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    The Queen's song

    Her voice filled the dark forest with light. Her notes seem to have a life of their own... They seem to float through the woods to desolate places to fill them with life... There was not a chirp to be heard, for the Queen is singing the first song of the day, inviting Dawn in through the dense canopy. The gentle breeze dances with the notes twirling it around through leaves and branches, rustling the mesmerized birds' feathers... Dawn sends in her envoy to contribute to the melody. Winds blow through the trees adding flute's melody to create the Symphony of Life. The light of day breaks through the trees and dance enticingly to the Queen's song. Her voice builds up to a soprano and all becomes silent, the light of Dawn waits in anticipation, the breeze pauses mid dance, the notes alone carry on like nothing had happened... And then she sings the final note, so pure that it breaks the Dawn's light into a million pieces for the breeze to carry it deeper into the forest. There was a hint of pride in that note, for she knew the power her voice had over everything that had life. When the note dies out, the silence was so heavy that it felt like Dusk again. The babies were the first to recover, crying for reasons they can't fathom. Was it because Queen Nightingale had ended the song, or were they hungry? They don't know, nor does anyone ponder on it, for the Queen's song has filled them with light and energy for the rest of the day and they begin yet another day in the forest that they call home...


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    The warm smile she gave on his clumsiness, pretending to be rational, those were the hints for him to chase her on the trail of Love

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    No matter where I be,
    In a crowded place, or all by me,
    You're always here, right by my side,
    Reminding me, my heart is not mine.


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    Half Goddess, Half Hell.

    Look at me, I'm a GODDESS, I'm a QUEEN, everything about me is so extreme, from zero to a million there is no in between, it's obvious I'm not for the sensitive, the slow or the weak. 
    Watch me, Ms.Kaela MaReigh gon follow her dreams, She don't need to plot on dirty schemes, Her energy is so DOPE once they get a sample they become dope fiends..
    Intelligent, intellectual and intuitive I am all three, plus I am kreative , konfident and krazy.
    Simultaneously I am a work in progress AND a MASTERPIECE. I'm heaven& hell, fire& ice, best of BOTH worlds to say the LEAST.
    Im the Beauty AND the Beast!


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    'Age doesn't matter unless you are cheese or wine'

    -Somewhere in the internet

    #age #original #wordoftheday #wine #old #cheese #wood #story #family #pod #love #wood #nature #flaunt @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @soulwritter

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    Aged wine does not belong in a cellar, to be bottled and lovely to keep; Old wood, for the air and earth to eat... It's for us to celebrate with. Age is no barrier, nor is it a delicate flower to be glassed in... Our value grows with time, and that's the legacy we leave behind.

    —an advice from a Grandfather to his Granddaughter

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    The Crooked Man continued

    Here's part two! Please leave a comment if you enjoyed!

    Chapter 2.
    The Website

    The days that followed for James carried on as normal. Going about his daily business between school hanging out with his friends and spending time with his family. James had almost completely forgotten about the bizzare event that had taken place just a few short days before. It is to be noted that James didn't recelect the memory at all... it was almost as if it had been some sort of dream or deja vu. Life carried on as normal and James didn't think anything more until one Friday night when he had retired to his room for another night of exploring articles and storyboards. He was on his favourite site of course. Browsing through the different columns occasionally clicking on a link that Would open a webpage telling about some lockness type creature that was far to over played to be anything worth reading. Eventually James got bored of surfing endless sites and links and having found nothing that peaked his interest long enough to continue. He was just about to call it a night when he had the strangest thought occur out of no where. He was about ready to get up from his chair when he was hit with a sudden thought. It came on so intensely that the muscles in his arms and legs tensed for a moment as he was about to get up, but his movement was suddenly altered. He immediately remembered the bizzare encounter he had earlier that week and almost straightaway he specifically remember the bookmark on the top right of the screen. "I wonder." He thought to himself as he slowly dragged the mouse across the screen stopping just above the little bookmark icon. Without thinking he clicked it. No sooner had he done he realized that he didnt imagine this event. For staring back at him at the very top of the list was a link to a website which title read " The Crooked Man " James felt a sharp cold shudder shoot down his spine causing his toes to anxiously twitch and run in anticipation up and down the length of the chair legs. Without thinking he clicked on the mysterious link instantly remember the strange incident. Right away he was met with a blinding white light as the screen began to load. There at the top left were the words " The Crooked Man " and sure enough underneath the title was the same odd nursery rhyme as the night before. He frowned and focused on the screen trying to see if he could make anything of it. As James refocused his eyes something startled him. Underneath the rhyme were new words. How had he not noticed them before? He thought. The words read. " I am the Crooked Man and welcome to my page!"
    Pretty cheesy James thought as he let out a small chuckle. His muscles relaxed and he began to feel more comfortable. It was all just a meaningless joke, someone thought it would be funny to try and spook some people. As James was about to dismiss the whole site something suddenly stopped him dead in his tracks. Despite everything that just happened to ease his conscious he saw something on the mid left section of the webpage which made his stomach flip inside of him. Three little dots bouncing up and down... Indicating that someone was on the website and was sending him a message. He held his breath and waited wondering what would pop up. As he waited he looked to the bottom of the screen. "The page Still only has one visitor?" James said aloud not thinking how. How could there only be one visitor if there was someone typing on the other end. Perhaps it was a robot or some sort of scam. James fingers scratched at the old stained wood that covered his desk he gritted his teeth and blinked. Something wasn't right this whole site. It's too weird James thought. The visitor count reading only one person. The mysterious text that showed up only after you've seen one. James was starting to wonder why on earth he ever let himself get into these situations. Of all these thoughts and ideas going on through his head one specific sound cut through the air like a knife cuts througb a bit of butter. It was indeed the sound of the message notification coming from the live chatbox on his screen. James read the world's aloud and his throat began to burn. He felt a headrush so strong it were as if something had jumped out of the computer and embedded itself in James head. He started to take deep breaths and as he looked once again at the message. It came from a user under the name " The Crooked Man " under his user name his message read...

