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  • adi1ti 1w

    Dear Boyfriend,

    I am addicted to
    pampering by you
    and, it will never be
    enough for me.

    So, let's make a pact,
    you agree to
    pamper me forever
    and I agree to
    throw my tantrums as usual,
    to get more pampered.

    Your Spoiled Girlfriend.


  • lonelybuddy 2w

    Love letter 1


    Your eyes are like herbs of teaand face are like clouds of milk. Your lips are like sweetness in it just to add flavor....

    All this beauty you got is more than enough for a single person...
    So amazing
    So attractive
    So Preety
    It is affecting me so badly..
    I can't hold now loosing my control,
    I am starting to love you my dear.....


  • shreya0409 4w

    Love letter

    I wrote to you a love letter,
    with all those smileys and the doodles.
    Telling you how much I love you,
    and that this time I scored better.

    I wish I could see you once,
    not in my dreams, but in real.
    I wish you could take me in your arms,
    to let me know how does it actually feel.

    Do you look different?
    Or just like I imagine, I wonder.
    Are you scared of the same things,
    like the lightning and the thunder?

    I've kept the letter along with the others,
    safely inside the box under my bed.
    Because mom says we can't post them,
    you're too far away, Dad.

    - A ten year old


  • thedailychallenge 5w

    Thank you all for your entries for the #tdc_lostlove challenge!!

    The winner of the challenge is @sadgichandra and their letter to someone they never really got over. Beautifully written!!

    There are a couple of honourable mentions:

    Thank you all for your submissions, we really do read all of them!!

    Good Luck with Challenge 5 and Challenge 6 will be posted very soon!!


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    The winner of Challenge #4 is

  • sadgichandra 5w


    Someone I never really get over of,

    I hope you are good and time is treating you right. I hope you still love the color green like you used to and you still like your coffee as strong as before. I don't know why, but I think that it will give me a sense of closeness even after all this time just to know that you are still you, just a bit different.

    I never knew that love could be like this. I never thought that it will be so hard to get you out of my mind, out of my life. Is it supposed to be hurting this bad? Isn't love supposed to be butterflies and pink cheeks? Well, What do I know?

    I guess, it wasn't your fault. It never was. I was the one who fall. But then again, it wasn't mine either. I don't think anyone can know you, can understand the rhythm of your heartbeats and not fall in love with you. Trust me, I tried to stop myself.

    I never really regret falling for you. It was a privilege to know you from this close, to see your dreams and to hear your thoughts. I knew I was setting myself up for pain as I was looking at you just laughing and smiling up at the sky. I knew that you are too deep to resurface from and I never learned how to swim anyway. But I can't help it. I loved the stars and sky and I find them in your eyes and the things you talk about.

    My only regret is that I never get a chance to tell all of this to you. I can't imagine that when I'll be old and dying, I would have this ache that I didn't even tell you, that one of the most important thing of my life was left unsaid. And not just to see if you'll return my feelings or not, but just to let you know that you've been loved by me in ways that I never even thought are possible. I will regret that I didn't give you the simple sense of satisfaction of knowing that there was someone who want to know about your day, your wishes, your fears and the things that put you at ease.

    But if I'm being honest with you, I don't think my heart can handle what your feelings are for me. Your 'Yes' and 'No' both would've killed me. Your 'Yes' from happiness, and 'No' from heartache. Because I loved you so much that I turned you into a figment of my fantasy, someone who's now living in my heart, my words, these pages and my dreams, someone that I just can't have. You'll always have a special place in my life. Because it's inevitable, our life is interwined with beautiful stories and lots of memories. I wish I get a chance to get to know you again, to fall in love with your beautiful heart just to have mine broken one more time. Sometime it gets too hard to not call you just to hear your voice. But I guess I have to stop hoping for things that will never happen. I wish things were different, I wish I was brave, but most of all I wish you all the happiness of this world and another, whether it has me in it or not.

    You deserve everything beautiful you can imagine and I was the reality that no one wanted.

    Someone, you probably don't remember.


  • thedailychallenge 5w

    Hope you have fun with this, there is no limit as too the length of it so that you have the freedom to write what you feel. Post your entries under the following #tdc_lostlove so we are able to see and find all the entries.

    The deadline for this challenge is 9pm (UK Time) on October 12th leaving you plenty of time to craft and refine your letters.

    Winner for the last challenge will be posted shortly (little busy today but will be up shortly)...

    So have fun, we are really looking forward to the ideas and stories that that weave together for these letters!!

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    Challenge #4

    Today's challenge involves writing a letter... But not just any sort of letter....

    This letter is to a long lost love. This can be to someone who you loved when you were younger, someone who has passed away or even to someone who you never gained the confidence to talk too.

