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    I am nothing without your thought .
    Your love is fabric to warm my soul ..


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    Mysterious person




    From no where one person's thought makes us feel butterflies .. in our TUMMIES

    Without even knowing that person , not knowing how that person looks , sounds , smells nothing .. just by hearing about that person you start to blush ..which you never thought you would in your life..

    For whom you start to feels the way you wanted to feel for someone special in your life ..

    As said for every girl it's a dream to find a soulmate in whom she can see her dad or respect him the way she does to her dad... And when she feels that .. it's the most beautiful moment for her ...

    Suddenly that MYSTERIOUS PERSON becomes the permanent member of your list of people for whom you pray daily to keep them safe and sound .

    How it happens that just by getting the news of that person getting hurt makes you feel still .. how you start to imagine how much pain that person must be bearing and that makes your eyes moist ..

    How one msg from that UNKNOWN MYSTERIOUS person makes you smile to your fullest and make your face all flushed up ......

    How when someone says SWEAR ON THAT MYSTERIOUS PERSON .. you don't do that thing .. besides fact being you don't believe in swearing .. but when it comes on that person , it starts to matter you..

    Just the thought of seeing that person's picture makes you excited as a child gets when his parents give him his favorite chocolates ..

    When just by thinking about meeting that person in real makes you feel mocktail of emotions.of. happiness , nervousness. , eeriness , and many more.ness ,.....

    When you start caring for a mysterious person so much that their each pain can make your eyes moist and makes you worry ..

    When sunshine , shinning star ... Names which you felt chessy before .. ...
    ... Added with MY tag AND SAID BY THAT MYSTERIOUS PERSON makes you love those names and make you smile and blush to your fullest ...

    When seeing the picture, meeting , knowing that person feels the most important work in your life.... Then not able to do so makes you sad but at the same time makes you think may be a more beautiful meet has been planned by the cupid up there which will be way more interesting than now.....

    When you start imaging that MYSTERIOUS PERSON. In place of your imaginary character in alll your crazy , romantic , beautiful , wild future imagination ...

    WHEN you start to say to yourself that you should not think about THAT MYSTERIOUS PERSON ... You should not feel anything , you should ignore that , to save your self from getting hurt .. BUT YOUR HEART SAY NO I KNOW I WILL NOT GET HURT , I Know if I WILL GET HURT THAN I WILL TAKE CARE IF MYSELF BY MY OWN ... And when that fight between them makes you not think about that MYSTERIOUS PERSON. Then you start missing thinking about the latter....

    Again when you got to know they got hurt makes you so sad that you start fighting with god for that...

    .. .. Then chatting to THAT MYSTERIOUS PERSON for the first time makes you super happy that nothing can spoil your mood that day.....

    Suddenly a person comes and he becomes the one about WHOM INTENTIONALLY or UNINTENTIONALLY you think last before sleeping ...and first after waking up.

    When not getting any message from them makes you miss his messages and read older messages in a loop and smile like a fool .. ( as he says smile like a fool as you do)

    ‌When others also comes and with them you start chatting daily besides that also you don't feel any emotions which you feel for a MYSTERIOUS PERSON .who you don't even know how he looks .

    When suddenly you start listening romantic songs ,singing and dancing with the beats like crazy under shower....

    And then coincidentally whenever you look and think about another guy you hurt yourself .. whenever you try to ignore that MYSTERIOUS PERSON you hurt yourself .....
    Then you start to think as said coincidence happens twice or thrice not always. . ..

    Then it all makes you feel happy , angry , sad , irritated all at once .
    And on next moment it makes you laugh like a mad person ..

    When out of nowhere thinking about THAT MYSTERIOUS PERSON and reading old message sent by him makes you calm where only thing you wanted to do was cry your heart heart out .
    When THAT MYSTERIOUS PERSON makes you to feel motivated to give your best in everything .. ........


    When you get compliment on your pic from THAT MYSTERIOUS PERSON MAKES YOU LOVE YOUR THAT PIC AS HELL. AND MAKES YOU SMILE LIKE A FOOL... (again as he says smile like a fool as you do )

    This all altogether makes you ask why ?? Do you feel all this ?? Is am doing wrong by feeling so ?? Yes. I am doing wrong. I should not think and feel like this , shouldn't I???

    At the end you tell yourself to DEEPLY BREATH IN AND BREATH OUT ..

    AND .. TELL ITS ALL A MYSTERY .. IT WILL DISCLOSE WHEN THE TIME WILL COME SO CHILLL AND DO What is more important and wait for the right time. ....... ......and as he says Smile like a fool as you always do .

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    Punishment was something I originally had in my nature. In my natural being of a human. Punishment was something in which I craved the most. Like a monster living inside of me. Awoken at the sound of its hunger for pain. To cause it to someone other than myself.

    If not satisfied, it can become cruel. A beast. Unholy and uncontrollable. It can make your day go from something of gratitude and niceness, into a world of chaos. Slowly turning into something completely undesirable. Into pure disgust and hate.

    A world of pain is all I have ever lived in. All I ever seem to be hungry for. Someone who is comforted by the warmth of fresh blood.

    The monster; vile thing inside me, no blood will ever be enough.

    For what I feel is something chaotic. Wrong and vile. In which causes me to bare the sin of gluttony.

    -Yanira (Tokyo)

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    Life of an Indian Girl❤

    She don't demand for more,
    She asked you to treat her same.
    She always stood before,
    Just to get love, not blame.

    You considered her useless,
    So you left her to die.
    You thought she was a mess,
    Whenever you did such things didn't you ever feel shy?

    You don't need a girl but you want a daughter in law,
    Seems as if a bird doesn't needs a leg but wants a claw.

    The destiny will repeat it's history,
    Rest will all remain a mystery.

    For the first time the game will be free to watch,
    None is gonna help you neither your whiskey nor your scotch.

    You and your son will suffer day and night,
    Your karma is gonna give you tough fight.

