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    Standing there waving in their faces,
    Crying out with a distressing plea.
    "My son! My boy! He's missing!
    He was right here, standing right next to me!"
    Masses of people poured into the streets,
    Making it almost impossible to see.
    As I looked around, time had slowed down.
    Not for everyone- but in fact, just me.

    When that man came out from the alley,
    He grabbed my boy by the arm.
    I struggled and screamed,
    And I told him, "Please don't do my boy any harm."

    My eyes felt like they were on fire,
    My heart- as if it had beat out of my chest.
    For when I looked down, what I seen on the ground,
    Was my boy in his blood splattered vest.
    My body was frozen in disbelief,
    Though I tried to rush to his side.
    I seen myself holding onto him,
    I'm glad it was me.. -the one who died.


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    The jury

    As she lay on him,
    Moving and untucking
    His shirt--
    Her blind husband in a wheelchair in far aside room, winked.

    One blind, one woman, one murder, one suspicion.


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    Accused : Her Love

    Victim : His Soul

    Charges : Attempt To Murder

    Weapon : Attrition


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    Please check out my book on Wattpad and I hope you enjoy. #Wattpad #England #Sunderland #whodunit #Ryhope #mystery #serialkiller #murder #writersnetwork

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    Death On The River Wear

    His main intentions were to go to Sunderland to find his family after his mother’s death but Grayson Taylor Shaw got more than that. He has travelled from London and has gave resigned from his job as an orthopedic surgeon at the King’s College Hospital to find out more regarding his mother’s side of the family and they don’t even know who this stranger is. He moves his life and everything he owns to the North-East of England, to a place called Sunderland and gets a new orthopedic job working at the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) in Newcastle upon Tyne. Grayson becomes a prime suspect in a case that he doesn’t realize is happening until he becomes the center of it.
    PC Natalie Roberts has been following a case from the beginning when she is called to a scene of a murder along with her new partner and starts to put a case together as she finds out that there has been similar murders running all along the River Wear with the same modus operandi and she starts to put a case together that she can take to Major Crimes Unit and Captain Harris. After more murders the case starts to get more international attention and Captain Harris brings in a Special Agent from America to help profile the killer to help apprehend him. When Special Agent Sharp arrives he is impressed with the case the Natalie has put together and is able to build the profile of the killer.
    Little does Grayson and Natalie know is that they are related. Grayson finds out that he has a half-brother called Graeme Dickinson and he is also Natalie’s cousin. Natalie started to suspect Grayson of the killings as he had been seen with one of the murder victims just before she died but as Grayson claims his innocence more killings happen. When Natalie gets a call from Lauren’s work place saying she hadn’t turned up for work this starts to worry Natalie as she knows that the killer must have her as she was last seen talking to someone of camera at the metro station. Things get a whole lot worse when Grayson receives a letter and a package from Graeme and in the package was a hand and some teeth that had been pulled from the victims and the hand possibly belonged to Lauren, Natalie’s girlfriend and partner.
    Grayson offers himself as bait to catch Graeme and to free Lauren from his home and either Graeme would be captured or killed but what Grayson wasn’t expecting was for Graeme to shoot him when he tried to take him down with a Taser gun that Natalie had put in his pocket for his safety. They finally free Lauren and find out that it was her hand that was in the box and also one of her teeth but also teeth from other victims.
    When the case is closed Natalie is offered an open invitation by Special Agent Sharp for her and Lauren to go to America and for Natalie to do the FBI training academy and the possibility of a job if she passes and also for Lauren to get the help she needs both physically and psychologically with all expenses paid.

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    #dark #murder #Victorian #valentine #romance #love #shock #blood #gore @writersnetwork

    WARNING: There's a death in this chapter. It's a little gorey, and if any admin says that I should take it down, I will. Thank you.

