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  • blink_and_think 23m

    Connecting all Dots....
    Messing with feelings a lot....

    Whole heart Deep on you...
    Now....My Mind...
    Always is in your thought...!!

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    Whenever I'm Down...
    I know.....You stairs me.....!

    Heartfelt with Emotions.......
    This much you cares me....!!


  • blink_and_think 35m

    Blooming with u ,
    Waiting for u...

    Unless my body turn into ashes....
    My Love...I Really need u...!!


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    One by one...!
    just like musical knots....

    Blinking of thoughts...
    Belive me...
    I...Still remember u....lot...!!


  • justinmhlanga 16h

    My lost soul wonders
    And à dark cloud is over my head
    My heart beat as of an empty tin
    She came like flame in darkness
    And swept it away all my bad dreams
    were swept away and love was our new way
    And it felt like I was a born again

  • my_midnight_quote 17h

    one day they met
    the meeting started daily.
    Loving her was not in his control, but she was using him like a gaming console


  • asif_zio 17h


    Speak with silence,listen with heart, and forgive with kindness

  • missypoetic 1d

    In a new day and age,
    we shall meet again
    Our hearts may have changed
    But our memories never will 


  • devil_soul10 1d


    The crown that I am wearing today,
    Is a result of years of hustle,

    The authority under my name,
    Is a result of years of pain,

    "Everything that's Worthy,
    Never comes for free,
    Make sure you are ready to pay the price"


  • avi1dx 2d

    Alan Kurdi was just three years old when his drowned body was found on the shores of Mediterranean. Photographed by Turkish journalist Nilüfer Demir, the picture is yet another reminder of how wars around the world continue to rob children of their childhood and their smile. Alan Kurdi is the face of all the lives that have been destroyed by war. This is a small letter from the perspective of all those lost souls and little Alan. It's finally time to stop hailing wars, weapons and armies and to start talking about love and peace.
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    Yours lovingly, Alan

    Ammi, the angel held me gently in her arms as she flew towards the heaven, last night. We drifted through the mist, and spiralled through the sky, away from the ringing knells and the gurgling whimpers of the sea. I could still hear yet another friend of mine letting out an inhuman shriek as he sank deeper into the ruins of the home he was born in and for a moment I felt guilty for having drowned, for having died an easy death. I asked the angel, if she'd fetch him too, for then him and I could play in heaven without getting scoldings from you. But she only said, "His soul is the one even God cannot mend."
    Abbu, you once told me that heaven is the most beautiful place in this universe. It sure is, for it looks like our home. I miss you. I wish I could tell you how happy I am. Though at times I hear bombs exploding through the night and my eyes at times see illusions of Sana Didi getting hit by bullets in the Mohammed Street, but angel tells me I'll soon forget them with time. I think I don't want to, because that would mean forgetting you too.
    Me and Rahim, play all day and all night. There's never time for sleep and it feels as if the time has stopped. Maybe it's fleeting very fast and we've lost the track of time because all my friends are here and in the absence of parents we plot a new mischief everyday.
    Everyday the angels arrive, leading a procession of ghosts, some faces I know well, others I don't. But abbu, why aren't they happy to see the beautiful heaven? Why are they crying?

  • priye_anka 2d

    Jo tune keh Diya
    Woh mere liye sach
    Ho gya
    Tere ishq mein sab Mera
    Geeta aur Quran ho Gaya

  • missypoetic 3d


    Eyes devour tasteless words.
    Sprung up from the depths,
    conniving little snitches.
    Their nails twist and twitch
    dripping in, with disgust
    sipping on the attics secret:
                          it leaks
                          it reeks...
    She sits like a falling queen;
    bordered with flaking fake gold
    the lips crumbling dry.
    --caked in old skin,
    many Women scream 'poor Her!'


  • sweta03 3d

    Everyday start with a new beginnings
    And everyday end with a new learning,
    Hope everybody learn some new
    And ready for a new beginning.