    She is your girl,
    Treat her like a pearl.
    Then one day she will surely make you shine,
    Just once say her "You are Mine".

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    Inside mysteries

    I felt a certain urge to read the letter, it felt as if it's purplish blue aura was attracting me to tear open the seal of the envelope and read the content of the letter inside, as if it was longing to be read by someone, as if it was kept there for me. I held the envelope with trembling hands, astonished by the beautiful cursive alphabets I began to read each word carefully to downreach it's depth, to find the mystery of the unknown...

    -to be continued

    -Navkiran Johal
    -Archive of chronicles

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    Strange Stories From This Weird Book I Found.

    This story you're about to read is one of many. this book is a collection of short stories from all different genres. stories range from being as short as one chapter to as long as six. no two stories are connected. I found these stories in a book by a lake house and decided to share the stories written inside. the book belongs to a "Jerome H. Williams" if you know such a person please contact me. this might be there book and these might be their crazy stories.

    Alex Richardson was always a strange young fellow. He'd often be seen playing at the old lake house by himself. I once over heard him talking to someone, only to find that there was no one there. Mother always said "that Alex Richardson was a few screws short" and that "I don't want to see you anywhere near that lake house". I was never one to listen mother. One morning I rose early, earlier than the morning bird in fact. I was determined to meet Alex Richardson and make friends with him, but if I was to do so I had to stay out mother's sight. I jumped out of bed the minute the rays of sun came peeking through my drapes. I don't remember if I even slept the night before, the thought of going behind mother's back to do something like this might have kept me up. I slowly opened the door and it lets out this rusty Creek.

    Of all the mornings to make a rusty sound the door choose today. I ignored the door and hurried downstairs as softly as I could and grabbed the lunch I prepared the night before. I had no idea what Alex Richardson likes, he's such an odd fellow, so I packed everything a 10 year old kid our age would love. I packed a PB&J sandwich, pickles, and candy. Not even Alex Richardson could resist that. I hurried through the front door with little regards to how loud I was. I was already wearing my favorite Jacket and track pants so I saved myself the time of having to change clothes. The sky hadn't even been lit properly and here I was racing down the mud road through the forest to the lake house to meet a kid who didn't even know I existed.

    I arrived at the lake house and to my surprise Alex Richardson wasn't there... "Maybe I was a tad bit early?" How foolish of me. I'll hide behind a tree and wait for him.

    It's 6:22am, Alex Richardson hasn't arrived yet, no worries i haven't been here long.

    7:45am, Alex Richardson still hasn't arrived yet...I got hungry so I ate my share of the lunch...it's a shame, I wanted us to eat together.

    10:30am, still no Alex Richardson, and I ate his share of the lunch...

    12:22pm he's here! I see him approaching from the other side of the lake house.

    He's sitting close by the lake and puts his feet in the water, I observe him closely as I write this. I don't know who's lost more screws, him for coming here everyday talking to himself, or me for stalking and documenting him. He takes his shirt off and starts patting himself on the back, he's definitely lost more screws.

    He's looking in my direction...I think he sees me...

    12:45pm, Alex Richardson seems to have spotted me, I had no food for either of us so I panicked and ran home. Mother gave me one hell of a scolding for playing hooky.

    He's such an interesting fellow...I wonder if I can meet him again and actually have the courage to talk to him. Maybe. Maybe tomorrow.

    It's 12:00 on the dot and I'm already at the lake house waiting for Alex Richardson.

    This morning i got up and no one was home, it was a Saturday, my parents always sleep in on a Saturday...how odd. I went downstairs this morning and found that two lunches were already prepared and lying on the table, I found that very suspicious. I chose however not to question it but to instead take the lunches and head down to the lake house.

    Alex Richardson is going to arrive any moment now.

    He's here! I'll go over and talk to him, I'll write how our interaction went afterwards, wish me luck!

    Alex Richardson, such an odd fellow. This afternoon we met at the lake house. He didn't seem surprised to see me, it seems he was expecting me after spotting me yesterday.

    Our interaction went as follows. He sat down and dipped his feet in the lake as usual. I walked up to him with a warm smile...what I saw made me feel uneasy. His skin was pale, it had a grey-ish tone. He resembled a dead person. His eyes were pale and his skin looked dry, such an odd fellow.

    He looked at me as a child would a new toy, a look of wonder and awe. That look was enough to break the ice for me. I sat next to him and dipped my feet in the lake also. We ate, I actually got to see Alex Richardson eat. But that wasn't the best discovery of the evening. No, that came when I asked him his name. His voice was breaking, as if he was struggling to speak. He said

    "My n...name...is...al... Alexander"

    I was lost for words after hearing him speak. The way he looks plus the way he sounds was so much to take in. But i had to reply, so I said

    "Hi, I'm Jerome. My mom named me that cause she wanted a son"

    He smiled when I said that, perhaps he had never seen a girl named Jerome before. Or perhaps...he had ever seen a girl before. I shall see him again tomorrow, and we will have sandwiches again and I will learn more about him. Alex Richardson, such an odd fellow.

    (Part 2 coming soon)

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    If anyone wants to know the mystery of universe,
    Then look inside yourself,
    Then you will realize that Mystery of universe and infinity lies within you.


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    A girl like me - IV

    She is made of stardust and wishes and magical things
    Remember, she comes with a teaspoon of mood swings
    Every word she speaks is a spell, a song in itself
    Every time she breaks down in silence, she embraces herself


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    I always like different things
    Thats why i tried to discover a mysterious soul.....

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    Chapter One

    "It's Me, Mario"

    Mark Sax was in his house from a high view, relaxing.  He was letting go of losing it in his office today in front of a celebrity that was recently named by women to be masturbating in front of actresses on a particular show.  He was listening to him endlessly describe the robe the actor was wearing that made his package feel like “a Gods handkerchief wrapped around Starsky and Hutch!” Sax yelled enough!  His assistant walked in.

