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  • katwithablackrose 12w

    Forever and My Best Friend

    I looked at you and saw forever. With you I was happy wherever: If we had a pillow fight, if we stayed up all night, or if we were singing our favorite song. I just wanted to stay close with you all my lifelong.

    But these days you manipulate me. Tell stories the way you want them to be. You're not the same person as before; I don't even know you anymore.

    Now I look at my best friend, and all I see is the end. No more forever. Just never again.


  • donthurt 12w

    Once, When I Was Your Friend

    Once, when I was your friend,
    I spent more time in your home than my own.
    We took our bicycles or skateboards to the park,
    Raided garage sales for those 99 cent items:
    Toys that worked no longer, even with batteries,
    Books with pages missing,
    Mugs and cups with cracks down the side,
    But we had fun with them nonetheless.

    Once, when I was your friend,
    I laughed at everything you had said.
    Everything you could do did amaze me,
    Like strumming your guitar, or showing me how you could drive your fast car.

    But if your fast car would slow down,
    We would still be friends today.
    I wouldn't have to pick up a chipped headlight from the highway
    Or broken motor from the ditch,
    Instead we could go back to the days:

    Once, when I was your friend,
    I thought I would say I would always be your friend,
    Always, forever.
    And we would still rumage those stuffed animals with toes missing,
    Old sunglasses with missing lenses,
    Toy cars with tires missing...

    Once, when I was your friend,
    We rolled an worn old tire to your driveway.


  • _theimperfectone_ 13w


    I thought my feelings were gone,
    But I guess my feelings were wrong.
    Freezing when you walk by my side,
    Wishing you were by my side.
    Looking away when I know you were there,
    Because there is nothing anymore and of that I am aware.
    But lately, I can't get you out of my mind,
    Everywhere I go you are in my sight.
    Can't you see it's destroying me,
    Not knowing how to heal me.

  • poetrycat89 13w

    Boundaries of Loss

    It is a great leveller..
    When it happens..
    It is the mind's emperor..
    Charging in like a wild boar..
    Impaling my heart like a cur..
    But these are not the only thoughts that run amok..
    But for ones with a mind buoyant as a boat..
    Storm that gathers..
    And it waddles and paddles..
    Storm that passes..
    It remains intact..
    Planning for a journey..
    A few steps back..
    That's how we all must be..
    That's how you and I should be..
    That's how we save a life.

  • wrimigo 13w


    Consider a loss to be the tuition fee, you pay to your life on teaching you an important lesson and for giving an advice to upgrade.

    By Manav jain

  • glassyeyedmind 13w

    Feelings poured into Confinement
    Words moulded to Refinement
    Breathe myself into alignment
    Can't really shake off the mental assignment
    Of what I could have, spiritual enlightenment(?)
    Or  material entitlement

    I fit in yet stick out
    I stay put yet sound loud
    Soul is a-burning pyre of lost articles
    I throw them in, only for them to freeze out

    When I finally let go and lay it all out
    I'm annoying for singing my emotions aloud
    Blow out, put out, cast out
    I seem sorted even with the hovering sad cloud

    Let go, let go, let go
    I'm told even when I can't seem to forego

    This emotional wreck of yours
    You gave me as something to hold onto
    I held on, thinking that you'll come back with cures
    You forget and I had to absorb all of those sores

    Let go, let go, let go
    I'm told when I can't seem to forego

    How can I heal when your mind, you cannot make
    You go and come, stepping inside just enough
    To listen and tell me, that I'm like a trashed lake
    The water's not moving, may be all that's inside is fake

    Let go, let go, let go,
    I'm told when I can't seem to forego

    All that I want to give back to you
    You forget that I'm the river and the mermaid
    I take all your pain cause I feel for you
    I give all that I can cause I would love for you, to be you

    Let go, let go, let go
    I decided to let it go
    I am letting you go too
    I am letting you know, I have to let you go…


  • sometimesiwritebruh 13w


    The friendship that I found within a total stranger was better than the stranger that I found within my friend.


