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  • reyanhamid 12w


    The drops of sweat bid adieu
    to her crown
    Her lips shiver to retain each tasbih
    Her face to handle the frown
    In the end it's a good riddance
    Her hairs open and scatter
    Each breath holds thousand oceans
    Each second is thousand emotions
    I take her clothes off , nothing is a belonging
    Its 7:00am the soul is now a messenger
    Her breath blows dust , that the morning
    sun turned conspicuous
    Does she remember
    The last kiss , the rogue hugs
    Does she feel my hands as they manoeuvre
    What divides the line of mortality
    I can't hold her neither let go

  • abhi2911 17w


    I thought she would melt in my arms,
    But even my tears couldn't melt her heart!!

  • littlebird31 19w

    Death, my old friend.

    I heaved myself up the nine stair stoop to the doors of my apartment building and tripped my way over to the mail boxes to check my mail, before I lugged myself up four flights of stairs and down the hall to my apartment. I sighed when I saw the figure sitting in front of my door.

    "Is it real this time? Because I don't have the energy for another close call." The figure lifted his hooded head at the sound of my voice, his piercing green eyes meeting mine.

    "No, I've got an appointment in the building, in an hour. Thought I'd drop by and see how you are." He said pushing himself to his feet without any effort. I was incredibly jealous, I wasn't sure I could lift my arm enough to unlock the door.

    "Who this time?" I closed the space between us as I walked closer to the door. He grabbed the keys out of my hand and unlocked it, pushing it open for me.

    "Mrs. Harris in 2D, how about some tea?" He shrugged off the hooded cloak and hung it on the coat rack, then made his way to the kitchen to start some water boiling.

    "Green please." I called from my bedroom where I was changing out of my uniform from the dinner with worked at.

    "How's it been Devon?" I asked while walking out of my room, pulling my hair into a high loose pony tail.

    "Dandy, business is up." He said absentmindedly strumming his fingers on either side of the store where the teapot sat over high flame. He whipped his face up when he realized what he said a few minutes later.

    "I... I meant..." He stuttered "I just meant unfortunately businesses up. I mean I've been busy." He sighed and shrugged his shoulders. I nodded.

    "I get it. Speaking of..." I tapered off hoping he wouldn't make me ask.

    "Heart attack. Which reminds me, if you could call emergency services for her, that would be an amazing gesture." He looked at me pointedly before snatching the tea pot off the stove as it started to whistle, pouring it into two cups before putting it on the back of the stove. He walked around the counter and set one of the cups in front of me. I bent down to smell it.

    "This isn't green tea." I pointed out.

    "Mmm yes." He said at last, wallowing a sip of hot tea. "How perceptive you are, it's Tension Tamer. I know you said green but you don't need green. You need Tension Tamer." He said matter-of-factly. I didn't feel like arguing with death after the day I had so I picked up the cup and took a sip. He watched me expectantly. I nodded my head furiously while setting the cup down and going into the kitchen.

    "You're right, it's just missing one thing." He eyed me as he watched me go over to the cupboard and pull down a bottle of peppermint schnapps, a smirk sliding across his lips.

    "Well... Had I known that was available I would have poured you some myself." He chuckled, pushing his tea towards me so I could add some of the alcohol to his cup too.

    "How have you been Emma?" He asked, pulling the cup back and taking a sip. "Mmm." He grinned. I waited until I was on the other side of the counter and back in my seat before I responded.

    "Brian broke up with me." I said softly.

    "I'm sorry to hear that." Was all he said and he took another sip of the tea. I couldn't think of anything to say so I shrugged. We sat in silence for a little while, until finally Devin started laughing.

    "What is so funny?" I demanded.

    "Remember the first time I came to you?"

    "That was funny?" I glared at him.

    "No, but to think you went from screaming to drinking hot toddies with me and your kitchen." He chuckled. I laughed too I'll admit.
    The first time Devon came to me I screamed so loud, it's probably will save my life. I petrified poor Devon though. We met again a few times and my reaction lessened and each time. Lately though Devin has been stopping by when he had a pickup in the neighborhood. Our relationship is progressing if you ask me.