    " I am the Crooked Man and I like crooked things. Can I visit you through the crack? it's quite nice. I like the way it doesn't follow a straight line."

    James heart was racing , his mind was at a loss to comprehend what he just read. No sooner at the words replayed themself in their diluted tone he found that he was crying. James wiped his eyes and could hardly believe that this was happening. Surely..he...they..it ... How could he or it have known. As much as James tried to ignore the obvious his conscious wouldn't allow it. His head cautiously turned as his gaze left his computer screen and turned to the back wall of his bedroom. For you see the house was very old and despite all of his father's efforts to try and fix every little detail when they had moved in one of the first things James had noticed was a very large, long crack in his wall that was jagged and crude. It cut from the top part of his wall almost the the molding of the floorboards. James hands were shaking and he covered his mouth. Instantly his mind began thinking about all of the urban legends he had read. Particularly one's that talked about another dimension. You see it was very common that the monster or creature of the legend often terrorized it's so called "victim" from some sort of different realm which the reader would always explain by way of some sort of doorway. This is what had James so startled. While trying to regain his anxiousness and calming his heartbeat he turned toward the computer and began to type. Without a second thought he hit the send key that successfully delivered a message which read. " what do you mean? If you're trying to pull some sort of prank it isn't funny." No sooner had he sent the message the three little dots began their dance showing that a message was being conceived. If this was some sort of scammer they were quite obviously enjoying their twisted game. A million thoughts ran through James mind how on earth did the mysterious person this "Crooked Man" know about the crack in James bedroom wall? Was all of this just the result of pure chance? All of the stories about strange encounteres and rituals gone wrong by the innocent eye witnesses started composing themselves together to play a vivid film In his head. James didn't want to admit it but he was very close to accepting the fact that perhaps he had awoken something far more than he could ever imagine. It could very soon be out of his hands. As his fingers anxiously tapped the wood on his desk trying to calm himself he tried to stay brave. Whatever this was that he had stumbled upon he had to take care of it before it got out of hand. Suddenly the familiar ding of the chat box awoke his weary mind of it's toilsome cycle. He looked at his screen in horror as the user who was still identified under the name " The Crooked Man " said these words.
    " Why are you in my house James? Did you come to visit me ? I would like to visit you James, but I am too tired. I Will join you again tomorrow night." And as those words were read the website link suddenly disappeared. The page was now mysteris my gone and James computer screen was at the familiar homepage of the website. Various links and pictures were on his screen explaining the different story boards and articles, but James hardly even noticed. He couldn't believe what had just happened. He silently got up and pushed his large oak dresser in front of the large crack covering a good part of it. James locked his bedroom door and retired to his bed for a very long night of despair. What was he going to do about all of this? It doesn't make any sense he thought. Little did he know what he had just started was only preparing itself and James for the full story to be told.


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    Do You Know Sadness?

    What's this feelings that overwhelming my body?
    These feelings that's lurking inside me.
    Everytime I try to see through, I see nothing.
    Everytime I try to say something, I'm crying.


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    'The darker the night, the brighter the stars, The deeper the grief, the closer is God.'

    — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    Life isn't a dream to be dreamt, it's a quest to be conquered. We may come across failures and successes alike. We will encounter great many people in our lifetime. We shoulder heavy responsibilities. So it's not wrong to breakdown once in a while... Break down and build yourself up. Take your time. Find yourself. Live your life.