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    A Dark Victorian Valentine #3

    Ichabod limped to his station the next day, the pain in his back almost unbearable. His arms felt numb as he picked up the crumbled pieces of metal. Instead of throwing them in, he simply walked to the waste basket and placed them in, quickly stepping back into his place afterwards.

    He heard the door open in the back, on time as usual. The Employer stormed out of the room, his face red and furious. He stepped closer to Ichabod. And Ichabod felt the fear rise in his chest.

    Then he stepped past him, grabbing the boy next to him.



    "Steal metal from me, will ya?!" the Employer snarled, picking Ichabod's friend up by his neck. "Just as good as stealing money, it is!"

    Nob'dy started to sob as he cried, "N-No! I ain't a thief, I ain't!"

    "Liar!" the Employer bellowed. "I know you did it! I have witnesses that saw you doing it, too!"

    The Employer pointed to 6301. The boy looked down, his eyes clearly full of shame.


    The Employer dropped the boy. He grabbed the boy's hand and dragged him along behind him. "I'll have your hands for this, boy!"

    Nob'dy began to scream, struggling wildly. "NO! NO, PLEASE, LET ME KEEP MY HANDS! PLEASE! I DIDN'T DO IT, I-"

    The Employer slapped a hand over his mouth and snarled. "Shut ya gob!"

    He looked back at all the other boys. "Everyone in the yard! Now!"

    Everyone rushed out to the yard, Ichabod limping behind them. They all stood there, muttering to each other.

    "He's gonna put his wrists on the chopping block," one of the older boys said, pointing to the stump of a large tree that had always been in the yard. The tree stump had also always had a dark brown stain on its top. "He's gonna make us watch too, make sure none of us get any ideas to steal from him."

    A few of the boys were clearly doubtful, but most of the boys believed him. He was the oldest boy there, so who would dare question him?

    Ichabod felt himself gulp nervously as he looked at the factory. As he glanced at the windows, he caught a glimpse of blue eyes and brown locks, a split second of perfect skin shining in the sun.

    Then the Employer stepped out, the Ichabod's only friend screaming behind him.

    In his other hand, the Employer had an axe. A rusty, filthy axe.

    It appeared that the older boy was right.

    The Employer picked the struggling boy up by his neck.

    "Let this be a lesson to the lot of ya!" he bellowed loudly, a horrible smirk on his face. "No one steals from Richard Heralding!"

    And to everyone's horror, he pinned the Nob'dy under him, his wrists stuck on the tree stump.

    He brought the axe up.

    Nob'dy pleaded for mercy.

    He brought the axe down.

    A horrible cry echoed throughout the yard, and Ichabod knew that he'd always remember it. That he'd always remember the dark shade of the crimson.

    He'd always remember that the first swing didn't sever Nob'dy's hands completely.

    The axe swung down a second time, blood gushing and squirting from the stumps of arms. There was a weak crying, then suddenly the cries were silenced. His friend, Ichabod could see, had his eyes wide open.

    But his body never moved.

    Nob'dy was dead. Murdered.

    The Employer stood, smiling down at his handywork. "That should do it..."

    He glared out at all the boys, then held up the Nob'dy's hands. A grin spread across his features as he swung them around, as if they were a prize. "You let a word of this out, any of you, and I'll have your neck in a noose! You all hear me?"

    There was a murmur of a "Yes" among the boys. A few simply nodded their heads, too afraid to speak.

    Some, like Ichabod, didn't do anything, looking pale and sick.

    "Good!" The Employer laughed. "Now, off to an early bed! And remember this: his hands got caught in one of the machines! Now go!"

    The boy's rushed inside, and this time, despite the pain, Ichabod was ahead of all of them.

    As he entered his room, closing the door behind him, he only wanted to do one thing.

    He wanted to sleep this endless nightmare away. He wanted to wake from this bad dream, and find Nob'dy beside him in line tomorrow.