    "Yeah, I have to say I didn't see that coming. I thought I was a goner the second time for sure! I mean it's rare for death to come for you once and you live, but twice?" I scoffed.

    "Ah, but you escaped more than twice." He pointed out.

    "It feels a bit excessive to say I escaped nine times." I looked at him lazily. He laughed and downed the rest of his tea.

    "Well Emma, I must be on my way to 2D. Thank you for the lovely drink."

    "Hey anytime, I quite enjoy your company on these rare visits." I winked at him. He put his cloak on and went to the door.

    "I'll see you soon Emma." He winked back at me and then softly shut the door, on his way to escourt Mrs. Harris out of this world.

    "I look forward to it." I whispered. I finished off my tea and then called nine-one-one to tell them I heard some noise in my neighbor's apartment when I walked by and she wouldn't open the door. Assuring them I wanted to make sure she was okay, I hung up the phone and retreated to my room. As I got ready for bed I saw Devon leaving the building from my window. He turned and waved, so I waved back. When the fire trucks, police, and ambulances arrived I climbed in bed, shut off my light and went to sleep.

  • tokyossss 19w

    Subject 0017

    I work at a special kind of facility in which we analyze humans and proceed with experiments. We try and cure them from what makes them inhuman. From what makes them the monsters of society. We try and fix them. Every type of research and data that we have collected over the course of years have been as it should be. Outstanding. They were all successes. It was going so well that we decided to bring in a new kind of subject. Rather difficult and rare. Quite special.

    The subject was called Subject 0017.

    We decided to move to a more secure location with higher restrictions for those who worked there and for the subjects as well. A place secluded and isolated from the city life and/or places that could cause any sort of problems to us. Rather I must say, pretty much anything that could possibly draw unwanted attention to us. You might even think that we are Area 51, but no, not exactly.

    This place or rather Island I should say, is called Island 37. It wasn’t forbidden to those who knew about it, but still, no one really talked about it. It was surrounded by pure forest and it looked so beautiful due to the overgrowing moss. So much green to its natural surrounded nature that it had a vibe of an enchanted and mystical, mysterious kind of forest to it. Easy to get lost into it. That is what made it perfect for us...

    You know what STOP.
    I'm going to stop myself. I'm going to tell you the hard truth about what happened and not sugar coat anything anymore.

    The reason I know all of this is because I DO NOT WORK THERE.

    I was one of the subjects. I AM SUBJECT 0017.

    I was the one locked up inside a cell or white room. I was kept inside like a caged animal for long periods of time. Just like everyone else. It was all we ever did. Just stare at walls and just stuck inside our heads and in thought all the damn time. Some of us just couldn’t handle the silence. The paranoia of having the same question running through our heads, "WHO'S NEXT?"

    I was the only one in there for hours at a time. Sometimes even for days. I never saw the outside or the daylight. I only ever saw the florescent lightbulbs of the room. That was the only light I have ever known for years after years. Everything was so quiet. The only thing I was able to hear was THOSE PEOPLE talking. About me. Whether they were gonna proceed or if I have done the test right.

    Until one day, I heard them start to fight. They started to argue and I was able to hear them very clearly. It was then, I will never forget the uttered words that were said about me. The only words that started to echo through my head were, "HE IS THE EXPERIMENT GONE RIGHT!!"

    After that, they kept thinking that I was cured. They think they cured us. Cured me. They think we don’t remember. But we do, it hard to forget the taste, the oh so delicious taste, of human flesh.

    -Yanira {Tokyo}

  • himayan_writes 20w

    Alliterated 2

    Morbid Men Must Mostly Mutter Melancholic Monologues!


  • abhi2911 22w

    अब ना दुआओं में वो दम रहा
    ना बद्दुआओं में वो बात रही।

  • pratik_pk 22w

    Life is a journey.
    Death, that's the end game..