    #தமிழ் #tamil #thamizh #original #fromarchive #hurt #pillowcase #cry @writersnetwork @akshaya_baskar

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    என் கூந்தலுக்ககுத் தெரியும்
    என் மனதின் வேதனை௧ள்,
    ௧ண்ணை விட்டு பிரிந்த கண்ணீர்
    தலையணையில் குடியேறியதால்...


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    Bhagvaan bas sun lo mere dil ki aavaaz
    Safar me farishte mil jaaye toh zindagi gulzaar
    Sookhe ko bhi baag bana de ,hai unka alag hi mizaaj
    Rok ke dikhaane ki inko, bhala hai kisi ki mazaal...❤❤


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    हर वो लड़का जो तुझे उस नज़र से देखे, उससे नफरत का हक़ है मुझे।
    हर वो लड़का जिसे तू उस नज़र से देखे ,उसे इज़्ज़त देने का हक़ है मुझे।
    हर वो फ़ूल जिसे तू खिलता देखना चाहे , उसे खिलाने का हक़ है मुझे।
    हर वो साँस जिससे तू रोकना चाहे उससे रोकने का हक़ है मुझे,,
    पर जो दिल तेरे लिए ही धड़कता हो उसे रोकने का कहां हक़ है मुझे।।

    © SB

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    'By being yourself you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.'

    –Edwin Elliot

    #wonderful #original #bond @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    I have travelled the world. I have followed the stars. I have scaled the mountains that touch the sky. I have met many people. Seen many wonders. But the truth is, I keep coming back to you. You are my North Star, my guiding light, my soul's song, the one I call Mine. The world may be full of wonders, but you are simply wonderful...


  • harrie_8 2d

    'Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.'

    –Marcus Aurelius

    #fate #original #fromarchive #pod #death #immortal #mortal #life #unpredictable @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    For long life we Pray,
    But Fate has its own way,
    We become a prey
    To Death one day...


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    It needed just some moments
    to turn his rage into serenity
    to extinguish the burning fire
    in both of them, to make the
    bond even stronger and to leave
    an everlasting imprint on their minds

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    The Crooked Man

    Alright so this is the first chapter to my story.
    Please leave feedback on what you think and if it gets some feedback I'll continue with chapter two. Please note this is an original story based off the RPG game "The Crooked Man " all credit for the original game goes to the creator. I have simply taken the character and written a creepy pasta based from it. I hope you enjoy ! Be sure to leave a comment!

    This story contains sensitive material which may be disturbing to some listeners. The ideal listening audience should be 18 or older. If at any time throughout our story you feel uneasy or are subject to any body changes which may affect your health. It is advised that you should stop listening and go do something else.

    This story is written in a way to make all your natural senses feel on edge like a flash of lightning ready to strike after the rolling of a thunderstorm. It has been long thought out and I have put all my effort on focusing to make all creepypasta fans thoroughly entertained with an exciting and deep storyline as well as detailed character portrayals. So on behalf of myself I do hope you enjoy the story I am about to tell you.

    Chapter 1.
    The acknowledgement

    James Edith is about as average as any ordinary 15 year old teenager can be. With a tall slender body not particularly scrony but not overly stocked. He stood at a tall 6'1. His bright green eyes sparkled amidst the lighting of his old country farmhouse just outside the city. His blond hair which was neatly kept came to part on the left side of his head. Making place for his long but gentle face, rosy cheeks and a dimple that bounced tight and firm upon smiling which showed all of his very well kept teeth.

    He lived outside a small city to which he called home. He lived as an only child with his mother Grace and his father John. There was nothing particular special about the life James led. His father worked long hours as a construction labourer and often came home late after a hard day's work. His mother Grace who worked a part time position at a local supermarket often spent time doing as much family oriented activities as any family would. The fairway family was a very simple yet happy family.

    James was in 10th grade this year and was just entering the 3rd quarter. He didn't have a lot of friends, but when James wasn't at a social or at school he longed to be in his room in the comfort of his warm bed accompanied by the cheerful dancing glow of the light of an antique lamp beside his bed. On most nights James settled for reading or browsing the internet. Curious as to the origins of certain cultures and traditions carried on in far away exotic untouched places. James was fascinated by the unknown specifically the frightening unknown. The thought of something that was beyond human comprehension and control making it's own pathway and set of rules wandering about just waiting for someone to discover it fascinated James to no end.