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    A day of death( suicide letter of god)

    I was going to kill my wife. Not for her sins but I couldn't suffer seeing her beauty and health deteriorating. She was so beautiful, she always made me feel i am living in a dream. Everything was so perfect. Everything was so perfect because of her patience. Even if our children didn't realized it, they are still alive because of her protectiveness. With the activities of all the parasites living on her body and soul, she's suffering so much. I couldn't suffer seeing her misery. But she's still smiling at me and asking to be patient and to forgive those parasites. I couldn't see her misery but I couldn't kill her. Her unlimited love is making my heart heavy now. With all my love to her, i am going to die myself. Take care of your mom.


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    The One

    The one she nurtured like a mother turned out to be her murdered, he not only took away her life but also the belief and trust she had on him...He had recklessly murdered motherhood.


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    Scar Tissue Chapter Five (2)

         I was holding my wife's hand and I couldn't stop thinking about him knocking on the closet and just walking away.

        I then remembered something when a flash of an image appeared before me.  The bald man that I took his guns out of his holsters. He was wearing a tight black shirt.  Those clothes connected to what happen tonight.

           I walked over to them, but the belt buckle didn't fit.  I knew the vet had to be working for Totorio, and then it hit me.  The conversations that I heard when I was laying on the floor between the man just before he gave the shot to my...Christ!

          I took the belt buckle out of the pile.  I went outside and put it in my car in a bag.  

    The vet returned five minutes later.  I watched him closely and saw a hazard bag sticking out of his pocket and I knew it was the evidence from the trash can.  I had his gloves in my pocket from treating my wife earlier though, so it didn't matter.

            He checked my wife's vitals.  He then walked over to the furnace and threw the biohazard bag in it and then picked up the clothes on the floor.

    “Forgive me, I just want to make sure I get rid of this whole mess.  Last thing we need while your wife is restin….” He stopped after he picked up both the shirt and pants.  He noticed the missing belt buckle. “Excuse me, that's odd. I could have sworn there was one more item. Yes, I remember it clearly.  Did you happen to see another item earlier when you were standing over here?” He knew. It was the only thing I had to charge him. I couldn't give him back the belt buckle I felt it was important for some reason.  I knew he was pretending at this point, but he didn't know I knew he was. I was a step ahead!
    If he knew I was aware of what was going on, I knew the consequences would be serious and my wife's care was in his control. But, he knew I was a federal agent and had taken evidence that may be a murder and not a patients belonging.

    “I have it.  I can give it back, but I really love belt buckles.  I collect them. If you want we can wipe it clean if you're worried about any evidence?”  I fucked it all up. He then smiled.

    “Thank you!”  He said.

    “I mean it.”

    “No, I mean it.”

    “Mean what?”  I asked.

    “You were just honest with me.  You could have lied to me. No, you can keep it.  It's not like I murdered someone and it's evidence.  It's just a patients. It's not significant.”

    “It's not significant?”  I asked.

    “That's right.”

    “That's right?”  

    “Good, I'm glad. Now, you see.  You know, you and I have a lot in common.  I see us becoming great friends!”

    “Us?  Great friends?”  He looked at me.

    “Yes, I think so too.  Why are you talking so strange, like you're learning the language for the first time.”

    “Sorry.”  I said.


    “Yes, because I didn't expect you to say that.”

    “No, I said sorry as in excuse me, I didn't hear you.  But I'm glad to hear that.”

    “Your names Arthur?”

    “Yes, I know.”  Something was happening that was causing a lot of miscommunication.

    “Well Arthur, I owe you for this.  I'm defying every thing I stand for as a Federal agent because you're saving my wife's life.  You also seem like a great guy.”

    “Can I be honest with you Columbia?”  I wondered why he just called me that and I realized I didn't tell him my name and that my jacket said Columbia normally where a name would be on a doctors jacket.  

    “Go ahead.”

    “I know what you must be thinking, you know me having an illicit side business helping other patients, or clients.  Maybe that I'm a terrible man. But, I'm not. I was raised by one. He turned me into a broken soul. I try to become a better man each day.  Please, forgive me. I won't conduct this business anymore!” I wanted to skin him alive!

