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  • panda_queen 16h

    The dark melancholy
    Of your soulful chuckle
    Tore me to bitter shreds.


  • solitary_traveller 3d

    Blended in the wine
    you are that melancholy
    I relish
    every night...


  • adishree360 5d


    I took your hand, promised to be there for you,

    I looked into your eyes, and snapped your trust,
    like flowers,

    I woke up this morning, and remembered your eyes,
    that were closed,

    Today I'm missing you, in another country,

    I smiled at you, when I said goodbye,

    I lied to you, when you wiped your tears,
    that it will be alright,

    I lied to you, when I said not to worry,
    and time will pass,

    I lied to you, when I said that distance,
    doesn't matter....

  • soluslupus 1w


    Broken by hope and torn by life,
    Living to die-my endless strife.
    Look closely at the torture in my eyes,
    You'll see rage with madness by his side.

    Devoid of will and short of care,
    Reckless abandon-I have no fears.
    Black and blue are the only colors I know.
    The Sad Sequitur: true pain never goes.

    Stuck in limbo and seats on stress,
    With memories as rain that gets me wet.
    Happiness last as long as a zephyr
    But pain is a Sempiternally burning fire.
    I am hopeless, morose. My mind is tired.

    ©Odutola Cecil(Solus Lupus)

  • worth_more_than_you_can_afford 1w


    Today, I tried to comfort my 6 year-old self,
    But there was nobody there, nobody listening.

    It's so cold over there,
    So lifeless and sad.
    And come to think of it,
    I'd rather be mad.

    She cries in the middle of the night, hoping one day things would be different.
    Then wonders "what if" and suddenly she's indifferent.
    And there's nobody there, nobody listening.

    I try to make this life as vibrant as can be
    For her to finally see
    That this is as good as it's gonna get
    And that there's nothing she should regret.

    But still she storms off in the middle of the night,
    "Is anybody there, anybody listening?"


  • endless_words_of_ishra 1w

    "I never regretted loving you
    Neither will I ever do...
    But the only regret that I’ve ever had,
    I expected love from you."

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    The Melancholy (part 7)

    All my life it’s been you and me
    That we played just hide-n-seek.
    Time to time
    My presence was graced by your absence,
    Time to time
    I chased your every existence.
    I’m the traveller on the dessert called life
    Where thinking an oasis I ran behind
    But at every end only to find you as the mirage,
    And another beginning emerged.
    Huge lump of scream is stuck in my heart
    Sometimes I wonder
    If I could only scream out loud
    Running away in the middle of a sequestered meadow
    Though it seems to be non-existent
    It hurts... but why you did never understand.
    You’ve left me like an unfinished song
    Like an unfinished poetry on a white page so long.
    Why this had to happen...
    In desert of life
    Why love has to be mirage but not oasis..!
    I never regretted loving you
    Neither will I ever do...
    But the only regret that I’ve ever had,
    I expected love from you.
    Even knowing you’re the Moon
    I attempted to hold your hand
    You came close
    And I went closer to you.

    But I don’t get to see you all the time.
    Many questions – unanswered
    You left without any mention.
    I stayed in the dust, left alone in my own path.
    But can you tell me?
    Why still I feel so loved...???


  • endless_words_of_ishra 1w

    The Melancholy (part 6)

