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  • mlovestoscribble 13w


    And for the first time,
    He wanted to impress her.
    Not his girlfriend,
    His girlfriend's mother.


  • daivas 13w

    How is that!

    He lived for hundred years happily,
    How is that possible? he thought.
    She said okay to arranged marriage,
    How is that possible? he quired.
    He is virgin at the age of twenty five,
    How is that possible? he asked.
    She haven't seen 'game of thrones' yet,
    How is it possible? he exclaimed.
    And he turned back to his routine job
    Searching for an 'out of the box idea'
    Which can change the world around.

  • ekishaahh 13w

    "Will it really work..??"
    The question was raised in everyone'mind when she accepted his proposal 10 years ago..and it ended after watching mangalsutra of his name around her neck..!!


  • rajarshigol 13w

    The confusion of marriage
    with mortality has done more
    to destroy the conscience of
    the human race than any other
    single error.

  • thecrumpledpaper 13w

    Being a product of a loveless marriage turns you into an emotional wreck


  • cryptic_gaurav 13w

    The English Translation of my First Quote on Mirakee, A POST-MARITAL�� DESIRE��
    The within brackets written text is the English translation of the respective upper written line.
    And pardon, the Translation is not in Rhyme, it's the actual Translation

    Hope now Non-Punjabi audience could also get to know the real meaning and may able to feel the sensational touch❤️ describing the sweet-side of Traditional Indian Wedding
    Please give your feedback ��

    #first #translation #wedding #punjabi #english #marriage #tradition #culture #indianculture #india #writersnetwork #writersnetwork2 #Mirakee

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    A Post-Marital Desire
    (Translation )

    Zindagi icch ikko h Khawaish
    (I've only one wish in my life)
    Ke teri akkhan moore hoe meri Rihaaish
    (That I wish I would spend my whole life in front of your eyes)
    Te tu Roz kre mere ton koi puthi-siddhi Farmaish
    (And You everyday make a cute-silly demand)
    Fir os nu manaan picche hoe koi nyi Aazmaaish
    (And in order to fulfill that, you would apply a new cheesy tactics everyday)

    By G-Rhymester♠️

  • dil_se_dilshath 13w

    His wardrobe,
    Her clothes !!
    His shirt,
    Her perfume !!
    His heart,
    Her home !!
    His eye,
    Her reflection !!
    His hair,
    Her rules !!
    His wallet,
    Her photo !!

  • ellspressions 13w

    Promises of the Former

    He used to call, even when he was busy. He would get home just before the clock struck twelve- but he could never rest in bed- without hearing her voice.
    He used to joke, and tell her stories: he was an artist: painting pictures with his words about how beautiful their future would be.
    Now they have arrived, but it's darker than she remembers.
    She wonders if he remembers, the promises of the former.
    If only her memories could whisper a bit louder in his ears as he lays to rest, while she lays awake in their bed.
    Prayers to God: is this still love?


  • sallycullom 13w

    9 years into infinity

    9 years of our covenant with each other and God.
    108 months of survival of this world's challenges.
    469 weeks of being a family.
    3285 days of goodmorning and 3285 kisses goodnight.
    78840 hours of true love.
    4730400 minutes of 567648000 shared heartbeats together.
    283824000 seconds of God being with us.
    I love how you love me and, I love being in love with you.
    May our love to come have no final number but to go into infinity!

  • pinks_me 13w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #marriage #love

    For her, he was the love of her life
    For whom she had fallen at first sight
    But he regarded her as even his wife
    She was just a bed warmer at night.

    His name was engraved in her mind
    Whom she dreamed about every day and night
    But his heart already belonged to another
    The person who made his life bright.

    The marriage was her childhood dream
    But in reality it was an illusion
    Because his feelings were never revealed
    So truly perfect it seemed

    The beginning seemed like a fairytale
    But a one with a tragic ever after
    Because despite the covering of lies
    The truth never stays buried forever.

    The day the chest of truth opened in front of her eyes
    When the reality she realised
    That their marriage was just for name
    And her love was the player of the game
    The game of love and of life
    In which her feelings payed the prize

    Because they were never meant to be together
    As his heart had always been for another


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    That their marriage was just for name
    And her love was the player of the game
    The game of love and of life
    In which her feelings payed the prize


  • preethiravi 13w

    Baby girl

    The first time you saw,
    She angrily objected,
    To being separated,
    From the cocoon,
    Of her mom's love.

