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  • justsagar 2h


    As I saw your jet-black hair,
    All messed up, and wet ..
    My heart skipped a beat
    My eyes refused to fret ..

    From your perfectly shaped ears
    Trickled droplets of rain,
    Oh I had fallen in love
    All over again ...

    The diluted kohl along your eyes,
    They formed patterns ..
    Maybe the Lord was an artist
    And your beauty, his canvas ..

    You are beautiful my dear ...
    You're perfect, that's true
    But its your imperfect perfections
    Which compel me to love you .........


  • tejaswi86 11h

    You may call her mad
    But she is all magic
    Pure magic

  • shwetadas 12h

    An excerpt from Bitter, a short bittersweet love story with a touch of magical realism.

    Now available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Link in bio.

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    by S. P. Das

  • aabanerjee 2d

    Intoxicating Night

    Just you and me
    A night after a long time
    Holding hands..
    Waiting for the moon to come up
    The old romantic moonlight
    Will be prancing over the grass and dew all night
    Your hands on my waist
    My hand on your neck
    The slow and soft rhythm
    The wait was over
    When the moonlight showered
    We met like the old fairy tale
    The sweet sent of our kiss
    That blossomed the night flowers
    The glimmering night started
    When we fall back at the same place


  • pthayna_anteona 2d

    Bhul jao

    Kisine Mujhse kaha, "Ab use bhul jao, kisi aur ka Pati h wo"

    Maine kaha, "Agar Radha ne Krishna ko bhula Diya hota Rukmini ka soch k...to mai v bhul jaati usko"


  • aabanerjee 2d

    I need his love

    I am breaking, Dying inside
    Every moment feels like it's choking my life, I
    I need his love to survive
    I need his attention all the time
    It's getting difficult to live without him
    Every moment feels like it's doomed for me
    I need him, to breathe, to live
    I need his love to survive
    I need him to revive
    His presence has mend me so much
    I'll break if he left


  • pthayna_anteona 3d


    And again... I feel you are like my God, because I miss you the most When I am in problem or when I am hurt..


  • pthayna_anteona 3d


    I miss the time when you were the escape to all my problems.


  • aabanerjee 3d

    First Time

    I have felt it
    I have felt those butterflies inside and outside
    I have seen love in his eyes
    His smile takes me into another world
    His stare makes me feel beautiful
    His world revolves around me
    For the first time in life I have felt the love right
    For the first time I have seen a man right
    For the first time I have did it fine


  • apprenti_ecrivain 3d

    Write best love stories....

  • pthayna_anteona 4d

    Better half

    Now that I realize I can't be your better half,
    at least,
    it would have been better if I was your blood...
    to be in the list of people you are concerned about.


  • dikshant__kaliya 4d

    I belong to you forever!

    Even if you have said this that you didn't belong to me!
    But I belong to you not from today but from that day when I first saw you!

  • complicated_prsn 3d

    Khunnas nahi hai mujhe tumse ..
    Mene toh buss pyaar kiya hai..
    Tere jese pagal se mohbaat ka itbaar kiya hai..
    Binn bole jiske tane ko humne hee qubool kiya hai...
    Jiske liye taih thi zindagi usne aj sabh tere naam kiya hai..
    Haan mene tere se beshumaar pyaar kiya hai...

  • ablaze_anie 5d

    I am sorry

    She wrapped the bedsheet around her naked body and walked to the bathroom. She then wore her clothes and came out to see him burning a cigarette, still on bed. She sat next to him and burnt one cigarette for herself. Both were smoking quietly.

    She wasn't a prostitute, but she was a sex addict. She didn't got paid for getting laid with guys but she did it cause she couldn't resist. She had daddy issues, she used to tell her boyfriend. He was always loyal to him. It was a love-at-first-sight thing for him. They were boozing and she was not in her senses. She told him all the past relation-shit experiences and how her mom and dad got seperated (not legally though) and how she lost her virginity when she was just 14 years old. Yes her ex-boyfriend forced her into bed and she was helpless but keep mum while he exploited her tender body. She had told him putting her head on his shoulder. He knew he loved her that very moment. It's been a year now that they are together and her addiction has made him vulnerable. He was always doubting her, over-possessive, paranoid at times but she didn't blame him. She knew it was her fault but then she also knew that she was addicted. 'Where do we find rehabilitation centers for sex-addicts like they had for drug addicts and alcoholics?' She thought. She was killing him and herself with her addiction and so helpless was she that she couldn't even seek help from anyone. He tried to control her, order her, love her but couldn't get her out of her addiction. Her insides were burning but nobody could see it. Not even Aby.
    Today Aby is standing all dressed up with a bouquet of roses in his hands. I can see dark circles. I know he is tired loving me, caring for me, trying to bring me out of my addiction. He is staring at me like he did the first day we met but his eyes aren't happy today. I can see he has been crying all night and I know he'll cry again. He bent down to place the bouquet on my cold motionless body in my coffin while a drop of tear falls on my arm. I love you Aby. I'm sorry I couldn't make it. I couldn't see you die each day loving me more and more and more. Death seemed much easier. But I've always loved you....

