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  • miss_rose_gold 1d

    Age and Mature

    Age is not a measure for us to become mature. Sometimes the smaller person is more mature than adults. But because of the poor mentality. They consider the children cannot be mature.But they wrong.


  • theinnerwords 3d

    She acts too much mature infront of others but still there is a child inside her.....


  • aptagged 1w


    क्या हुआ अगर,
    मारासिम, बेगाना हुआ!
    क्या हुआ जब,
    रंजिशे फसाना हुआ!
    क्या हुआ अगर,
    खाली पैमाना हुआ!
    क्या हुआ जो,
    तुझसे दूर ठिकाना हुआ!!

    ये सोच मत की क्यूँ,
    बेलगाम निशाना हुआ,
    ये पूछ मत की क्यूँ,
    काफ़िर ज़माना हुआ!
    तू आग भर, तू याद रख,
    तू रख कदम, तू आगे बढ़!

    तू बेनज़ीर, बेमिसाल बन!
    तू ख्वाब बुन, तू छू गगन!!
    ज़ुबान पे आ जाए जो याद,
    ऐसा कोई तू अल्फ़ाज़ बन,
    तू रख भरोसा अंजाम का,
    तू रख कदम, तू आगे बढ़!


  • cookieeinu 2w

    The only thing
    I asked Her
    Was Her Time.

    All what
    She gave
    Was Her Ignorance.


  • okami_rae 2w

    Word vomit. Its just a little 'skit' I wrote.
    #mature #comedy

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    Annoying Me

    Hello neighbor, you're very attractive. But I must say that you are kind of annoying me. Not with your face or mannerisms or anything of that sort, but because you just don't get a hint. When a sister sends ya a letter with the words "Fuck ME -love Carol" You gotta at least respond man. I'm a good person with a old woman name, I get ipt. But I have potential. And I have the moves. Now can you please bring that gorgeous mouth to my neck area-that'd be greatly appreciated thanks bye


  • thataviguy 2w

    The problem with adults is that they don't want us to make mistakes, and experience the punishment,
    But expect us to be mature.


  • lilmisswriter 2w

    Expand your thinking.... Be mature... And stop playing games... It's 2018... Be real... Nobody got time for bullshit.... When you want to offer something... Let it be loyalty and nothing else....

    #hand #love #protect #bedroom #hold #loyaty #notimeforgames #mature #thinking #respect #real #relationship

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    When you touch her face... Make sure it is a sweet gesture to put the loose lock of hair behind her ear and not to seduce her....
    When you hold her hand... Do so with the intention of protecting her and not to pull her inside your bedroom...
    When you say you love her.... I hope you say that because you love all of her and not just her body....

  • jmacthedream 2w

    Growing Young

    I can’t go back

    to the days now faded.

    I hold my light

    to memories most shaded.

    I illuminate my mind,

    burning away my struggle;

    I want back the time –

    its not worth the trouble.

    I must think forward

    and not dwell on “ifs”.

    I can’t work backward

    for the present, I forget.

    The pain I feel goes away

    and I accept the fact I’m Growing.

    Thoughts that come seem to stay

    and turn into dreams hardly showing.

    Add another day, and another;

    I seem to grow older.

    Just take away my age

    as it’s just a number

    It’s Time to leave and find youth

    before my days go on.

    I want to grow younger, that’s the truth:

    I search for innocence as time I lose.

  • jumbleknuts 2w

    Alive And Well Chapter One

    Chapter 1

    Jordan peeked out of his room very slowly; only opening his door enough to see what was happening. Jordan recited his father's teachings over and over again in his mind.
    "Son, if the black coats ever find me or you, you must hide. If they find you tell them this word for word; I am Jordaniaka, the descendant of Marrooko Varonocein. My mother is deceased. Once you have told them that, stand perfectly still. Do not move a muscle until you are told to do so. If you move, they will not hesitate to shoot and kill you. Do you understand child?" Jordan always nodded and repeated the info a couple times to make sure he would remember it. Now here he was; watching as the two men in black coats mercilessly beat his father until his last breath. Jordan quickly abandoned his spot at the door and rolled underneath the bed. He tried his hardest to stifle his sobs but all his attempts were futile. He heard one of the men speak softly.
    "Did you hear that Leo? I think it's coming from that room over there." His voice was deep and hushed. Jordan whimpered as the other man spoke.

