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  • meradilekkhulikitaabofficial 12w

    उम्र तो बस माँ की कोख में बढ़ती है..
    बाकी जिंदगी मे तो बस, उम्र घटती है |


  • my_head_is_a_circus 12w

    Sometimes we should just take a childs hand and suddenly the world seems to be a different place.
    Cause they are able to see and feel so clear and natural. So innocent and not aware to the cruel world they are living in.

    So, the next time a child is smiling at you without a reason, smile back and you will have made this little person so happy. A smile is worth much more than you might think.


    #pinecone #beauty of #childhood #love my #baby #mom #adventure of #motherhood #inthewoodssomewhere #writing #poem #englisch

    The photo has been taken by #RoannaLuCaptures, check out her Insta profile >>> www.instagram.com/roannalu_captures

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    You took my hand and looked at me,
    wanted to get my full attention.
    Cause you found something never seen,
    you were like in another dimension.
    Your big brown eyes, were open so wide,
    you picked it up, were so excited.
    In your small hands, you hold it so tight,
    a pinecone is what you just sighted.

    Adult human, I speak to you now,
    All you see is maybe blurred.
    But a child could show you how,
    to find the beauty in the world.
    So take the smallest hands around,
    Their leading will sure give you wings.
    You will know, if you have refound,
    the gift to appraciate the little things
    ©my head is a circus

  • loui17 12w


    There are people in this world you haven't even met yet who are going to love you so much, so please just hold on and love yourself. Because the people who are right for you will find you.

  • _riggy_ 12w

    A mother without a child
    Is like a roof without a home.


  • _quotes_to_live_by_12 13w

    When you say, "Mom, 4 Chapatis will be enough for me.", she will bring you 5.❤❤❤
    When you're out, she will call you once in a hour.����
    When your teacher punishes you, your mother would support you no matter what you did. Anyway, she will kick you in the ass when you're home.����
    When you're running out of money and can't ask dad, she will give you a lot.����
    When there are 3 apples and your family has 4 members, mom will say, "I don't like apples".����
    When you go to sleep with no blankets, you will definitely wake up with one.����
    When you're going away to another city or country, she will pack you a bunch of snacks specially made for you.����
    Then she will tell you, "Don't give all snacks to your friends. Eat it yourself����."
    When coming back to home after a long day, the first thing your mom would say, "Come and have dinner".����
    Gonna study at midnight? Don't worry. Mom will make you tea, coffee or whatever snack you want and she will never complain about losing her sleep.
    If it's for her children, mom will go to a temple no matter how far it is or how long it will take.����
    Conclusion: At times, you may not like her. You may get irritated by her. You may even abandon her. But mom will always be mom. And you will always be her child. She will never stop loving you. Love you mom!
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    Yes, My mother is illiterate.

    I asked her for one chapati and she gave me two.

  • poonam_hope 13w

    Tring tring, ring on the phone
    Old mother runs to pick the phone
    Tring tring stops, as reaches to pick
    Happy to see call from her child
    She rings back once, twice, thrice
    Voice from other side reply in haste
    I’ll call again; busy; dialed by mistake
    She felt happy just hearing the voice
    Her day is worth it to spend with joy


  • sip_of_roohaniyat 13w

    Here am I, throwing neon lights on another stigma casted down dark abyss. Seeking your kind attention for 2 minutes dearest reader��

    A tough challenge we face today. In the bosom of modernity and progress endorsing society, a dark stigma and shameful conundrum looms agonizingly. Culture revering societies that demand women to be or modestly clad, itself dons sheer robes of hypocrisy.

    The body of a woman is regarded as a clandestine showpiece on a hanger, to be regulated and conducted as per the whims of patriarchy and stigmas.

    That'd the very reason why a slender waisted and/or (partly) bare chested model is much drooled over in secrecy, and a mother breastfeeding in public is looked upon shamelessly. Several women seek safe shelters for breastfeeding their infants in public spaces. Okay, humorous irony there, several places do offer 'Smoking zones', rather than 'Breastfeeding zones' for nursing mothers.

    Perhaps, to avoid glued gazes to their nursing breast, working mothers have started shifting to formula milk for their children. But, we aren't an economy boasting minimal poverty. There are lakhs of mothers not fortunate enough to afford formula milk for their babies. They are thus, forced to breastfeed their babies even when they are out to work. As is very obvious, she attracts sharp stares and at times slut-shaming.