    “Take this pervert and get him the fuck out of here.  I just listened to him tell me 18 different ways his balls felt in the robe he wears to jerk off in front of female actresses.  Did you ever consider your chin looks like testicles! I will no longer represent these shameless sex predators! Matter of fact, I'll represent the victims that had to see the balls that hang so far low that you probably constantly check your water pressure for because every time you sit on the toilet it feels like your doing a cannonball with your scrotum!  I'm done! This isn't what I wanted with my life!” He stormed out as Beverly was smiling and looking at the famous actor oddly.

    A phone rang and Sax picked up hearing his assistant telling him he needed to meet with someone immediately.

    “I found the perfect case. I've been the one for years telling you you're much better than being millionaires lawyers.  So, listen to me on this. It's a appeal for capital punishment.”

    Sax, who just snorted two lines of cocaine of of a prostitutes ass, threw down a shot of tequila for the numb drip to mix with the sting of the shot.

    “Come again?  I need to do what?  Wait, I know that one. I only like winners, you know this.” Shark said.

    “Yeah, actually I do.”  Beverly was Mark Sax most sought perral legal with her beautiful natural looks and her extreme diligent work.  She dreamed of becoming a lawyer until she met Mark in legal school and fell in love with him and decided to follow him, but he's never seen her that way.

    “Is that the infamous fin, Shark?”  She heard a females voice on the other end.

    “Shh!  Bev? Sorry, it's my siri.  It's acting all weird.”

    He received his nickname Shark from a couple of the high-end escort services that were very discreet.  It was a sexual thing he did that made them all refer to him as Shark. It leaked to the press and his PR turned it into a metaphor for his work.  

    He belonged to the two that only services the most flawless woman , who were doing the job as a way to earn money while trying to become an actress or model.

    “Mmmm, you're dangerous!  I better watch out for you--"  

    “Not you!  I'm on the phone!”  Sax said as his assistant listened shaking her head pouring a glass of wine.

    “You done yet?  Care to begin work?”  Beverly asked.

    “Not really, no.  I told you today, I'm sick of everything!  I'm done!”

    “Get over you pity parade.  So, you what? Meet a woman and take her up to your penthouse and drink a little too much and start your passionate talk about the law quoting cases that you're fascinated by, believing it's not what you dreamed it would be and you're not doing what you dreamed of doing?  Well, I found the answer. Your dream. Now go on, and realize she just wants sex. She doesn't care about what you have to--"

    “Alright!  Stop! Besides, you're wrong.  I didn't meet a woman and bring her up.”

    “Oh?  So, you--"

    “I paid her and she was told to come up.  But.... you're right.” There was a moment of silence.

    “Then let's fix you.  You will feel better.”  Beverly said.

    “Remind me why I still pay you?”  Sax asked.

    “You haven't paid me in three weeks!  You won't pay me till next week. You're always a month late paying me weekly, which you now pay me monthly.”  Beverly reminded him as he was still focusing on three weeks.

    “Well, I do pay you.  How much do I pay you by the way?”

    He made the hooker leave.

    “Oh, you think you're being smart with a rhetorical question.  Not nearly as much as you should. I'm no longer your assistant.  I'm the person responsible of all your daily responsibilities. I also have to protect your ego, and your hypersensitivity, daily.  I'm the one who picks you back up again. From time to time you tell me you can do it by yourself and don't need me. Then you end up hitting rock bottom doing drugs and have endless sex ultimately leading up to hookers.  So, this is where I tell you the point of when we shut down.”

    “I'm hanging up!  You're fired!” Sax said.

    “Yes, you always say that at this point which is why we created the contrac--"  Sax hung up on her. He went back to snorting more cocaine and calling for another female to come over.  

    After he hung up he thought about doing more coke with another hooker and called up for one.

    Because of the cocaine, he was obsessively flossing his teeth in the mirror with so much interest and focus, he decided he couldn't wait and have his closest contact stop by.   He called him and he told Sax he had to meet him and said if he was still interested to call him back and then hung up.

    He searched all the spots and stashes stashes in his house and felt desperate.

    He called JP and told him he needed another eight ball.  JP put him on hold and Mark began flossing again. JP came back and then told him to then go to a parking lot in Hollywood.  Mark stopped flossing all of a sudden and looked at the phone. He then started to have thoughts. He then thought maybe it was because he had drank too much, so he did his line to sober up so he could drive and be alert.  He opened the door and the hooker was standing in his doorway.

    “Oh.  I'm on my way out, I was just delivering pizza.  Have fun!” He went to step forward and the woman grabbed his crotch.

    “You must be Shark!  I'm blossom! I'm here for Mario brothers.”

    “I'm not sure what you mean?  Like for plumbing?” He said trying to get out of the situation.

    “Oh, the safe word.  I'm sorry. I heard you are particular about it.  Okay, its uh--ok i got it...it's me Mario! Can I come in now?”  Mark Sax just stood there thinking about how sick he was of all of this.  He then thought of something maybe from the paranoia from the cocaine.

    “Hold that thought, do you mind?”  He closed the door on her as she stood in the hallway.  He called Beverly and asked her something.

    “Bev, don't judge me I may be walking into a trap.  There was a man that I don't have a good feeling about.  He left such an impression on me last time I met JP. Find out all you can about him as soon as you can.  JP said his name was Bronco and he had a mushroom tattoo on his left hand.”

    “JP?  Mark, really?

    “Beverly, please?”  He walked back to his door and opened it and saw the woman's foot in his neighbors hand rubbing it.

    “No, no.  Please, stop!  This is so bad!  Hey, how about we do something different tonight, Blossom?  Let's take a ride.” Mark grabbed her and picked her shoe up and walked away with her.

    She agreed as they were walking and they were headed towards the address in Hollywood to meet the dealer who never made Mark leave his house based on Mark always paying him extra for his discreet business.  

    He pulled up across the street and saw JP standing outside his car looking around. JP would never get out of his car with so many drugs on him, he thought.

    “See that man in the hat across the street leaning on the Mercedes?” Mark asked Blossom who told him she was a foot model on the ride there.