    "Yeah, I heard it. Draw your gun and don't put it away." The man named Leo nearly whispered. Jordan heard the sound of two guns cocking and the soft click of boot heels coming towards the room. The door slowly creaked open and Jordan began to shake in fear. He watched two pairs of boots slowly circle the room before one of the men stopped at the closet and the other stopping at the bed right in front of Jordan. 

    "ALRIGHT KID. YOU MIGHT AS WELL COME OUT NOW. THERE ARE TWO OF US AND ONLY ONE OF YOU." Leo shouted loud enough for the whole house to hear. Jordan whimpered and slowly crept out from underneath the bed. He stood slowly, hugging his large and ratty stuffed bear tightly to his chest. Leo sighed and put his gun back into his holster. 

    "Damnit. Adam, you can put your gun away." Leo bent down and got on one knee so he was eye level with the small child. "I suppose your father has already taught you what to say when we found you. All we need to know is your name and how old you are. Do you understand?" He said softly as he placed a hand on the child's shoulder. His hand was so large, it nearly covered up all of Jordan's left side. Jordan nodded and began to speak.

    "M-m-m-m-my na-a-am-m-e is-s-s-s Jor-Jor-Jordan-n. I-I-Im-m-m th-th-thr-re-e-e-e yea-years o-o-old." His stutter was severe before, but when he is scared it becomes worse. Those two sentences took him eight minutes to say but Leo and Adam waited for him to finish before Adam walked over with a blanket. He gently draped it over over the tiny boy before speaking again.    "Aww. He's but a wee lamb, Leo. I don't think I could bare eliminating this little thing. It also doesn't look like the old brute did very well when taking care of him. Where is your mother, child?" Jordan didn't want to answer this question. He hated talking about her. Jordan knew the only reason his father didn't like him was because Jordan was the reason she was dead. More or less, anyway. "Sh-sh-sh-he-he-he d-d-d-i-i-i-ied-d-d wh-wh-wh-when-n-n-n I wa-a-a-s-s-s bo-o-o-rn-n-n." He said sniffling and hugging his bear tighter. "Adam, look how skinny he is! Dear lord, it looks like the poor thing hasn't eaten in weeks! Jordan, we need to ask you more questions but all I want you to do is nod your head for yes and shake your head for no. I'm gonna go see if I can find him something to eat." Leo said getting up off of the floor. He walked out of the room and turned the lights on before closing the other two in the room. Adam scooped up the frail child as if poking him would cause him to shatter. He sat down on the bed and wrapped Jordan up snugly and held him to his chest. Then he started to ask questions. "Are you hungry?" He nodded. "Are you thirsty? Would you like some milk?" Adam asked softly while he cradled Jordan.  Jordan buried his face in the blankets before nodding. "Are you sleepy?" Adam cooed as he patted down some loose hairs that were sticking up on the smaller's head. Jordan closed his eyes and nodded. Leo re-entered the room with nothing in his hands. Adam gave him a concerned look before Leo explained. "That bastard ate all the food in the house just so his kid wouldn't get any." Adam sighed and shook his head and looked at his watch. "It's 3:43 A.M. We need to get going. But what are we gonna do about the kid? We can't kill him. Should we just-"

    "No Adam. We can't do that. You know the rules."

    "I know but he's so tiny and helpless. Who knows what will happen to him. Besides, look at his face! He's adorable."

    "Is he asleep?"

    "Yes, I think so." Leo pulled out his gun and aimed it at Jordan's head. Then he lowered it, raised it, then lowered it again.  "I can't do it. I haven't even known this kid for an hour and I'm already too attached to him."

    "Wait, if we are the ones who are in charge, can't we just... Change the rules? Maybe bend them a little? Just think Leo. We have wanted a child for so long and here is our chance. Do you really want to kill this kid, or do you want to keep him?"