    A slam on the face of misogynists, Australian Senator Larissa Waters set an example and became a symbol of strength for fellow women, when she recently breastfed her baby while addressing the Australian Parliament. Hats off to this wondrous powerful lady!

    But, dear people we live in a slightly different culture. We boast progress, progress that no doubt we've achieved, but probably several myriad mindsets still exist in centuries old times. Times which labels a woman an an entity to procreate as well as please the man she 'belongs' to, stay stitch-lipped about mental and physical atrocities thrown upon her, and carry the burden of responsibilities like that of motherhood behind veiled curtains.

    Her breast only remains as a sexual entity and loses its importance as a harbinger of new life. Her breast attaches it's sole importance with only sexual purposes and thus is the life-giving mother's breast is shamed recklessly.

    Dear authorities, dear misogynistics and dear keen onlookers - It's time we turn our fixated eyeballs away from mothers publicly breastfeeding their infants. Believe me, they do not really love putting their privatacy on mass display for mass entertainment.
    It's time we have Nursing zones for mothers in public places. Its time we give a mother's breast the honour it deserves and not sexualizing each and everything.

    Dear mothers, breastfeeding is neither something you need to be ashamed of, nor a burden upon your hallowed chest.
    You bring tiny lives into this cruel world, hold them safe against your bosom and nurture them with the ambrosia of your breast.
    Love and respect is all we can offer to you in veneration !����


    Much much thanks to @arenegaines for giving me this idea and inspiration!����♥️

    #woman #mother #motherhood #breastfeeding #burden #wordoftheday #pod #du #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld @mirakee @iammusaafiir @when_eyes_narrate @tomorrow_is_amazing @aarthisampath_ @geethalakshmi

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    Mother's love maligned

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  • ladyiustitia 13w

    May we never forget

    I scribe these words so that you may never forget.
    In the words of ancient romans: "verba volant, scripta manent".

    Indulge me please, these days, my quill composes with a unique object for prose.
    I did try, you know, to cover subjects less morose,
    But my muse refuses that I divert from this purpose.

    Forgive me for my constant disturbance,
    but there's no other to partake in this confidence.
    I know you do not wish to speak nor hear
    But from these thoughts my mind cannot stir.

    While you shoved him at the back of your mind
    Until the winds of time comes blowing 
    Sweeping up every memory left behind.
    Day after day, at the birth of each morning,
    He is erased, like a long lost memory, a story we're ashamed of telling.

    I hold on to his memory, him I could never see
    I hold on to these seconds, echoes of a heartbeat,
    There, on that screen, my 3D sight...
    of him, whose eyes would never see daylight.

    How do I grieve for air, how can I even atone
    Nothing of his remains, no face, no sound, no tombstone.
    I know, for you all he ever was, immaterial therefore surreal.
    Yet you worship, love and believe in this Unseen, All Mighty, Ô so real!

    I allowed him to die before he was born
    All because no love for us you could have borne...
    Our finest traits he would have inherited:
    Hypocrisy and cruelty topped up with cowardice and naivety.
    Did he have a soul or a spirit?
    Where in the Universe did it flee?
    Is it his spirit that comes at night and haunt me or is it my mind righteously tormented?

    A month back, during one of my walks,
    An uncanny sight left me in quite a haze,
    Amidst all these boys, one captured my gaze,
    He walked chest up, his smile no, his smirk,
    the caramel glow of his skin tone...
    The perfect batter of you and me, could it be destiny?
    Just then I was revived from my reverie, by a kick, his first quickening...
    If only you had seen him, but as we both know,
    your head would not have turned
    Less so if I'd told you how our...my son, that boy resembled.

    I wonder which one of you, causes my tribulation.
    My mind gives life to invisible beings 
    While my breast hungers to feed
    a child never to be born.
    In my body, his heart grew safely,
    Yet in this haven he was aspirated. 
    Aspirated! Oh The horrible sound...
    Vanished in an instant, like dirt on a rug.
    Reduced into stew of flesh and blood
    Poured in a glove, thrown in the medical waste chute,
    That's how they disposed of my son!

    If time could turn back, against you
    I would be waging a war to save him, instead
    It's your next rank this vile act has spared.
    We should have never been so close
    The fault is not entirely yours.

    It's no surprise that today, I'm losing mind and soul.
    All sparks of life have left, when he got sucked from my breast.
    Now in all my prayers I humbly cry
    For God to permit me to die
    So that I may nurse my darling son
    Until arrives Eternal damnation.