    “Um, yeah.  So?”

    “So?  Alright, I need you to take this money that I'm paying you for tonight and go give it to him.”  She was looking at him flabbergasted. “It's not a big deal. Just play along.” He said.

    “Ok, so I just walk over to him in my stilettos from here and give him the money that's mine?  Yeah, no big deal to you.”

    “Well, you haven't earned it, yet.”  Sax said wiping his nose and smiling.  

    “You better have cuffs on me in a half hour reading me my rights!”  She got out and started walking over. He looked at her in disbelief.   He rolled down his window for her.

    “Hey, they say his name is JP.”  He smiled at her while watching all around closely.  He thought about JP and his conversation and why it was odd talking to him because it was the man in the room. The man was looking at him funny and asking Mark plenty of questions.  The guy was too suspicious. His phone then rang.

    “Thank you, what did you find out?” Mark asked.

  • bravetraveler 2d


    The narrative worked, for God help us all, if he really did have crucial evidence! As stated he did obtain it through the leak and Sax captured the narrative perfectly.

    The first leak from Mark Sax was made in print and given to the New York Times.  Ford was American, but practised Muslim. His name was also mentioned in the same sentence as Osama Bin Laden and now the freshest threat of America, Al-ZaHeer.  

    That was all that was said, and the American people and news workers took it and used the context with their imagination and drew a conclusion.  

    The identity of Ford couldn't be seen due to his circumstances;  undercover work, perhaps. An advantage used by Sax in his narrative that would win him the case.

    The second and most important of the three leaks by Sax was a theatre act.  As he appeared outside the courthouse that was to hold the case of appeal, he was surrounded with dozens of cameras and more microphones.  

    “I wanted to say this in front of where my client is going to receive his proper justice in the event of turning over his sentence of capital punishment.  This is where it will happen and I wanted to include you all here and invite the American people that has had our support. I want everyone to know that I am representing a guilty man of crimes that I don't stand for or represent.  

    What I represent is the miscarriage of justice and sentencing the wrong man to a sentence that is unjust and not true.  I believed in my client from the beginning and vehemently defended him so. But now, let me tell you all that I have now received evidence exposing the truth of the most important matters of what is going on.  At the least, my client did not commit capital crimes. How could he when I have evidence that's jarring and overwhelmingly paints a picture with broad strokes that the testimony from Mr. Ford that he was no federal agent, but instead colluding with a terrorist organization in plots to harm America and its citizens.  The evidence that will be introduced in court will prove that the court let a man that indulged in treason, testify towards my client. My client committed horrific acts and is in prison serving two life sentences without the ability for parole. I accept that! But, I will not except a terrorist thug to submit his testimony to make my client face capital punishment, when Ford himself is the one who did, not my client.  The evidence I introduce will support this comment I made in the very least! That is all.”


    So, imagine everyone's reaction when an appeal was made to the defendant's sentence Driver received of capital punishment and hearing this claim from such an esteemed Attorney.  An attorney that inspired millions of students to enter law school. Published writings on his cases. Book publishers offering Mark Sax millions of dollars on a book deal based on his first and only book in which was the number one book taught to students in law school and sold tons of millions of copies and translated into many languages.  A book that received many awards.

    The evidence that Ford was aware of, and was now new evidence, was said to be introduced after he made his testimony at today's appeal.  

    Fords credibility and legacy was tarnished in the public eye and had been judged in the matter of the seven days since Mark Sax latest statement about the new evidence.  Ford's legacy was damaged now too. Unless he testifies and delivers a unique testimony to overwhelm the evidence and shred it to pieces, in turn cutting himself to bleed.

    Given that the appeal for capital punishment is being held in New York, that naturally doesn't have the death penalty, and was filled, mostly, with democrats and liberals generally opposed to the death penalty, it set the stage for the spotlight.  The plot would explode in the public's eye towards the end of the appeal as the star witness would now became more important than the whole stage, plot, and owned the spotlight!

    From the beginning the narrative was Mark Sax strength.  Own it and play with it towards your strength. The former narrative had a coup d'etat since the late night he met Driver recovering from being intoxicated by the nights events.  He didn't even remember the comment he made, but being that it made every headline and news platform, certain people from earlier in the night saw it and now had useful information on Mark Sax.

     No one knew what to anticipate though, given the circumstances of this case.  It really tested one's belief! The circumstance will be left out for you for a important reason.  The circumstances is what this cases fate hang on. The circumstance, however, is not relevant until is is revealed.   If you know, then you can't help be the one to save this case!

    Yes, YOU, the one that's reading this, will have to come here after reading this and learning the truth of it all.  Let's say I'm the narrator, but you will be the author! I am important to this case because I know the truth, but you can't rely on my word without learning all the facts because the evidence that's introduced will deter you from the goal.  You have to hear the testimony of Ford people in this cases lives that all connect together. His testimony is the absolute truth. It's self incriminating and incriminates others. Of what and who? That's for you to read and find out.

    I was told by him that only you will be the judge and can prevent the outcome and consequence of this case.  I was shocked to hear who would be reading this! I understand now. You are important to him because of the history of this. Just know the sacrifice I'm making in telling you this testimony and what the evidence reveals.  For the future, I'm sorry for lying to you. But, you'll understand it is necessary. That's how much love there is. The odds of you saving this case are prodigious. Youre now fighting agsainst fate. You are so important!  Now I know why this is up to you, The READER.

    You will be told the truth, and it's up to you
    to prevent the fate of the defendant.   He can't be found guilty! Also, this could  prove Ford is an innocent man and didn't mean any harm and show, he as the eyewitnesses, is not what is being said about him, or that it's all true.


    You will hear many thing conflicting your feelings & thoughts.  About a few important characters, but don't lose sight on the three most important ones.

    The defendant, Ford, and Al-ZaHeer.   

    Propaganda, paranoia, and regular themes will be presented to influence your perception.  This may be intentional to test you for specific reasons unsaid now.