    Get Creative!!!

  • themoonheart 6w

    A letter I have written to you

    Sent in the Envelope of heart


  • oncour 6w

    Love Letter

    if I'm meant to be a light
    it's to shine on you
    for all the world to know
    and from every star to
    every galaxy
    for all the universe to see
    that once upon a time -
    on a little blue rock -
    a man loved a woman so greatly
    he tore into the fabric of space and time
    to write a love letter across the stars

  • pallavi_hota 6w

    Love letter

    Found your letter yesterday,
    while flipping through my dusty old journal.
    yellowed paper smudged with tear stains,
    smelling of musty drawers and rain.
    I clutched it to my heart,
    reminiscing in the memories
    of your love and your kisses,
    Of letting you go and letting us burn.
    Oh how I wish I could erase it all,
    erase the pain, erase the love
    forget you, forget us, forget it all.


  • zaraskhan0906 7w

    Love Letters of Great Men...

    Good morning, on July 7

    My thoughts go out to you, my Immortal Beloved. I can live only wholly with you or not at all ---
    Be calm my life, my all. Only by calm consideration of our existence can we achieve our purpose to live together.
    Oh continue to love me, never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved.
    Ever thine
    Ever mine
    Ever ours.

  • creative_logophile 7w

    Dear Writing,

    When I met you for the first time, I liked you a lot. But there were other people I liked a lot, namely: Studying, Drawing, Reading, Humming, Singing, Trying To Play(and failing miserably, I'm not a sporty person at all) and many more. That time I had a really mad crush on your fraternal twin Reading, or so everyone thought.

    The truth was, you were the one who really fascinated me but I thought that I didn't deserve you and that you weren't made for me.

    Well, a person can have two crushes at a time, and so was the case with me. I had a crush on you and your twin, Reading. The difference was that the crush I had on Read(I am using Reading's nickname) was like the one where you are really good friends with your crush and he doesn't mind you spending hours with him. My crush on you was like the one where you love almost everything about your crush but he doesn't even know that you exist.

    Of course, you were aware of my existence, your twin was my best friend after all, but we were hardly even acquainted.

    I never imagined that you can be mine, but than I met you at school where we got acquainted with the help of my English teacher. I didn't met you again and I went back to spending hours with Read, but this time, I knew I could meet you again with his help.

    I was having an amazing time with Read online, when I met you again, online of course.

    You were using your pseudonym 'Competition' and I was using mine: 'Participant'. We became good friends there and that was one of the best days of my life.

    Our relationship grew and grew, and now I can't say I am having a good day unless I have seen you at least once. In fact, I think I've become quite obsessed about you and I know that what I have with you is not a crush, it's love.

    You are one of the most important people of my life. Even your parents, Imagination and Creativity, and your elder sister, Curiosity, have been with me since my early childhood.

    I have even tried to ask you out but failed miserably.

    I hope my feelings are not one-sided.

    Yours only,
    Manya Agarwal

  • poetishq 8w

    "ख़त लिख दूँ"
    दिल की भावनाओं को व्यक्त करता ये गीत। ख़त की याद दिलाता हुआ जब ख़त सबसे बड़ी दौलत हुआ करते थे मुहब्बत में। एक एक शब्द को सोच विचार कर लिखा जाता था। न जाने कितनी बार ख़त भेजने से पहले प्रूफ रीडिंग की जाती थी और जिसको ख़त मिलता था वो हज़ार बार उस ख़त को पढ़ कर उसमें लिखे शब्दों के द्वारा अपने प्रिय का चेहरा देख पाता था। दूरियों का एहसास मिटा देता था ख़त। अब वो दौर नहीं लेकिन एहसास को याद किया जा सकता है।
    - हिमांशु
    Instagram :- @poetishq

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    "ख़त लिख दूँ"

    ख़त में लिख दूँ हाल ए दिल
    या तुझसे मैं मिलकर कह दूँ
    आँसू मेरे तुझ को भेजूँ और
    खत में अपने दिल को रख दूँ

    बोल मैं तुझको कैसे दिखाऊँ
    कितनी रोती हैं मेरी आँखें
    एक पल भी कटता नहीं है
    कैसे काटूँ मैं दिन और रातें
    तुझसे जुदा होकर के जाना
    ज़िन्दगी ये बहुत मुश्किल है
    इतने सारे जो गम हैं मेरे
    तेरी मुहब्बत का हांसिल है
    तुझको खुदा कहता था मैं
    बोल इबादत फिर से कर लूँ
    आँसू मेरे तुझको भेजूँ और
    खत में अपने दिल को रख दूँ