    But you lost yourself,
    In the firm clasp,
    Of her hand,
    While she dozed.

    As she grew,
    From baby steps,
    To riding her own vehicle,
    You pampered her.

    Loving her naughtiness,
    Melted by her affection,
    And laughing at her antics.

    She ruled the household,
    Every wish granted,
    And, every hurt, soothed.

    Alas! With majoring,
    Comes the eligiblity,
    For matrimony.

    Unbeknownst to her,
    The world turns topsy turvy.

    "Ain't the society right?"
    "Shouldn't she marry?"
    "At the earliest?"
    "For the duty,
    Must get over!"

    When did the child,
    You cherished as treasure,
    Turn into a burden?

    "But... But what would the world think?"

    Did you think so,
    When you prided,
    For being her friend,
    More than a parent?

    Or, other times,
    When you protected,
    And supported her,
    With full preference,
    To only her feelings?

    Did the society not matter then?
    Why, exactly, does it matter now ... suddenly?

    Can she be supported,
    And her opinions, valued,
    When needed most?

    For, she doesn't fear,
    The shackles of matrimony,
    But losing your support,
    And trust in her decision,

    That impact her goal,
    And dream for life,
    Besides the remainder,
    Of her very existence.

  • poonam_hope 13w

    It takes years to seep though body to the soul of other person to become soul mate in relationship called ‘ Marriage ‘

    @writersnetwork @ mirakee
    #marriage #soulmate # hope # mirakee #writersnetwork

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    It was an incidence of few years back, when I was travelling by bus and one newlywed couple was sitting beside me. It was the journey of about five hours and from Chandigarh to Delhi and the couple was perhaps returning back from Manali as it was long route bus and I alighted from Chandigarh. Though, during the journey I was busy in reading some novel, but their pervasive gestures with each other were somehow breaching my concentration. In my mind, I was still happy to see a lovely young couple, enjoying the bliss of relationship. However, when the bus started again after a halt at Karnal, both were arguing and just in no time, the man slapped twice or thrice to his wife. All passengers who were enjoying their juvenile gestures got stunned and an elderly travelling in the bus walked up to their seat & asked the man to say “sorry”. The man was not able to response back to him for intervention & kept his eyes down. All other passengers were just watching the entire scene without any adrenalin rush.


  • pulanechoane 14w

    Under this bed

    My friend's s mom once said
    "When you're past a certain age
    And you don't have children or a husband
    You'll find that the loneliness creeps up on you and sometimes it can get so bad
    That you'll start to look for a husband and kids even under your bed"
    Back then my age kept me safe
    So I laughed when she said it
    But today
    And here I am
    Solemn in my search
    Quietly seeking
    Vigilantly peeking
    On my knees
    Looking, hoping
    To find you
    And our kids
    Under this bed.

  • jadajennings 14w


    Can you imagine how different
    our lives might be, if one of us
    had been a little less difficult?

  • jupitersmoon 14w

    My Husband

    He holds me in his arms nice and tight.
    He cradles my soul morning, noon, and night.
    He makes life a rollercoaster.
    He'll be by my side till we are grey and older.

    He gives me strength, he gives me light.
    I fall asleep to his sweet lullaby.
    His special song he sings just for me,
    I can't believe he and I became we.

    The father to my child in heaven above,
    He lifts us up and fills us with love.
    So short it has been our time together,
    Just a piece in the grand scheme of forever.

    He holds my hand and walks me through life,
    No secrets between us as we sleep at night.
    The beat of his heart, my favorite sound,
    The best of me is when he is around.

  • aguacatenotes 14w

    When finding a spouse it’s wise to be equally yoked. Something I’m still learning. #writersnetwork #love #marriage

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    Your body is a temple
    Your soul is holy ground
    I wish you wouldn’t invite
    Unholiness into your life.
    Someone with stained fingers
    And an unclean heart
    Will never understand
    The beauty you hold inside.