    “Of course, Arthur.”  He smiled and it was so convincing that's the type of monster he is.  

    “Hey, let me ask you a question now that we're good friends.  Who did this to you?”

    “Totorio Armando.  He's a crime boss. An Albanian boss based in Brooklyn.  The boy, or young man I mentioned earlier was there too. The one who I checked up on to make sure he was alright.  Johnny. who isn't really his son, was trafficked over here and the one I tried to save. I told him I'd come for him to save him, the promise I broke. But, I also promised my wife to not get involved being that his father is a dangerous man and a monster.  He is important to my past. Now,look... I broke that promise to my wife and look what happen!” I knew that Johnny had to mean a lot to him being that he was the one when he left and she then died.

    “Wait!”  He said. It seemed like he was talking to himself.


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    Oh! How we always desire the pretty things for ourselves. But in keeping it for ourselves, we kill it's beautiful.
    #murder #butterfly #innocent #child #paradox #oxymoron #poem

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    Hey, pink spotted butterfly with grey fabric wings
    Hey, little miss butterfly, don't fly where I can not reach
    Come here dear butterfly, let me catch you, do not fear
    In my collection box castle
    As a princess shall you live.


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    Scar Tissue Chapter Three





    “Judge, my client would like to speak to this situation, Judge.  He has significant information to add here before this testimony forms a narrative that it's about to reach.”

    “Your client, the defendant, hasn't been mentioned yet sir.  Only the beginning was about him.”

    “Yes your honor, with a dramatic introduction to say the least.  He is also mentioned, but not by name, as the man behind the bar who dropped the glass in the club of the card game where Mr.Ford was.  Also, the words written upon Ford's arm.  And also, where this is most likely headed, but who knows with this mockery of a prosecutions case that's set up like a Quentin Tarantino film.  Flash forwards?  I'm sorry is this Lost, sir.  The next thing is Flash sideways!”

    “That's enough attorney!  I stated this case was reviewed with the Attorney General and myself before I hit this gavel!  It's necessary for this case given the circumstances we're now in.  You seemed more than happy on sixty minutes stating this case received a judge opposed to the death penalty.  Now, I will let the defendant cut in, but then this case will not be interrupted until other testimonies are called on. Is that clear to you sir?”  The defense attorney nodded his head.  

    The judge motioned the defendant to go ahead with his hands.

          I had received a phone call while I was was in the middle of something.  I turned off my furnace that's in the lab and put the belt and pants down.  I didn't have time to finish. My relevance to Totorio was very significant.

         I was told to go to an address and clean a table for one.  This wasn't uncommon, I think it was a dozen or so that I received at the time.  I had offered these services because of my experience and expertise.  It had become a part of my life as well.

        I worked a lot of odd jobs for Totorio.  We had a unique relationship.  But a very long and historic one.  He appreciated my set of skills and my privacy. I then called Philip to come.


        When I showed up I saw what had taken place. There were three bodies on the floor with a significant amount of blood loss.  That's not what surprised me, though.  What surprised me at a scene where I expect pulses to be at best shallow to faint, was a kid that came out while I was canvassing the scene.

         It wasn't something that made the situation out of control, actually, it is something quickly managed in my experience.  I should note, I never hurt kids!  

        So, I talked to the kid who was confused at the time.  I learned the kid was partially conscious and mainly sleepwalking it appeared. I should add this because it is important.  I told the child that the kid was having a nightmare and the only way to make it go away is to go back to sleep and fight it.  The child then noticed perhaps the blood, I'm not entirely sure, i just saw the kids eyes go wide and noticed his heart rate pounding.

          I realized the kid had seen too much, so I brought the kid to the room and I produced a sedative.  This is something I would be ordered not to do, but the opposite and leaving no loose ends.  But, this particular kid was special to me.  I just didn't expect to meet this kid under these circumstances yet.”

