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  • unveil_emotions 1d

    This numbness reaching every bit of me, strangling me, making me suffocate.
    Numb with grief, with excitement.


  • arcane_desires 1d

    Numb to Love

    I've become numb
    To love and its effects
    It has broken my heart
    More than just once


  • yuktaagarwal_7 4d


    The more you try to follow them,
    The more they walk a step forward.

    The more you fall for,
    The more it's getting apart.

    It's not important anymore,
    But it becomes Numb.


  • flow143 5d

    ●Being hurt is better than being numb● ~Flow ��
    #mood #numb #dark #hurt #pod #rwu @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld

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    This bipolar sensation
    Going into such temptation

    Of being in seclusion.

  • omgitsdaniel 5d

    Doing drugs to get numb

    My heart is beating reckless, in my chest
    Like a fight is taking place
    I’m sleepy, but I can’t never fully rest
    My mind is filled with pics from the early days
    Some I just can’t escape
    Some days I feel like I never changed
    Some days I can’t get out of bed
    Screaming suicide
    Hope time will pass it by

    But I’m still alive
    Time is slow
    Making me die inside
    Just end this life
    I’m waiting on my time
    And reasonable thoughts did die years ago
    Staring at the ceiling
    Time to bind these sheets
    And strangle the danm pain that I’m carrying within
    Waiting on the drugs to get me numb
    So I forget
    That I don’t wanna live anymore

  • purpleheartvpk 1w

    Are u still there ?

    “Once who used
    to be the life,
    Is not in life”


  • khaliblue1367 1w

    100 friends

    100 friends and nobody to talk to.
    Depression weighs in and people will mock you. Weighted down with a smile, feeling so see through. Praying somebody will see you.
    You have to get your shit together they say.
    And you can't seem to see through the haze. You never even really feel pain, it's just a sudden thunderstorm that seemed to bring the waves. Waves full of chains and anchors. Anchors that hold you down and make you drown with out actually drowning because that would be too easy.
    It'd almost feel sensible to feel fire in your lungs from the water slowly taking the oxygen from your body but instead of finally feeling pain you can't get the panic to go away so you stay paralized while it takes your pride and others leave your side because you're just not worth the time.
    They tell you it's stupid, you're making your life worthless. That depression and anxiety doesn't exist. But it does, and because they don't feel it or understand it they will never know how to help you through it.
    100 friends and nobody to talk to. You're not okay but you pretend it's a good day because you don't want them to mock you.

    B. Crosby

  • punjabiscribbled_ 1w

    Mera pyaar karna galat nahi si,
    Ohnu apna banana haqq ch nai si,
    Bas Sarri zindigi da dukh lag gaya
    Ki hun ohnu paa ke vi kho nahi skda te kho ke vi paa nai skda..


  • aabanerjee 1w

    I want your arms around me
    Not because of the nights I want to make love
    But I want to forget the hollowness
    The pain stinging me every second
    I want you to love me hard
    That no pain can touch me tonight
    The scattered broken pieces lie there silent
    I want you to take me to the another world
    So that my fears cannot overpower me
    I want you, only you can make me forget
    Every pain, fear, numbness, hollowness, screaming nights, cause only you can love me right


  • in_fragments 1w


    Please let me cross the
    threshold to the bitter truth.
    Pain can be healed up,
    but only once it is felt.


  • _reflexio 1w


    When all meanings
    loses its essence,
    the heart may feel less,
    a perfect mix of mess,
    a pandemonic numbness.


  • mkandres 1w

    Gone Too Long

    Pulling her pink scarf tightly around her neck, Corah Halgren squinted her emerald-green eyes to mere slits. She could barely see much farther than her own freckled nose as the snow was falling heavier and faster by the minute.

    The blustery wind whipped blonde curls across her forehead and raw, red cheeks. Low tree limbs had snatched away the young girl's toboggan as she quietly trailed after a long-legged fawn.

    Ragged breath expelled in long white puffs. Corah ran the back of a mittened hand across her dark eyelashes. "Don't cry now," the seven-year-old said aloud. "Don't you dare cry." She was afraid her lids might freeze shut if she did.

