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  • pennywise 1d


    there are two types of people:-
    @Hopeless Romantics


  • note_to_self 1d

    Don't fall for people who make you fall.

  • matando 5d


    I was just alone when you weren't with me.
    But now when you hold my hand and look out of the horizon in search for fascination,
    when the lush green eyes of that street side dancer distract you while you look into my dull brown ones,
    when you take me to all your posh dates any girl can dream about, and tell me stories about the heavenly delicacies in the menu,
    And when I see that fierce lust in your eyes overpowering the sulking love,
    I feel LONELY;

  • shespromethean 1w


    Do you know why a guy cry for his girl?

    Because HE'S INTO HER

  • wnlkwm 1w


    "Time may heal everything but it goes back to us. Either we let it go or keep it back"

  • shuby_sheikh 1w

    Where You come from
    doesnot determine
    where u going!
    ~The Road

  • ankita_276 2w

    People we love

    How we slowly become the people we love.



  • ankita_276 2w

    His eyes on me.

    We say the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched.
    They must be felt.

    And, I felt your eyes on me...


  • sangamgulia 2w

    It's true that I'm heartless, because I've given my heart to you.


  • sangamgulia 2w

    The time it would take me to forget you, is twice the time it would take to count the stars.


  • sangamgulia 2w

    'I left the moon behind to guide you.' Said the abandoning sun.


  • i_write_my_heart 2w

    Miss you!

    Everything was just going fine.
    I was happy.
    You were happy..
    We were all doing fine.
    But you did something.
    Something that tore me apart.
    Into tiny little pieces..
    You screwed up everything.
    Everything now is so messed up..
    Can we please get along together.. Again..
    Like old days.??
    And I promise you. I won't cry again.!
    I kinda miss u a little more than usual Today...!!

  • ronit_b 3w


    Kuch na hota,
    Toh sochte hota kuch,
    Agar hota kuch,
    Toh maangte aur kuch.
    Kuch hote hue bhi,
    Fir bhi dil chahta kyu aur kuch?

  • selenophile_much 3w


    if it was possible,
    i'd want my entire
    revolving around you.
    i'd want you to be my
    and all that is possible.
    and all that my being
    can ever need.


  • blueblankpage 3w


    Is it in the morning? Or the afternoon?
    It doesn't matter which one.
    What matters is that I have found something.
    Something so precious I wouldn't trade for anything.
    I'm 216 months and 8 days old. Yet, this is the only time I knew for myself.
    My soul is made for the stars to wonder.
    To wonder where both my heart and mind are not lost but also not found.
    I am a living piece of a poem.
    A poem that no one has deciphered, so far.


  • blueblankpage 3w


    How I wish I wasn't in trance. For the little and most trivial of things take up my mind in an instant.
    Always lost so deeply in thoughts.
    Even the words I pick aren't rhyming, or so I thought.
    I pondered, and pondered, and pondered, what for?
    I can't turn a blind eye, to those enthralling things, therefore...
    I think, my eyes are made to look beyond what I see, and my mind is to think of the souls my eyes could see.


  • blueblankpage 3w

    Heavy blue

    My eyes are not blind
    But they cannot see
    All the twinkling twilights that surround me
    When I am not with you, I am drowning in sorrow
    My heart is heavy, and for all that I know
    My heart hurts and I'm feeling forlorn


  • blueblankpage 3w


    I am but one soul.
    Not lost and not found
    But simply a living soul.
    A soul in shades of purple, orange, and blue
    Like the sky between morning and evening dew
    A soul not astray, a solitary soul
    A soul that is fearless and a soul that is fierce
    A soul that can burn, a soul that can blind
    I am that one soul nobody can find.


  • wolfwriter 3w

    Each time I try to love you
    You hurt me.

    Each time I make you feel special
    You make me feel too ordinary

    Each time I reshape your broken heart
    You break my heart.

    Each time I treat you as a queen
    You don't treat me like your king.

    Am i expecting more ?
    Or am i deserving less ?
    Whatever it maybe
    I'm still trying to love
    Like I've never been hurt

  • sakilicious 3w

    Dark exorcist


    Some of them flew around their heads while others settled on their bodies making the kids all smile and laugh in glee. Not once did they notice the frown on little Ugo's face and how the fireflies evaded him like the plague.

    Chapter 5

    As they all watched the display of the fireflies, no one noticed how some of them broke away and went to Ebuka. "wha-? " he asked as they circled him and began to tug on his shirt. Ebuka having never experienced anything like this before began to scream in fear.