    "Would you like to be my friend?"
    Was all what I could manage to say.
    An admirer of you,
    In silence I gazed
    At your brown eyes’ stellar profoundness.
    “It’s an unsuitable time,
    This distance too endless an ocean to conquer.”
    Astonished was I receiving your answer,
    The resonance of your sound
    Knocked my ears again and again
    How indifferent yet restlessly you said.
    I wondered...
    My heart, my unsaid words... how you read..!!!
    Sudden stream of tears came down my eyes
    Fear of losing you... possessed my heart,
    “Then why they say,
    Love is to love only
    What meaning it really holds within..?
    Making me unnerve
    These constraint feelings.
    If I say it was destined
    For you to be you
    And I to be I,
    Then would you realize..?
    That we’re soul mate,
    We’re companion for life...”
    My words... I couldn’t finish,
    My voice trembled.
    Leaving a blank glance with thoughtless eyes
    You put on the earphone of your music player
    And then went away.
    Went away without saying anything
    Through the path of my inconsolable mind,
    Yet all of a sudden you stopped
    Again losing the trace of path,
    You called me looking back
    With an earnest confused heart.
    I went running towards you
    And you held my hands...
    “I have missed you endlessly
    And I will miss you again,
    Please don’t go away...”
    Escaped from my lips.
    Listening to my yearning request
    You put your hands on my head,
    Your hesitant eyes seized mine
    With an affectionate gaze
    From that my heart shall never escape.
    In that moment
    Setting sunbeams fell on your face,
    The face in which I have found infinite peace
    The peace I never found anywhere else.
    I saw you and said for another time
    “Please don’t go away...”...
    But you remained silent.
    Leaving my hand
    You turned back to walk away,
    With your every step
    That was taking you away from me,
    I felt the subtle breeze
    Was bidding you an apparent goodbye...
    While the fallen leaves
    Followed you as my harbinger,
    And I shouted
    “I’ll wait for you tomorrow...”
    My voice resounded
    Through the deep of this woodland,
    Until the time
    From my sight you disappeared.
    I kept staring
    At the path you left behind and went on,
    A strange euphoric pain felt my heart
    I was standing on the verge of
    Having you or losing you forever,
    Like the black-bee robs nectar from flower
    You took away everything of mine
    All that was concealed in my heart
    My confessions perhaps left me empty ‘n blank,
    And my mind immersed itself
    In your thoughts
    Walking back in those days....
    When I a little girl then first saw my destiny
    As you stood before me
    Being the gentle dawn of winter
    Spreading your smile
    Like the first rays of Sun in the eastern sky,
    Clearing away all incoherence of mist
    Your astral light fell on my eyes,
    That was the first time I saw you.
    Years passed since then
    But my eyes never knew
    To be tired of seeing you,
    You were never in front of me in reality
    Instead you taking over my soul
    Like a beautiful dream lived in my eyes for the eternity.
    Never understood what the feeling was
    That I felt for you so intensely
    Your pain struck my heart
    Like a severe agony,
    Your anguish rained being my tears.
    One smile in the corner of your eyes...
    How they made my days,
    Your laugh being music to my ears
    Brought to me immense happiness,
    My heart went on with the rhythm of life
    Carrying you within unknowingly.
    Drawing and painting your portrayal
    With pastels of my imagination
    In canvas of the endless sky.
    Veiled in myself, you were to me
    More than a thought, but less than reality.
    Ascetic, silent yet with a prevailing presence
    Your existence in my life was like a mountain.
    But what the name to be given
    To those emotions
    Were unknown as always.
    Like the unknown stream from hills
    Comes down without knowing where to reach.
    Unaware was I that
    For you when I became so ardent.
    Every second, every moment
    I felt you
    Even in my mind’s haze.


  • endless_words_of_ishra 1w

    The Melancholy (part 5)

    By the time you walked into my tale
    In search of you
    I had walked hundred-thousands of miles,
    My solitary journey had seen many years;
    Decades ‘n centuries...
    But tireless I walked alone life after life
    Towards you... looking for you.
    I hadn’t seen the light at the end of the tunnel,
    Neither had I got Fireflies with me
    To show the path,
    Yet my heart wasn’t ever ready to give up.
    For that one believe
    Like that one leaf on that branch of the willow tree,
    That someday or the other
    I would find you...
    I would find out the one, whom my soul is entwined to.
    And for the first time in forever
    Finally, I found you...
    My you, my dream you..!
    My life was like an island
    Decorated from outside, but deserted within
    Deserted and without love;
    Awaiting, longing for you to come.
    In such time
    You came in the solitude of my life,
    Like Snow fell on heart of Sahara unexpectedly.


  • endless_words_of_ishra 1w

    "And the desirous air
    That enhances the desire of desiring,
    To find love, to longing for someone,
    To be drifted away in thousand feelings."

    #poetry #melancholy #love #broken #heart #brokenheart #lamentation #desire #air #passion #thought #musing #spilledthought #spilledword #spilledink #poem #writing #write #written #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    The Melancholy (part 4)