  • bluejean_buddha 13w

    When I think about giving up my brain flashes to two things.
    The first being the day you told me to kill myself. I lived because you didn't want me to.
    The second was the day you died. I lived because you could not.

    So I will live. To honor you. To remember you. To love you until my last breath.


  • karishma_krishna 13w


    As these bygone feelings resurged within me with despise
    I find myself alone, on one of the floes of ice
    And as the pain overwhelms me and my agonizing screams pierce the air
    Yet again, this will of mine refused to give in as I extricate myself from this stubborn despair

  • _sauravbanerjee 13w

    You there

    I am standing on field of orchids. Looking for you over here and there but you never came there. My love is like an ocean & you a dolphin there. I made a vow to protect you from fucking sharks there but I never seen a sight of you there . Girl you couldn't even read for me & I just keep on writing these. I just keep on waiting for you there.


  • that_freak 13w

    Suicide and even suicidal thoughts are STOP to you, your life(obviously), your loved ones' lives(yes, that's true). Consider it. Consider it all. Be aware about your own situations. Look around. Be aware of others' situations. Make them aware. Live. Love. And don't ever STOP. Keep MOVIN'. ✌#suicide #stop #thoughts #survival #wars #torture #loss #family #people #love

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    don't STOP!

    When I feel suicidal
    and want everything
    STOP forever.
    I consider the survivals.
    Of wars, tortures and
    family loss.
    Of famine, hunger and
    Dreadful diseases.
    They give me strength.
    They give me hopes.
    Of my future presents
    that my people would send.
    Of the days full of surprises
    and adventures with loved ones.
    Thoughts cross me.
    Of my own suicidal thoughts
    which are all the cause.
    that would come to me
    if I survived that STOP.


  • donthurt 13w

    Finally, a poem of mine that I love! Written over a year ago when I was a ripe age of 16... so, it might be a bit rough. I really wanted to capture the diminishing mind and weakening experience. I've had a lot of family members work in nursing homes, and I felt a need to express the every day type of tragedy.

    #old age #dementia #loss #elderly #Maribel #age

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    Maribel (A Relinquished Woman)

    Maribel celebrates her birthday on Thursday.

    She stopped keeping track of her age over twenty years ago;

    Seven years ago, she wouldn’t be able to remember regardless.

    In the last seven years, with every breath she took she exhaled more of her mind:

    Her conscience, memory, values, believes.

    She cannot remember her career she had irreversible passion towards ten years ago,

    Though, at least she could forget her disorder.

    She met Harold fourteen minutes ago.

    Three minutes later, she had forgotten his name,

    Seven minutes later, she had forgotten his face,

    Ten minutes later, she had forgotten meeting him,

    Fourteen minutes later, Harold was a stranger.

    Maribel is losing her muscles, too.

    A feeble reminder of the atrophy comes when a “gorgeous young lady” helps her from the bed in the morning.

    What she had forgotten, though,

    Is that gorgeous young lady has helped her from her bed every morning for the last six months.

    What Maribel couldn’t forget, however, is how she hated winter.

    Pure, utter hatred.

    But how could she forget,

    When she got a stern reminder every time she looked out the window.

    Winter time was a time for her brain and legs to simultaneously deteriorate with each other.

    However, she’s always told herself

    “I’ll never die in the winter.”¹

    Maribel would consistently be excited for April;

    Every April first, for the last seven years, a nurse had tapped her on the shoulder;

    With an undisturbed enthusiasm, and a smile like a crescent moon,

    They would say

    “Maribel- It’s April. It’s spring time”

    Maribel would always say

    “April Showers, May Flowers.”

    Though Maribel and her walker take fifteen minutes to walk from the home² to the bus stop,

    When she could do so in six minutes seven years ago,

    And though she would be frozen when a bus would open the mechanical appendages and the driver would just glance in weary annoyance and ultimately shut the doors,

    Maribel would smile, because for the first time in months she could walk to the stop,

    Now that the damned snow is gone.