  • pthayna_anteona 5d


    People break heart
    as if it's a coconut sacrificing in front of the temple.


  • smithaadithan 5d

    The Author - Chapter-10


    “This won't work, we can't keep going on like this...I'm sorry”

    He said in a sweet and calm voice, which made her, the girl who sat opposite him, to wipe her tears away and smile. She was now okay. She smiled at him and left, leaving him all alone in the cafe.

    When she was left, his friend showed up and asked:

    “Why did you let her go? She's like a hell gorgeous, dude”

    He took a look at his friend and said:

    “You can have her if you fell for her”

    His friend was shocked to hear that from him.

    “Dude, it's not right. She's yours”, friend.

    “Not anymore”

    His friend was feeling sorry for that girl and asked:

    “why? what did she do?”

    He smiled at his friend and said:

    “Yeah you're right, she's damn gorgeous and as well as she has a boring character”

    His friend looked pissed off.

    “So, now...you just jump off to someone, again?”

    “Of course! Till I find my one, I won't stop”

    He said as he laughed at his friend, thinking that as his friend doesn't know that.

    “But its harsh and you hurt them”, his friend in an angry tone.

    He was still calm, he said in a soft and slightly sad voice,

    “I knew that but I don't have a choice… I swear I won't ask them out, not even a single time but they all did and fell-”

    “-into your trap”

    “Ahh… come on man, it's not my fault that they fall for me”

    “But shouldn't you give a thought about treating them good”

    “Okay, okay I'll. It's time for me to go. I'll see you afterwards”


    He left the cafe and started to walk towards a library. There, while he was returning the book he saw her, Tia. She had just flown away from her country and settled here just for a few months. He fell for her at that second. His heart was melted the second he saw her. His heart was thumping faster than ever. He was so active. He followed her into the library and when she slipped a book down of her’s, he took and gave her as he took a peek into the front page and read her name ‘Tia’. She was so beautiful. She smiled at him and thanked him. He was totally melted by her smile and smiled at her.

    As she left the library, he followed her. She knew that he's following her, though she smiled and let him follow. At last, she ended up in a mall. He too came in. She invited him to shop with her. He was pleasured to accompany. Gradually they started to chat, meet outside, go out together and some days after they started to date.

    They loved each other. He loved her the most than any other girl. He loved her character and every reaction. But he never came to know whether she loved him really, ‘cos sometimes when he says to show up her love towards him she changes the subject. She's not shy. She's just hiding something from him. He came to know that. He found out that he wasn't the only one who she had loved but she gave her love to many people. He didn't like it. He scolded her to stop those and get engaged to him but she refused. She said,

    “I'll never stop it until I get a clear understanding of love and until I find the one for me. This won't work out between us… let's break up”

    “What? why?”

    “You know very well, I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry, Aron. We'll split”

    Aron was more shocked to hear this. And he felt like his heart's broken. He smiled and left. He now understands the feelings of every girl that he had dated, how he had hurt them.

    He realised his mistake, thought his friends but once again he started to date girls.

    He's such a playboy. He never knows what he wants for sure. He just wants someone who will love him like him. He waits for that one to be noticed by him.

    This has happened for Aron while he was at college holidays.

    Aron met Cialla when he went to work. There he was the manager and she was the model. Aron was a manager in the modelling agency but he wanted to write. He was doing this to maintain finance.

    Aron was a playboy and never tried hard to get a girl to look at him. So, he did get attention from most of the girl models from there and gone out, dated and split.

    But Cialla never looked at him as she had all her eyes on Cron only. But Aron didn't give up, he tried his best to get attention from her but never once worked. So he left her. She knew all the things about Aron.

    Aron then got a chance to write but it was Renu’s book, the real person who wrote it. He looked up at her data and smirked at the photo he had of her’s. He planned to meet her but coincidentally he met her the day before the book was about to release, though it was a pre-publishing only.

    When he chatted with her, he felt his heart ease and comfortable around her. He didn't have this kind of feeling ever towards any girl. He didn't know what to call it.

    The next day when she left him, he thought that it was the end. But once again she showed up and surprised him.

    So, now he's not ready to leave her. He started to take his steps to make her his. When he was with her, slowly his feelings towards her changed into caring. And he fell for her. He really loves her now. He felt his heart beat fast while he was with her. He became happy or excited the moment when he saw her whenever he feels worse.

    He thinks not to give her away to anyone. No matter what happens, he wants to be the one who she wishes to be with. He just wants to be with her until his last breath.

    But now, Renu was warned by Cialla. And confused more than ever!

  • timdrime 5d


    Love is hard love is simple
    Love is far love is near
    Love is bitter love is sweet
    Love is rough love is smooth
    Love is good love can be very bad too
    Love cannot be pampered
    All we know Love is Love

  • pthayna_anteona 1w


    I'm breathing and I won't say I am alive..
    I used to get my life when I see you.. I come near you..


  • vyas2srishti 1w

    Your memories were much more trust worthy than you,
    They stayed longer than you.


  • pthayna_anteona 1w


    I wanted him so badly...
    I prayed and begged to all the Gods..
    At last I prayed to the devil as well...
    I just wished if any power in this world could let me stay with him forever..