           The kid was then in bed comfortable.  But, I would realize about an hour or more later that I made one of the worst mistakes that night.  For some reason I felt safe in the kids room.  I slipped and almost made a grave mistake, but I had remembered later on and would go back to get them.  It was something I was used to do doing every time I gave injections.  There was great risk involved and I had broken one of my rules: re-entering a crime scene for the second time.  It meant I left plot holes.

         Anyway, I then went to the female realizing that she was bearing a baby.  She lost a lot of blood and also, it appeared a fetus within her.  I tried, I really did.  I was limited with what tools and aid I had.  I was there to clean a scene, not save lives.  I stabilized both of them and wrote on a syringe that was left by Totorio for a sadistic reason, but I did it because it could help the baby.  I knew the needle was placed there as a form of torture because she would never be able to inject him to help get her to a doctor to save her life.  I wrote on the packet of the syringe what it was, adrenaline, and to use it ASAP.  I cleaned the scene.  I looked at the woman and man again.

            For some reason the women looked familiar to me.  I tried once more after I checked the status of the baby.  There was a faint heartbeat.  There was still a chance. I did what I could to stabilize her for another half hour.  But, then a man grabbed my wrists with such force as I was cutting something.  I'm not sure if he saw, so I will not say what I was doing.  But he then spoke to me.

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    Scar Tissue Chapter One (2)

         I had to give all the evidence we had to a detective suggested by Mercury named, Oxford from the NYPD. He worked homicide that's as much as I knew about him, but if he was as smart as his name, we would be alright.  My job was to assist him unofficially as best as I can in proving and convicting our prime suspect, or my "friend".

          The murder was at a point in the killers life where he was thriving in the madness he felt inside of him that suffocated his everyday life.  He finally had a violent explosion.  He was distracted from his hunger by obsessing and planning each day, but reached the conclusion and simply got bored.  He had nothing to fill the huge abyss in his bottomless soul.  So, like a predator he preyed on his victim and hunted it down and tore it to bits.  He was now drunk off of blood lust.  

          I gave the NYPD the evidence and a few days later checked in and saw it was still an open case as I expected.  I knew either way it had already started.  I suspected that's what Mercury feared.  The evidence that I took he would know was taken.  Not only that, but the trash can and the conversation I heard him have when I was lying on the ground uncousiness with my wife losing our unborn baby in front of me.  He always knew.  But I knew now.  I had to stay two steps ahead.

          I knocked on Mercury office.  His secretary was telling me he was on the phone.  I walked over and saw line one red.  I picked the phone up and listened.  She tried getting up, but I put my fingers to her lips to shh her.


          A man was talking and after a minute I learned he was the lead detective of the case.  He's profile was great and accurate.  I listened to him carefully.

    “It was a homicide in which the killers inner beast surfaced to the top.  It was the start of self discovery.  It was so violent because all the rage had been held captive inside for so many years.  It was finally released in a room with a paid women.  The pimp at the time thought that the “John” had an ominous feeling to him, and you know what's ironic Mercury?”

    “I'm listening.”

    “The one-time pimp is now appears to look like a pimp, while he resides in a retirement home with a acronym for a sickness.  Like a bow of irony was wrapped around his life, as the pimp had walked with a limp by the time I found him all these years later, and he uses a cane for his limp.”

    “So, what did you discover or come to?”

    “I asked Mr. Dribbles if he can remember the woman, meanwhile I saw Mr. Dribbles hands shaking, but I saw his senses peaked. The orderly quietly told him in his ear to calm down and that his medication would kick in soon.  She then looked up me and mouthed the letters M-L-S.  I then realized it was a code or maybe his signature, so I slapped cuffs on him and began reading him his miranda rights."

    "Excuse me, you did what?" Mercury asked.