  • aayats 14w

    Small and unaware,
    I was stranded by my own people,
    In a room full of strangers; Unknown to myself,
    I discovered a new world when I nestled in her arms,
    Growing up, I was always told I look like her,
    So many similarities; All the same look,
    Maybe God wanted to give her a unique Motherhood,
    Seperated by blood but tied by love,
    She is my mother, My unconditional Love.

  • just_dialogues 14w

    Mom, daughter & Boys

    : Oh my girl!
    One day you will have
    feelings for boys.
    : I already do.
    : Really???
    : Ya, I just hate them.
    They piss me off.

  • ga_eul 14w

    The truth behind my life is that she is the strongest person in my life

  • connecting_stories 14w

    Your friends loves your mother the same way you do.

    ©connecting_stories | Poorvi Garg

  • palkii 14w


    Nobody saw you at 3am when the baby woke up again.
    Nobody saw you hold for hours a baby who just wanted to be in your arms.
    Nobody saw you holding the little hand before sleeping,holding a small, nervous body that howled and screamed..
    Holding a head against your chest in those first chaotic days.
    Nobody saw you when you did not have anything.
    But you gave something
    But you did something
    But you invented a game

    I have not seen you for a long time
    We have not talked for a time
    But when I see the beautiful images of your Teesta
    That sometimes you send me
    I feel like i m watching you
    That i see the mother behind your Child
    The mother behind the baby smiling for cameras.

    Frequently no one looks at you
    But you are building something that will never be destroyed.
    A love that will never be eliminated.

    Never forget it, i look at you ❤️

  • maliciouslybrutal 14w

    Assault with a deadly EMOJI

    Assault with a deadly emoji

    Just before you venture into the wonderful world of parenting, people will say "good luck". For years i took that as a compliment and an act of encouragement for the future labor process id have to endure before i could consider myself a mom. I had no idea that "good luck" actually meant "GOOD LUCK", as in "holy shit youre going to be a parent and you have no idea what you have just got yourself into". I thought to myself on sever occasions that id be ine of those moms who really didnt have to worry, cause parenting was cake, but... i basically screwed myself cause i had absolutely no idea my parenting experience would be half of what it is today. In fact, i kick myself for being that sure of myself, because NOTHING could have prepared me for my daughter. Except maybe horror movies. Let me explain.

    When my daughter learned how to open doors, my husband and i decided to put a baby gate in front of her door, cause we were both afraid that shed open it in the middle of the night and somehow make her way into our bedroom and scare the bajeezus out of us. The gate proved to be successful in two ways, keeping her from wanduring freely around the house like a cereal theif after the lucky charms, and it also helped by keeping her safe. Cause saftey is key when you have kids. Even though theyre like walking hazard cones and none of them come with a warning sticker so you just gotta make sure to prepare for pretty much any type of crazy random happenstance. The whole time my husband and i complimented the idea of the baby gate because we felt peace knowing shed be safe, we had missed one really important factor when having kids. Their toys, their evil, hard, sharp, noisy toys. From the age they can pick up a toy and play with it, until they have moved out of your home YOU ARE NOT SAFE! Have you ever walked barefoot across the carpet in the dark trying to hop over the toys like youre playing a game of minesweeper only to have your entire body scream out in pain because you happened to have stumbled upon a graveyard of scattered legos? The sheer terror and wave of excruciating pain that fills your entire body the second a plastic gandolf lego impales your foot, its real. Its very real. The baby gate keeps her safe but it does not prove to be effective when dealing with the wrath of left out toys.