  • mohammedhassham 4d


    Teri yaad muje mitne nahi deti..
    Teri yaad muje mitne nahi deti

    Teri tavseer jalana chahun toh jalta nahi.
    Ab khudko roz marham laaga ke thak chuka hun
    Ab khudko roz marham laaga ke thak chuka hun..
    Par tera diya hua zakham bharta hi nahi

  • shrutinagrare 4d

    #it's the same #new love #betrays #broken af

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    Another one

    He said i don't love you anymore.
    I asked why?
    He said it's not the same.
    I said what isn't the same
    Sun shines
    Wind blows
    Earth revolves
    What isn't the same ???
    Then his silence told me more than his words...

  • whenpridemeetsego 4d

    Somebody to love

    And it kills me to know that you found somebody to love
    Tell me how can I go on without somebody to love?

  • whenpridemeetsego 4d

    Never the same

    It's all the same you say
    Then why does it feel different in a way
    You lead I'll follow is what you said
    But walking on the same road lead us both in two different ways

  • devil_soul10 5d


    "A series of failure cannot define my true potential, I am a Tsunami only one wave is required"


  • manu_thewriter 5d

    Feel my love!!!

    Hallucinating your laughter,
    In my mind everyday ;
    I keep waiting,
    With my arms wide open,
    For you; to Feel my love!!!

    Dreaming of surreal experiences,
    I delve deeper;
    Unfathomable infatuation non-persistent,
    Only to realize,
    This bond is exponentially greater,
    For now and forever!!

    All day, all night,
    Each minute, each second;
    I keep singing this,
    A Psalm of our love!!

    Geography can separate us,
    Formalities can keep us at bay!!
    With emotions and love binding us;
    Born as two, we'll be rested as one!!
    This is a tribute to our love,
    In its toast, I sing this psalm ;
    Close your eyes and just feel my love!!!

  • othmane_jds 5d

    Another world

    Since an early age , i always thought of music and writing as a world to escape , writing was to creat one for me to run away from a disappointing life i had , and the music is the world that i find that was perfectly made by hands of people they slowly turn to my idols , with words of poetry and sounds of heavenly devins , but slowly i turned this worlds into my actual life i knew they were the things i would like to measure my life with , not anything i grow up seen as a measure of hapiness , so the moral you should find a new measure to measure your hapiness and siccess then you would find that the key od a better life was something all around you and inside you , and yet never found because of the bad measuring and the feeling of failure that comes with it , so find yours and live your heavinly devine days buddy go look and fight for it ❤

  • nocturnal_queen 5d


    कल मैंने कई नज़ारों को देखा
    सावन में खोए हुए बंजारों को देखा
    देखा मैंने फूलों पर बैठी तितली की अटखेलियों को
    देखा मैंने झूलों में झूलती कुछ सहेलियों को

    देखा मैंने कोरे काग़ज़ की कश्तियों को
    बारिश की बूंदों की अलबेली मस्तियों को
    देखा वो नज़ारा मैंने कल जन्नत सा
    किसी मां की मांगी हुई मन्नत सा

    बारिश की बूंदें भी कल थोड़ा शरमा रहीं थीं
    अपनी खूबूरती पर खूब इत्रा रहीं थीं
    आते जाते लोगों को भीगा रहीं थीं
    सबको प्रेम के नए पाठ पढ़ा रही थीं

    कुछ नए आशिक कल बारिश में भीग रहे थे
    प्रेम के कुछ अनूठे अंदाज़ सीख रहे थे
    कल तो सावन ने इस टूटे दिल को भी भिगाया था
    मैंने भी अपने माशूक के लिए कुछ फरमाया था

    इस सावन ने फकत इतना फ़र्क आज किया
    टूटे दिल का लिहाज़ किया
    नई मोहब्बत पे नाज़ किया।


  • sumana_ 1w

    Comment ' yes '. If you are too ready

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    I am ready for a new chapter in my life