    I still remember
    That year Spring came differently
    With sudden torrential rain
    Spreading a strange bewitchment around me.
    To say “Spring”
    Whatever that comes to mind,
    It was utmost different than that.
    A glittering sunny day, a bright blue sky
    Twittering birds or the clusters of fragrant flowers.
    Falling of leaves in a drift of breeze;
    The fallen leaves on the ground,
    Convincing to think if it’s the one’s footsteps
    With fallen leaves’ rustling sound,
    Yet looking back
    Only emptiness is there to be found.
    And the desirous air
    That enhances the desire of desiring,
    To find love, to longing for someone,
    To be drifted away in thousand feelings.
    Missing someone in the heart & mind
    The emptiness that the heart feels,
    Spring’s usual own charm ‘n magic.
    But nothing was same as before that year...
    That year, when you came.
    Filled with the scent of wet soil,
    The first day of Spring went away
    With an array of gray clouds and constant rain.
    Love wasn’t in the air at that moment,
    The heart-melting breeze of Spring
    Was felt the Winter’s frosty wind
    Frozen ‘n crisp, wrapped in the icy cold.
    The sky of my heart seemed frosty-blue
    As if the winter’s not ready to leave,
    And the spring’s yet not agreed to come
    Like the Selfish Giant’s garden.
    Then with touch of love
    So suddenly you came,
    When spring came along with the rain.
    How astonished I felt
    With your first footprint on my heart
    When the Sun came up even in rain.
    In the sky rainbow rose with aurora dream, 
    Miracle happened.
    Listening to your bewitching voice
    Birds started to sing,
    Having you in my life
    My eyes saw a thousand Suns rising.
    I will never forget those moments,
    For the wave of felicity that surged on my soul
    I felt my frozen heart came alive again.
    You breathed me back to life
    From dense of darkness to endless light,
    I saw such beauty of this Earth
    That I had never seen before.
    So much light, so much sky
    So much greenery in that time,
    Felt like I saw in one moment 
    Thousand shades of life.
    Your smile adorned with sunshine...
    Awaking the flowers refreshed the air,
    With your one touch
    You made my world colourful,
    From dream you became my reality...
    The only truth of my life on which I relied.


  • endless_words_of_ishra 1w

    "Still finding the answers...
    Why my life turned grey...
    And my love turned into grey love story..?
    Why you left me alone..
    What was my fault that you left me?"

    #poetry #melancholy #love #brokenheart #heart #hurt #lamentation #thought #musing #writing #written #poem #spilledword #spilledthought #spilledink #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    The Melancholy (part 3)

    You sublimed like camphor
    Isolating my islandic life again,
    Shattering my heart & those dreams,
    As if those were only mine
    And you haven’t seen any of ‘em with me.
    How easily you could tear apart my heart in such way..!
    Lost are the sweet songs of birds...
    Now even the birds sing woefully,
    Lamentations of love are surrounding me
    And my breath’s feeling suffocating,
    This darkness is such inundating
    Even the mornings seem darker than the darkest nights.
    Now my soul feels
    Time is standing still...
    And I’m standing in the midst of a blazing desert,
    The scorching rays of the Sun are piercing my existence,
    As if it’s determined to burn down all in my retention.
    The blue of the sky and the beige of the sand
    Has blended themselves to forge a new bonding.
    I’m blinded by this fusion of colours,
    It feels intimidating
    After the destruction of my hues,
    Still finding the answers...
    Why my life turned grey...
    And my love turned into grey love story..?
    Why you left me alone..
    What was my fault that you left me?
    A flute of incisive pain is constantly playing
    In this cleaved severed heart of mine.
    Your memories... your reminiscence...
    Like Vipers, chasing me down
    Burying its venomous fangs every now & then
    Dancing to the beats of my misery.
    Oh! I’m swallowing what an exquisite pain...
    Engulfing the blues of my ruptured heart
    Sorrowful souvenir, agony of remembrance,
    I’m becoming blue...deep blue...
    Even deeper than the deep blue sky.
    It seems as though
    The dark night of my soul is nearing.


  • endless_words_of_ishra 1w

    The Melancholy (part 2)

    Once dreams used to live in this woodland
    Dreams of love painted with vivid rainbow colours,
    Painted like the wings of butterflies.
    Sweet chirps of birds used to fill the air,
    So was your laugh
    On silly thoughts of mine, on my childish whims,
    On my endless whimsical talks.
    And I loved your enchanting sound..
    Your loving voice reflecting happiness
    That’s all what I’ve wished for always.
    I would even have stayed a silly fool forever
    For your one smile
    That so precious to me,
    Cause that’s all what I’ve prayed to see
    Ever in my life.
    Your words still haunts my memories,
    This one wooden bench used to be filled
    With loving talks of a pair of holding hands.
    You used to say that you’d never let me go...
    True indeed were your words,
    For still being imprisoned in your thoughts
    I couldn’t let go myself from you
    But you have gone away...
    Why you’ve gone away..?
    Reason’s left unsaid.


