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  • anonymous_girl 3d

    #dream #nature #naturelove

    A Broken piece in You
    A Broken piece in Me
    Let's amalgamate them together
    To create an Us
    A place where
    No hearts are Broken
    No promises made
    Only peace prevails
    Morning rises in the lap of nature
    Night falls beneath the starry sky
    A world so beautiful, with just You and I

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  • kratiks 1w


    शायद हम इन पहाडों कि तरह थे,
    साथ भी और जुड़े भी|

    बस दिशाये अलग थी,

    मुझे गगन चूमना था,
    और उसे ज़मीन |


  • mashuka_rodrigues 1w

    Raging waters

    Far away till where my eyes can travel travel
    Deep into the blues beyond the raging waters
    But still not getting enough of it
    Cause there's no end to these moving heavens
    I stand here wondering where to be
    What place on earth so beautiful to see
    Everything's quite, everything's calm
    The cool waters touching your feet
    Will get you more to starve
    You'll not understand this at first
    But then slowly get accustomed to it
    Like the water that fits itself into any mould
    Without knowing what it'll turn out to be
    And far away till where my eyes can travel
    Deep into the blues beyond the raging waters.

  • gowthambrundanrommel 3w

    This time,
    When I went into the woods,
    I felt free and willd,
    In my previous explorations,
    I went into the woods with
    many other human beings.
    I felt their rawness
    instead of the love of the mother nature.
    This time,
    The trees were speaking to me,
    No I wasn't stoned,
    The luscious green trees,
    the smell of them,
    Will I ever be able to transfer those
    protected feelings into words?

  • enjoying_everymoment 3w

    The Beauty is waiting for you
    You should have the courage to find it on right time....

  • themaskedfeels 3w

    I'm in love
    With the idea of swimming in a calm lake in the middle of the night
    Under the glistening stars and radiant moon
    I'm in love
    With long walks in the forest
    On a cold, crispy Monday morning
    Im in love
    With visiting the ruins of the past
    With their breathtaking calm
    I'm in love, just a little more with places than with people


  • sumedhajindal 5w


    Nature is full of beautiful views
    That I always pursue.
    It's colour is green
    That we all have seen.
    Colour of hope and have wider scope.
    Have beautiful flowers, animals and trees,
    That everyone loves to see.
    Blossoms differently in every season
    Have beautiful birds like parrots and pigeons.
    Clouds teaches us to grow latently
    Whereas plants makes us to breath continuously.
    Air teaches us to move forward constantly
    And sun enlightes us to shine brightly.
    Buds and caterpillars are symbol of growth
    Hidden and eminent power they shows......

  • devilishangel 5w

    Shangri-La: Diary to a nomad's land

    “It is not often that,
    The moon shines so bright.
    It is not often that,
    The stars lit up the sky.
    It is not often that,
    We sit on a hill top around the bonfire.
    It is not often that,
    We pour our heart in front of a pacifier.
    It is not often that,
    Strangers become confidant.
    It is not often that,
    All our hearts start to hum the same chants.
    It really takes something magical for all this to happen. “

    Here I am, reminiscing of my most recent trip, or rather, a visit to Eden. How can we describe the place we have been dreaming about? It seemed to be fictitious.

    Let me turn the pages of time and start from the beginning. My adventure started by booking a trekking trip package from Hipster Lifestyles. A diverse, multicultural group of people came together and we started our three days jaunt on September 29th, a Friday night. We started from Delhi and moved towards Himachal Pradesh.

    Let me introduce you to my fellow passengers: First in the group were the co-founders of Hipster Lifestyles – Bhaskar and Shatakshi. Then, comes our heart throb – Aayush, the gentleman – Rehan, a lost soul – Deeksha, glamour girl – Pooja, Mexican boy – Isaac, the charmer – Ashish and his friend – Deepanshu, a married couple – Gaurav and Nidhi and their companion – Naina and last but not the least, the complainer – Aryan.

    Our bus reaches Barshaini dam at around six in the evening, the next day and we start our short trek to Kalga Village. We had our rooms booked at a lodge called “Brahma Cafe”. It was a small lodge with cosy rooms, connected by narrow balconies overlooking the mountain range. A small bonfire was built downstairs with comfortable chairs and small wood logs surrounding it. After settling in, we enjoyed the evening, singing, dancing and gossiping. Each person was telling stories about their respective lives and travel experiences. It is truly said that travelling turns you into a story teller. Night ended with a perfect dinner and a chance to know each other better.

    Morning came, along with the feeling of exhaustion and tiredness of the long journey. But, as soon as I stepped out of my room, a feeling of freshness seeped into me. It was a perfect morning, where you can feel the crisp mountain air coupled with the smell of burning herbs coursing through the air. As far as your eyes can see, there were huge mountains trying to play with the endless sky. It was a perfect blend of brown, green and blue illuminated on one side. Was it a scene of Wizard of Oz that I had entered into? I just stood there, enjoying the slow pace of life. Oh! How perfect a brew it was to calm my agitated mind!

    We filled our tummies with Himalayan delicacies and started for our trek to Bun Buni with as much enthusiasm as one can muster. It was a six hours trek on a steep hill with curved and broken paths, open vast lands intermingled with streams and covered with trees. It was all trees in some stretches and rocky mounds in others. People who had never met each other before came along so well helping each other climb the narrow trails and admiring the scenic beauty of the place. There was no one except our group and we did not need any other company.

