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  • thewrittenrewritten 19h

    She Wore Mascara Too Often

    She wore mascara too often,
    Her eyes would glisten and his would shrink,
    Too often, the blackness of her lashes ran out like little streams on her flushed cheek,
    And his face ? His face would grow stiff with pride at the mention of his deluded sense of right,
    But the streams of mascara tears continued to paint her cheeks on birthdays, Valentine's and almost everyday.
    He may have sprained his neck by turning from her away too often,
    But she broke her back, would hurt and weep with the burning eyes without rest,
    Her eyes wouldnt fail to glisten with hope and yearnings.
    Only he had the power to make it glisten with moist, warm tears.
    While he ensured his eyes wouldnt do the same.
    He was an artist and she the canvas,
    Because she wore mascara too often!
    He used no tools or brushes, but managed to draw little black streams of pain, loss and suffering on her cheeks
    She wore mascara too often and her face would get whiter by day, until it was his canvas of power to supress!
    Four years and many streams of teary, mascara on cheeks later, she wore it again
    Her eyes glistened again without the black, little streams flowing down her cheeks
    But, she little did she realize her smiles were left with him.
    He may be around a corner keeping a score of streams he drew on her cheeks or the demons he made of them,
    Maybe he is drawing it on a new face.
    Does she also wear mascara too often ?
    Nevermind, but her smiles were left him which no longer meant the same
    And all he is left with memory of drawing rivers of masacara on her cheeks.

    By thewrittenrewritten-

  • wilsxn_sls 1d


    "Can you believe it? It's already morning. We forgot to sleep again "


  • wilsxn_sls 2d

    BK Promise

    I couldn't forget
    for quite some time
    Our moments together, though apart
    Made me realise
    that I could start
    To be with someone
         who makes me feel a part

    You were special
    More so than I care to imagine
    Because with words
         and past midnights
    We shared together
         only talking

    Searched for you long
         missed you longer, ofcourse
    But now I am free
         of your sweet power to ruin
    But don't get me wrong
         I still miss you at times
    More of a curiousity
         than an actual feeling


  • rabina_azrael 2d


    Here, I was trying and trying to stitch back together the heart you broke into pieces,
    And you were there, already happy with some new unbroken heart.
    You moved on too soon,huh?
    -A. Rabina

  • vrnkmth 4d

    What's more difficult?

    Getting Ignored By The one you love...


    Ignoring the ignorance and moving on...


  • sanobar_mujawar_ 5d

    The past is gone,look forward in life positively.


    Read More

    The story that i thought
    would last forever,
    ended being just a chapter!


  • vagisha 5d

    I feel more troubled, more shattered, more disappointed and hopeless....when I see you in extremes of comfort zone without me....
    How are you so easily moving on without me?
    Neither my presence mattered to you not my absence did.
    You aren't being affected, smoothly carrying on so easily, so happily.
    More than my misery ,your comforts hurt me, that kills me deep down inside..!!

  • aminamenzoor 5d

    I am not gonna lie but I still think about you.
    But the memories that were crystal clear some time ago are now fading.

    I can't exactly remember your voice anymore or the way you said hello.

    Or how brown your eyes were

    Or how I could watch you talking about your favorite football team

    Or how we would sometimes sit in the stationary car silently and enjoyed the silence

    Or how that smile formed on your face when I would catch you looking at me

    Or how your hands felt against my skin

    As I write, I realize that I have forgotten parts of you but there are parts of you that I haven't forgotten and maybe I never will...

  • paragdevkar 5d

    Moving on

    If my mind conflicts on a burdening thought
    Then why do I reopen the scars I got?
    And if the night seems cold, dark and eternal
    Then why believe in a morrow euphoric and ethereal?
    If I still weep over you on 455th day that you have gone,
    Then why do I lie to myself that I have moved on?

  • black_otaku_love 1w

    My first crush❤️

    You were my first crush.
    I don't know how I first met you but you were always in my class.
    Is it a blessing or a curse to have met you?
    I am still trying to figure it out.
    You made my heart beat without realizing.
    I was the most happiest person in this world.
    I didn't tell about you to anyone because you were my secret crush.
    I know you noticed my eyes following you.
    That day I felt the rejection in your face.
    That didn't hurt me much but the fact that you had fallen for my best friend hurt.... A lot.
    It is your fault that I felt happy when my friend was leaving me.
    I know it is cruel to blame you but I m sorry I don't know whom to blame.
    Suddenly one day you left too.
    I was holding back my tears standing in the corridor.
    I didn't wave you goodbye because I felt if I did that then my feelings would overflow.
    I just stood there like I didn't care and saw you walk away.
    Why? Why did you enter into my life and cause so much confusion?
    But those days sure were beautiful.
    If you wanted to leave why did you come back?
    The news spread in my class that you were coming back to visit and I was holding in my excitation.
    Then finally the day came.
    You visited your old school and your friends at the parking lot.
    I was walking towards you and I didn't know how to react.
    When you stood in front of me I just didn't look into your eyes.
    I just looked around because if I saw you then I might not able to turn back.
    I am sorry I avoided you that day.
    Did you even look at me once?
    You are my secret crush❤️.
    So secret that it still hurts.