    Even if he knocks,
    I pray the gatekeeper is asleep.

  • rchefiee 14w

    Curse Marriage.

    Don't fall, don't dare,
    its a trap,  I swear 

    make your path right
    not now, but tonight 

    the winds will change
    like your beloved mate

    go fast, try to escape 
    this reality isn't great

    hold grudges and lies
    why should we celebrate?

  • abhinav_tripathy 14w

    Aaj, Aaj ek bar aur tumhe muskuraata dekh loon,
    Aaj khuda se ek aur baar tumhe maang loon,
    Aaj ek dard tumhara fir baant loon,
    Aaj ek din aur tumhare saath jee loon,
    Aaj ek aur sapna tumhare saath dekh loon, aaj
    Kya pata kal yeh zindagi mere pas rahe hi na!
    ©Abhinav Tripathy

  • mynameisnirvana 14w


    every night your dinner was uneaten
    I was the wife, I felt defeated
    yet I wasn't battered nor beaten
    felt like you didn't love me
    did you expect me to believe
    your excuse is being busy?


  • vasubandhu 13w

    Relationships are tricky

    Relationships are tricky, complex and unpredictable. It is not the dream we exactly weave around while fantasizing the ideal life in the daytime. Something sometimes that is good for you may not be good for the other person. Something sometimes that's right for one may be utterly wrong of the other. Something that works for you sometimes can be a turn off for the other. Then how essentially is it said that relationship is one of the most beautiful thing in the world?

    The beauty lies in the word itself; RELATION. The innate urge of the person to have a grit and readiness to walk all the way till the end regardless of the ups and downs that one experiences for and with the other person.

    The foundation for this is to be laid with four aspects firmly; honesty, transparency and ability to accommodate leading to the last intricate aspect i.e. trust.

    Life knocks at the door the moment the couple in relationship is at the onset of the journey. Which begins from the things taking place between them. To getting to know the other person, and in that process, align one's likes, dislikes, tastes, apprehensions, fears insecurities, standoff, agonies and all the possible feelings, thoughts and acts.

    Like the sculpting of a smooth delicate and beautiful artifacts, the couple tries to take care of the expressions and the words along with the manner in which they are conveyed not only to have a constructive cohesive potential but also strengthen it while in progress.

    Having taken all the considerations, the external factors, the ancillary actors, untoward situations, and unwarranted pasts may meddle to peddle the hindrance of the noble creation.
    The probable solutions apart from pragmatic and logical resolute of obstacle; there is a just need of acceptance of the things which can't be done anything with. Many a times, a person acts as a mirror to the other and compel to revisit, rethink, reinstate, amend and at times abstain a few things. In the cleansing and retrospection, the ego may bear a brunt, experience friction, and at times take a toll in a way it hasn't ever before.

    Things take numerous twists and turns based on the make up of the person having dispositions while being brought up and the experiences which the person learns from.

    Our habits and lifestyle is next in turn along with the work one does. To get to know the nuances and to develop understanding and tolerance by creation of space and patience usually works here.

    After the inanimate things come the significant others; kin and kith & the close ones who are a obligatory set of people one needs to deal with additionally. Gelling with them, rebalancing them in lives and determining and maintaining a healthy distance is the key to manage them.

    The common factors thus, which can at least be considered for the progress, concretion and stabilization of the relationship can be understood, emphasized and kept in mind as trust, honesty, transparency, retrospection, alignment, cohesion, patience, understanding and acceptance with a flat of assertive approach to put words forth in right manner to make realize the things which don't work.

    Many underestimate the importance and the power of communication in this, which in fact plays the most crucial role remarkably not only in this but any human relation; be it personal, professional or social. The apt expression, with tone, words and intent along with the stars element as the listening ability should be promptly and carefully used as it may act against one given the unfavorable situation or little glitch in any of the abovementioned elements. The act of letting go being the last but mammoth and perseverance demanding element should always be carried up the sleeve as trump card regardless of the weight and the burden of the emotion to be quarantined in it.

    Speaking of relationship and trying to condense it on a piece of paper is like trying to grip and cage air, the subjective nature it has.

    After all any relation alike any life, botanical as a plant or zoological as animal has to be nurtured, nourished and garnered.