    A few weeks ago, my husband and i went to bed, we had our newest baby in the crib next to our bed and we laid down for the night. The house was quiet, nearly too quiet to be honest, but the only noises heard were from my husband and our infant daughter snoring. I suffer from insomnia and sleep was just not happening for me, so i was basically laying flat and looking up at my phone, scrolling through memes and watching Laura Clery's help helen smash videos when i decided to just throw in the towel and get up. Before i had walked out of the bedroom, my husband asked where i was going, so i told him id just be in the kitchen grabbing a snack and he said "okay i love you tyler"................ I love you Tyler?????? My mind just kinda went into a state of sheer shock and im like standing there with this incredibly baffled look on my face, i then decided that i was just too tired to try and figure out who this mystery man was and why my husband was in love with him at 3 am. Onward to the kitchen. So im standing next to the counter, helping myself to some beef jerky and scrolling through fb when i heard a thud, at first i wasnt sure if i had heard what i heard, i thought maybe my foot bumped the chair so i just disregarded it and went on scrolling and eating my jerky. I was mid chew while reading about channing tatum when i heard it again. Only this time it wasnt a thud, it was a thud thud. Like the thud i heard before but twice. So now im getting a little cautious, i grabbed my bag of old trapper old fashioned beef jerky and held it close, cause if i was gonna die, i wanted to die holding on to some beef jerky cause that seemed like a good way to go at the time. Itd show i had good taste and maybe people at my funeral would have respect for me cause i died dedicated to my jerky. I ventured towards my daughter pipers room, after hearing the thud thud i wanted to go in and check on her like most moms do when they sense something ominous. I reached my hand out to grab the door knob when I HEARD IT AGAIN! Only this time, it wasnt a thud thud, it was a thud thud thud smack thud swish. Im like okay what in the actual hell is going on in here. Im a good 10 centimeters from the door and i contemplated going in because my instant thought was that an alien abduction could be taking place in that room, or like pennywise the clown had escaped the sewers and was jumping around in there. I was legit creeped out! So i took a deep breath, i slowly opened the door and when i looked it in the room it was completely pitch black, then out of nowhere, a giant yellow thing with glowing red eyes came flying towards my face! It SMACKED me clear in the freaking face! Then ricocheted back inside her room! It scared the absolute piss out of me. And by scaring the piss out of me i literally mean I PISSED MY PANTS!! this is not how im supposed to leave this world, idk what kind of evil sorcery is happening in my 2 year old daughters room but this was freaking MESSED UP! I ran back towards her room and before i could grab the light, IT FLEW AT ME AGAIN!! This time it smacked the side of my face, im standing there paralyzed with fear when i hear a giggle... now if you know anything about ghosts and paranormal stuff, a giggle in the middle of the night isnt neceserally CUTE! im like wtf! Then, i hear, PEEK-A-BOO! I see you!!! I reached over, turned on the light and the giant yellow thing with glowing red eyes came red eyes straight towards my face, but this time, i caught it.

    And IT was a giant yellow emoji bouncy ball with red hearts for eyes. My 2 year old was in her room bouncing her ball in the dark, when she heard me try to open the door, she hid in her closet and threw the ball at me when i opened it.

    Ill never forget the day i was assaulted with an emoji bouncy ball. 

    PS. I still never figured out who Tyler was

  • maliciouslybrutal 14w

    My Husband's Girlfriend

    I've been with my husband for almost 5 years, our 3 year wedding anniversary is in september but we'll be celebrating 5 years of being together on September 17th. Most people go through the whole "let's share everything" stage, it's usually the epitome of a relationship because the first 10 minutes you try and go through their entire life story and memorize their likes and dislikes. You know, the usual.

    You see when I met my husband,  we were like two peas in a pod, we did everything together, shared all of our secrets and really had a good thing going. But then our honeymoon stage just abruptly ended when he invited this entity to live with us. At first I was cool with it, i agreed with this decision and at the time it was really exciting to have something new in our lives. We'd spend our evenings with a pizza and hang out with it together, then suddenly it was the main attraction.  Now I'm not trying to complain but I hate being the 3rd wheel, i just think it's rude, especially when the newcomer became involved in anything we ever did. 

    So babe, what would u like to do tonight? Let's ask our new friend, maybe it has some ideas of what we could do.. wait.. didn't u just ask me? Why do we have to ask it what we should do, i exist you know.

    Now, we just had our 2nd daughter back in November, which made us parents of two little girls under the age of 3, i know ive probably lost my way a bit with my looks, usually I don't care what I look like. Mainly because I wear baby puke more than perfume and i get my hair ripped out of my skull by tiny fingers and my hands have become chew toys. But hey its motherhood. I graduated from my skinny jeans to sweat pants, pushup bra to a sports bra, i throw up my hair in a messy bun and ghetto wrap it with a headband, I get it... I've gone ratchet. 