    We reached Bun Buni – a paradise, at Dusk. For me, the last few miles were the toughest. My mind kept replaying Bhaskar’s words, “Take baby steps, but do not stop. “ Ain’t it wondrous, how we should apply the same in our daily life!

    Reaching the hill top was a victory in itself. It was a pure bliss just to be lying there with a satisfactory smile on your face and your eyes drinking the beauty of the place. The clear blue sky, Ice covered mountains, white cottony clouds making love to those natural elevations. Sun was going down with an aura of red, yellow and orange. Far below, you can see the settled civilizations full of hustle-bustle of life. To the other side was a flock of lambs grazing the fresh grass unaware of the surroundings. All they wanted was food and water. Oh, such a carefree life!

    The entire mountain range was so huge and the horizons so distant, that they made me feel small, as if I should remain silent. The wind never stopped and the temperature dropped by the minute. In that moment, all I wanted was the time to stop. I was just content to sit there without needing anyone by my side. It was as if, I was close to some invisible soothing power.

    Time flew and night fell while I was sitting there lost in the admiration of the entire beauty. We made a bonfire, after setting our camps, sat around the warmth of the fire, listening to music, sipping drinks and smoking pot below a canvas painted all over black with infinite number of silver shining bright specs called stars. Finally, I was happy and content, surrounded by a group of newly acquired friends.

    In the morning, we packed our bags, and started our trek downhill, after which all was a blur. It felt like the hands of the watch were having a race to reach the finish point. Before I knew, we had entered back into our rat-race life. The departing moments took a toll on me like they always have. We hugged each other with a promise to keep in touch. Now I know, how Cinderella must have felt, when her party time came to an end!


  • ashimmeringspirit 5w


    Happiness is when;
    the colourful butterfly twists and twirls,
    the playful dolphin plays by the water and swashes,
    the glowing firefly lanterns the dark nights,
    the blooming flower perfumes and beautifies the landscape.
    It's about the nature and it's wonders
    that brings real pleasure and happiness.


  • kshana 6w

    One October
    at a time
    Falling from the tree
    Swirling in the
    heap of Septembers,
    Who wouldn't fall
    for your fall?


  • trishaviswas 8w

    NEED to rejuvenate ..A LESSON FROM NATURE..

    Life and nature are similar concepts because nature is the study of how life acts and interacts within the circle of existence.
    I watch the waves crash in, breaking on the shore
    All their anger dispensed on the oceans floor
    I look at the sky so blue, sun shining so bright
    Spreading heat and happiness with its blinding light,
    We have forgotten the little things that mean so much
    Like the laughter, the freedom, and someone's loving touch
    If only I could make people stop, watch and listen to Natures tale
    We could all sit back happily and our world would not be so frail

  • heart_spills 8w

    I love being around nature
    Also I love capturing nature
    PC: captured by me

    #NatureLove #MoodBooster #NatureClick

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    Nature always has some magical powers to soothe yourself


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  • pooja_sreeprakash 9w


    In the spooking depth of the woods-
    where sunlight pierced the canopy,
    the budging brook was mellifluous...
    A perfect melange of beauty!!!

    ©Pooja Sreeprakash

  • ananya_agnihotri 10w

    another rainy evening

    the wind is blowing taking all the stress away,
    the drops are falling finding their own way,
    forming a few gusty patterns, they flow and flow but do not stay,
    hitting the surface as if releasing anger,
    the people dwelling in slums are in a big danger,
    but they have no fault, instead it's the nature's revolt,
    to those who destroy it in bits daily,
    they might have forgotten that the food in their belly,
    is granted by the nature itself,

    the baby drops heading closer to my feet,
    they dance all around as if on the music beats,
    sounding so pure and earthly,
    they do it again and again melancholy,
    soothing my ears, such a pleasant sound,
    now this is what I call mellifluous,
    also the thunderous noise of the clouds keeps me bound,
    as if competing with the drops, they too be harmonious,

    the muddy water on the roads,
    dusty particles and city waste they load,
    having a manner quite distinct,
    wishing to cleanse the mother land, says my instinct,
    the earth seems to be a blissful place,
    once again the nature keeps it's pace,
    showering the love in form of rains,
    the same it wishes in return but is totally different to what it gains.

  • shruthisajjanapu 10w

    Pachani chetlu..
    Swachamayina vayuvu..
    Karigipothayi anipinche meghaalu..
    Panta polalatho kappi unna pachani nela..
    Thiyyani anubhuthi ni parichayam chese matti parimalamu..
    Rakarakala pakshula kerinthalu..
    Manasuni hayipariche vathavaranam..
    Idhi kadha manaki dakkina adrushtam..
    Idhi kadha manamu puttina nela..
    Idhi kadha mana bhuloka swargam..

  • sherilda 10w

    Love seems to have no bounds ,
    Cupid's bow always strikes the right note ,
    Maybe That's how the sky and the earth exchanged their vows,
    Through the rainbows!


  • kimmi_21 10w

    Sunset Poetry

    When the sun dives deep in the heart of the horizon,
    And comes out disguise in the shape of the moon.

  • safa_shameel 11w

    Like fleeting clouds You slash my skies,
    When the pastel greens couldn't hold my fears,
    You embrace them and Pacify
    ©Safa Shameel

  • khariespearl 11w

    Artists of Perfection

    I'd write our story on the sands of time
    And paint our love in the night sky
    Decorated with stars and all the colors of the rainbow,
    Baby, we'd be artists of perfection!!!!