    Once you're told the truth, you will think you have a closing window to get here.   I have finished everything you're about to read.

    The FBI agent, Ford, actually has an item connecting the defendant to everything he's about to say, and it connects every single thing and event together!

    Most importantly: It's not as simple as you think because incriminating evidence is about to be shown after the eyewitness testimony takes place, right before you tell the truth!  ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT!

    (This is a story where YOU as the reader are engaged in it and determine the outcome! You are heavily invovled. The directions are meant for who ever is reading and can guess first)

  • bravetraveler 2d


      The judge walked out of his chambers without displaying the slightest sign of the frenzy and the intense pressure that was snowballing each moment of the day.  The weight and anticipation of the appeal of the capital punishment star witnesses testimony had been destroyed since the last time court was in session.

    I'm assuming if you've read up to this point you know the case that's going on right now from the giant storm caused by the media.  Currently, I'm writing this prologue LAST out of everything. You are the first person to receive these stories true and in-depth. No one will know this happened unless you deliver this.  I have the whole appeal case, but I decided it was more significant and I was told from the beginning to capture the moment of the day of his testimony. Luckily, when I finished I was able to use other important information to include to help portray what happened leading up to this day of his testimony.  I need to be honest with you from the start. By the time you get this, it will be too late.

    We're waiting for the judge to come out with his decision.  He gave us two week for Recess. I edited everything and put it together into this.  By the time you receive it and realize how profound the truth is and what the evidence means, you'll have only one day to go where you're are told after towards the end.  You won't have time to come here. The defendant must not be found guilt for specific reasons too, by that's my problem to worry about. The judge is presumed to come out in two days with his final decision.  It will take you 2-3 days to receive this, and maybe another day by the time you've read, processed it, and booked a plane ticket and hotel and made it to the place given to you at the end. I know this is hard to accept.   I had to hear all of the testimony due to the circumstances of Ford's testimony. But, I learned from my life that anything is possible. Ford told me that, actually. I place the hope that you do the right thing and the right thing WILL NOT be coming here!  You must go to the places you're told because there's something I will keep from you. It's important extremely important! DON'T COME HERE BUT GO TO THE PLACES IMMEDIATELY AND SHOW THEM EVERYTHING AND TELL THEM! You should know, your life will be forever changed.  You'll be famous and wealthy. But, as Ford always told me, true wealth and success is how much happiness and peace you have in your life. You may be mad at me, so remember this, Ford is the happiest man I ever met and found the most serenity in his life. I know everything about him.      

    Don't forget, Mr Ford was deeply involved in earlier trials for this same defendant being that the defendant committed crimes because of a vendetta he had with Ford.  Ford was loved by everyone due to the tragedies he suffered in his life from the man that was found guilty. The DA proved in the final trial, with the help of those in Ford's life now, and the damaging evidence that the defendant committed his savage murders against the people in Ford's life with motivation.  The people sympathized with Ford. They loved him as his story was told, in what he then did.

    But, Ford never appeared in court.  He was a hero to mostly everyone. An all American hero, as the master would use later.

    The FBI was suffering a Tsunami of a PR disaster and intelligence compromise to Mr. Brent.  Brent, the White House chief of staff, made the FBI combed through by the Justice Department each day. The FBI Director and Deputy were subpoenaed to go in front of congress and depositions were being taken.  Their jobs were done the moment the testimony was told officially, but were told resign after hearing about such evidence that would possibly destroy the FBI. They were both regarded as DEAD MEN WALKING. 

    It didn't matter because even without Fords personal testimony, the defendant was sure to be found guilty of capital punishment. The evidence was so convincing and incriminating.  The defendant had no chance from the start. But then a miracle happened. The Shark Sax took his own plane from Los Angeles and flew to up north near Canada where Driver, the man at a prison guilty of two life sentences and possibly of no parole.  During the flight he learned everything about the case and what he already had heard on tv in the past and read. He listened to his assistant and by the time of his six-hour plane ride, he had mastered his case to present it to Driver. From the plane, news sources were called and told that Mark Sax was accepting the case of the appeal and from there it would spread like wildfire as they watched from the plane as social media exploded.

    News outlets on social media were first to pull the pin out of the grenade then tv positioned itself outside of the prison hours later live with breaking news with the headline on the TV reading:  TALKS ABOUT AN APPEAL FOR THE DRIVER CASE.

    The Shark was caught walking out of the prison at just the right time as if it were perfectly planned, stopping him and asking him what he was doing meeting with Driver?  He said, “My client has incredible, and Jessica, I mean absolutely incredible incriminating news pertaining to Mr. Ford who will be the star witness at the appeal. This appeal will be overturned, I have no doubts whatsoever!  I've wanted to be an attorney since I was 8 years old. This is it! This is the reason; to represent what our criminal justice can do for a man. He's not guilty of committing capital crimes, and I will prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.  Listen, between you, me, and the American people that still have hope in our system, I barely scratched the surface, yet I know this and feel this way!” And that was it. The video had actually been handed to the chief of staff Robin Brent. The most powerful man in America.  

    It suddenly gave the American people a fresh new perspective on life. A lawyer as prominent as Mark Sax notarized his words in the people's hearts and minds.  The fact that a attorney that doesn't lose and works in million dollar cases at the best, most prestigious law firm was representing a man already convicted, and on his last leg for an appeal, gave people an idea of doubt in the defendant's sentence and fate.  The americans that opposed the death penalty joined together and United behind Driver and his appeal overnight. The rest were idle and quiet and spectating the events as they unraveled, and most of them would support driver once the evidence comment was leaked because they supported capital crimes and would learn that there were amazing doubts in favor of the defendant.