    "Dont get too excited. I thought it was a great arrest too when I saw the hospital staff recording everything with their cell phones. But then, the orderly started slapping me and saying he had multiple sclerosis. It was a close one. He looked at the photos and told me sure and said,  "yeah that one I couldn't forget! That's for sure.”  And then he positively identified the vic  by saying it was Comet!  He then followed that by a comment that I'll share with you because it may be pertinent to the case.”

    “You know what Oxford?  I think this is what an hemeriode would sound like.”

    “He said he couldn't forget her like cancer in his asshole.  Then as he was looking at one of the pictures he said, “See, there!  Right there...comet!”  I looked at the photo hoping he was pointing to what I spent an hour with my lieutenant talking about and hoping he’d recognize the very thing on the evidence recovered from the scene.  He was pointing to the belt buckle and the comet on it.  He positively identified the victim and also the key evidence we have!”

    “Thanks Oxford.  You have the DNA, the fingerprints, everything you need to charge the prime suspect now?”

    “I'm sorry sir, between you and me, I'm usually not that good at gauging people's reactions.  You seem upset?”  That was the first thing Oxford said that surprised me.

    “It's fine work detective, just fine.”  

    “Well, there's something else.  Also, I had to know something that was not pertinent to the case.  I asked Mr. Dribbles why he would say her name and prostate cancer in the same sentence.  Surprisingly, his answer may be pertinent to this case.”  I was beginning to understand why this detective was chosen by Mercury.  “He said she never listened to him.  She was a new working goal trying to earn money for an abortion.”  I put my head down.  I couldn't believe this idiot had found a motive.  “He said she was too naive.  Didn't know the streets and how they chew you up, swallow you, and spit you back out.  He said she worked in the bowels of the hood.  So, I think there's information there to help.”

    “Oxford, forgive me, but you said there was something else.  Was that the something else?”

    “Yes. No, I'm sorry.  We can't charge the suspect you have provided us and that matches the DNA with because we don't have a murder weapon and body.”

    “Yes, I knew these two things when I gave you the case and told you that.  So, you basically told me exactly when I already knew?   This is why I didn't seem surprised nor happy Oxford.  Ford, hang up the phone and come in here!”

    “Wait, how did you know I'm listening?” I asked.

    “Wait, what's going on?  This is Oxford still.  I think you three way dialed someone else.”

    “I heard you sigh when he said something, so I know you learned something, or are disappointed.”  Mercury said.

    “I don't understand?”  Oxford said as I hung up.  I walked in Mercury's office and saw him hang up too.


    “Mercury, he just said the motive.”

    “Ford, what give you the right...what?”


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    Scar Tissue Prologue 2

    My CI had mentioned to me in a parking lot of a shopping plaza in Brooklyn one day while I was undercover, that I should be investigating his boss.  I was four months deep in a narcotics operation.  I needed help with any leads regarding a buyer.  I wasn't interested in what he was saying to me at the time.  

           I told him to shut up.  I didn't want to hear his personal problems.  Sometimes informants drag you in on the uneasy lifestyle they live for empathy, so you can help them out when they provide information, but he was fairly new and I had much more loyal informants that I took care.  I had a thing with trust and informants.  If I made someone my confidential informant, that spoke volumes and meant they had worth.  It also put their life at risk, so I took it very seriously.  I was considering him as an informant but he had no information each time I met him.  He would always talk about this Totorio Armando fella.  

            But, then he mentioned something to me that day in the parking lot of the shopping plaza.  He said, “Well sorry man, sorry for fucking caring that these fucking kids coming over in crates.  I mean fuck, man!”


    “I mean if that's not pertinent to your goddamn information then I don't know what Is?  Just a bunch of bullshit!”  I looked at my rear view mirror at him.

    “Children in crates?”

    “Were you not listening to me?”

    “Go ahead, talk.  What have you got?”  He scoffed.  I had never indulged on the previous three meetings with what he had been trying to tell me.

    “Nothing, forget it.  Sorry, I just have a lot of stress.”

    “The fucking crates and boy?  What did you mean?  What are you telling me?”  