    He often spent many nights in the dark little cubby he slept in reading about urban legends, myths and eye witness accounts to the strangest paranormal activities you can imagine. One of the many sites James often visited which also happened to be his favourite and was regularly attended was a site called, "Life beyond life itself". It was a site dedicated to the discussion to which anyone could join of mysterious and mystical urban legends and stories about strange rituals, ancient writings and creatures that could make your eyes shiver right as you were looking at them. One particular evening James was searching this site,scrolling along the many forums mostly all inhabited by extreme theorists or silly nonsense which content didn't prove worthy enough for James until he came accoss a forum link. Sometimes on the site users would provide a link about a topic that the user could access and see stories pictures and information about a specific urban legend. These were usually quite interesting and provided a good read for the night. As James had no more homework for the night. And all of his friends were in bed already. He settled on exploring this potential goldmine of a story. He turned the volume on his desktop down as to not wake his sleeping parents, but as James clicked on the link he thought to himself that it was particularly strange how long the web page seemed to be taking to load. He paused a moment looking into the white screen in front of him until his eyes hurt. Just as he was about to check the internet access panel before he quite stood all the way up a title appeared in a dark burgundy color at the top left of the screen. Strange James thought along with the title there was no pictures attached to storyboard not even a comment section down below. On the bottom left of the screen the site provided a feature which allowed the user to see the time and date of which the article was created and uploaded as well as how many site visits it had generated. James put his hand to his chin and squinted. He was puzzled for the site seemed to have only one visitor indicating that he was the only one to have clicked the link. Even stranger was the fact that the date and time which the article appeared to be created. For it was in fact the exact time James had clicked on the link. He looked at the clock. Quarter to 12 and looked back at the screen. Could he have stumble on a link that was just newly published and by a stroke of pure chance he had been the first to visit it? Again be scanned the web page looking for any other sign of information. After a few moments he concluded that perhaps clicking the link at the top left would open up the rest of the forum. It was then James really stopped to look at what the title was. It read... " The Crooked Man." That was all no more no less it was as if someone has started a storyboard and had forgotten..well everything else. Curiosity began growing until James decided to click the link and see if anything happened so he did. Almost instantly without a single flash or alter to
    the webpage a text showed up underneath the unchanged title. These words James read half staring half blinking focusing on the white screen to which he was now intrigued by.
    "There once was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile.
    He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked style.
    He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse.
    And they all lived together in... a little crooked house."

    James read the strange yet slightly interesting rhyme a time or two before stopping to think what it meant. Was this some kind of joke. What kind of article was this anyway? There were no attachments and no other links or comments or anything else for that matter. He clicked the title again seeing if anything else would come to view but nothing did. James went to turn his light on as his eyes were growing tired of the dim blueish glow coming from his computer.at first he thought it was his mind playing tricks but he realized after pulling the string twice that the power had gone out. He clicked the hall light up and down outside of his bedroom confirming his thoughts. He stood still tense an uneasy feeling swept over him. How was his desktop still on if the power was out? James walked over to his computer and dragged the mouse to the top right of the screen his finger hovered above the little bookmark icon and he almost hesitated for a moment before finally pressing down on it confirming that the site was now saved. Without a second thought he flipped the monitor switch off and retired to his bed trying not to think about what he had just come across. Brushing it off as a computer glitch or some meaningless scam he closed his eyes drifting off into a long peaceful night sleep.


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    Book of the Dead

    And so my last words were never heard
    Voice inaudible
    How I mourned the martyr,
    Whispering hymns
    Down into the deep unknown
    Deception slithering like snakes
    I won’t lose my heart
    You and I will float together
    My heart is a feather

    Peering into the pale horizon
    My voice rings and echoes through the long hallway
    I lay my hands in the white river
    Ascending towards the amber starlight
    Wrapped in silk, my existence is eternal


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    Poems are the
    songs of those
    hearts which
    often sing alone.

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    Pal do pal

    Jio jaisa bhi jeena hai ye pal do pal ki
    baten hain,
    Ye pal do pal ki masti hai ye pal do pal ki raten hain,

  • fardeenkhan 3d


    And as time passed friends starting drifting, conversations becoming awkward, questions hesitant, jokes
    uncomfortable, and this is how it dies.

  • fardeenkhan 3d


    Poetry isn't just pen and notebook,
    Its blood and sweat,
    Its heart and head,
    Its fear and dread,
    Its told and said,
    Its give and get
    Its life and death
    Its meant to be read.
    So keep reading...

  • harrie_8 3d

    Delusional Love

    A story written
    By a Fountain pen,
    Declaring it's love
    To the words it bleed.
    So artful, tasteful,
    Sinfully sweet,
    Sugar coated words
    That hide deceit...
    For, while declaring
    It's love for the
    Words it bleed,
    The Fountain pen
    Caresses the paper beneath...