quick
    for goodness sake!
    just after a day, we had the fight
    i saw you there,lies you can never hide.
    You didn't realise it was me, you chated as though
    I never existed, i was zero.
    you agreed to meet someone else
    while i was in pain
    it was just yesterday, i caught you, you said sorry
    what were you planning to gain?
    We held hands a week ago
    and here you were ready to meet some random hoe
    was i not good enough?
    didn't i cross your mind?
    didn't you remember my smile?
    didn't you remember our time together?
    but truth is, you played me well
    and for this, I'm still going through hell.

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    #Long Distance relationship #Mirrake #Love

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    Kal purnima ka chand Bilkul aap jsa tha,
    Vhi Surur Vhi gurur Vo shittal roshni ,

    Vhi Thora sa ntkhat Thora sa saant,
    Or aapke dil k jse bilkul saaf or Saant ,

    Or Hmesa ki tarh,
    Aapke jse hmse khi koso dur..


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    Day is long,
    So it is strong...
    Night is blind,
    So it is kind...


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    Few things are in a way
    to take you DOWN,
    down to the place where in
    you never wanted to be,
    but they gonna take YOU UP soon
    so as to when they have realised
    they can't stop
    the Blossoms to Bloom in Springs
    and Sparkles to Lighten up
    in Fire of YOUR Heart !!

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    विरह वेदना यूँ हुई तीव्र की
    रव निष्ठुर, भावित मन,नयन सजल

    अंतस में कराल तुमुल
    पीड़ा के ये निर्मम शूल

    विमन ह्रदय स्पंदन, क्षिप्र अंर्त रण
    अप्रमन हूँ अभी, कब आये उत्सव क्षण

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    Blissful feeling doesn't last that long, it varies meaning


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    प्रेम वर्णन

    तेरी स्मृति का कोलाहल
    नीरवता में तेरी ध्वनि रणित
    विमुक्त हुआ मैं योगी सा
    मन में तेरे प्रेम की भावनाएं अगणित

    मसृण वपुकांत, मायावी दृग
    रोषित व्याली से श्यामल केश
    छवि तेरी व्याप्त व्योम में
    ताक रहा मैं तुम्हें अनिमेष


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    You opened doors in me that noone else could, You walked through my walls without resistance, you accepted my multifaceted layers and understood every level, you woke up my heart and made it dance and sing, you are a kindred spirit unique and beautiful with the depth of a thousand oceans, I hope somehow you can feel how much I miss you..


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    सिद्ध हो जाते तुम प्रेम के मर्मज्ञ होकर
    क्या पाया तुमने पोथियों के प्रज्ञ होकर