    “Listen, you seem like you don't trust a lot of informants, or that you take care of one when their useful, which says a lot about the cop you are.  So, this is on some other leve shitl.  Man, I don't think it's even on your level!”

    “You don't know what level I'm on.  Now, no more static.  Talk to me.”

    “This man, Totorio, he's involved in shipping little boys.  Like...sex postituting--"

    “You mean Sex trafficking?”

    “Exactly like sex trafficking except with no  females, just boys.  I've driven him to discreet places, i mean really shady places man. Anyway, the other day I drove him to a place in the Bronx on Kimball Avenue.  He went in and after ten minutes I broke my most the first rule he told me as his driver.  Never get out of the car.”

    “You got out of the car?  Unbelievable.”

    “Yeah I know curiosity killed the stomach!”

    “What?  No!  Not how it's said.  Continue.”

    “I had to I was so stressed looking at the place knowing what was going on inside. So,   I smoked a cigarette.  I was looking at the house and then I saw someone looking at me through the blinds.  All of a sudden the side door opened loudly and three men with guns led five small boys into a truck that was near the garage, and they quickly pulled out and drove away.  My cigarette was halfway through by that point!  The shades then lifted and I saw Totorio just looking at me.  I fucked up so bad!”

    “Maybe, or maybe you prevented several boys being selected in ones he wanted to keep.  Maybe you saved all of them.  The point is you don't know.  He wasn't there to buy one.  He's the leader of that operation at least.  This isn't bad.  But he needs to be taken down!  I'm going to pay you now for that information.  If you don't accept my payment you will die.  Here it is, don't ever return to him again or he will kill you.  Your a convict that's done time and got the job because you're Albanian.  But, you happen to have a history and habit of drugs.  He doesn't trust you.  He knows you can be locked up and can offer the cops information.  What's your real name?  Trust me.”

    “Trust a fucking cop?  You've got to be fucking kidding me!”

    “I will save your life!  Trust me.”  I saw him hesitate and battle with everything he stood for, but knew that he was against the wall and his family's protection would be at stake


    “Gio.  I'll take care of this.  Trust me.  Here take this money.  It's enough for you to find a place that's livable for the first and last month's security.  Make sure it's far from here, but always have a way to have your finger on the pulse of what's happening in this city too, so you know when it's safe for you and your family.  This is what's going to happen.  You will return and he'll send you probably on a drive or just kill you where you stand.  Or you can take this and run and live.  He'll look for you for a couple of years, but he'll forget about you because I'll enter his life.  You decide, but remember I'm offering to save your life.  I know in the end sometimes you yourself can only save yourself.”  He took the money and told me he won't ever forget it and left.  I called him back over and did something I never had done, but felt in my heart it was the right thing to do.

    “Take this.  It's unmarked, but my only favor is that you don't use it other than to protect yourself.  And listen, your a step ahead of him.  You know his next move.  Now watch closely”

          I believe in my heart that was the night that it all started to come together; the events.  The main driver who drove Totorio, and also his wife around, had left work, I didn't know how at the time, not yet, but now looking back, if he wouldn't have trusted me and went back without my advice, my whole world would be different.  That man gave me the most important things in my life!  I will never forget his name, Gio Dinetto.  I dedicate my life to him just from my brief encounter.  My whole story is like the beans Jack got that became the Beanstalk, and the absence of the driver, but also forged an eternal bond with a crime family and my fate.  The seeds, or beans I like to look at it as, started it all, and Gio game me two gifts and was the ultimate fate   A few months later I was driving on the west side highway.  I saw something up ahead on the right shoulder of the highway.  It was like a dart shot to my senses,I was paralyzed.  I pulled over to the side of the road and saw this blonde headed angelic figure with a tight skirt on and high heels bending down and changing a tire.  It didn't fit, the image and scene didn't belong.  I found her immediately fascinating.  I had to know why this beautiful flawless woman that could be found walking on fifth avenue, changing a tire like a man that knows cars so well, and had tire dust smeared across her forehead.

