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  • snejaphilip_ 8h

    Even the fading voice of my laughter seems a long lost unfamiliar sound that my ears are finding difficult to decipher now....


  • noorleen 17h

    In between feeling lonely and not willing to trust and talk to people teenage made us strong.

  • eerielyrandom 19h


    When she was drowning in loneliness
    She closed her eyes and streched out her hand
    Hoping she will be saved
    She caught onto something
    It didn’t feel like armour of a shining knight
    Instead it was delicate in her hand
    With a familiar scent
    She opened her eyes and begged, "save me"
    Her savior whispered softly, "always"

  • vidushi_mishra 1d


    Amidst the stars,
    There lies the Moon,all alone.
    ©Vidushi Mishra

  • trash_feels 3d


    You are the hole in my universe
    The empty space in my world
    You are the gap in my time
    A hole that can never be filled
    A wound that will never heal
    You are my regrets and pain
    You are my bad memories and nightmares
    You are the the one thing
    I wish I never wished for

  • shaaan 5d

    nazro ne nazro se kinara kar lia
    na chah k bhi tujh bin guzara kar lia

  • emmkayy 1w

    I long for an ear that listens
    A head that nods
    And a lips that says "then"?

  • vaishnavikadam 1w

    Everything was just messed
    And tears shattered through her eyes
    She sat down gazing at the sky
    Either to find a ray of hope
    Or cursing herself otherwise.
    All the chaos running through her head
    She took it all to the bed.
    But still her stubborn thoughts inside
    Din't allow her to sleep all night
    All that she needed was
    Just a hug with love so tight!

  • emmy_malik 1w

    It was a little difficult for me to portray loneliness. I opened some pages of my past and remembered all those days and nights I spent alone. For me, it's good to be alone sometimes. You learn your weaknesses and get to know how to be strong enough to deal with it
    #love #nature #pain #solitude #lonliness

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    A walk to remember

    On a Sunday evening, I was passing through the road. 
    Walking on the stones, on a roughly path. 
    I was lost in myself as I was searching for nothingness. 
    I was waiting to forget the past. 
    I was trying to get rid of all the thoughts.
    I was getting ready to bear the fears. 
    I was wondering to collect the shattered peaces of my life. 
    I stopped near a park, walked on the grass. 
    I looked at a tree, standing still and silent like a mountain.
    Alone but strong, broken but hard,
    in it's solitude, immensely helpless. 
    I heard the heart-rending cry of leaves. 
    I felt the whispering of tiny little flowers. 
    I tried to read those words harrowed it's very soul. 
    I smelled the burnin' wounds of wood.
    I thought it's me, wanting and craving. 
    To get watered with the love and affection. 
    To grow up with the strength and passion. 
    I sat under the shadow and embraced the tree. 
    I savoured with it few hours of freedom, peace and seclusion.

  • invisibles 1w


    Is waqt ko apne waqt se beetne toh do...
    Saans-e-raftar waqt ki chalne toh do...
    Khamosh hatho ko anjam tak badne toh do...
    Is dil-e-dhadkan ko Zara waqt se dhadkne toh do...


  • thelostgurl 1w

    It was a horrible evening. A little light of sun was scattered but the tress became the guard. I was roaming,cursing myself and screaming hard with that loud music which was played a kilometer far. I was alone in that path.
    I was scratching my head with my long sharp nails continously as I saw the angel of happiness leaving my hand. She started walking away from me with the bright silver shine she always had. Well,I got afraid. I decided to run towards her in order to chase her. I didn't wish her to leave me all alone in this lonely path. I tried to move my leg but then I felt an energy resisting me to move forward. I couldn't move my legs. It was Irritating ! In a great hurry and confusion I turned back to find the resistance and I saw the demon of loneliness grabbing my legs with his one giant hand. He pulled me towards him and packed me up in his thorn-ful and uncomfortable arms. I was trying my level best to break the power of his hands. I used my hundered percent potential and energy to get out from the prison of his negative arms.
    However,I was failing everytime. I was losing hope with my every attempt going in vain. But I still continued trying to reach the angel of happiness. I was shouting,calling her,asking her to come back but she wasn't listening. She was stealing her eyes and wasn't turning back to look into my hopeful heavy eyes! She was just moving on! I looked above, the demon of loneliness was laughing at my worse condition.
    I screamed a more loud in horror this time with the continuation to free myself,
    " I trusted you! You can't leave me like those humans! Don't leave me! Angel of happiness please stay! Please!"
    I burst out in tears and the laugh of demon was increasing with the flow of the water running down my cheeks into the bare and dry land. I looked down all lost from hope,tired of every attempt. But then I felt the vanishing of the thorn-ful arms from my little body. I tried opening up my eyes which I closed tight in fear. I found myslef free from the prison!
    I looked back,I couldn't find the demon. I started investigating everywhere to find him but couldn't ! Then,I saw the angel of happiness smiling at me from a distance and flew away in the sky! I was completely confused 'cause I was sure that smile meant a message for me!
    And instantly my eyes fall on an individual in the lonely path. I started running towards him at fastest pace and utilising all the energy left in my blood. I hugged him instantly almost falling but he was strong enough to handle me!
    "Hey,don't cry! You ain't alone!", he said in the most sweet tone.
    I felt myself in the most comfortable place ever! May be, he is the gift of the heavenly world from the angel of happiness!