    With my new found glory, i started noticing that he would spend more time with his new friend than he would with me, any time I'd look over he'd be talking with it, acting all buddy buddy. My god just buy it roses and take it on a damn date already... then things just got wierd,  i started competing with it. I'd run into the bathroom, grab a shower, do my hair, my makeup and then walk out of the room and hope he'd notice me for a spit second. Which on some occasions he would and I'd get that exciting feeling like a kid at hogwarts who learned how to successfully master the petrolis charm. But then itd be over within a record breaking 4 seconds because his new friend would get butthurt and start squacking and shit, then he'd be right back on the couch, stroking it's controls ever so gently, saying shhhh im here or talking to it like they hadn't seen eachother in years. For real? And i can hear his friend snickering at me. Like he hehe hehe I'm better than you.

    I seriously never thought I'd be putting on lipstick to one up my husband's xbox. I guess my new mom bod doesn't outshine it's shiny exterior, it can run for hours on one hardrive and if he asks it to anything, it worships his every command. I named it lala.. Cause that's what my husband hears when i talk to him while he spends time with her...

    Needless to say my husband's new girlfriend will eventually die out. Till then I'll be wiping off caked on makeup and brushing the curls out my hair. 

    Shit.... i spoke too soon, we now have a ps4.. lets do this

  • sree_writes 14w

    her happiness that day is unstoppable,
    she's pretty sure that her friends, family would admire her
    for speaking about "Menstruation"
    she spoke not just to win a prize
    but to change many minds
    that it's not a shame to speak in public
    yes,she won that competition
    by not getting any prize
    but by receiving admiration from those
    who commented at her
    who laughed at her introduction
    who said "enough !!come down" when she stated her topic
    who felt shy and bent heads when she started explaining
    yes,she won it,by recieving standing ovation from those ..
    but she lost,when the people who were her confidence pulled her down under the name --"Shame" and "Society"
    when society admired her,why not her own people..!!
    Yet,she is confident to change and can answer all those who pointed fingers at her
    because she never stops explaining them
    becoz she is proud to be a women who bleeds every month.

    #pod @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite

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    to all those pointed fingers,SHE replied:
    "where lies the shame?
    this is the blood without any war
    this is the red that leads to a birth..!! "

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  • cosmicjeong 15w

    Mother of love

    She (daughter) puts on a mask to hide her sadness and angust.

    You might say that people would fall for these mask

    of ‘happiness’, but no that's when you’re wrong one person,

    one women finds a way to break these masks.

    The mother was no fool to these mask that hid the real emotion.

    She saw through them and to this day she still can fight

    off the sadness with just one hug.

             -The Truth Is Sometimes Hidden But

             Only the Most Understanding Can

             See the Truth Behind Those Evil Mask

             We All Put On

  • jainilsampat 15w


    Mom hides all her sorrows to fulfill my dreams

  • oluwa_dunsin 15w

    He crouched on the bare ground
    Close to his mother,
    With all innocence a child has
    Holding firmly his bottle in one hand
    Approaching gently his tiny mouth
    Ignoring all welcoming glares
    Focusing on his little assignment
    I watched with keen interest quite afar
    He stole looks around
    Perhaps if to find onlookers
    Raising his brows, he met the gaze of his sweet mother
    Who only returned it with a blank look
    He lifted the bottle to his lips
    Drowning the contents down his throat
    As one would swallow a morsel of wheat
    From time to time, he licked his lips
    With his tiny tongue
    While the mother stared on lost in her thoughts ...
    What was she thinking? I asked myself
    How she came through the pains and pride of having him?
    Or could we be thinking the same thing?
    He finally held the bottle to his mouth again
    Forcing down the contents to his throat
    After the usual routine of catching glances
    His mother looked this time not with a stare
    But rather beamed with a smile to herself
    For her only male child- her pride
    And again I understood
    The Joys of motherhood.

  • sachuu 16w

    Our parents deserve our honor and respect for giving us life itself. Beyond this they almost always made countless sacrifices as they cared for and nurtured us through our infancy and childhood, provided us with the necessities of life, and nursed us through physical illnesses and the emotional stresses of growing up.
    #sachuu #parents #love #parentslife #parentsbelike #parenting #momlife #parentslove #parentstobe #parentsofinstagram #family #parentsday #parentsweekend #parenthood #parentsnightout #parentsupport #motherhood #parentsof3 #kids #parentsquad #parentstruggles #parentselfie #baby #parentsoftheyear #parentlife #parentsof4 #happy #parentsforpot #children #parentshouse #parentsgonewild

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    MoM n DaD = GOD

    MoM :-

    ( That Bank where you can deposit your all kind of Sorrow and Emotions. )

    DaD :-

    ( That Credit Card which is out of balance but still tries to fulfill your Dreams. )