    The fawn had skittered off into the pine, back to its mother's warmth and protection. Corah realized she was lost as she emerged from the woods. Which way was the cabin? So much white; so much quiet.

    Blinking hard, Corah tried to think. Had she turned left or right back there? Hadn't there been a big rock somewhere?

    Her teeth began to chatter and a tinkling, cheery laugh escaped her chapped, blue lips. A small black bird screeched, flying haphazardly toward gray clouds.

    "I lost my front tooth this morning, Bird," Corah screamed. "How will the Tooth Fairy find me?"

    Bitter silence.

    Daddy had been so excited. He couldn't wait to take her and Mommy camping. He had talked about chopping wood, ice fishing and even fighting bear. She knew he was joking about the bear.

    The wind howled. Corah wrapped her arms around her slight torso. Daddy HAD been joking, right? Her brows knit together as she began to slog through the heavy snow, slipping, falling, pulling herself forward once again.

    She was cold. So cold. The cold seeped through her suede boots. She was certain her toes would snap off and rattle around like hard little marbles, greatly hindering her return home.

    Stopping to catch her breath, Corah suddenly felt exhausted. She needed to rest; just for a moment. Dropping onto her haunches, she formed a mound of snow into a makeshift pillow, placed her hands behind her head and closed her eyes. As the snow turned to a pelting sleet, Corah was pathetically unaware. Her body was painfully numb.


    "She's been gone too long, Raley." Ava Halgren's chin quivered as she clutched her husband's arm. "It's getting dark. When are they going to be here?"

    "Soon. Soon, I hope," the nervous father gazed out the frosty window, willing his daughter's safe return.

    Ava paced the hardwood floor in front of the stone fireplace. "We're city folk, Raley. Corah doesn't know how to take care of herself out in the elements." Tears streamed down her pretty face.

    Touching the cold windowpane with bare fingertips, Raley mumbled, "I bought that book about how to read a compass. I should have taught her."

    "But she doesn't have the compass with her so what good would it have done?" Ava rubbed at her knuckles until they started to bleed.

    Sweeping his down coat from the back of a wooden chair, Raley rummaged through its deep pockets. As he felt the object of his search, he grinned, flung the coat over his shoulder and opened the cabin door.

    "Stay here in case Corah comes back," he instructed. "The police and a search party will be here soon." He slammed the door behind him, skidded across the porch and trudged through the now knee-high drifts of snow.


    The rescue dogs barked and howled. They had somehow caught a scent despite the swirling chaos of wind and wintry mix.

    Corah thought she was hallucinating; a part of her brain, the rational part, frozen with fright, exhaust and hunger.

    Strong arms lifted her and held her tightly, attempting to shield her from the weather and further harm.

    "Daddy?" she said weakly. A shimmering blackness folded in upon the white.


    Ava sobbed as she enveloped her unconscious daughter in a patchwork quilt and gently placed her before the crackling fire.

    "She needs medical attention, of course. We have an ambulance on the way." A tall, slender gentleman who identified himself as Officer Mostin explained. "I think she'll be okay, though."

    Scanning the man's ice-blue eyes, the question need not be asked.

    "We found this about fifty feet from her." Mostin handed a small silver compass to the grieving woman.

    Raley Osgood Halgren has never been found.


  • thelogophile 2w

    I succumb!

    I did protest, against every nerve and cell of my body.Not to give up this time, not to loose this time. But alas! This time you were infront of me.. And I succumb,to every memory you gave me!

  • anthony_ 2w

    Scars ©anthony_sol

    Not all are upon my skin
    their is so much that remains unseen
    hidden so deep within that I can't even
    recall the memories only the feeling
    the overwhelming feeling of pain and being numb

    But the scars even if hidden reminds me of the truth
    that I'm no longer bleeding out, that I have healed.
    Sealed the wound, so numb beyond the reach of pain
    for that reason I am never ashamed of the scars that
    show because I've long buried that pain

    They proved that I've been to that dark place
    that pain and sadness overwhelmed me
    yet I survived, yet here I stand and that
    even if I was numb for awhile it didn't break me

    I may be covered in scars...
    So let my scars show the screaming truth
    that i stand tall against the tides of darkness
    and in this dark place where I see all of you-

    My scars are soothe by the touch of pain-
    pain serves as a reminder of who I am
    and as my scars fade I become stronger

  • boy_in_black 2w

    I'm drowning deep in the thoughts of your fantasies,
    That I'm unable to find myself in this vast sea of memories.
    I gotta find myself soon,
    Cause I'm low on air,
    making me suffocated,
    My heart can't bear.
    Lips becoming numb,
    Craving for your presence.
    Soul let to succumb,
    Mind in oblivescence.