    "Ebuka stop squirming. Everyone look it's like they're trying to show us something " Nene said. Truth be told the fireflies began to go to their left. "maybe it's a way out of here" Chidindu said. Ndidi thought about it before nodding and speaking.

    " I agree. This could be our only chance to get out of here safely " "N-no" Ugo's frightened voice suddenly came from behind. "what's the matter,Ugo?"he asked wanting to know the reason for his blatant refusal. If Ndidi thought about it for a second, Ugo had been awfully quiet for a while now. "don't want to go "he simply states not bothering to elaborate any further.

    Ndidi sighed knowing he wasn't going to get anything from him especially in the state he was in. But he persuaded him nonetheless.
    "come on Ugo. If we don't follow them, where else could we go? We may end up lost again or worse get more hurt than you did. What if we never get to see our parents again? You don't want that do you? " he asked. "But-" Ndidi didn't let him finish though. " Do you remember whose fault it was that got us here in the first place?"he asked coldly making sure the others didn't hear him.

    Ugo froze realizing he was the one at fault here and rather than complain any further, he whispered an apology. "sorry "he said. "don't worry about it OK? If we just follow them I'm sure we'll get back home. When have I ever been wrong? " he said lightening back the mood. He knew it was wrong to guilt trip Ugo and he'll never hear the end of it should Nene get word of their discussion. But it had to be done. What was the point of being a leader if your men didn't follow?

    The others gave him weird looks but he dismissed them by giving a wide grin and nodded as they all followed. Ugo looks back after they cover some distance to see where they once stood gradually being covered by a thick fog. He turns back and presses his face into Ndidi's back tightly clutching his rosary inside his shirt.


    All five kids begin to tire after going on for a while quietly following the fireflies. It doesn't take long for them to voice their complaints. "how long are we going to keep on walking? " Chidindu asked as he tried to rub out sleep from his eyes. "My legs are getting numb" Nene said lagging behind. "how's Ugo? " Ebuka asks looking over his shoulder.

    Ndidi sighed closing his eyes before getting a look at the now sleeping boy. After awhile of walking Ugo began to have a coughing fit accompanied with his sudden lack of breath. He kept on gulping for air like he didn't have enough. It seemed as they continued on this journey he turned out for the worst. Even now as he looked, he'd begun to sweat bullets. Strange things had been happening for awhile now.

    "It's really cold too" Nene said rubbing her arms. Chidindu nodding in agreement. Yes, that had also happened too. The rate at which the temperature began to drop was surely one to be questioned. "maybe it's because it's already night time. Remember how at night it gets colder and at day hotter ? " he asked trying to stir away their attention from what was really going on. "yeah, maybe " Ebuka said obviously not convinced. Ndidi sighed again. At times he wished to act like the kid he's supposed to be not like an adult. A throaty cough brought him out of his reverie and he quickly called out. "Ugo are you alright? " he asked. "S-scared" he croaked out. "it's okay Ugo, everything's going to be fine " Nene reassured not all that convincing.
    Ugo shakes his head and thrashes about making it hard for Ndidi to keep a firm hold on him.

    Ugo falls to the floor his breathing becoming labored. soon he begins to scream. "NO! I WANT TO GO BACK! ". Everyone rushes to him trying to figure out what was going on. "what's wrong with him? " Chidindu asked. "I don't know... help me hold him down "Ndidi says trying to pin his arms to the ground after being scratched in the face. After having enough, Ndidi shouts. "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU ?! "
    Ugo just whimpers saying softly. "I want.....to go back"

    "you guys?"Ebuka's voice shakily calls out. "why did they stop? " he asks points out above them.
    Everyone brought their attention to the fireflies and truthfully they just hovered above them not moving and also not making any sound. it was very scary and creepy at the same time. Suddenly Ugo speaks out. "i-it's here" immediately as that simple statement was said the fireflies began to circle around them at great speed while a loud shrieking noise echoed around them.

    They all held their ears as the noise grew louder and the wind picked up.Ndidi holding tightly to Ugo was unable to protect his ears which ended up with them bleeding. As quickly as it came, it suddenly stopped. The fireflies all fell to the ground losing their light.Everwhere was instantly covered with fog and the dead fireflies began to float into the air turning into a large black mass which was slowly growing in size towering over them that they had to strain their necks just to look at it.

    It stopped moving and opened those red demonic eyes that made them freeze to their spots and hold their breaths. Suddenly, it opened what seemed to be its mouth and screamed bloody murder, haunting their soul and remainder of their lives.