             I started talking to her and for the first time I felt my actual heart inside of me.  To actually feel the very thing that beats inside of you is staggering with majestic dressings of profound feelings. The trick was on me though because as obvious as all this may seem by reading what was going on, I was blindly so easily by love.  It was too late by the time I learned who she really was.  The imprint had been left as the first footsteps on the moon.   Some people don't know when their falling until they hit the ground, or till they reach the act.  I was lucky and knew during the whole process in which I was falling in love.

          That was the day my life would be forever changed.  Or, I can say it was when I was seven years old when me and my father went out in the front yard and did something.  Looking back either way, everything that happened is all connected to it.   I look at it now, and I see the crimson blood it's stained with.  What it all represents.  



  • darrianlynx 2w

    Murder Us

    How can I believe in your love for me
    When you are killing us so carelessly?
    Without a second thought or mind
    Your suspicion slashes so unkind
    You angrily squeeze and turn to dust
    Our fragile psyches letting rust
    Corrode the future of our past
    Without a chance to make it last.
    Your claims of love eternally
    Aren't backed by faith or trust in me.
    You breathe your awe into my mouth
    Just before you send us south
    With all the birds who love each other
    More than just in stormy weather.


  • kaveri07 2w

    For a few stories are carried to the grave......
    #history #murder #4linepoem #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork

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    Add an air of mystery,
    To a haunting scenery;
    Throw in a body rotten;
    To brew history forgotten.

  • sehr__000 3w


    I was planning his funeral after
    the terrible accident
    he met with by...
    jumping from the roof

    When he entered the room
    and asked me
    if i was free tonight...❤

  • kritikamittal 3w

    Society ---- Indian

    Indian society is full of hypocrisy.... They say love yourself nd then they will criticize you for that, they say don't judge Nd then they themselves becomes judge, they say love is the supreme power nd then they stand against love.... In our India it's okay if we pee in public but it's not okay if we kiss in public.... In our India it's okay if a raped victim is lying without clothes but it's not okay if sunny Leone is having a show,..... In our india it's okay if domestic violence is happening on road but it's not okay if a girl is smoking.... Our India is full of hypocrisy nd bastards out there....
    I know it do have good in herself but the bad is so much increasing that it can't be ignored.

  • writer_cutio 3w

    @writersnetwork @magicwithwords @desireddreamer @reshamthegreat @ericwk

    #murder #slaying
    Every animal is born to slaughter if I have a choice I would choose something too good to be killed but
    Unfortunately their are none ...

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    An Animal

    People often ask me
    If I were an animal
    What it would be ?

    I just say
    "anyone who can't be killed"


  • kujikanesada 3w

    It's all over us―the stains from the committed butcher, the only things left of what once had been parts of ourselves.

    #prose #quote #murder #murderer #metaphor #kuji_kanesada

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    Murderers, we are.

    Murderer of our own identity; murderer of our hopes and dreams, of opportunities and chances. We slaughter bits and pieces of ourselves, forsaking their remains in a desolate place inside our mind to be supressed and forgotten―all for the sake of people who care only for their ego, and for a society who couldn't care less.

    ― Kuji Kanesada

  • miss_architect 3w


    "I love you " you say, a smile that touched your soulful eyes.
    I shrug and spread one of my own, ecstatic.
    Slowly it leaves me as I reminded myself you couldn't read my mind.
    Then you would've seen the tinge of green that crept into my face
    As I envied my successful best friend,
    The hint of yellow smeared across my cheeks
    As I gleefully watched that high school bully slowly become an alcoholic mess,
    The hint of red that sparked out from my unreasonable hatred for my kind neighbour,
    The black of my eyes as I plotted your death,
    I fear once more that your love isn't unconditional.

    ©Anupama Premanandan

  • _maansi_ 8w

    Its only in love and murder that we still remain sincere.