  • calm_chor 2w


    Love, it seems, is like the first sip of whiskey. You gradually drown yourself. Either to see clearer or to make the reality a blur. Taking another glass after the last. Just to become numb. Just to calm your racing heart. But each time you recover from your inebriated state, you promise to youself, yet again, not to take a shot at it hence. That this is not what saves you. That you do not need saving from this world, this life, yourself. Still, you clamour for the next thing that captivates you. Yearning for equanimity even after falling short time and again. Again you try, harder each time. Being spiritless and brimming with spirit. Because truth be told, the first sip is never the last.

    - Sarthak Kulshreshtha

  • luv_angel 2w

    Broken Soul

    She is hurt..
    She is broken..
    Again she was beated brutally by hands as well as words..
    What broke her heart were the words of her family and actions for her loved ones..
    She is falling apart..
    Yet she smiles the scars..!!

  • thebrokeninkpot 4d

    "In between" the "blackout" and the "wake" lies a "victimized" soul who felt "powerless", "invisible" and "in pieces". It's "easier to run" from the "war" within than to have "no roads left" to travel and only "wastelands"," empty spaces "and "sharp edges "in your way. When you think "nobody's listening" or "nobody can save me" and you have "given up" all hope and just want to "runaway", remember that "roads untraveled" are the "catalyst" for "wisdom,justice and love". Remember "what I've done " and " leave out all the rest" because when I find " a place for my head", I know I am " somewhere I belong", so" mark the graves" "in my remains" as I get "lost in the echo" of this "iridescent" "new divide". I will be "one step closer" to being "with you". "Don't stay" in the past because it will leave you feeling "faint" and "Numb". In this "final masquerade" hear my "battle symphony" as I say "good goodbye" and this was "all for nothing". Don't be " waiting for the end" to come, because "in the end" even though "I'll be gone", keep your "hands held high" during the "shadow of the day" because "one more light" will be "burning in the skies" and will never be" forgotten".

    #RIPChester #Legendsneverdie #Linkinpark #LP #crawling #numb #intheend #roadsuntravelled

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    Happy birthday Chester!!

    "In between" the "blackout" and the "wake" lies a "victimized" soul who felt "powerless", "invisible" and "in pieces". It's "easier to run" from the "war" within than to have "no roads left" to travel and only "wastelands"," empty spaces "and "sharp edges "in your way.........


  • withering_pages 2w

    There used to be an ice cold glacier in my chest, at the place where my heart lied. You came along and you melted the ice with your warm smiles. Slowly and gradually, my heart made an appearance from underneath the ice, it started beating hearing you laugh. It had found its mate in you, the strings with which it wanted to rhyme.

    You made my summers pleasant, my winters warm and my life started seeming like a story.
    But unlike other stories, ours didn't have a happily ever after. No, ours happy ending was cut short by death. You were taken from me, too soon.

    It shouldn't have been you. It should've been me. You were too precious. Sunshine and smiles and warmth and cheer. I was just the frigid snow, beautiful but cold. But as unfair as life had been, it decided to go a step further and take you away too.

    My heart couldn't hear your laughter any more. Without your smiles to warm me up, the ice came crawling once again. And I gave myself to it, for the pain of losing you was too much. Leaving in a world where you didn't exist, was unbearable. So I let the numbness take over me. I succumbed to the cold. For feeling nothing was better than suffering the separation. It's once again stopped thawing, stopped caring and stopped loving, waiting around to stop beating.

    #cold #numb #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    The world that you
    Left me in, is cold without
    Your smile warming up
    My days.

  • flawlessqueen25 2w

    It's Like I Can't Do Anything
    I'm Numb
    I'm Sick
    I Should Have Listened To My Loved Ones

    Yeah, U Guessed It Right, I Ate Too Much