    "I- Of course I want to keep him! Not to mention he is the last heir to the throne; so wouldn't killing him technically be treason? Let's just bring him home and if the council thinks it would be better if he were eliminated, then that's what we'll do. Now come on. The carriage has been waiting for us for ages now." Adam rose to his feet, still clutching Jordan. Under the cloak of night, Adam and Leo, who was now holding Jordan, briskly made their way to a cemetery.  They pass through the gate and continued to walk until they reached the largest gravestone there. Adam took out a small book and read something completely reversed. His eyes turned to a bright blue as the front of the stone began to swirl and change in color to a deep blood red. Leo stepped through the portal and walked a cobblestone path that leads to a large carriage which looked to be pulled by four jet black pegasi. Adam shortly followed suit and opened the door for Leo once he caught up to him. Leo stepped in cautiously and sat down in the cushioned seats. Jordan stirred in his sleep before his eyes slowly fluttered open. He looked around, noticing that he wasn't in his father's room anymore. He wasn't even in his own house! Adam stepped into the carriage after he explained the situation to the coachman and sat down. Leo hadn't had a good look at Jordan yet so he began to inspect at the toddler. Jordan had crawled over Leo's lap so he could look out the window. Jordan's jet black hair was down to his back. It was thin and in desperate need of cutting. He was extremely small for his age and was also extremely underweight. Adam also remembered the reason his father left his realm and suddenly felt sick to his stomach. None of that mattered now though because Jordan was safe. He continued to look over the toddler noticing bruises, dirt and cuts all over him. Jordan yawned showing off his chipped teeth that he most likely got from his father beating him. Adam couldn't take it anymore and decided to ask the child about it. He spoke softly so he didn't startle the three-year-old but deep down he wanted to scream.
    "Jordan? You don't need to answer if you don't want to but I need to ask you something." Jordan turned his head and looked into Adam's eyes. He had also gotten Leo's attention when he spoke.
    "Jordan, sweetie, do you think your dad loves you?" Jordan looked down and began to think. Did his dad love him? Jordan tried to remember one good thing he actually liked about his dad but his pros list came up short. Jordan slowly sank down into his seat as the carriage slowly pulled to a stop in front of a rather large castle. Jordan very slowly shook his head no as his eyes welled with tears. Adam slowly bent down and scooped Jordan into a hug. He slowly stood before shooting Leo a worried glance as they stepped out of the vehicle. Leo took one look at the front gates and went entirely pale. The most powerful woman in the underworld was waiting for them to return and she looked extremely annoyed.


  • jumbleknuts 2w

    Alive And Well

    Jordan was three when 'it' happened. He would never forget it. He was left with so much responsibility and had no idea how to handle it all.

    More chapters coming soon

  • talinwrites 3w


    Two soul
    vow to be one
    to be partners for Life
    And maybe make another, in the Holy consummation.

    ". . till death do us part."

    The vow taken before they start
    their journey together, to consecrate this beautiful Union.


  • arunimacamelliaroy 3w


    Speech is silver
    Silence is gold.

    Words can break you
    Silence mould.

    So, let us hush
    And remain so.

    Watch the poem of our lives,


  • rock37 5w

    For the folks

    Immature people love someone because they need them.
    Mature people need someone because they love them.

    Just a thin line of difference☺


  • cookieeinu 5w



    If Being a Boring Person is Only Means to Love And Care Someone So Much,

    Then I am Happy that
    I am a Boring Person.

    And I don't want to Be
    Interesting Ever.


  • dyosanihades 5w

    I prefer a man and not a boy

  • meambujmaurya 5w

    Amateur Writer

    I am a little amateur but I'd like to write pure,
    It's ok to be amateur but I'm learning even more,
    Every time I read and learn little more,
    Trying hard to make me perfect and mature.

  • rency_mary 5w

    She was mature enough to know her flaws yet, foolish enough to trust everyone.


  • fahimbukhari 5w

    He knew he was matured when his broken toys got replaced by broken trust and expectations.


  • suruu15 5w


    Badi muddaton ke baad mile ho tum
    Ye waqt ye lamha zara thaam le hum,
    Teri zulfon ki is ghani si chhaon me
    Ek arsa aaj yahin guzar le hum.

    Meri baahon me tu jaan e jaan aaja,
    Is dil ki tapish ko thandak pahucha ja,
    Tinka hu mai samandar hai tera ishq
    Dubne ka darr hai aur dubna hi ishq!


  • dpak_mourya 12w

    " DESIRE "


    That doesn't mean,

    YOU got the "LICENSE" to "RAPE" 
    her daily