    @egnimaticwizard you're the one!

    #story #shortstory #angel #demon #happniess #lonliness

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    The demon of loneliness and the angel of happiness

    Sometimes,some Souls are the gift from above from the angel of happiness!
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  • hs3137988 1w

    The other me

    sometime it just happens,
    no warnings no reasons,
    sometime my alter ego just wakes up suddenly
    'the other me'
    don't let me do anything
    don't let me feel anything
    just sadness
    and loneliness
    and it feels like no one care about me,
    but maybe the truth is opposite.
    I know many people who loves me,
    who really want to see me alive at least,
    but 'the other me' doesn't let me know the truth.
    Laying, feeling the body sinking down in the bed,
    doesn't want to talk to anyone,
    ignoring texts and calls i get,
    just making everyone feel I'm busy somewhere.
    Feeling the depression growing on my mind,
    shaking of palms, body getting cold.
    I'm not scared
    but nervous, can feel the anxiety,
    don't know why,
    can feel the pain I got in the past,
    can feel the heart that was broken once,
    but it is in good hands now,
    maybe the best i can get,
    helping me get heal faster than ever,
    but what about 'the other me',
    the one who always open the door
    that lead me to the dark part of my mind.
    I feel worthless,
    i feel death,
    i feel like I'm not the one who must be alive,
    feels likes it will be better to die,
    just want to get free from all these pains,
    from everything.
    but then i thought about my parents, my loved ones,
    the love of my life,
    will they be able to live without me?
    will they be happy someday after my death?
    i can't see them crying,
    I can't see the tears in their eyes,
    I can't give them pain just for getting free from my pain
    i can't take all the happiness from their lives,
    i need them, i need to make them feel happy.
    I just want to fulfill their dreams,
    give all the love and happiness to my love that he deserves,
    want to live the life that i dreamt with my love.
    i have to change,
    i have to control my emotions,
    i have to save my friendships and relationship,
    i have to make my parents proud.
    The only person i want to die is 'The other me'.

  • isntitanonymous 1w


    How unfortunate

  • georgiaevans 1w

    No. 2

    My home was a safe haven to us as irresponsible teens, aiding our metamorphosis into adults
    Relics living in the walls, staying silent to save our lives.
    If they'd open up and talk, the chatter would be cacophonic.
    We learned how to love, how to hate, how to lie, appologize, twist eachothers words and ask for forgiveness.

    I see now that it was nothing more than a shelter from the proverbial rain.
    It was a convenient store along the way. A pit stop for complaining. A pull off for crying.
    It was free parking, free food, false camaraderie.
    A famers market for pseudo sisterhood.

    "My home was a refuge for all of us" I thought, as i sat blindly in the dark outside, grass between my toes, mosquitos biting at my calves.

    My home was just a battered, ramshackle structure. It sits, slumped over, echoing with looming halls that meant nothing.


  • angelscorpion15 1w

    wo mohabbat hi kya jo aylaan karke ho
    mohabbat toh hamesha khamosh hoti
    jiski khamoshi uske mehboob ke dil me aylaan hoti hai...

  • shirleyyyy 1w

    I don't wanna see you with her
    I don't think I m that strong
    I don't wanna see her face again
    I don't wanna you to move on
    I don't wanna see you with her....

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  • babysbreath 2w


    अकेले है तनहा नहीं
    यादें है, लेकिन बाटने को तुम साथ नहीं
    तस्वीरें है, मगर उनमें हकीकत जैसी बात नहीं
    साथ है दोनों, मगर एक दूजे के पास नहीं
    खो चुके खुदको तुम में इस कदर
    के महफ़िल में रहकर भी तुम्हारे ख्याल ही
    सुबह कब हो गयी इसका भी होश नहीं
    तुम्हारे अलावा ज़हन में हमारे कोई बात नहीं
    हर ख़ुशी दुगनी तुमसे हर गम आधा हुआ
    सहम जाते है सोचके तुम ना होते तो हमारा क्या होता।


  • connecting_stories 2w

    अकेलेपन का एहसास तब होता है जब,
    खयालों मे भी साथ हँसने को कोई किरदार नहीं मिलता।

    ©connecting_stories | Poorvi Garg

  • avis_brk 2w


    Who knew someday you will left without a single word?
    But you know what hurts more it's not that why you left,
    It is when I feel like I was not worth of an explanation...
    Yes I will move on... I am not anyone's first choice or favourite, people may I mean a lot to them but I know there's someone, they will choose over me.. I have learnt that nothing is permanent someday or the other they are going to be perish... You know when you strongly feel something for other and they ignore you knowingly. Thanks now I know that to focus on what I need.... I was too navie before hand......
    Time changed you,