  • eclecticvision 23w

    Love for the dead

    Amongst the corpses of the dead
    she danced away- no intention to fled
    On the coffin thereafter she rested her head
    to share with the deceased one his last bed

    Her blood-stained lips pressing on the marble stone
    sounds escaping her mouth,though she is alone
    Shredding the clothing intending to serve
    No! she won't let him be covered with earth.

    The wind howls with the haunted souls on this starless night
    A laugh escapes her-they have no right!
    Day approaches she looks into his eyes,
    sees but a reflection-melts into cries.

  • stynelogic 27w

    ~Dangerous Enigma~

    Cry the screams of the haunted
    See the visions that stalk the demented
    Writhe while your flesh and soul are devoured
    Look me in the eye and believe this is your last, dear beloved.


  • deadvillagecrow 28w

    Poem 1

    if this is poetry
    Then I live in a fantasy world
    that was bulldozed over
    lit on fire
    and rebuilt from the scraps.
    it looks like crap.

  • curioushika 28w

    Sometimes dying is better than swallowing a bitter pill.


  • curioushika 28w


    You make me do everything I hate.
    Enslave me like I'm a puppet.
    And you always make me forget
    All the shit that I forced to ate.

    A sick fuck like you would never understand
    How painful it is to pretend
    That everything is alright,
    Even though I cried every night.

    You despise me for who I am,
    Mercilessly abuse me with maim,
    Murdering my sanity until it's none,
    Drowning me in a cesspool of scorn.

    I want to murder your wicked flesh,
    I want to tear your banal soul.
    If I do to you what you've done to me,
    Can you tell me how the fuck that feel?

    Alas, your heart of stone will never feel
    All the anguish you've engraved to my soul.
    You basked in joy from my death,
    As you see me decompose into oblivion.


  • curioushika 28w

    Prince of Demons

    You are a prince who governs all the demons.
    Your eyes are the pitch black darkness,
    embroidered with wicked desire.
    Your grin is a relentless blizzard
    that froze my very conscience.
    Your breath is a mortal virus that
    murdered all my memories.
    Your caress is a virulent venom
    that seeps into my blood vessels.
    Your wings are miasmic fume
    that violently raped my mind.
    Your fangs are unforgiving terror
    that dreadfully eroded my sanity.
    Your voice is unbreakable strings
    that dictate my every movement.
    I am your dirtiest whore,
    I exist only to serve you pleasure.
    But now you are no more.
    I devoured your flesh and drunk your soul.
    Now I am you,
    I am the one who govern all the demons.

  • tokyossstories 29w

    LA Dama De Negro

    Her cold voice and white pale skin. When looking into her hazel bright eyes, she leaves you with the feeling of being alive. When she gives you the gaze, her eyes give you something that is without words. Her eyes themselves are almost saying, "I need you". You will never forget the way she looked at you…

    Her pale white skin is like the reflection of a snow-woman. La Dama De Negro was someone who bared the burden of beauty. A sinner of perfection.

    Her body was something form a perfect wish. Curved and slim. Every inch of that body was perfect. Just like pure silk. Blessed by the Gods, some would say. She was the very thing that made your dreams, erotic. The woman every man dreamt of.

    Her beauty was exceptional. She was elegance in its finest form. An organized and intellectual woman.

    Her touch was like no other. Flawless and unspeakable. Yet it held a cold touch, like touching an ice crystal. Her touch left you wanting more. Needing more. Making it tantalizing. Every second of it made you feel as if you were the only one she desired. Every touch made you tremble for more.

    Her spoken words, were like an angel. Giving you peace, yet craving for chaos. When speaking with such words, your ears listened ever so carefully. Leaving her voice stuck in your head like a broken record player. Wanting to listen more of it. When hearing her voice over and over again, it will be all you will ever listen to. She will be all you will ever want. Her cold voice kept ringing in your ears…

    No relationships will ever satisfy you. You will start to feel as if you can't be complete without her in your life. No lover and/or friends will satisfy what you need. What you desire.

    You will slowly start to loose yourself. Forgetting to live for yourself. Slowly start to forget what it meant to be happy. All you will do is try and try to find her again. If not in yourself than you will seek it onto other lovers. Yet it still won't satisfy your needs.