    Mark Sax, if he was saying this, then something was wrong and someone messed up!  The Shark Sax was one of the best. And then he made the public comment after learning about the evidence.  The evidence shook him to his core

    The Deputy had a low level employee leak some information about the agent who had served their agency so brilliantly.  It was leaked to a few people, for right now, most important Mark Sax got the evidence! The FBI notable field agent was tarnished to Mark Sax and hung to take the fall in their hopes.  Robin Brent was also one of the people who was the only one that knew about everything and seen that the director of the FBI and his Deputy had leaked such incredible evidence and handled them personally.  The sad thing is no one knew what they had. Because of the intelligence of it, it was prevented from being shared, also on the surface it connected to damaging crimes. Once a intelligence agencies integrity was questioned by the American people, the tide would start turning, heads would roll quickly.  Today's testimony and evidence discovery would roll those heads and be the official last days of The Walking Dead, the Director of the FBI, and the Deputy.

    In the beginning of the week of Fords awaited testimony, incredible groundbreaking new evidence was leaked and was now being talked about every minute on every major news platform and most cable shows because of the leak pertaining to what the evidence entailed.

    There was a video of the defense attorney commenting as well that played all week acting like the prologue towards today's testimony, and the evidence he knew about.  It was going to exploit the testimony and convince everyone that Sax had gathered all his army in defense in the last 7 days,to eradicate the star witness, Ford, a man involved in a terrorism organization that would actually swear on the Bible.  His opening statement of the appeal case. At start of the case right away he said, “Mr. Ford doesn't even believe in the very thing he will be swearing on, being that he’s a Muslim. If it was the Koran, then maybe I would actually listen!” Sax commented the morning of the testimony.

    Soon as Mark Sax accepted this case, experts knew the revolution started.  Sax favotite tool employed was the narrative in the public's eye of opinion.. He knew the endless power the narrative controlled which, he controlled. It would pressure the political climate and the American people that were either United or better, divisive.  He manipulated it and molded it to form a masterful art. The narrative worked, for God help us all, if he really did have crucial evidence! As stated he did obtain it through the leak and Sax captured the narrative perfectly.

    (It help if you read the intro to this)

  • bravetraveler 2d


    By Leonardo DiSalvatore

  • navkiranjohal 3d

    Inside mysteries

    If we reconsider, don't we all carry the burden of unexpressed , incomplete throughout our life and then beyond with our fate to death.
    Two days later, I went to the hospital to visit the girl but the room was empty. The receptionist told me that the girl disappeared from the hospital last night. I could not stop myself from searching for her. I managed to find her apartment which was located in the most deluxe area of the city. All my work to reach there wasted because the apartment was vacant. As I was about to leave in disappointment, I found a letter on a huge wooden table, with the title "The Unknown"...

    -to be continued...

    -Navkiran Johal
    -Archive of chronicles

  • orrannggeeee 3d

    My Birthday, Not Yours.

    He stepped inside his house happily, ready to greet his father a 'Happy Birthday', when he found his father lying on the couch—alive; in fact, he's smiling while pointing a gun at his head.


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    Please check out my book on Wattpad and I hope you enjoy. #Wattpad #England #Sunderland #whodunit #Ryhope #mystery #serialkiller #murder #writersnetwork

    Read More

    Death On The River Wear

    His main intentions were to go to Sunderland to find his family after his mother’s death but Grayson Taylor Shaw got more than that. He has travelled from London and has gave resigned from his job as an orthopedic surgeon at the King’s College Hospital to find out more regarding his mother’s side of the family and they don’t even know who this stranger is. He moves his life and everything he owns to the North-East of England, to a place called Sunderland and gets a new orthopedic job working at the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) in Newcastle upon Tyne. Grayson becomes a prime suspect in a case that he doesn’t realize is happening until he becomes the center of it.
    PC Natalie Roberts has been following a case from the beginning when she is called to a scene of a murder along with her new partner and starts to put a case together as she finds out that there has been similar murders running all along the River Wear with the same modus operandi and she starts to put a case together that she can take to Major Crimes Unit and Captain Harris. After more murders the case starts to get more international attention and Captain Harris brings in a Special Agent from America to help profile the killer to help apprehend him. When Special Agent Sharp arrives he is impressed with the case the Natalie has put together and is able to build the profile of the killer.
    Little does Grayson and Natalie know is that they are related. Grayson finds out that he has a half-brother called Graeme Dickinson and he is also Natalie’s cousin. Natalie started to suspect Grayson of the killings as he had been seen with one of the murder victims just before she died but as Grayson claims his innocence more killings happen. When Natalie gets a call from Lauren’s work place saying she hadn’t turned up for work this starts to worry Natalie as she knows that the killer must have her as she was last seen talking to someone of camera at the metro station. Things get a whole lot worse when Grayson receives a letter and a package from Graeme and in the package was a hand and some teeth that had been pulled from the victims and the hand possibly belonged to Lauren, Natalie’s girlfriend and partner.
    Grayson offers himself as bait to catch Graeme and to free Lauren from his home and either Graeme would be captured or killed but what Grayson wasn’t expecting was for Graeme to shoot him when he tried to take him down with a Taser gun that Natalie had put in his pocket for his safety. They finally free Lauren and find out that it was her hand that was in the box and also one of her teeth but also teeth from other victims.
    When the case is closed Natalie is offered an open invitation by Special Agent Sharp for her and Lauren to go to America and for Natalie to do the FBI training academy and the possibility of a job if she passes and also for Lauren to get the help she needs both physically and psychologically with all expenses paid.

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    Isn't it mysterious? How man can be so curious. Loving something so much, but it ain't really that serious. Wasting his time on something that'll leave him delirious. Dying for more and killing himself for a small piece of nothingness. Not that he's being tricked but tricking himself into thinking success is in this object that has no true meaning of existence.  But he can't tell the difference between a reality or an illusional experience.

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    She helped her husband put on his robe as he walked up to Jeffords and the TV to listen to what they were saying.

    "So, what kind of dog do you have?"

    "Dog? What dog?" The AG asked and Sanderson looked at him with a scowl on his face.

    "Dear? Do you think a man that called us six months ago asking if his sons goldfish would wake up if he flushed it down the toilet, would own a dog!" Mallery said.