    (Even better, the ice)

    As Maribel returned to the same apartment as she had done for the last seven  years, she pulled a rare complexity and remembered something;

    Her middle name is Grace.

  • invisiblemom 13w


    The silence is broken into a thousand fragments
    Held together with accusations, tears, anger
    Until one by one the fragments come loose
    Setting free your love amid a torrent of broken promises

  • truths_left_unspoken 13w

    Just a yesterday,
    I was swimming
    In your love
    I went on journeys
    To places unimaginable

    I've heard you utter
    Your "I love you"s
    And singing your lullabies
    What happened mama?
    Didn't you love me?

    You took pictures of me
    Inside your belly
    I was swimming In your endless love
    And waiting for the day
    You would take me in your arms
    And love me forever

    But, I was so wrong...

    They took me mama
    They hurt me so bad
    They pulled apart
    Piece by piece
    And left me to die

    I was unwanted
    Like a soul with
    A hopeless fate

    I never even got a chance
    To be held in your arms

    What happened mama?
    Don't you love me?

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    #disappearance #depths #waiting #hopeless
    #love #mirakeeworld #pod #evanescence #depressing #dark #society #abortion #loss #children
    #poems #poetry #eternity #powerful #inspiring
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    "I've heard you utter
    Your "I love you"s
    And singing your lullabies
    What happened mama?
    Didn't you love me..."

  • amomentadaylikestrawsinhay 13w

    She pushed him away, hoping he'd hold her back,
    He walked away, hoping that she'd pull him back.

    - Jai Khiani

  • sensitive_soul_02 13w


    Broken wings
    of Perfection
    Killed by
    The hopes
    they destroyed,
    Slanted halo
    Tries to
    Separate from
    The demon
    Lurking underneath.

  • _sauravbanerjee 13w

    Wish you were here

    It's been 1 month 1 day since you died . I remember the way when you used to rub your whiskers up my cheeks .I wish I could hold you in my arms & kiss you for the one last time. I am going to get your name on my arm so we could roll together until the end of my time . When my time will run out i will happily accept my fate so that i could hold you & your daughter again & again.


  • pablokeivom 13w


    You hide, you hide yourself from people who adulates you and squander your life on everything that doesn't mean anything.
    And when you get messed up by your own choices, you come here, to me.
    Time after time, I've been letting you take me for granted only because of one simple reason: I love you and it's tragic for me that you've failed to understand it.
    How many more false kisses are you planning to receive?
    Just for the taste of temporary happiness. Enough now, I've been too squandering my life on things that doesn't mean anything.
    One more thing... In a Kafkaesque sort of way, I've understood Picasso's blue period because of you, thank you for that!

  • rosatan 13w

    When it's time to leave, one day, we all will have to leave. And that day, you will remember all those tiny things that made you smile. You would yearn to live longer at least for a day. the poem in the structure of a tombstone reminds you of the inevitable nature of death. You would wish you made good use of each second you had. Alas the ignorance!

    Let us take this time to reinforce the gift of life. So that when it is our time to leave, we shall leave with the least of disappointments.

    #death #loss #gone #leave #grave #graveyard #tombstone #clover #flower #hour #fewer #shower #never #shower #bower #mover #louder

    #mirakee #writer #poem #writersofmirakee

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    When my eyes shut forever
    And this race is at long last over
    They’ll with aromatic wreaths cover
    Thread the old roads with you again never
    Not vines but the coffin lid, the bower
    Look, I have taken a final shower
    A long journey to a distant tower
    I can’t hear don’t shout any louder
    Do remember to use a mover
    For passers-by plant a flower
    Will cherish all minute all hour
    Wish mistakes were fewer
    Leaving behind a four-leaf clover
    Even when luck to grasp was never our

  • ashishhrt 13w

    बड़ा शोर सुनते थे पहलू में दिल का,

    बड़ा शोर सुनते थे पहलू में दिल का,

    जो चीरा तो इक कराए खून भी ना निकला ।

    ~ हैदर अली