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  • marcellemae 1d

    stop. sit in silence. inside your quiet mind:
    the irreverent mess, boasts treasures to find
    breathing in depth, invites calm to unwind
    a life that is wild, hosts sign posts unsigned

    honour your present and what boasts behind
    trauma is a scar, that calls us to bind
    your worth is uncapped, and never outlined...
    it is an abundant mountain...
    to be steadily mined

    mountain deep © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 1w

    perfection is a blinding word
    seared with aches and pains
    binding bodies, twisting, scarred;
    battered with whips and chains.

    with too many edges to count,
    and inclines too high to scale
    be sure to avoid its intices,
    your outcome will always be fail.

    ... and when the curtain finally falls
    and your soul is called to undress,
    the purpose of life will reveal itself,
    you were always a work in progress.

    work in progress © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 3w

    learn to meet and embrace the pain
    the repetition of once and again
    to know the struggle, is worth the fight
    to know whats wrong, to see whats right
    to each stumbling fall, and the chance to rise
    that is the currency that inner strength buys
    to stay the road in the heat of the sun
    to transform broken parts into one.

    melding © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 4w

    i called upon the angels
    to cast some shining light
    to bring with them some courage
    to sustain me for the fight;
    they gazed upon me lovingly
    they smiled and called me dear...

    "you have all you need already,
    your path has brought you here."

    "take faith that we are with you
    and that, with struggle, this fight will bring,
    clarity and purpose,
    there is timing for everything."

    guides © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 5w

    when the desperation, the agitation,
    takes hold of your inner drive;
    when the exhaustion of merely surviving
    demands the need to thrive;
    when repetition offers creative death,
    and you are starving to feel alive ...

    ... then you will choose to change your position,
    to move from among the pack,
    then you will smile struggling forward,
    with promise to never turn back,
    then you will resign your victim state,
    and rise to meet life. Attack.

    attack © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 5w

    ... and if you etch an outline
    and sketch within the middle.
    if you dare to play the game,
    sound a bow against the fiddle

    ... if you burrow a fraction deeper
    multiply your breaths expanse
    if you call upon your spirit guides
    to approve your re-birth dance

    ... then in the splitting of the fibres
    and a lifting of your wings
    you'll find your spirit lifts and soars
    and your inner voice... it sings....

    ... there is a freedom in releasing
    and yet a heaviness to mourn
    struggle reveals your inner truth
    to regift a new life born.

    burrow. believe. ©marcellemae

  • marcellemae 5w

    aint no black or white, or wrong or right,
    or you are on my side, or we're in a fight.

    no single day without the passing night,
    no darkness without transcending light;

    beware holding on to labels too tight,
    those hardened rules will burn your sight.

    ride the twists and turns, the steeps and lows,
    its within those trials our spirit grows.

    transcendence © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 10w


    ... and there in the moment of sink or swim,
    you can choose to end, or choose to begin;
    ... the path is never simply good versus sin;
    where losers lose and winners win.

    in the game of alchemy
    you win with your heart;
    when in every ending
    you see a new start.

    love and light © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 18w


    you blinded me, i found the gift of sight,
    you cast me in darkness, i found my light,
    you disowned me, i found the will to fight,
    you censored me, i learnt to growl and bite,
    you cut me, i found my renewal in blood,
    you starved me, my thirst ignited a flood,
    you ravaged my flowers, i sprouted new bud;
    I created new life from the crippling mud...
    and I thank you for all of the memories,
    as these, are now, the best of 'me's',
    and i can sleep at peace, and ease,
    i've navigated the roughest of seas.

    light and love © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 18w


    a devil rose at my door, three deceipts to explore. he hid my groom in a candour of white; when petrol fumes should have burnt, ignite... and so in my love's switching veil. i was quartered and sectioned, cut to impale... a quarter for me, so the others could be - daughters divine, thrice mine... so they cancelled out well, one for each time he'd fell - a scar for each birth bless-ed healing. to baste with, each tormented feeling... and i'd thought i'd be free with my three equals three, but its hard to unsee; trusts shattered expression, loves hurtful regression. to see pains infliction, his willing addiction, to cast down my worth, his angel on earth; that he banished to hell, like some object to sell...
    in spite that i'd loved him so well...

    love and light © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 18w

    i spent a lifetime trying to fit in...
    only to realise i already stood out

    light and love © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 24w

    choose progress in place of perfection,
    and growth in regression and redirection;
    and bend, and burrow, and burn, and break,
    breathe in the flames, let your soul ache.