    "Yes, thank you for reminding me to stay grounded when I judge people."

    "Bumblebeetuna? Why are you guys talking about--what are you doing?"

    "Watching what you tried to prevent me from."

    “No!  You, can't watch this!  It's toxic. Go out there and show that you're the only sane one remaining.  The last man standing. Sanderson, look at me, you were selected because of your--"

    “Don't go there Jeffords.  I know exactly why the hell I was picked to judge this case.  Don't think you were doing me any favors!” Sanderson said.

    “Listen to them out there...You hear that?  I haven't seen this since, well, I was going to say the Simpson trial, but due to the circumstances and the time we live in, this is history's most important case.  You were selected for such a case. Sanderson, don't you see? This will be history, just do what you do best. Don't be swayed by the public temperature and climate.  Ignore all those cameras out there!”

    “That's scares me, that you as AG of this country of ours, would say that given the time, the Simpson case was less important.  Suddenly, I feel so much better that you're in my corner. Jeffords, with a straight face look at the color of my skin. By the way, speaking about time and the Simpson trial, have you ever heard of Rodney King?” The judge started walking.  “For Christs sake, Archie.”

    “Yes, of course.  He was Mike Tyson's manager or something.  Even a Snapple fact would ask that! I'm kidding, man relax.”  Arch Jeffords said.

    “Relax?  I'm a black man who happens to be an esteemed revered judge who was just asked to take the seat of one of the best Supreme Court's eight judges chair, and boy do I have a feeling a lot is riding on the outcome of this case.  Well, the answer for your boss is no!”

    “Sanderson, calm--what?  No? Did you just--" Sanderson interrupted the Attorney General again.

    “Why?  Why would he do that to me?  For the American People? Oh, put my ass in stuffing!  I'm retiring after this case. And yes, before you ask for the third time my answer is no.  I'm too old. I want to just read mysteries at home on a kindle. This is actually a case I'm not going to let be hacked away by the media dispute that circus out there!”

    “Did you just say you're retiring, Sanderson?  You just said no. But, you've been offered the seat of a Supreme--”

    “I don't care about the fucking seat, Jeffords! Sorry, but that was the third time. I'll tell you what I'd like to be offered.  I'd like to take my gavel and shove it up the POTUS ass for allowing the media in my courtroom to be frank with you!  As if this is some--” The AG interrupted the judge.

    “I'm going to cut you off this time from further verbally assassinating my boss.”

    “I'm sorry, but I needed that.  I think I'm ready now.”

    "I have to say, considering today's huge event and circumstances, we just talked about a spiral ham which there's no way given how much I love a particular food can eat during the most stressful times, some dog I pulled out of my ass, my fish bumblebeetuna named from Ace Ventura not the Tunafish brand, a gavel being--nevermind that part that wasn't part of my plan to distract you, and you declining the best job offer. Meanwhile the press is thinking right now we're scrutinizing everything about today's testimony. This whole time she's been your--"

    “My wife, yes! My kids are watching this and both are currently attending law school.  This may be the end of their careers before it's even started for them.” The Judge's wife interrupted both men, telling him he needed to go out.

    "I knew you remembered my spiral ham! The Archie Jeffords that just behaved this way was a stranger to me. I underestimated you. You are special! All this time as those people shouted at my husband, you've been distracting him." She grabbed his cheeks and smiled.

    “Sanderson, wait a minute.  Let me tell you--Sanderson?”  The judge opened the door. “Wait! I picked you because of the man you are. Yes, the President will rescind his invitation for the nomination for the chair if this all goes to smoke, but that's not why I believe in you! You're an incredible family man that raise two brilliant adults with Mallery. Their only going to law school to uphold the law that you represent!. The fact that you helped me calm down a six year old boy when I dialed your number by accident and meant to call his mother and you still cared. You're an incredible man! Listen to your instincts. And the gavel--nevermind, no pressure!” The AG said and Sanderson shook his head while transforming his face and entering the courtroom and out of his chambers.

    (I submitted this so any writer can see the dialogue and how it works. This is of course, a novel. I understand now having been new here, that this platform isn't a place to submit a whole book, but maybe short stories or chapters from my novels like this, which is the intro. I HOPE THIS WILL MAKE WRITERS ASK ME QUESTIONS ABOUT WRITING WHETHER COMMENTING OR MESSAGING ME, IM ALWAYS HERE TO HELP!!! I also edit work, and ghost write for free. All I do is write! I love you all love and peace!)


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     On the LED 42 inch television, hundreds of people were protesting outside of the Manhattan courthouse as CNN showed live feed.  He hit mute and listened outside the window.

    “Husk, you left wing horses ass--" He turned the volume up and looked back to the screen and saw a man jumping the barricade and start screaming, but it was bleeped out.  

    “Huh, the media did something for us after all.” He said.  

    He,of course, is the Attorney General of the United States.  He was gauging the temperature of the American people as the final moments counted down.  He flipped through channels after swearing not to watch any tv on this day and finally breaking just five minutes ago and grabbing the controller off the secretary's desk that worked in the back chambers office.

    He watched as the streets littered with police officers trying to stabilize any control they could manage.  Attorney Jeffords was briefed by New York City's Police Commissioner, and told how much support would be included and how well the protection of the building would be made by him.  He depended on the NYPD because he didn't trust the word of the FBI. This testimony was the last thing they wanted on record or heard at all for that matter. Nevermind the media's presence.  The AG heard the judge flipping through documents on his desk at the last minute.

    “What about the media?”  The judge asked.

    “I didn't say anything about the media.”  The AG lowered the volume of the TV.

     Most of them of the people outside were all holding signs and chanting, so the judge could hear them.  He looked out the window at the massive crowds of protesters here demonstrating for the appeal of the defendant.  One sign said “A TERRORIST IS TESTIFYING! AMERICA?” He looked frazzled as he looked at the person. He closed the shades and looked at the TV and saw his face peaking out, “It appears the Attorney General is interested in what the people have to say.  Look at his face that he's making. He seems to be displaying uncertainty in this case. Harold what do you think is going on in those chambers?” He changed the channel.