  • tutulia 1w

    Dead Self

    What was worth more than me?
    The cost of all our tragedies
    The reason for my bleeding soul
    My bruised heart that now beats cold

    I was yours, but you weren't mine
    Trapped by all your lies and twine
    Pulled by the fear of what could not be
    Lost in hope, the death of me

    Now you are gone, now I am free
    I laugh, I smile, and I can breath
    Yet not without glimpses of you
    Scarred by our shadows
    And who I was with you


  • sanobar_mujawar_ 1w

    It's going to be
    but 'hard' is not


  • avherzberg 1w

    I dropped the string you lead me by, so that I might never find my way back to you.


  • sneha_tanwar 1w

    Memories do haunt

    It's so damn hard to keep the door closed when the memories constantly knock at ur door...

  • jatinpartap 1w

    Ek Samandar sa bsta hai inn aankhon Mai...
    Doob jaaney ko g krrta hai...
    Inn khwaahishon ki kashti Mai...
    Taer jaaney ko g krrta hai...
    Jo zabaan se byan na ho skey...
    Uss dard ko bhool jaaney ko g krrta hai...
    Sochta hoo, ab aagey barh jaaun...
    Pr Tere paas laut aaney ko g krrta hai...


  • razor_bareek 1w


  • ginchung 1w


    In my heart there is a place,
    Which is a very special place.
    Where my life spins around,
    Which anchor me to the ground.
    Which is empty without you,
    With you its a perfect view.
    Now i wonder why,
    The things that made me cry.
    Coz now its flooded with tears,
    Then comes my fears.
    That you are long gone,
    But still you are my only one.
    And i don't have any reason to give,
    Coz you taught me how to live.
    Living without you is ain't easy,
    But still i tried like crazy.
    With a pain in my heart,
    I still do,My Crazy Little Heart ❣️..

  • jatinpartap 2w

    Getting over it !!

    It's been so long,
    So long and so cold.
    The winters have come,
    The summers have gone.
    The love is no more,
    No more is your want.
    But forget you my love,
    My love I won't.
    The words of wise,
    Encourage me to be bold.
    Be bold enough,
    To let go the story untold.
    Yes, I want to forget.
    But I don't want to regret.
    All the love, that I did,
    But now my love I wanna get rid.
    Get rid of it and move along,
    My sane asks me, just what went wrong.
    Nothing I reply, with a voice so fright,
    We just forgot that we needed to fight.
    A battle was fought, so harsh and rough,
    But all that is left is dust and duff
    You blame it on me, you brought it on me,
    My love I'm ready, come bring it upon me.
    I'll face all this if this is the fate,
    That you never loved me, but you loved to hate....

    Yes, it has been long, really long enough,
    But your memories my love,
    They're still as such.
    The life is still, as still as death,
    Maybe the love for you, has lost it's strength.
    The armour is torn, the knight has fallen,
    But this courage to live has not yet rotten.
    I can't be, and I don't want to be,
    A living body, with no life in thee.
    A dead realm, a realm of dreams,
    I wish it could calm down my screams.
    The pain that I felt, I wish for you,
    For one last time, I want to see you.
    Then I'll forget, forget it all,
    All that you started, in the winterfall.

    Yes, it's been so long,
    And now I think, I should really move on.
    Move on within me, to be myself,
    A self that was lost, in being someone else.
    No, I just won't, I won't ever regret,
    I wouldn't regret that it came to an end.
    Everything that happens, is worth a while,
    But pulling it along for whole of the life,
    Is just not wise, not wise indeed,
    But this love my love, it fails to cease.
    No worries for it, it was all mine,
    It has been mine,
    From the beginning of our time.
    Our time my love,
    What a time it was,
    I still remember the fragrance of that rose.
    Whatever it was, it was all to me,
    I wish my love you too could see.
    But let it be, the fire is down,
    Leaving behind my forehead in a frown.
    The feelings are over, over is our story,
    The preparations have started, to erase the memory.
    A memory, a life, a scar left behind,
    The journey has started to be my only kind......


  • anurenganathan 2w

    Moving on

    Everytime I decide to move on from you,
    Tats when I actually know how close I have been with you,
    Tats when I wish to stay within your warmth forever,
    I couldn't drag myself away from you,
    So now I have decided to let myself forget the idea of moving on,
    I process will happen when it has to happen,
    The universe bought us together and let the divine timing lead me,
    I would never force a move on,
    No more hurting or blaming myself,
    I move on with the hope that I will move on someday..


  • darkkevmc 2w

    B T

    Saw him from a distance
    Hoping i could get some glance.
    Believing one day i'll have the chance
    That he'll ask for my hand to be his last dance.

    But this world never played it cool
    That i ended up being fool.
    In believing what they called impossible.
    Now this woman looked nothing but miserable.

    I dropped my bag and look up the sky.
    Screaming the only word why.
    When someone tap me and smile
    Telling me it's just for a while.

    Now, that i found my happiness.
    All i could think about is love and kindness.
    Forgetting all of my insecurities and bitterness.
    And just focus towards greatness.

    Saw him again from a distance.
    Not hoping to get some glance.
    Believing one day someone will have the chance.
    That he'll ask for her hand to be his last dance.