    Her voice and complexion will drive you insane. A search for her will make you stop at nothing. At this point you have forgotten what it meant to be human. To think for yourself. Do things for yourself. Her beautiful sweet voice has been in your head since the day you saw her. Having her in your imagination, dreams and in thought every second of the day. Never resting until you find her.

    You have finally lost all sense of direction. All sense of reality. All sense of purpose. At this point you don’t know what else to do. Nothing that you have done or searched for has been able to satisfy that hunger for her.

    You have lost everything do to this search. No friends. No family. They all have left you do to your insanity search of her.

    After months have passed by… still at the same point where you started. No answer to her whereabouts. Nothing.

    That’s when it hits you…
    You trace back to all the places you have seen her. All the friends and family who were there. They have always said they didn’t know who you were talking about. They never knew her. Never seen her. Never introduce to her, or even known of her existence. Not even knowing her simple name.

    That’s when you realize…
    You completely imagined her. Her touch. Her voice. Her existence. She was in your head, all this time.

    -Yanira {Tokyo}

  • tokyossstories 29w


    She wanted to fly. Wanted to feel the wind in her face and the breeze between her toes. She wanted to be free from all the things in which made her mind a burden to her. In which made her mind full of mystery and hollow creatures.

    The things in which had an anchor weighing down on her. All she wanted was to fly away. Fly from the troubles that were in her life. The things that everyone said was wrong with her. She wanted to escape from the world in which made her an outcast. A form of life in which everyone saw as a monster.

    She wanted to fly from her problems in her mind. The scars in which told her story. The scars which marked her skin. She wanted to escape from the reality in which scared her.

    She wanted to be normal for once. Be someone who everyone said hi to. A person in which made everyone think that she was beautiful because she was there for anyone who needed it.

    She wanted to fly away from the thoughts in which intruded her mind. The sickening thoughts in which have caused her to do such horrible harm to others for her own protection. She wanted to run away from the monsters and demons that lurked within her, even if they didn't make a sound.

    All she wanted was to fly away into somewhere she was finally accepted.

    Until she finally found what she was searching for. She made friends with her monsters and demons. She no longer flew away. She rather crawled into Hell where she was welcomed by everyone.

    -Yanira {Tokyo}

  • breathewithoutoxygen 32w


    As I was dwelling in that dark alley, I saw a black shadow like figure.It was moving closer to me at every second.As I tried to see and detect the person, I saw the ghoul.It reached me with its arms around me and I got entangled.After that I don't remember anything.Now I live in a dark dungeon where thousands of souls like me dwells every night.Every night we hunt for new souls to join us.


  • mercy_cancerian 44w

    The ringing of the triangle

    I closed my eyes with no choice and was swallowed up by darkness which was unavoidable, I stood still for a few seconds and I hear the sound of a loud bell which I than covered my ears cause the sound was horrific and echoed on so long, and in the distance I see a shroud walking from a great distance, I felt a great fear blanket my entire body as the air grew cold, I could see my breath and could feel my lips beginning to crack as the shroud got closer.

    Slowly getting closer and only getting colder, and in its white chalky hands it held a triangle and small rusty iron mallet, it stopped five feet infront of me and I felt my body fall limp and went down to my knees, I began to cry and could feel my tears freeze midway down my face, the shroud than hit the triangle with the rusty mallet and the loud sound shook the very dark ground below and I felt my body forcefully bow down while crying with a Shakey whimpering voice, the fear was so great and unlike anything I have ever felt.

    Under my own cold voice I managed to let a few words escape my voice box "why am I here...." While frozen tears built up on and around my eyes, I pushed off the blackened ground and looked up to the faceless shroud "why?" And it stood there looking at me, than it came down to my level on its own knees and set the bell and mallet down between us, it slowly raised its hands to my face as I shivered even more, its cold touched numbing my skin and it pushed away the ice tears from my eyes.