    “Shit!  Fuck me!”  Jeffords said.  The secretary stopped in her tracks and looked at him as he slowly turned around realizing he wasn't alone and spoke out loud.  

    “Sorry, I just realized I didn't leave instructions when to feed my dog.  It's nothing.” He said as the Judge looked above his glasses at him and the secretary.

      The secretary looked at the screen and shook her head.

    “Here, it's time you eat something.  I remembered that it's your favorite.  I made sure to keep plenty of leftovers for you.  Go on, now.” Mallery was holding Tupperware of food in it and Jeffords looked at it like it was a shit sandwich.

    “I...I rather not...ate.  I ate, yes!” He smiled at her and she looked at him curiously.  “I ate already is what I meant to say. Thanks, but I'm so full..of...food.!”  Mallery walked away mumbling, “Full of bs!” He looked back at her wondering if she just said something.

    He then looked and saw his face looking out the window again, so he changed to another channel.  The view from the camera captured a mass of protesters and above the towering historic courthouse.  They then showed old footage from the defendant's previous trials in which this appeal stemmed from.  Their were protesters outside another courthouse chanting for the 12 jurors inside from the street below.  It was a time not too long ago, in a liberal state, with liberal and Democrat people mostly, demanded the defendant found guilty of capital crimes he committed and the actual murders he produced felt like a tragedy to all people feeling the pain for Mr. Ford then.  

    He remembered how passionate everyone was about Ford getting justice.  Three books were written within a year. It was when he was hired and tasked with getting Ford the justice he deserved by the President and promised him he would.

    He thought about the sign he just saw and how Ford was now said to be a terrorist, or colluded with the most wanted one.  He was the most hated man this week.

    He listened to a police officer from below outside.  Law enforcement was mainly concerned about the minority of the people behind the barricade, and voicing their belief for Mr. Ford. Some of them were iconic professors that received PHD in the least, and doctrines in philosophy.  It was a small group, but it still reminded him why he was here in the first place.

    All of the mob of protesters were now affectionate towards the man they called an animal and monster just two weeks ago.  They were now affirming their belief against taking another man's life. But it all became so murky and the lines blurred this week.  

     The news anchor assured the viewers watching, that the screen is correct, that the display on the right upper hand corner of the screen was indeed live from the state of New York, in New York City downtown Manhattan, and despite the state not supporting the death penalty, it was possibly about to be granted from such a state because capital crimes were committed against a federal agent, involving murders.  

    The state no longer had the right to stop it from happening.  A surrogate said something that stuck out to the AG who was thinking about so many things related to this case.  “Loophole for criminals it seems.”

    He knew he shouldn't have watched the TV.  He broke his rule.


    He sighed when he heard the news anchor say that they're switching to their live coverage inside of the court house discussing the case of the appeal.  Inside that very courthouse and behind the courtrooms chamber doors, his head was in his palm as he stood, ordered to be here by the POTUS to support the Presidents candidate and of course, make sure this case has no hiccups, which now was an impossible feat.  He rubbed his eyes thinking to himself that he's the goddamn Attorney General of the United States, not a cleaner!

    He couldn't help but stop the secretary who had been running around the office like a wild turkey.

    “You, what's your name?” He asked the woman trying to take care of the chaos for the judge.

    “Mallery, Mr. Jeffords.  We've met at a Christmas dinner last year?”

    “Mallery, why won't you stay still?  Just. Stop. Moving. Try it. Come here, look?  See all these people?” The AG was pointing to the television screen at all the live protests across the country with mobs of hundreds of people in cities.

    “Oh, I don't like all this nonsense.  I rather not watch it.”

    “You rather what?  But--you're the secretary of Judge Husk.  How could you not know what's going on and the case he's on?  Everything going on around this country!” He asked perturbed.

    “I live it all day.  I don't go home and watch it too.  I like to go home and read romantic novels on my kindle.  Simple!” Mallery said. The AG was stumped and looked flabbergasted at her reason.  How she found it so simple and had a easy solution.

    “Simple?  This man killed a lot of people, tortured many, even.  To put it mildly, he's a psycho! And now the main person who he's hurt--"

    “Jeffords, leave my--I believe you said secretary?  Leave her alone please. I'm about to take the stage.  I need to clear my head. I appreciate the support, but I've already made my decision, so you can move on to the next candidate.”  Judge Husk said.

    "I understand, but Sanderson don't you think it's wise to have a secretary that's aware of all of the masses joining throughout the United States in demonstration for the defendant not to be sentenced to death because they all feel he didn't commit capital crimes due to the fact that the main witness testifying today has just been accused of colluding-- did you say you decided?”  The AG asked.

    “She's been working with me for twenty years and is my wife, Jeffords.  She also has a PHD and her own practise. She's fully aware of what's going on because shes married to the man that constantly has his finger on the pulse.  Mallery, tell Jeffords why they're doing these actions, please?”

    “Wait...did you just say your wife?”  The AG asked, but judge Husks wife answered his question.

    “Because they believe the federal agents, most important the federal agent who testimoney, weren't really working for the United States government.  The star witness is starting his testimony today and is the victim to the defendants many barbaric crimes and is that federal agent.  Are you all set Sandy?” Mallery said.

    “Sandy?”  The AG repeated with a bitter face.

    “Yes, dear, thank you.”  Sanderson Husk said.

    “If it makes you feel any better, I did see you make the same face you're making right now on the TV just a few minutes ago.  That's for not remembering the ham I made at the dinner last Christmas that you didn't stop thanking me enough for, saying you wish you could eat it everyday of your life.  The same ham that you looked at five minutes ago like it was the plague! Look at you now.” Mallery walked away smiling.

    She helped her husband put on his robe as he walked up to Jeffords and the TV to listen to what they were saying.


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    She was so fond of mystery,
    As she became one!

    But not everyone is a Sherlock Holmes!