  • endless_words_of_ishra 1w

    The Melancholy (part 1)

    Life has gone a million light years ahead
    And yet I’m sitting here standstill
    Unmoved in the midst of nowhere,
    The pitch black road in front
    Has gone towards the endless...
    The farther this gaze has found sight
    There’s no horizon, there’s no end.
    These yellow leaves, those pink orchids
    Once bright with deep hues
    Now felt all dull ‘n lacklustre, colourless...
    As if every colour of this earth
    You’ve taken away with yourself.
    Drowning all the light of my world
    Into the abyss of your black long shade,
    That fell on me when you went away.
    Alas! You’ve gone away.........


  • archmage16 1w

    Hold On Pain Ends - HOPE

    I feel alive, but dead inside ,
    I'm floating , but I'm somehow drowning,
    I hit rock bottom , but still keep falling ,
    I scream atop my voice, with none to hear my cries,
    To have loved and lost is to be stranded in an island long last.

    Of the reasons I thought of to live for ,
    I found 'em outweigh the ones I got crushed for,
    One falls only to get up, to rise up,
    One fails, only to learn what it is to fall,
    While the entire lot is out there playing,
    Tormented, I curse myself swaying.
    For what it's worth, inevitable is 'thing's death,
    Realise and react before you get hurt.


  • soluslupus 1w


    My hearts a dark town,
    I keep my demons at bay.
    Dying within feel me drown,
    As melancholy leads the way.

    Ascension of buried memories,
    Like zombies out their graves.
    Consumes my mental energy
    And slowly drives me insane.

    At the threshold of madness,
    In the midst of pure darkness,
    Experience set me down a path,
    That got my sanity impaled.

    My minds a dark, dark town,
    I keep my demons at bay.
    I watch the crows come down,
    This time they're coming to play.

  • janaranjani_vezhavendan 2w

    His sorrows dripped through her eyes.
    It had been a fortnight,
    Since she realized this,
    Since she saw him again.
    And there he came,
    From the opposite direction.
    She stood there speechless, motionless.
    Screaming inside, quiet outside.
    Longing to caress his scarred soul,
    Yet couldn't, knowing that she's no one.
    But stunned was she, when he stared
    Right into her eyes,
    Sharing his melancholy
    Without a word. And it was then,
    The moment Her world stood still.


  • dumb_poet 2w

    Doing Fine

    The day bruises me for living,
    The night mocks me for existing,
    The earth curses me for breathing,
    The sky alienates me for crawling,
    The heaven despises me for the love of god,
    The hell,then greets me for the sake of vanity,
    The fate verdicts the life with a tag of
    "Doing Fine".


  • dumb_poet 2w


    My world,
    A dark heaven , real dark, maybe darker than black,
    No sun, no moon, no mesmerizing scenery.

    Blind eyes cant give me much.

    My world,
    Everyone is my parent ,
    Everyone is my brother,sister,loved ones.

    Nothing morbid,
    Lost my family at age 4 in an accident. Eyesight too.

    My world,
    No enemies, 
    Just some people ignoring a man wearing dark black goggles .

    Who likes to show the path to a person who's always keeping his hand on others shoulders!?

    Problems are there..always..
    Like shadows.. Cant deny it
    But they don't feel like problems anymore... They are like the fuel of this blind machine.

    January,february...months go on.
    Years go on counted.
    So does my life.

    A bench on the riverside.
    I sat , most probably beside a young lady..maybe of my age.
    A curiosity crawled down my spine to speak out some words.
    And so did I,
    Her voice!
    Cant compare it with any worldly things ,
    Maybe a fallen angel in disguise.
    We talked and talked.
    Like no other she didnt get irritated with this blind nuisance.
    The sun began to set, as she said so.

    Time to say bye ,
    She asked not to say that.
    To her, bye should be said just before departing to neverland.
    "Morrow,same place,some chitchat" heard before leaving.

    Maybe she felt the same as i felt for her!


  • ajent07 2w

    Life - A song

    My life...!!

    I will define it as a melody unheard-of..
    A deep melancholy tune
    With some highs and some lows..
    High pitches powerful enough to make u scared of the heights attained...
    Low pitches deep enough to make u scared of the darkness residing...
    In between
    The rhythms of numb existence...
    Never ending...


  • devanshshah 3w

    Words are the salve that fill the voids in our heart