    मेरा तो बस ख़्याल तू ही था
    मेरा आखिरी सवाल तू ही था
    जिसके संग हँसना और रोना
    मेरा तो अच्छा हाल तू ही था
    तेरे संग मैंने जीना था सीखा
    मर मर के मैं पहले था जीता
    कैसे तुझको आज मैं कह दूँ
    अपना ज़ख्म कैसे था सीता
    तू जो आज रूठा है मुझसे
    फिर से उन ज़ख्मों को कुरेदूँ
    आंसू मेरे तुझको भेजूँ और
    खत में अपने दिल को रख दूँ

    - हिमांशु

  • pagenumberlast 9w


    You are only one among billions
    Yet so special for me.
    A huge ball of explosive energy
    You wink at me playfully.
    Looking at you shine away
    Makes every moment worthwhile.
    So far yet so close to me
    My world revolves around you.
    I watch you every night
    Without you knowing.
    For that happy face I carry,
    You are the reason.
    Shining so bright at midnight
    Sometimes I forget you are a star.

  • kalambaaz 10w


    Hey Venus,
    Many of them fell in love with your beauty.
    Many have written poetries on you.
    You've been painted and sketched in many canvases.
    You've been flowed in the music of various songs.
    You made many photographs beautiful.
    Your every action contributed to make this world beautiful.
    You are beautiful.


  • arwaturra 13w

    After a decade or two, when you will be sitting beside the shore, admiring the crimson red sky and I won't be there to hold your hands because you chose that to be. Feel my soft skin when your slender fingers trace the beige, soft and warm sand. Smell the mist of my hair in the petrichor, embrace me when the cool misty breeze caress you, listen to my laughter when those rhythmic waves kiss the shore. Feel me, while you will be incognizant of my existence. You might not be knowing if I will be in yours or would have traveled to the parallel world while waiting for you. And, if you miss me and whisper my name then let it be on your lips for little longer. The same scarlet lips where I wanted to make my home but was evicted very soon

  • blessedmiracle 14w

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    What I miss so much...writing with a pen. Here's my appreciation.
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    Missing between my fingers

    It's missing
    My pen
    A keyboard won't suffice
    I need the hard
    Slender feel
    Of a tool
    With all its might
    In its daring heist
    For total domination of the page

    I need the knowing sensation
    And rhythm
    Of it rocking
    Between my pointer and middle finger
    With the main body of it
    Resting on the space near my thumb

    Even now
    As I type
    I'd rather scribble
    Curve the letters
    Scratch out words
    Snatch out sentences
    Instead of backspace
    And somehow lose
    So many valuable words
    I'll never get back

    I need to feel
    I need to experience
    And sense
    The flow of ink
    Coming out of the pen
    Staining the pink of my palms
    Smearing the page of my journals
    Taking over my sheets
    In a way that is gorgeous
    And amorous
    Only to the writer
    It's partner in crime
    As well as rhyme
    I need it's passion
    The passion that comes from
    Spilling into everything I do
    And that I am

    So black
    So smooth
    So dark
    And rich in everything it does for the one who holds it
    The pen gives this experience
    A keyboard could never let me indulge
    It makes writing all the more real
    Making thoughts
    Become reality
    Turning nothing
    Into something more than real
    And wondrously
    I need the pen
    No matter what comes
    In what days
    Yes I need the pen
    Because it makes writing
    All the more special
    And existent
    For the writer holding it


  • writingpoet 15w


    Actually technically basically biologically chemically physically mentally ecologically mathmatically electrically normally mechanically & finally I realised quite sooner that I started loving a guy on whom I had a crush at first sight...

    I'm not a girl to say that lightly, I have faked love my whole life. Somehow I fall in love with this guy irretrievably.

    I want to make happiness phoenix of our alluring love for each other.

    May our life be Like an old fashioned amorous plot. With no matter how many ups and downs but v holding each other at every absconding moment.

    I started thinking love is something that idiots thought they felt but this man has a hold on my heart that I'm incapable of refusing if I wanted to.

    With a certain level of pertinacity, chutzpah, moxie n Vogue now there will be a series of fortunate events with a tremendous fortitude.

  • bongbatman 19w


  • misbah119 20w

    Love Actually

    You gave dreams to an insomniac.
    You played music for who couldn't hear.
    It was you who showed colours to the blind.
    You made the insensitive feel the fragrances of nature.
    You gave life to a lifeless creature.
    He dreams now to build his nest with you.
    He now prays to be with you.
    He makes plans to travel the world with you.
    He feels your pain and your happiness.
    Will you keep him sane, be his strength. Will you be the one to hold him forever.
    Will you be my better half!