    love each who guarded and honoured you,
    and those who caused you to re-birth anew.
    follow the journey the authentic you takes;
    harness the inner truth vulnerability makes.

    love and light © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 27w


    I painted a picture, I painted with words,
    once caged souls now sky soaring birds.
    I kept in a jar in the shape of a heart,
    a ball for each hope and each love torn apart.
    a heaviness deep of the seas ocean blue,
    opportunities for peace, each long overdue.
    contained in clear glass, secured with a lid,
    a facade to contain the hurts that were hid.
    then today I decided that i'd let them go,
    for years they'd amounted, I'd never said no.
    I'd kept them as souvenirs of people i'd known;
    some that had left me, others i'd outgrown.
    To create new space I let go of the weight;
    replacing love and empathy to each stabbing hate.
    I farewelled the dark depths keeping me low,
    for too long they'd hindered my movement and glow.
    As I opened the lid and I bid them goodbye;
    in place of each ball, flew a blue butterfly.

    love and light © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 29w


    there are some of us who know death. we witnessed our own. from the devastating blow. the debilitating disbelief. the incapacity to breathe. we watched our spirits separate from our bodies. we witnessed it tearing into two. the cutting; casting aside the weights from the past and compacting the remaining shreds into the 'hovering'. the grief rocking us somewhere between that which was 'the illusion' and the current moment 'the reality'.
    we have been ravaged with shock and awe, the  enduring shock waves shaking us to the bone, wearing away our flesh. in the wake of our worst fears coming true, we are stripped bare. shedding of the grasps of gravity we have managed to hold on to... and in the darkest hour in the deepest well... and only then... at our weakest possible point; the place in which we have been assured of no sign of redemption, as we have begun to accept that we will endure an unchanging state of agony... just then, just so, there is a flicker of a flame...  and the ash that has consumed us falls to our feet... and we are reborn... with choice. with maturity. with a fierceness and warrior wisdom that is truly unbreakable. we evolve.
    we are the dead re-risen. we are self-assured, re-birthed into our own hands... and beware the reborn. they do not depend on the human realm. they may share your road, but their destinations are assured... because in the wake of death, they were risen. when they were haltered and tortured from their worldly bodies, their determination and grace forced them forward. they rose like the spirits, the fairies and souls before them. they lifted above the worlds gravitational pull. not with a righteousness and entitlement, but with a knowing. an enlightenment...
    ... and now they see above it all and the knowledge floats them forward. in a matrix of mystery they see clearly. they are not prejudiced or prejudice. they are not proud... but they are enabled. virtuous and whole. blessed are the dead who were reborn - because they have finally been freed to live.
    reborn © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 29w

    I am aware of your critisms
    in fact i've come to expect them
    i see them and your narcissism
    so i can disown and redirect them

    boundaries © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 29w

    in the end

    when is it the beginning of the end?
    when will you let it end so you begin?
    how much will you let your self bend,
    before you will back you and your self to win?

    love and light © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 29w


    The plane departed. Their separation started.
    "I know that i'll be in your thoughts, and in your heart, even though we will be far apart..."
    ... but he'd already pressed play, pause and remixed that love song;
    while she'd stayed grounded right,
    he'd re-routed to land at wrong.

    love and light © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 29w

    recharge or renew

    keep moving the energies within your realm
    or change your circuitry to direct your helm.
    replace fear with courage, attack overwhelm;
    like leaf beetles feeding on the strongest of elm.

    discharge the charges that are stuck fast to drain,
    remove the conduits that keep bringing you pain.
    an empty battery can be filled by the rain;
    increase your voltage, amplify your sustain.

    love and light © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 30w

    songs glorifying liars and cheats,
    so raise up, cut the melody,
    and jump fast off those beats.
    it might hit you hard,
    leave you jittery with treble;
    so get out your lighter,
    hold intermission, then rebel...
    re-check the sound system,
    re-write chord by chord,
    venture new melodies,
    that you'd never explored.
    an album cover defying what is held within,
    and miming, their skillset is still wearing thin.
    scratch off the album, send rubbish to the bin;
    and re-write, re-score, re-birth; re-begin.

    love and light © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 30w


    self doubt and delusion,
    inner turmoil and confusion,
    are merely fear's illusion
    of stress and hurts intrusion;
    between the heart and souls born fusion.

    re-balance your values for inner peace
    what no longer honours you, release.
    breathe out the darkness, to breathe in light.
    only authenticity will end internal fight.
    breathe out the fear, to breathe in hope and love.
    let the anxiety fall below you,
    so you can rise above.

    love and light © marcellemae