    Looking with fear where eyes should be and it spoken to me "you child, young child are here by your own hand, you made the choice to take your own life and I am merely here to take you for judgment, no mercy from me for I am just the bringer" it's voice was strong and soft at the same time, the sound seemed like multiple voices all at once which seemed soothing, and I replied "I had no choice, I'm sorry! Please give me one more chance! I'm sorry!" And it stood up looking down at me as I looked up with more freezing tears "please!!!"

    And it replied "I am just the bringer, there is no mercy from me child" and he picked up the mallet and bell "one more ring from the triangle will reveal that if you are ready for judgment or not, stand to your feet child, assume your stance" and I cried even harder while trying to catch my running breath, I begged more and more and after a few moments I had to accept my fate, there was no looking back, I put one foot on the ground and pushed myself up to my feet and took one last breath and wiped my icy eyes and stood staring at the shroud, and it moved its hand to the side, slowly about to ring the triangle for the third time.

    I closed my eyes while lowering my head, ready to face eternity of bliss or hell, standing there waiting for that loud sound of that triangle but it never came, and when I slowly opened my eyes I woke up in a hospital bed with bandages on my arm and wrist, I screamed and a few nurses came rushing in doing their best to calm me down and after a few seconds I finally realised where I was....
    Was it all a dream? I wasn't sure what had happened, and yes I did try to take my own life, that was four days ago

    But that dream was beyond too real if it really was a dream at all, if it wasn't than I was given my chance to live once more, but I shudder to think of what if I did hear that last ring of the triangle? just hearing any kind of ring brings that same fear I felt in that dark place back into my heart and now I know better, I know to cherish life and not to try another suicide attempt again.... I pray for anyone who goes through the same experience and does hear that last haunting third ring, I can only pray they don't meet death face to face like I did.

    The end

  • alissandrasmith 49w


    The expectation of my death has already been personally preprepared for by my friends.
    I wouldn't be suprised if the funeral arrangements and coffin size hadn't before been measured and designed, in a dignified inexpensive style.
    Perhaps a repaired recycled wooden box and another box of matches from the local convenience shop.
    Better yet dump me in the sea so the mammals can feed off of me before I rot, or plant me in the ground so that I may grow into a grand tree, to florish finally.
    A life sacrificed morbidly, accidentallly. Unable to conform properly, uncontrollably emotionally distorted, unsupported mentally, discarded, exhausted and faint hearted and introverted un-coordinated sociably. I just scribble frivalously perpetually, unacceptably me.
    Financially crippled with tricky, pretty dreams, I live in my head, it can be gritty because I can't stand reality.


  • holylamb 51w

    God's Vengeance

    The storms
    The flash of light
    The growl of God's stomach
    The Earth is talking about life
    The rain
    The tears of the once loved,
    Fall and will soon become nothing more than a muddy mess
    The wind, bustling through the trees, is but the whistle of an angel
    Gazing upon the horizon, water drops glisten upon the petals of flowers in the garden
    And in the language of the plants, this is love, this is the only thing they have
    At night fall, storms calm and distressed skies clear
    Look up to the stars, taken aback
    Watch the fog pass over and fill your lungs until you're gasping for air
    Feel the cold breeze, let it freeze you to the bone
    Let yourself crumble into the ground, becoming one with the world
    Food for the worms,
    Now the cycle repeats
    Warm, sunny days are but a dream now,
    An angry God rages
    He speaks now and will return to see what he has made,
    Setting sights on atomic bombs and gas chambers,
    He sees now that Hell has risen,
    And so comes the rapture.
    Beams of light pull you up
    Raging fire pulls you down
    The seas begin to evaporate
    Color draining from the sky
    Leaving the unholy left to die.


  • no_heartpoet 52w


    Dark day,dark night
    dark being,no light,
    Run scream out of sight,
    I'm coming with a knife,
    Slit wrist,cut throat,
    blood spill don't choke,
    Manic laugh scream and squirm,
    Pick ashes in a urn?
    or buried with the worms?
    Dark cloak silent death,
    Hurry now only a few minutes left,
    Times up,blade flash
    I wonder how long you'll last
    Limp body bloody fall
    laugh and hang the ragdoll, I am death dark and pure,you can run and hide,just know all mortals eventually dies,
    I'll be waiting